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126 Responses

  1. IrealiTY says:

    I hope there will be an alternative content manager soon. Putting my homebrews everythime through the CMA is really a pain, as it syncs everything and not only the new stuff…

    • Kyu says:

      Well….once you have everything moved in a different folder inside the vita,you can delete the excess and only transfer the new files.

      (…I should make a backup of my current exploit,as having to setup plugins again is a pita)

  2. Twenty90seven says:

    Looking forward to a port for the Urbanix exploit soon!

  3. TuckDezi says:

    I’m getting a “bad zip” error when i try to extract on both links i tried

  4. William A.U. says:

    Nice tutorials. Will help out a lot for the newbies. Great write.

  5. StanSmith says:

    The main trick I would like to know about ARK is HOW do I get ISO/CSO to show up straight away?
    Will there be a patch for is there a way/tweak I dont know about?

    I dont want to hunt for them every time I goto ymenu

    • Kyu says:

      The auto-moving feature of TNmenu was indeed nice.As is right now,I recommend manually moving them with the Filer homebrew or the built-in file browser of pyMenu.

    • Someone Else says:

      Use something like PSPfiler and move them to PSP/GAMES. It’s really easy.

      • StanSmith says:

        I did that and when it reloaded they were back in ISO.

        I then deleted them and copied them to PSP/GAMES via FTP and again when it reloaded they were moved to ISO again.

  6. jvhellraiser says:

    i think i should shared this tiny info
    for those that use L+R+START+DOWN and
    the ISO freezes,the problem is cwcheat
    i dont know if everyone knows it but when
    you press R trigger + start cwcheat takes
    a shot of the screen,i find out that when
    you press L+R+START+DOWN in one way you are
    telling cwcheat to take a screen shot too.
    now to the problem,you are making the ISO
    to freeze this way,cause you actually telling
    ARK and Cwcheat to work at the same time and
    that’s a no go. cause believe it or not you are
    pressing. L+R+START+DOWN+R+START <- get it???
    to fix this press select and access cwcheat menu
    go to settings go to button configuration and where
    it says take screen shot press X then O from now on
    no more freeze when you try to exit and ISO/CSO by
    pressing L+R+START+DOWN, thank you,thank you!!! i know
    iam the best XD LOL

  7. Kyu says:

    Ehm,the plugins on ARK use on/off,not 1/0

  8. vhblfans says:

    i hope run psx games have sound!!!

  9. RicSnp says:

    ISOs will show up on ARK home screen if u store it via zip, send it over through CMA(if CMA, in a different savedata folder because i haven’t been able to find the exploited one when i browse through ARK) and extract it… no PSP.ZIP, just store the .iso file itself. secondly, with ftp, drag an iso to ms0:/PSP/GAME/ it should also show up on Ark homescreen

    • StanSmith says:

      Doesn’t work. You cant drag/drop with the Vita.
      You have to delete then copy again via FTP.

      And when I copy ISOs to PSP/GAME when it reloads ARK the ISOs move the the ISO folder, they are no longer in PSP/GAME.

  10. amazing says:

    amazing plugin tutorial…. >.>

  11. Kenster240 says:

    I only have a 4gb memory card so it’s hard to get multiple games on it. The best way I’ve found is to copy the games to the Vita is to copy them to my old PSP (which has a very jittery analog stick) and use Adhoc File Transfer to send them over. For me it takes about 1-2 hours to transfer 1gb to my vita with FTP!

  12. Someone Else says:

    Regarding “PSX game support” this article says “ARK should have sound soon.”

    Is there any actual info behind this?

    The only info I’ve seen implies that only ColdBird was working on sound, and that had been abandoned.

  13. I gots my joint on 1.81 and Im running urbanix I been giving paypal cash to these hacker crakkers I expect some compatibly with that game to run this hack.

  14. peter good says:

    the psx game Alien Trilogy is run good on ARK but no sound but one day will be sound

  15. Someone Else says:

    Do the comments go screwy for anyone else?

    Like they’ll roll back to an earlier date, and a bunch of comments go missing for a few hours?

  16. ironchefion says:

    there should of been a definitive tutorial on how to install cheats. i see many people in the forums having problems with it… including myself

  17. JonathanH says:

    Could you post the file structure for Isos?


  18. JonathanH says:

    How do you install FTP Vita inside of ARK?

    There’s no file structure in this tutorial making it pretty much a block of text.

