PS Vita release: ARK eCFW for the UNO exploit


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285 Responses

  1. hasu says:

    cool, might want to try this.

  2. be0ut says:

    Good stuff, thanks for the hard work. I think all parties benefit from a little friendly competition. :)

  3. FAHTOM says:

    i can’t download((

  4. StanSmith says:

    Nice, I’ll give it a go.

  5. Yazid says:

    Cool, thanks !!!!
    use (dropbox + urldroplet) if you can’t download the file

  6. hgoel0974 says:

    Wow, this is a surprise!

  7. garrei says:

    ported to urbanix 1.81?… im still on urbanix.

  8. Jd8531 says:

    Not sure if you meant to but there’s no page break.

    Anyways enjoy everyone ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. StanSmith says:

    It’s not really working for me.
    1, Plugins dont work.
    2, Cant work out how to customize the menu.
    3, HOW can you go back to CFW from in a game?

    3 problems that send me back to CEF and that works fine for me.
    The main thing is plugins. If I can get them working then I might stay but going back to CFW is another biggy for me.

    • StanSmith says:

      I got plugins working. The name was wrong.
      Its not plugins.txt its PLUGINS.TXT

      Is there a button press that sends you back to CFW?

      And how can I get it to start in the ISO directory?

  10. Zach says:

    Quick question. I’ve got ARK running on my vita, how do I get to any kind of preference menu (if any)? Also, is there a button combo to get back to ARK while I’m inside a PSP game or do I have to completely exit Uno and go back in? I hadn’t seen anything about those in the Readme

    • StanSmith says:

      Thats what I asked.
      They say its better than CEF but its missing so many features.

      Plugins do work better as they are for the game your playing not UNO which CEF did.

      • StanSmith says:

        i found a return to menu button press from in a game.

        RETURN TO ARK: START L R DOWN (Down on D-pad)

        Still when it returns its back in the savegame folder. I’m still wanting it to start in the ISO folder.
        Annoying I have to go hunting for my games on every boot.

  11. Aneudi says:

    is it worth updating from cef for the ms speedboost and iso cache support? For me, iso games runs fast and smooth already in cef.

  12. mino says:

    ehm wie kommt man ins menu zurรผck
    plugins gehen nicht

  13. I can’t exit of a game like in CEF pressing 5 seconds start. Is there another buttons combination?

  14. machomuu says:

    Eh…now I regret not buying Uno. Ah, well, I’ll just wait for the next exploit :/

  15. ils says:

    i’m waiting for Urbanix port :)

  16. iobg says:

    so how can i copy my games from the savedata? i cant figure it out….

  17. Jesus says:

    where do I put my ISOs now? I installed this new hack and now it doesnt see my kingdom hearts iso…. weird, im guessing the iso folder for this is somewhere else… well im looking for it atm with vita ftp …

  18. ogogo says:

    YAY my Plugins work finally i can use my downloaded DLCs for Final Fantasy 012 again ;D GJ TEAM LUV U ALL

  19. Tonakai says:

    Woahh, I’m surprised this just got released. I came on here to continue writing something and I notice this.

    I’m incredibly excited; going to have to go and tinker around with it now. ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. GreeNinja says:

    Does ARK eCFW support Pro-online while playing PSP games?

  21. SILENT_Pavel says:

    Can i use it with Urbanix on 1.81 ofw?

  22. quetz says:

    wonderful news ๐Ÿ˜€ but i’m ok with TN_CEF, so i’m waiting for real positive feedbacks before changing to it for trying

  23. jony says:

    if you start homebrew/iso’s,how do you go back on ymenu??

