Six Weeks and Six free PSM Games from Sony.

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  1. oO Flowzila Oo says:

    Hmmm… Sony is being nicer than usual. Where did they *** up? What did they do?

    • Jd8531 says:

      Where? Everywhere.

    • i_am_a_random_dude says:


    • RedHawk02 says:

      Sony needs to give games, they *** up on everything. The expectations for the Vita were not met, especially with the launch price + memory card price + game prices and they haven’t exactly come out with the greatest titles for us in the past year and a half or at launch. The Vita has been a bit of a disappointment. A lot of people don’t want CFW on Vita because they feel for some reason it’ll destroy it but Sony should really consider opening up as this may increase sales of the console, even though PSP clearly prospered even with CFW and only about 5-10% of users actually used CFW,

  2. MikeBeav3r says:

    Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  3. lost says:

    we can dll them without update ps vita fw ?? i’m on 1.8. ty

  4. Sazzie says:


  5. TINGT0NG says:

    same here bro, from nz to and unable to get it

  6. i_am_a_random_dude says:

    Look at me ma, I’m bold!

    But no seriously where can I download more ram for my PS Vita?

  7. i_am_a_random_dude says:

    You do, you asswipe

  8. Someone Else says:

    For a phone game, this is really fun!

  9. Vibrocil says:

    Here in Belgium (Nl account though) we haven’t got PSM but there’s a new subsection called wholesale in the PSN Store…

    Table Ice Hockey €0.99
    Table Top Tanks €0.99
    Everybody’s Golf €3.99
    Everybody’s Golf 2 €3.99
    Everybody’s Tennis €3.99

    Some known titles :p

  10. JonathanH says:

    Alright, wheres the contract where we sell our souls.

  11. Skars says:

    Browsing for Samurai Beatdown, I found some more free games at PSM, one that caught my attention was Everybody’s Arcade, ia s japanese game, but through the interface is possible to understand the games.
    @PSN US.

  12. Lawthugg says:

    i got lemmings from psm like a month ago (usa)
    they usually have 1 free game in there just gotta check it often

    • StanSmith says:

      Lemmings is free unless you want to play on anything other than easy then you have to play in the app itself.
      There are a few PSM games like that. They are free with In App Purchases.

      I hate IAP on any platform. The sooner they crack it for PSM the better.

  13. Onsokumaru says:

    Wow this great. Thanks for the heads up.
    Samurai Beatdown is pretty awesome. I love the music.

    Forced touch controls is lame and the design is a bit flawed. Like, those birds sometimes make no sense to the rhythm.

  14. E says:

    I am quite upset, I paid 4 this game around Christmas time. Granted, it was super cheep but even still, that sucks. The game is awesome though. Beautiful graphics and quite fun. A bit on the easy side though.

  15. walala says:

    FUCKkkk Taiwan PS Store!!! no PSM!!

  16. fatman01923 says:

    Thanks Tonakai for the great post informing us. 😀 Downloaded right now, will be my first PSM game to play.

  17. RzmmDX says:

    Damn, I hope they don’t start updating the firmware.

  18. Link says:

    Was thinking of updating than I seen how bad the free game is… No thank you, I will stick with 1.81 cfw for now.

  19. Zonic says:

    Sony, giving away something for free? *Smacks himself in the face several times* What is this madness? I won’t complain, but it seems so out of character for them.

  20. JonathanH says:

    You should read the fine print whenever you agree to Sony.

  21. silkyskeeter says:

    Think its because PSM isnt kicking off like Sony wanted (mostly because most developers on the forums got *** off that they couldnt just make games JUST for PsVita. And, instead, have to make sure their games are compatible across ALL PSM certified devices… which crushed the dreams of ALOT of the developers that were planning on making games for it)

    • Tonakai says:

      I agree with you here. They seemed to think that PSM would be a hacking deterrent too, so they’re trying not only to get a bit of publicity to people may spend more time on it but also since they started charging a ridiculously high price for you to even test your games on your device (it used to be that you got the dev software then could transfer your games straight onto your Vita. Now you need a dev license that you have to pay annually for) they need some form of incentive.

