Playstation Network down longer than expected


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31 Responses

  1. StanSmith says:

    Yep, its still down. It says it souldve been back up this morning and 11 hours later its still down.

  2. Kenster240 says:

    I only noticed it was down today… Man, I’m behind on these things…

  3. Sawao says:

    No problem here. Still able to log in and play online. The only thing I can’t do is log in to the store.

  4. youngoz says:

    i wonder what Sony is up to… i REALLY hope all this wait is worth it…

    • gunblade says:

      think they upgraded to the cloud network…. sony sold the us sony tower wandering wy on that but probly needed the money

  5. NaMiroo says:

    Network down. So you can transport UNO to Vita from PS3 !

  6. icyheart says:

    Two days Iam waiting to buy persona 4 Golden

  7. poec says:

    I can´t play Pinball arcade on my vita, god dammit lol

  8. XDarkMario says:

    oh god this means another F*&$king update…

  9. Dutt says:

    The estimate here in Aus is 9Pm tonight which is still 5 hours from now..

  10. man_of_power05 says:

    can’t access steam to play portal 2 online…oh sony…steam on ps3 also depends on psn being up

  11. mohd salauddin says:

    its back maintanance is over

  12. makak1984 says:

    I will be happy when if they bring PSM to my country… But I am little worried of that, they could also release new FW and again – no PSN. But for now I prefer play on my PSP Backups because at this moment PSV games are overpriced as heck….

  13. Swoopie says:

    For what it’s worth, can’t reach the Playstation Store on my Vita here (NL) today (10:30 local time) either, same problem probably?

  14. vres says:

    website says “error”

    “Not available
    This answer is no longer available.”


  15. vres says:


    It’s already UPPPP

  16. Albie85 says:

    Ps store on my vita is bk in the eu but 10mins ago it wasn’t

  17. vres says:


    They are trying to launch web based US Store :)!/en-us/

    Partially loads, but with errors (white background)

  18. vahab says:

    PSN come back

  19. musashiro says:

    its up now for me now… the US PSN at least..

    downloaded the wake up club and checking how “horrible” or awesome it is.. XD

  20. fresno says:

    Maybe a new firmware.

  21. Rinchen says:

    The ps store is open now..

  22. Ru says:

    in eu is available

  23. CrimsonRaven025 says:

    US store is up and running :)

  24. nega93 says:

    lol funny even the link for the details is down too XD

  25. albatross89 says:

    the last 2 days while the store was undergoing maintenance every attempt to access it would freeze the system not being able to hit o to go back , anyways got up today and the store was working around 12 pm but the thing i was waiting for , nuketown zombs was not there , checked it now around 1:15 pm and the store is under maintenance again :/ least its not crashing my system this time …

  26. tonyuk73 says:

    this was a mad one. ive got two ps3’s the slim and extra slim…the slim has been off line due to the maintenance but the new extra slim did not go off-line no maintenance.both consoles bought in the uk and used in the uk.

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