  19. abdou005 says:

    Until now, I don’t see any difference Between TN and Ark. maybe in the future. but for now, I prefer TN :)

  20. zakaiya says:

    Just gunna stick with my psp, it was definitely nice to enjoy cef on the vita but i’m good. Keep up the great coverage and work!

  21. lidoror says:

    somebody could upload a file for cwcheat that dont work for me ?

  22. RedHawk02 says:

    How do you add DLC??

    • eighthdayregret says:

      Same as always.
      NPLoader in ms0:/SEPLUGINS
      DLC in ms0:/PSP/GAME

      The only change is that you need a PLUGINS.TXT in the exploit folder.

      I hear some DLC is kinda spotty on ARK, though.
      I personally haven’t had any problems.

  23. black cat says:

    i dont understad the part in the plugins “add one or more lines” <.<

  24. RicSnp says:

    I Still use seplugins folder and i get mine to work for cwcheat and mhp3rd english patch by adding these strings to PLUGINS.TXT:

  25. chris says:

    hey i think u guys need to re-write the article and give some examples on how to zip the files for psx and homebrew like you did for the unbrix cause its a little confusing at the top.

  26. Gluegun says:

    there might be a possible way to install psp homebrew
    to the live sceen on the vita, the common paths on the
    eboot SKFU sent on the web, (GO TO HIS WEB SITE BLOG IF
    YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IM SAYING!), all you need is, PSPFILER,
    and look in the bgdl folder, notice its empty?….
    well i purchased a psp game, and the way for a standerd
    ps vitas psp is kinda need a *some random char*.pkg, mabey use
    SKFU pkg extractor and, (well you need development skills
    right here) compile a psp homebrew then make a pkg file,
    build like this, sce_sys/package/work.bin >> head.bin >> stat.bin >> body.bin its clear the body file (if you are testing this,) the body file is a build for the other folders like /game/icon0.png and param.sfo, and the EBOOT.PBP IS RIGHT THERE! :O. saying this, i well try to
    compile a “PSP MINI” homebrew, copy sonys psn downloader link and check if i can host the download link to see if i can link a downloader to see if my pkg well install,
    (if you dont know what im saying again, download pspfiler
    and purchase a psp title like GTA psp).

  27. Gluegun says:

    if it works! :D, im going to make a psp downloader
    for the selected homsceens or hbl, mabey a psp booter,
    😀 so many to choose!!!!!

  28. David says:

    Hey, since UNO was removed from the psn store, is there a way that i can share my UNO? Like i bought it, but my friend doesn’t have one. Can i share mine with him? Can i give him my UNO but still have mine?(Original) Reply ASAP!

  29. RicSnp says:

    Will not work

  30. jesusxkristin13 says:

    thank you for these tutorials they help me a lot

  31. Kefkiroth says:

    Is ARK really “competing” with TN-C? I thought hackers appreciate advancement in the scene.

  32. Gluegun says:

    the way ps vita share downloads, i well put it at that,
    the “share content” the fucken purchase ticket,
    is for 2 device i think, but if you add the psn account
    to your friends ps vita id, mabey that well work,
    i have 2 ps vita, mabey getting a third one for the
    hack so we users wont feel all locked down at some poits
    in life, (kinda bad for the health to always stay at locked
    down feeling) its like a very deep jetlag, sory i dont want that!.

  33. DeadPixel99 says:

    Hey the only thing i cannot figure out with ARK is how to get back to the menu , example in TN-C when im done playing a psp game i can hold start for a few second and get back to the menu and load another game, in ark i constantly have to reload uno to get back to the menu, anyone know the short cut?

  34. Gandalf says:

    How to remove the games folder ISO vita to my computer?

  35. they forgot to mention that you can play patched iso’s with ARC

  36. shaitan says:

    Great info, especially cutting video content from psx games. Although I’d really like the option to just drop plugins into a folder then an easy enable/disable option, I can be pretty lazy lol.

  37. anon says:

    Dumb questions.. The ISO games you guys are mentioning are PS VITA ISOS or PSP ISOs?

    I have a PS VITA with Mad Block Alpha hack so should I update or not?

  38. Jd8531 says:

    “CEF will let you play PSP Homebrews and PSP backups on your Vita. It does not allow you to play pirated Vita games, or PS Vita native content.” Do not update, youll lose your exploit and UNO has been removed from PSN.

  39. traveller says:

    Is there any way to view/change options in ARK? Like the ISO driver, caching, CPU speed, etc.

    • eighthdayregret says:

      No need to, I hear.
      But if you’re having issues with those weird games that require default PSP settings and whatnot, TN-C has those options.
      ARK does not have any way to modify those options.

