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Clearing the confusion: TN-C menus in ARK

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  1. pploco1996 says:

    That`s very interesting… another silly question: is there anyone developing/continuing the work that coldbird left with the psx sound plug-in?

  2. Zach says:

    Some very good info here, can’t wait to hear about more development of ARK!

  3. JMQMOfficials says:

    Yeah the ARK can run CSO’s than the TN-C, but I just want the tMenu. I don’t like yMenu 🙁

  4. wartaf says:

    Another question, are they planning to port it on old Games like Gravity Crush?

  5. FoxSevent says:

    So does PS VITA have it’s own native PSone emulator or is it POPS rip-of?

    Also is it true that PS VITA PSP emulator runs at around 500mhz instead of default 222/111?

    • xoombie503 says:

      it has its own emulator coded specifically for the vita hardware,forget about psp and think that sony coded a ps1 emulator to run on vita hardware just like ps3 ..now ark is using an emulator designed for psp and thats why their problem comes in..vita emulates psp and psp emulates pops.so the reason vita emulator has sound is because sony has full access to vita and ps1

  6. Lai says:

    :c the ark is good though knowing it plays cso faster but one thing i am concerned about is the menu and how stable the ark is. No offense but I guess what really matters now is the ps vita owner’s choice whether they want a stable one like TN-c or something like Ark. I will prefer to stay in TN-C till Ark is stable and has better menu. (hoping) I am not that good in installing but I hope someone can better give a tutorial or at least to guide to those noobs like me. Thanks to all devs for everything!

  7. infinitetrax@yahoo.com says:

    I’ve never got a response in how to add psx games to the vita. Any help?

  8. StanSmith says:

    Plugins work better in ARK.
    In TN I could get TempAR working but it always showed cheats for the launch game. In this case UNO.
    In ARK when I load up TempAR it now shows cheats for the ISO loaded not the launch game.
    Also CWCheat loads up on both but in TN it can crash the whole system and you need to hold power to shutdown the vita to exit. In ARK it doesn’t lock up that bad, it just black screens and you can easily press PS button to exit launch game (UNO).

    The main reason why TN is still better is it shows ISOs straight away. Where in ARK you have to search for them everytime.

    • StanSmith says:

      I WAS WRONG. ARK just locked up on me. Had to hold power button to reset the system.
      So plugins arn’t more stable in ARK.

      The plugin thats locking up the system for me is CWCHEAT.
      I can replicate it. Manhunt 2. Enable any cheats in CWCheat and it will lock up for me.
      If I use TempAR in ARK cheats work fine.
      In TM-C TempAR says every ISO is UNO so it doesn’t work.

      • Kyu says:

        Yes,but some games will freeze at certain points with certain cheats enabled if you use cwcheat,because the values it is supposed to change at those points must not be changed.I get these freezes in Disgaea 2 when I use too many codes experimenting with the dark assembly and then heading in to battle and in Dissidia when I get into battle with codes which affect items will cause a freeze as well.

        TNmenu is more newbie friendly because it will move the games/hb for you without having to do so much as to lift a finger,whereas yMenu and pyMenu require you do the moving,with pyMenu being more organised (it has categories and a plugin manager,which I did not see on yMenu).

  9. THES GOOD says:

    Is ark better than tn-c? YES heck YES 90% CSO ISO works onet no errors

    Tn-C got only 50% or less

  10. THES GOOD says:

    I’ve never got a response in how to add psx games to the vita. Any help?

    add them in game folder

    TN-C worst then TN-B ARK own them all in menu and support CSO , ISO

    ARK is BEST good work team PRO i se the add ther hart in two that work

    SOy if u people lazy and say that menu not good for u Then mke ur own CFW, is free work no one pay Team PRO for these

  11. WolfRamiO says:

    in the first place… why you wanna run TN menu on ARK???

    • StanSmith says:

      Why? Coz the TN Menu shows ALL your games in 1 menu. In ARK you have to change folders and go searching for ISOs as it only shows PSX and Homebrew games in the default menu.

      When ARK is fixed to support all games then it will be better but now its really annoying.

      • wololo says:

        Dont confuse the features of the cfw engine (ark, cef) and the menus running on it (tn menu, ymenu, pymenu, etc)

        • StanSmith says:

          In that case the ymenu that ARK uses is total ***.
          The tn menu that CEF uses is great.

          If ARK had TN Menu that would be the best of both worlds.

        • Albie85 says:

          Well said wololo it’s only the menu they got probs with not the ecfw or ark. If ark had TN then they wouldn’t be moaning about it

  12. peter says:

    so one will fix the sound for psx games and wot i do to send me files from my psp to my PS Vita i use this so much faster Adhoc File Transfer in stead of the VitaFTP it is to slow

  13. jb says:

    Hello again, all. When the Gravity Crash exploit came out, I got the game on my brother’s ps3 (on which my account is shared), downloaded it to the system, but didn’t install it (still in bubble form). I downloaded it through my Vita right after that. Now, I’ve done the same thing with Uno, but on my ps3. Two questions: If anything were to happen with my Vita, would I be able to transfer the unpatched game from my ps3 back to the vita, even though it was pulled from the store and download list (but still on my ps3 in bubble form?) 2. Can I transfer my unpatched Gravity Crash game to my ps3 and will it remain unpatched? Couldn’t find a clear answer on the forums.

    • Albie85 says:

      It’s only patch for those people who are updated past the exploited FW as long as u get it before that then ur ok remember it’s the FW that gets patched

  14. Albie85 says:

    As long as its in your download list u can’t still copy it over do it before the vita get FW update because I don’t know if cma trick works anymore

  15. Albie85 says:

    As long as its in your download list u can still copy it over do it before the vita get FW update because I don’t know if cma trick works anymore

  16. Kyu says:

    I still think that:

  17. Someone Else says:

    For me, ARK seems a lot more stable than TN-C. (Which is a great firmware in its own right, and I’m grateful we got it.) As long as I don’t do something stupid (like simultaneously have 2 different psp cheat plugins set “on”) it never seems to freeze on me.

  18. Unsure says:

    I’m not sure about the PSX emulator in the Vita being original; I seem to recall yifanlu or one of the other devs saying that the code is just POPS with the sound support redirected to Vita to support the lack of media engine. We just can’t get at that Vita sound layer because of the PSP sandbox. Can anyone confirm this?

    • Someone Else says:

      That is basically what he is trying to explain, but he’s simplifying it to a similar concept that more people can understand. Some people can only absorb simple explanations.

  19. Mars says:

    While I appreciate the article, it makes it sound as if PRO Online is dead when it’s not. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

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