  22. blahblah says:

    ITS A TRAP!!

  23. McLoven says:

    I read about this somewhere yesterday, and I’m gonna ask the same question as kindly as possible.
    Does anybody have any idea if/when PSM is coming to South Africa, the EU store? (T_T)

  24. Acid_Snake says:

    LOL I made the same article and didn’t realize it was already done by you

  25. CowgoMOOO says:

    Samuri beat down is obviously the next exploit -CowgoMOOO!

  26. quetz says:

    cool 😀 thanks for the info 😉 i got for free also Bullion Blitz from puzzle section

  27. xSpectrum says:

    I guess I’m the only one who updates for PS+ games here?

  28. gunblade says:

    um i got free games with psn plsu will theses free game have time locks on them cuz i got like wipeout fo the vita an it has had like a month to play n since i dont have psn now i guess is wy it wont let me play them on the vita

  29. DeadPixel99 says:

    It’s 12:10 Eastern United States , PSN is undergoing maintenance possible update imminent?

  30. mlc says:

    Why is your forum full of suck ups? =( lol

    I’m willing to read a defense of anyone, b

    • mlc says:

      (lol, I’m also apparently unable to type on a netbook booo)

      Why is your forum full of suck ups? =( lol

      I’m willing to read a defense of anyone, but the most common defense here seems to be “such criticism is out of bounds and no matter what you say it means you’re an entitled child.” Or, as fate6 quoted while closing an off-topic thread (as opposed to just noting it was off topic), a bunch of “ungrateful 12 year olds.”

      Guess what? Adults can defend themselves and should be able to deal with criticism without lying about the nature of that criticism, or tarring people who disagree with them. Extremely weak and biased moderation, and a bunch of people who seem to me to hold a belief because it is popular rather than due to the merits or reasoning for such a belief. It’s sad.

      • mlc says:

        Ack, looks like fate6 was merely quoting to say that “off topic” was the reason for the lock, so I must retract my criticism of his/her actions; they were not insulting or biased. The rest is still accurate with my perceptions of many of the arguments I’ve seen here.

      • Someone Else says:

        Yeah, but when someone makes you something for free, purely to give enjoyment to others, you really have *zero* right to criticize. Criticizing or demanding improvements of any type, *is* childish. There’s no way around that.

        Politely suggesting what you think “could be” a “cool feature”, is another thing. Even then, you can’t complain if they don’t add it.

        • Someone Else says:

          And I also wanted to point out that it is adult behavior to point out childishness and entitled criticism, because to mature individuals these things are very off-putting. It is absolutely right for them to call you a 12 year old if you criticize.

          A mature mindset will realize: “Really? Someone worked on this for months to bring entertainment to the masses, and you’re gonna poke holes in the parts that aren’t good enough to you?”

          What adults don’t do, is look a gift horse in the mouth. Just pointing out.

  31. Sofoklis says:

    I am from greece and playstation store is under maintanance….. so i couldn’t even try downloading the games….. Damn….

  32. Karma Kontrol says:

    I tried this and wasn’t a huge fan. Patapon is pretty fun though, I’d recommend that one.

  33. AsDraS says:

    In switzerland the playstation store is under maintenance..

  34. mikebeav3r says:

    seems alrght, wanting tye next game already though as i just beat all the levels today 🙂


  35. owanef says:

    its been a while since we heard anything about the psp project uOFW. i would love to hear more info on this. bring us news wololo 🙂

  36. gunblade says:

    psn doing maintanace right now…

  37. JonathanH says:

    Where is wake-up club how else will I time my ramen noodles in the microwave?

  38. Jose says:

    What’s the point if these free games, if we can’t even access the damn store?


  39. Lion_Amongst Men says:

    The PSN store will be extended to Am tomorrow morning Follow @Playstation on twitter to get your information on incoming games and news from Sony Entertainment (

    they posted this 2 hours ago

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