  24. max iori says:

    can you port it to the recent exploited game mba and urbanix cuz here in saudi this two games are on psn store maybe you can give us a favor all of us here wanted to use cef or cfw for vita thanks

  25. kopko says:

    Hope Urbanix release soon

  26. GlueGun says:

    ๐Ÿ˜€ Uno Booted! Not Like TN!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  27. Praxis says:

    Hey Wololo,
    When you posted the article of this ARK eCFW, i thought it was going to be on another exploit after UNO. Because of that, i didn’t buy UNO. Now that i see this release is for UNO, you have no idea how much i regret that decision. Will this be ported to the next exploit? and please next time mention if its going to be the upcoming exploit (uno) or the one after…

    • n1nurt4 says:

      dude next time don’t assume anything and read carefully. None of that is anyone’s fault but yours

    • Jd8531 says:

      I wrote that article and in no way did I explicitly state that it would be its own exploit release. There are reasons for not telling exploits it will be, such as not being ready. The next exploit might not be a kernel exploit so you’ll need to just sit tight and wait.

  28. Jesus says:

    someone should make a tutorial on how to put plugins into this :( all i find on youtube are old vids

    • dragng8 says:

      “To load plugins, place a plugins.txt file in your savedata folder containing lines as:

      – Mode can be either umdemu (for isos), game (for homebrews), or pops (for psx)
      – Path is the absolute plugin’s path
      – And then 1 for enabled, or 0 for disabled

      Warning! Never put any additionnal spaces or anything between commas

      For instance :

  29. Nona says:

    The ark does not appear on my ps vita

  30. RicSnp says:

    how do i get mhp3rd patch to work with this?

  31. dude says:

    I missed the uno exploit on purpose waiting for ark because I thought it needed a different game lol, this is all bad -.-

  32. Luis E says:

    works perfect, but I still can not even boot the snes emulator, someone has been able to make it work, thank you very much, thanks wololo and exploit team

  33. Stranno says:

    I was keeping the Urbanix xploit coz it load faster and now this is only for UNO, ftm.


  34. Jesus says:

    i cant copy my GAME.TXT AND POPS.TXT files to my save data folder…. whats up with that

  35. vahab says:

    pls Help and put Learning Complete
    i cant understand what is Plugins.txt or why we must create a txt file
    pls put complete Learning step by step

  36. Devin says:

    Can’t exit the game, to go back to the menu. Even with L+R+Start+Down(dpad)

    Also, I can’t pull up the “settings” on the menu (Iso driver, Clock speed, etc.)


  37. Jesus says:

    I copyed them with filezilla… but cwcheat doesnt work >.> oh well whatever

  38. alex says:

    how they work and are configured ps1 games and put them in that folder?

  39. yeahman says:

    cool! thx! downloaded via linkbucks to support the developers :)

  40. cwcheat Plugin is not working with me any one know to make it work

  41. jon10110 says:

    PLUGINS.TXT should look like this…
    ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheatpops.prx,1 not
    mine works great for POPSloader

  42. pSnDeaofly says:

    Dark_Alex is a GOD with his M33 CFW. I have never seen anyone trump Sony like he did with his CFW. It was so much easier with all the M33 updates. Really miss that guy

  43. cosmas says:

    hello, i have a problem, when i try to use it i got an error c1-2858-3
    please help!

  44. cosmas says:

    yes via ftp

  45. fresno says:

    I belive this is some kind of Beta version. So I will be patient and wait before anything else.

    Thank you anyway.

  46. THES GOOD says:

    THES BEST CFW of all past all games that in past dont work naw work :) Dragon Lair works DBZ tag team and more PRO team u don whery good work

  47. THES GOOD says:

    Trast me If u on TN-C get ARK CFW is let u play games that u cant play on TN-C and is run soy fast no errors

  48. Wulf says:

    So is this better than TN-C eCFW?
    Just asking cus idk…

  49. Wulf says:

    So is this better than TN-C eCFW?
    Like does it provide more features/ better stability/ game support etc?

    • hgoel0974 says:

      better stability, more games supported, takes advantage of the extra processing power available to the PSP emulator, which makes even CSO games load Ultra-fast!

      It also gives me a feeling that the controls are more responsive than before (even more responsive than the PSP), it probably plays the games a bit faster than the PSP

  50. ahmed hassona says:

    i tried every thing cwcheat not working
    ms0:/PSP/SAVEDATA/NPUH10027DATA00/TempAR/tempar.prx 1

    • ahmed hassona says:

      all the non of Plugin works
      can any one post txt for cwcheat

      • Jesus says:

        ive tried everything too it just doesnt work on my vita

        i even have the files just like my friend has it working on his and it still doesnt work …. this is insane

    • Dutt says:

      you need to add what you want to plugin to work in..
      like this,

  51. CyKo says:

    Doesn’t work for me, gives me black screen and then error C1-2858-3.