  40. Albo says:

    followed everything correctly for the plugins and still nothing
    this is really confusing cant get cwcheat or anyother plugin..
    can anyone tell me does FileZilla rename the txt file to plugins 2.txt?? could this be the problem lol

    • RicSnp says:

      Man, i didn’t use filezilla, pspfiler or ftp. I just created a txt file named PLUGINS.TXT, opened it and added the following lines since I only use 2 plugins atm:


      placed that .txt file in the ARK exploited savedata and send it on my vita via CMA.
      Although some of the tutorials guys made shew that they apparently stopped using seplugins, I still have my plugins installed to that same seplugins folder just as I had with TN’s(No changes made). All i replaced was the .txt file named GAME.TXT which worked with TN’s exploit, with PLUGINS.TXT… and it works.

  41. d1ru says:

    im not understanding the directions for extracting homebrews in ark. you make another foldet called “savedata”? placrd where? with thein the same directory as the uno savedata? (im assuming not INside, but BEside) and without paths, just a zipped file with the eboot?

    • Jd8531 says:

      No, take another game save and use its folder to put your Zips in. Then transfer that gamesave to the Vita. Then find that folder in ARK and extract the ZIP.

      • ken says:

        What if we don’t have another PSP savedata folder? Is it possible to use a fake savedata folder? Or do we have to get another legit PSP game on the vita to make a savedata folder transferrable thru CMA?

  42. Gluegun says:

    ps vita skips commercial files, like all co LLC,
    they try to make one thing, Money and how they make
    it is like makeing a video for your self to get paid,
    and the promise is not very big, so users must
    understand this, the file must be a type, not MIMEING types,
    or cph8 digital, or one file, pic.img, something nobody
    relly uses, for files like .zip would not work because
    there is a .zip program…. get it? .ZIP is not a program
    for the psp, but still works because k_return; command
    was implemented, (get inputs command), but for ark,
    there relly is no installer, TN has a .ZIP read, ark was
    build few months a go, still very buggy at some points…….

  43. Gluegun says:

    what i ment to say, Hive-cm8 not cph8, been bezzzy…..

  44. Icebear says:

    having trouble with this for some reason i can’t install my homebrew like the SNES and Genesis emulators when i had the TN-C i just threw the ZIPS into the UNO folder and it found them but when i use this ARK program it wont detect anything at all they are named right and everything because they worked just fine in TN-C where do i put the zip folders at so it can detect them?

  45. DICEMEN4 says:

    Nice ark pro v anyone knows how to create psp games homebrew what tools would I need and the programming languge c ?? :)

  46. nima says:

    hi everyone
    plz help me.
    i dont know how convert .bin file to .iso and make a eboot. ?

  47. McLoven says:

    I love ARK, no problem. I’ve used both methods for copying ISO’s, but I’m not so sure that FTP is “extremely faster” as stated by Jd8531 or is it just me?
    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  48. phoenixshade says:

    look im aussie n i wasnt able to get the game uno i was wondering if some 1 would be willing to email me the game back up files so i can load it to my vita? so i can try to work out if i can load the uno game that way as i cant down load it in ps store :( if you can email me the files do so at

  49. phoenixshade says:

    i wasnt askin for some 1 account info for ps store i was wondering about it that all n ty for info so ne idea as to ne new possible games that might be n idea to get?

  50. whiteassassin97 says:

    WHY ” to compete with Total_Noob’s”????? wouldnt it be better if these guys work together!! DAMN IT. anyway, nice ark.

  51. Jakesiesvita says:

    Excellent how to guide. Thanx

    I have installed ark on my vita and no issues thus far. Really awesome. Thanx to the team for the great work.

    Personally i think is good if there is compention.

    But both firmwares are awesome

  52. BrokyPR says:

    can i see umd.iso movies on cef?

    • Jd8531 says:

      I am actually not sure about that, that’s a good question. I think you can if its not an interactive one, you’ll need to copy it and move it to the Video folder in ARK.

  53. IgnusArmagadan says:

    Are there any places to download themes for ARK? The main thing that’s keeping me from going to ARK is how plain it is. Yeah, it’s got better compatibility, but everything I use on TN-C runs just fine. If I can get it looking better than a black screen with white text, I’ll go ahead and install it.

