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PSN Back Online and More Free PSM Games!

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  1. CSW72 says:

    But PSN is still very very slow (in Switzerland during Saturday afternoon… 2 Hours to install newest PSN Store update of 12MB…

  2. Silverh@mmer says:

    More free games and exploit homebrew/isos limit space if you dont have much room on your card.They’re probably just trying to get more memory card sales. Once they reach their goal I’m sure they’ll try to make everyone update due to their “bug fixes”.

  3. xoombie503 says:

    one thing to note is those mentioned games are free forever(lemmings and bullion blitz and everybody arcade) the six weeks six free games are paid games that will be offered for free so lets nor get confused here.

  4. silkyskeeter says:

    these games been free for months……

    • Tonakai says:

      Yes, but many people don’t know that. I myself didn’t really look into PlayStation Mobile section of the store until this morning.

      I merely wanted to inform other people.

  5. Zeuso says:

    Lemmings and Bullion Blitz were already Free in the first place

  6. RenWren says:

    I’m not sure about bullion blitz, but lemmings and everybody’s arcade were free long before the maintenance outage.

    • Sawao says:

      Exactly, some people should check the mobile store and know what they are talking about lol.

      • Tonakai says:

        Okay, you and others have clearly misread this article, so I will clarify now to save confusion for anyone else who reads this article.

        The point of this article was not “these games are now free”. I did not once state that these games have only just become free since PSN is back up.

        The reference to PSN coming back up online was firstly to let those who are unaware that it is online know and secondly to introduce the fact that I have now looked into the mobile store.

        I simply told people what games are currently free. I did not state that these games have not previously been free, or that PSN coming back online was in anyway related.

        Put simply; the point of this article was to tell people that A) that PSN is online and B) that there are other games than the one from my previous article free on the mobile section of the PlayStation store.

  7. ironchefion says:

    I bought klondike on everybody’s arcade. and i HATE THAT IT REQUIRES INTERNET CONNECTION in order to be played. A simple card game that requires internet? I can’t get online when i am on the go and i want to play klondike. i can’t stand that.

  8. man_of_power05 says:

    yea those games were always free and i don’t consider everybody’s arcade to be free since you have to pay for everythign and its pretty much a demo. bullan blitz is the same way but i like it and its only $1.50 for the full game

  9. nCadeRegal says:

    Nice read bud, and very informative. I dont understand the hostility of some of the people here, but I would like to thank you for this news article. Good luck and thanks!

  10. RiotDX says:

    Might as well at least “order” the games on my PSN account even if I don’t plan to download and play them on my Vita. That way if they end up being not free later on they’re still assigned to my account as downloadable.

  11. VagosDJ says:

    How can i go to psm? I can’t find it and I am in Europe.

  12. huz says:

    who that man fix link psn store
    my account as downloadable

  13. Razorbacktrack says:

    These games where already available for the download since December (if I remember well) in Italy

  14. Owl says:

    I just bought Pink spot leg massage.


  15. p staffo says:

    WTB jailbroken vita

  16. EJ says:

    Thanks, didn’t know about these free games.

  17. eighthdayregret says:

    I’ve DL’d all of those games, and while they are a good way to kill some time, Bullion Blitz is really the only one that you’re not gonna be disappointed is a demo.
    I can’t say I’m a fan of the misleading way in which they’re listed as “free.”
    They need to be labeled as demos.

  18. JonathanH says:

    They added Wake-Up Club.

    Geez they had a whole bunch of Japanese Voices and English Voices in the Original, but decided to remove all the Japanese ones.

    I think they cut a couple out of themes out too and monetized them for 0.25.


  19. Frank says:

    These games were free since a long time… You’re late ! 🙂

  20. nero says:

    my psn says an error occurred (NW-2454-5) the hecks going on? it was just working 10 minutes ago.. does anyone else have this problem?

  21. xerorane says:

    They also added the ability to buy with paypal now which is a great convenience. 🙂

  22. devilmax says:

    yah they make a maintenance but here in saudi psm is available screw sony for not giving access to other country.

  23. IgnusArmagadan says:

    Those have been free for quite some time, lol. I’ve had Billion Blitz since before Christmas and Everybody’s Arcade since WAY before that =p Being bored looking through the PSN is fun xD

  24. Christian says:

    still not available in other country. are they planning to released to other regions?

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