    Any idea here?

    Got a vita with 2.02 and UNO EU Version, TN-C worked fine for me.

  52. ironchefion says:

    when i customized the main page, i added like 3 pics i wanted to use. it seems when it gets past like 2 pics, the screen goes black then starts at the main page again. when i also scroll to other areas, the 2nd or 3rd pic will show then the screen goes black then starts again at the main page. any ideas why? all of my pics are 480×272 and upper case for the extentions with the right BG_0.PNG, BG_1.JPG, and so on.

  53. meler-andy says:

    silly one how to return to the menu from psp game ? start doesnt work???

  54. cosmas says:

    HeLLO! please i need some help! I usedd ark and i had an error c1-2858-3 , i installed it without open cma.
    So,i deleted my UNO ,installed it again from PSN and put tn-c menu again with open cma , now i am back to TN Menu but when i put ARK it crashes,it shows me the loading thing but no menu appears! Please help!

  55. Wulf says:

    So is this better than TN-C eCFW?
    Like does it provide more features/ better stability/ game support etc? o.o?

    • #18 says:

      Yes. It auto detects needed drivers for ISOs, faster loading no matter what your playing in any format, actual POPS PSX emulation (Exactly like PSP one with similar compatibility without sound… yet), and has its own recovery menu, so if it crashes you dont need to plug into a computer to fix anything. Just get it, theres no risk.

    • #18 says:

      Also, remember to return its Start+Both shoulder buttons (L+R)+Down on D-pad.

  56. meler-andy says:

    cheers works very good ๐Ÿ˜€

  57. AntiHeadshot says:

    Function to exit HB/ISO/CSO like holding START in CEF would be nice

  58. Veskgar says:

    This is cool… I wonder if this will allow improved compatibility with emulators. I haven’t yet been able to get Snes9xTYLmecm to work on the Vita. Perhaps this will do the trick.

  59. Lion_Amongst_Men says:

    NOTE: In order to run Pre-installed ISO games you will need to start ARK in the recovery menu by holding R than pressing X while Still Holding R

    you will continue to locate the ISO from the save data which you installed it into

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      Press start to launch the game :) this isnt the most convient way to load your pre-installed ISO games but it is effective you will have to close Ark to return to the recovery menu to get back to the game ISO

      Hope this helps!

      • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

        Also apparently you will eventually have the game in your ISO folder ha ha i’m writing this as I mess with its functions so this was my second load through the recovery menu and one-millionth time back in the ISO folder from the menu

      • hgoel0974 says:

        I don’t have to do that, I just do the same thing in yMenu, you do know that you can navigate to different folders in ymenu right?

        • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

          I posted this for people having the issue of the iso not showing up in the ISO folder in Y MENU you have nothing to be worried about ^^

  60. ZeroKrest says:

    Hi – noob question here, how to add ISO game?

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      You are going to want to put the ISO game into the save folder make sure it is uncompressed aka: not a zip or rar folder

      and you want to make sure the game name is 1-8 letters everything in its title should be CAPS :)

  61. Kyu says:

    ‘Tis a joyous Sunday for me.Finally,the next step in eCfw.

  62. SweepNeedles says:

    PSX compatiblity means no need of extra files for playing PSX files, and also mayor game compatibility?

  63. Foleyfactor says:

    Well I couldn’t run Motorstorm Artic Edge PSP with the Total_Noobs CEF(Maybe I was doing something wrong) but I left it in my ISO Folder and it runs perfectly with this ARK CEF so thats better compatibility in my book so far! :)

  64. eli_awesome says:

    what about psp isos/csos like shinobido and/or undisputed , etc. ?

  65. Jesus says:

    a friend even gave me his seplugins folder just how he has it working on his vita his plugins.txt file just how he has it … all i had to do was copy it to my vita AND IT STILL DOESNT WORK my god i dont understand this plugins thing seriously …. crazyness

    • Kyu says:

      Try using the ARK pymenu.

