PS Vita release: ARK eCFW for the UNO exploit


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  1. traveller

    I was getting “Reached loader” and then Error C1-2858-3 popup after a minute or so after switching to ARK. I switched back to TN-C and deleted all the ISOs in /ISO with VITA FTP, and now ARK is able to load.

    Any idea what the trigger is for this error? Could be really annoying to upload a random ISO that causes the eCFW to fail loading later.

    • traveller

      I noticed the ARK recovery menu can remove files or run the VITA FTP directly. If anybody has this problem, try using th recovery menu to delete one ISO at a time to find which one causes the problem.

  2. Gandalf

    I have no problem in using the old save UNO then continue with it … xD

  3. traveller

    Does anybody know how to view/change settings for ARK?

  4. javier

    hi i want to know how to install ftp vita on this new exploit?

  5. Weno

    so is it possible to download psx games from the psx store like you can on a modded ps3 just like the “eboots” where if we have the direct link you can download the stuff… so what i am trying to say is.. say i wanted spyro from ps1 and its on the psx store for ps3 but not for vita can i download it somehow and install in on the vita since its hacked?? like you can on a modded ps3?

  6. zutton

    anyone tried the “Prometheus online” ? so we can play online with psp game.

  7. Austin

    Hey so I have a question, I was previously running CEF and had installed a PSP ISO and two emulators. I just upgraded to ARK and im confused on how I would delete my old iso that I had extracted.

  8. shawn

    so with this new cfw can i play psvita iso or just psp iso?

  9. Matthew

    Where can i transfer iso psp game?
    it doesn t work with iso folder

  10. Ruggiero

    How to open configuration menu on Ark? does it exist a configuration menu? sorry for my eng

  11. Ruggiero

    With ARK, the screen blink when I run PSP Filer 🙁

  12. Jeff

    Anyone get a SNES emulator working? If so, which version? My version of snes9xTYL loads but freezes when starting a game.

  13. cucu

    if u hold the right trigger while loading save file for uno it goes to recovery mode?

  14. ahmed hassona

    can any one post plugins.txt with cwcheat and where should i put file

  15. clarens

    i need help i had cwcheat working but after installing ark it doesnt work anymore holding down select dont bring up the menu i made sure i moved my game and pop txt to the ark save data before overwriting the saves pls help

  16. synaze

    Awesome work, thanks to the Pro team for releasing this to everyone. I was using TN CEF and had no complaints, but Quake Arena homebrew wouldn’t run on it. ARK runs it just fine so ARK definitely has better compatibility. ISO’s and homebrews seem to load faster also. Kudos…keep up the great work!

  17. Hardin

    So can we apply patches to ISOs with this? I’m thinking of the slowdown fix to Final Fantasy Tactics WOTL

  18. tonyneyer

    HELP!!!! the Ark exploit worked for a few days or something and now i keep getting this “C1-2858-3” error i dont know what to do!!!1

  19. guy9988

    can any1 help me ive tried getting an iso on my vita but cant seem to find it i put it in a savedata file and it doesnt show i tried ftp but after getting 25% it fails… any ideas?

  20. Matthew

    Help please!
    I have ISO s psp game it shows normal but i cant launch
    them. There is only iso files without images of psp games
    like on ecfw tnc menu.
    thanks anyone.

  21. psvitafan

    Here are some PSP and PSV Backgrounds with different colors for ARK_2.0x_eCFW !

  22. Zyphs

    Well i got cwcheats running but i have a huge problem the value of the game i’m running seems to be confused
    E.x running tekken 6 the cwcheats thinks it’s patapon 2?

  23. ThatGuyWithSixMagikarp

    Is there a way to play PSPmini ISOs with the ark-release?

  24. Gravespace

    ARK is da BOMB!!! mad tnx, peace, hope sound workz soon.

  25. Zeuso

    Useless now that UNO is gone from the Stores, guess have to wait forever for the next exploit.

  26. guy9988

    can someone give me a tut on using cwcheats like with the text files and stuff cuz i had it on my psp go but i sold it awhile back and dont remember how to do it.

  27. Stargate

    Can I take my vita to a game store and do you think they can use my vita and do this for me as I haven’t got a clue how to do this, and I have tried my but off, yes I have the UNO game.

  28. Lawliet156

    Does this mean we can run Vita ISOs?

  29. darnops

    May i ask how do you guys transfer PSP DLC to the vita??? D: reply is deeply appreciated

  30. arch

    a couple of questions i need to ask

    1. i missed the uno exploit, is there any other way to mod my ps vita to play backup games?

    2. if i mod my vita, can i still use psn/dlc or even connect to internet?

    3. can you also play ps vita game back ups with the current mods?

    thanks in advance:)!!

  31. ivo

    i get a c error after psplink i trying to run
    and where can i find nethost src for linux ?

  32. ivo

    what i’m willing to ask/bet
    is that a nethost variant is needed
    one that works for vita 🙂

  33. XDarkMario

    were are these co called customize option?

  34. reggie

    i downloaded uno today im running 2.01 i put the exploit in savedata folder i transfed to my vita i start up uno press x nothing happen i go to the create a profile screen ***

  35. hazer2011

    hello wololo i have a question: does this work on latin america? (i am from argentina and i dont knnow if there is an explot for that zone/region)