    • Jd8531 says:

      Yep if you go to the tip under how to install ARK I explain how to make your own and where to get some :)

      • IgnusArmagadan says:

        Ah, thank you! I somehow overlooked that last block of text :p

      • IgnusArmagadan says:

        One more question, though with my luck, might be explained in the article as well. I assume that if you wish to, going back to TNMenu is as easy as just copying the save for TNMenu over the ARK save and loading up Uno. Is that true or is there some kind of process you have to go through for that?

        • RicSnp says:

          If i wanted to revert to TN I would just change the two last letters/ numbers at the end of the savedata. I have both TN and ARK installed, I just changed the last 2 numbers on the savedata exploit folder i don’t want to use so i don’t get mixed up.. and this can be achieved using pspfiler

  54. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I wish my icon wasn’t always an angry one, lol.

  55. Jd8531 says:

    Sadly TN menu isn’t compatible with ARK for now.

  56. mja2288 says:

    “It is highly recommended that you back up UNO on your computer in case of any errors or issues later on.”
    How do you back up UNO onto a computer?

  57. Asch901 says:

    This is so hard to do…… keeps on saying corrupt file. Hence I can’t copy.

    Ok..I gotta ask. Please give me specific step by step on how to copy ISO/CSO onto this new ARK.

    Zip store games into what folder? Is it per game or the whole game which is inside the folder?

    I did everything, but still it says here corrupt file on my CMA. Even the copying cso/iso via uno save folder and try to manually look for the game via recovery method, but I can’t find the cso/iso even. (im x using the FTP way of copying btw)

    • Jd8531 says:

      Are you sure you read it step by step? Double check, it must be a simple mistake you’re making. Only zip your ISO/CSO. No folders with store compression and all caps. Then put it in another save games folder and copy that save to the vita.

      • IgnusArmagadanI says:

        What about with Vita FTP? It still has to be zipped? None of my games are coming up anymore, so does that mean I have to delete them all off and then put them back zipped? If so, that’s a lot of hassle for no compatibility boost for my needs, lol.

      • IgnusArmagadanI says:

        Just tried zipping Crystal Defenders and putting it back on there since it’s a pretty small game. Nope, doesn’t come up. ARK seems to be LESS compatible for me somehow =\

        • bibo says:

          I was having the same problem. I figured it out… When they say all caps, they mean EVERYTHING.
 does not show up

          http://FTP.ZIP does show up

          try that and see if it helps

          • IgnusArmagadan says:

            They already are since they were there from TN-C which I had to go by the same rules as ARK is going by. Everything IS in caps. All my emulators and homebrew apps work (like Vita FTP and SNES9X). I have 4 ISO’s and 1 CSO, all in ISO folder, 8 characters long, ALL CAPS and they jst don’t show up, not even as corrupted data, as if they don’t exist.

  58. IgnusArmagadanI says:

    Oh well, looks like it’s back to the old exploit I go…

  59. clorbag says:

    just a question, finally got my iso to transfer to the save data folder and can find it in ark, i hit install and it says installing, how long should this take? its been like 10 min. its phantasy star portable 2

  60. Squall says:

    Is it possible to get the copy of UNO you need from the Internet? I.e. not through psn? Ive not updated my vita firmware ever so I’m on 1.8, just need the exploited UNO game.

    Is there a guide anywhere on using a FTP programme to put stuff to and from your vita? My content manager wont let me do anything without asking me to update the firmware?

  61. clorbag says:

    i heard there is a way to share games, i so ill share my copy of uno, and thanks jd i finally got my iso to run just had to wait like 30 min for the game to install from ark.

  62. Rafael says:

    Boa tarde, como eu sou novo aqui e li varios post inclusive este, não tem como baixar o UNO em algum site, pq consegui fazer todos os procedimentos mas nao tenho o game, quando descobri este post já não havia o UNO na PSN!!!

  63. SlayDK says:

    hi im new at this,but what do u mean about saving into another savedata in step #4?how come we cant use the UNO savedata for this?

    • wololo says:

      the risk with using the UNO savedata is that you could mess up with the exploit, which would end up locking you out of ARK. I believe it would work, it just adds risk if you mess up when creating the files.

  64. Alex says:

    When will you have another ARK CEF (Customer Emulator Firmware) because I just miss the Uno download, so I had to update to 2.05. Thanks & all I got to say is that you guys are brilliant! I’m a big fan of custom firmware like i own a psp with custom firmware. I knew it was gonna get hack & sooner or later theirs gonna be a point where the psvita it’s gonna be fully hacked with more things added!

  65. go1den3ye says:

    UNO is back on EU PSN. just saying if you haven’t updated to 2.05 yet and missed it the last time.

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