    • Someone Else says:

      Did you copy your seplugins folder to the same *place* listed in his plugins.txt file?

      It’s really not hard to do this correctly. If all else fails, look at the examples in the readme.txt and make your own.

      If you’re using a plugin on a PSP game, and that plugin is in the folder /PSP/SAVEDATA/NPEH00020DATA00/ on your vita, and the plugin’s file name is cwcheat.prx:


      The same thing for a PS1 game, with cwcheatpops.prx, would be:


      The no-spaces is important.

  66. ivo says:


    so euhm i’m looking at a psplink2.0 file named 9402_psplink_V2.0.tar.bz2

    and the question i have is how to configure it for TN-C and nethost
    and how to setup the pc tools for it

    allso 1.0 1.5 or 1.5nocorrupt

    as i’m clueless with nethost but could be wise
    to load ur brew from the pc in u’r remote exploit o_0 ?.?

    thkx anyway :)
    must try some ark now … ship it to the moon xD

  67. kelso says:

    Man this cfw sucks, tried it out and id rather stay on tn, plugins dont work, installing games dont work, iso/cso installation dont work, psx dont work, the reason why it works is because those who already installed games using tn cfw are still there and playable, but using this cfw to install games is useless -.-, It’s a start Pro team, it still needs a lot of work and next time give some guidance in order to install games, plugins, iso/cso and psx, please

  68. wartaf says:

    will they gonna port it to Gravity Crash Exploits?

  69. Someone Else says:

    Excellent news!

    It’s good to see that the idiot troll guy did not defeat cb in the end, and his team went on to make this excellent ecfw.

    I think as people learn the advantages of this, they’ll stop complaining.

  70. bane says:

    too many bugs on what a let frens & I will stick to TN..

  71. ivo says:

    hi, erm i would welcome complaints
    as it gives us something to work on
    or make better … im looking forward
    for cef ecfw ark tn opportunitees
    and progression in space time continium

    as im still waiting and thinking witch
    psplink compilation should work
    on either tn cef ark or ecfw

    i bet nethost … but havent really tried yet :)

  72. Gamer5501 says:

    seems like there’s a lot of issues and there’s no reason for me to switch to ARK so I’ll hold off for now

    • wololo says:

      I don’t think there are more issues than on CEF. When I tested ARK, it had overall better compatibility. People just need to get used to the different shortcuts, ways to install homebrews, etc…

  73. cory says:

    So say if I were to customize or see the settings for the menu, what buttons do I hit?

  74. alvin says:

    psvita hacking is dead dint made full cfw so sony cheer up for that lol.

  75. deejay says:

    having issues with this…

  76. sptrk75 says:

    Metal Slug Anthology/Complete always crashed on TN-C when selecting Metal Slug 6. Works great now on ARK.

  77. Homie says:

    I hope this gets ported to older exploits like monster hunter!
    Thanks pro team!

  78. patty says:

    Sorry to say so , but what in the heck does this offer xtra over TN ? no sound for PSX mabey an occoassinal game xtra that wil work now, no cpu speedup etcetra, ymenu looks better but its not really functional eihter , stick to TN !

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Lots of extra’s:

      It DOES use the extra CPU power
      It loads CSO VERY fast=ISO’s don’t have the advantage of being faster anymore
      Better game compatability
      We would have had PSX sound support if somebody (Sam Jordam) hadn’t leaked coldbird’s work and forced him to quit.
      yMenu is quite functional, you just need to understand how to use it

  79. patty says:

    Not so didffiult i would say to understand the ymenu , but TN is far better

  80. patty says:

    and speedingup a cpu must be a choice , not al builtin function

  81. thatoneguy229 says:

    Can anyone tell me how to install ftp to vita with this? I’m completely lost :/

    • thatoneguy229 says:

      Okay I figured it out, while on TN download ftp and install it then you can download things through FileZilla or another ftp application.

  82. Leires says:

    Does..does this mean i can finally listen to flac on mah psp? D: D:

    • Leires says:

      derp, vita..was reading and typing ._.

    • Jd8531 says:

      To be honest you are better off listening to mp3 320kbs on a mobile device because it saves space and is the same quality as flac on a mobile device.

      • Leires says:

        I got big bulky headphones i walk around with, though. D:

        • fatman01923 says:

          Seems you have audiophile tendencies like I do, though like Jd8531 said its just best to downsample. I have semi decent headphones with a nice 40mm driver on them, so I prefer flac on go but usually I do it with my phone when I am not streaming Mp3s from my music server at home. If you have the HDD space, you should make an exact 1:1 copy of your music, one in FLAC, and one in a very high bitrate MP3. Myself I love the sound of V0 encoded Mp3s. ๐Ÿ˜€

          Sorry for the off topic rant. Going to try out Ark now and report some PSX compatibility in your thread Jd8531! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Jd8531 says:

            Thanks! But yea EQ and a decent pair of headphones make a world of difference when listing. But I cant tell the difference between FLAC and MP3/AAC on an iphone or Vita except for a small amount on some albums.

          • Jd8531 says:

            *Listening -_-

  83. 84888 says:

    Doesnโ€™t work for me, gives me black screen and then error C1-2858-3
    plz help

  84. regine03 says:

    Thank you for the release, yet the YS Seven still doesnt work and the CW cheat, the menu shows up but the cheats are blank..


  85. red says:

    can someone help me to get plugins to work? i dont understand how to get the pathing to work.
    i got cwcheat in the seplugins folder in my ms0/psp and then wat? can someone post a file of how they got theirs working?

  86. kevin says:

    i have no idea how to run an iso in my vita, i have try CAP the title of iso as TN do, but the game is not in the menu when i run ark, and i try hold r+x, but nothing happen, pls help

    • hgoel0974 says:

      use up and down to browse to your savedata folder and find the iso.

      (I can’t believe that yMenu is supposed to be popular yet many people don’t seem to know about it)

      • kevin says:

        i tried, but still cant find the games, any other suggestion?

        • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

          The game name must be 1-8 letters all capital (CAPS1234.ISO) if it doesnt display in the YMENU try the recovery menu and launch it through that.

          recovery menu (press x and hold R before ARK starts)

  87. try_brzy says:

    I think there should be a way to get back to the main menu of the loader like total n00b’s menu, where you can choose how long you hold the start button to reload the main menu. <–If that makes any sense ๐Ÿ˜› it just gets annoying having to reload UNO any time.

  88. StanSmith says:

    People SHOULD read before posting. The L+R+START+DOWN was said multiple times on the first page and several more on the 2nd.

    PLUGINS DO WORK. Again go read the first page. I’ve posted how they work and also have a look at the original post then look at YOUR mistakes and try again. I’ve seen some obvious mistakes multiple times.

    There are still a few questions not answered.

    HOW do you customize the menu? It says its customizable but there isn’t a way that anyone has posted yet.
    I’m after a way to show CSO/ISOs without hunting every time.
    Is there a way to change the default folder? It should be ISO not the savegame folder OR have the ISOs show up like the other PSP/PSX games.

    If ISOs showed up in the list at the start this would be as good as CEF TN-C but as they dont show up its just annoying and that makes it not as good.

  89. eli_awesome says:

    they dont work on tn. datz for sure.

  90. eli_awesome says:

    shinobido and undisputed are working fine on arc ecfw?

  91. Gonz says:

    Psn store still has UNO up. Is this a copy we can buy and use for the ark exploit or is it patched?

    • wololo says:

      It is not patched (Sony don’t patch games, they patch firmwares), but this is surprising that it’s still up… what country are you in?

      • StanSmith says:

        Its not in the AUS/EU store.

      • StanSmith says:

        Its stupid as they have the ability to patch games and they do patch games so why don’t they just add the two together and release a patched game instead of releasing a whole firmware for 1 game?

        • wololo says:

          They don’t have the ability to patch games, since they don’t own the source code. I’m pretty sure it’s a contractual limitation. As far as I know, they have *never* patched a game over an exploit. I used to believe it had been the case for GTA, but they only actually patched the UMD to require the latest firmware at the time.

          • StanSmith says:

            They do. Go have a look at Little Big Planet for PSP. Its got about 5 updates for that 1 title.
            They can easily enough put those updates into the game itself so they can patch it but they are stupid and patch the full firmware instead. Not the smart way to do things. What if the firmware bricks consoles?

            Its the same for PS3 games. Just about every game has at least 1 update and there is no reason why PSN games cant have the update already incorporated into it. Saves a lot of time and download.
            I got a game the other day. It was 1.2GB and it has 3 1.5GB updates. BUT when its all finished its only 1.5 GB total. They should put all the patches together with the full game and release the 1 download.

            This goes for EVERY PSN title. They already have the game on their servers and they have the patches so just patch the game and there you go, saves downloads and saves releasing buggy useless firmware updates.

          • StanSmith says:

            Just coz they haven’t patched a game because of an exploit doesn’t mean they shouldnt start.
            They can patch games so they should. Get the devs who made the game patch it.

          • wololo says:

            You say they can patch game, you have no proof of that. The patches you are talking about would be easily bypassed, by simply installing the game then turning the network off. I’m pretty sure they can’t force a third party dev to patch their games, by contract, or that has to be a limited request in time, which does not apply correctly for security patches.

            They can probably have financial clauses if it is found an exploit was intentionally put there by the devs, or contractually say they will remove the game from the store, but I am pretty sure they have no way to force the devs to go back to their source code, years later, if another, easier way, is possible.
            How about games for which the creators are not even there anymore, such as Motorstorm Arctic Edge? Do you think when a company goes bankrupt, they upload their source code to a place that would be convenient for commercial partners such as Sony to look at and fix?

            It is way much more cost effective to patch the firmwares, from Sony’s point of view.

  92. WHATtheHECK says:

    Hey guys i’m at a total loss on how to use this ARK exploit despite reading the directions and the posts in this thread. I have the exploit up and running, but cannot get FTP software to be recognized, or the ISOs i’m using.

    Isn’t it just a matter of putting the files (with edited titles) in the savedata file, and then using CMA to copy them over? But I keep doing that, and nothing new shows up within the ARK exploit. PLEASE HELP! Totally lost.

  93. RicSnp says:

    umdemu,ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheat.prx,1 : this works for me with cwcheat. just add the above string to PLUGINS.TXT then place it in ARK SAVEDATA and make sure the path as in the string is correct

  94. Rafael says:

    How can I install PSPFiler on ARK? Just dropped PSPFILER.ZIP inside /ISO folder but when I press X it’s not ask to extract it like CEF does.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Rafael says:

      Forgot to tell: I move the file with FTP for Vita who was already installed before change from CEF to ARK.

      Motorstorm Artic Edge was unable to run with CEF and now run smooth with ARK. Tried 4 ISOs and 1 CSO without succes, now It’s ok at first try.

  95. somepunk says:

    Made a mistake, a massive one, when trying to update. Didn’t realize minis get pulled from the cma transfer list. I feel like a complete ***, and now I have a worthless vita with games I can’t touch on it. Pretty angry…

  96. crinacle says:

    Will there be an Asia exploit available soon? Or is it just wishful thinking on my part? Q.Q

  97. guyman says:

    This version has a terrible iso extractor.

    It’s like extracting stuff with CMD line. urghhh, move your isos with CEF and replace files and launch with ARK.

    • wololo says:

      Or install the ISOs at the right place directly using http://FTP...

      • McLoven says:

        I’m with wololo with this one, but FTP takes so long though.

        I agree the ISO accessing is more convenient on TN’s CEF, coz it made things more simpler for the Total Noobs out there and I feel ARK caters more for PRO’S(if I may)…with a readme with NOT MUCH tips/guidance… feel what i’m sayin’

        I switch from TNs CEF to ARK for the Speed and more games compatibility.

        I love’em both so I’m not choosing sides :)

  98. Vitality says:

    Wow…I just realized that in the main menu, pressing up will go back to the previous menu and I can now select the games from ISO folder. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Anyway, it can play the games really good. I used CEF TN before and it won’t work anymore since I accidentally transferred unpatched ISO games in the folder.

  99. gta9246 says:

    Hey can someone tell me how do i activate ISO/CSO games on this ARK program?
    P.S. I still have ISO games(Patapon 1 and 2) from Total_Noob’s CEF program, but i dunno how to use them in ARK, so can someone send me also that?

    reply here or send me a message to:

  100. Someone Else says:

    Just navigate to your ISO folder, or use Coldbird’s FTP program to move the ISOs into PSP/Games.

    • gta9246 says:

      dude that doesn’t help me too much… is it the same way as in Total_Noob’s CEF program? if not then tell me how

      • Nauman says:

        if u have copied the games by previous method, you can still access them, just press the up button two times and when reached the top, go left until you find the folder named psp, open it and the iso games will be there

  101. marko4449 says:

    ffs i must be the unluckiest person in the world uno exploit was online for so long and my us psn card didnt come in time ;___; now im here hoping for a new exploit does god hate me or something?

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      To be blunt whining gets you nowhere every kexploit game has a surface time people who were able to get the game before Sony took it off the market got it by chance

      Sony tends to take off the game if not within the hour the game name is announced just give it some time and their will be a new one around the corner

      Go to the main page and their should be a “New exploit” if its real than it should be released soon if not before the next Sony patch or shortly after

    • Albie85 says:

      If any 1 can tell me how to share game download on my ps3 then they can have UNO I know people used to be able to do it but I don’t no if they stopped it??

      • Rickboss says:

        Dude if youre willing to share youre info id love tio download uno, i was off by a couple of days. add me on psn first and reply…. PSN ID RickBoss-1

    • >_> says:

      Sucks to be you.

    • Anderson says:


  102. Lion_Amongst_Men says:

    Please read the comments i talked about this several times you will find the information you need in the comments you just need to take time to find it

  103. lidoror says:

    how can i install cwcheat on the exploit?

  104. Mr Jack says:

    Oh god yes.. Im so excited!
    Does this allow Online play through wifi with the Adhoc games such as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite?

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      YES! :) i was playing Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep and Phantasy Star Portable online and it worked flawlessly with no lagg whatsoever! ^^

      I cant speak for other games atm but im assuming most if not all will work fine and if their are issues im sure they will be addressed.

      hope this helps!

  105. Lion_Amongst_Men says:

    -PSP FILER ver.6.6 = Crashes when you press start

    -gpSP kai 3.2 = text menu is unread-able upon booting up

    -Recovery Menu needed to boot ISO games from save data (Games backed up in the system apear in ISO folder but not new ISO games)

    -Ark save data (NPUH10027DATA00) not showing in the YMENU
    ms0:/PSP/SAVEDATA/ The save folder can be seen and ISO games can be launched through recovery menu (NPUH10027DATA00)

    That seems to be the only issues I could find

    • jony says:

      after installing ISO, can’t find it on the ARK menu, i tried to search it even on every folder there but it doesn’t showing up. But you can run ISO through recovery menu..

  106. Jekeje says:

    but what ps1 games are supported with this custom firmware?

  107. TROLLZ says:

    So.. how do u put ISO into my vita again…? =.=

  108. peter says:

    i put a psx EBOOT.PBP game and it the screen go black can any one tell me where to get the Plugin for psx games

  109. cosmas says:

    Please sb help me! I have open cma,i transfered ark in my vita but when i run the exploit i got this error C1-2858-3.
    I had tn menu and everything was ok but now i only have access to the recovery! Please help!

    • Ruggiero says:

      Keep calm :), just go to Settings>Data management>PSP> and delete any corrupted data, i hope that you can solve your problem with this, sorry for my english ๐Ÿ˜€

  110. lidoror says:

    how do i quit the game?

  111. kaiserlufet says:

    Finally Patapon 3 and tekken 6 working on ARK

  112. slightgrey says:

    How do I quit the game and back to PSP menu?

  113. mangosteam says:

    make 1.81 file aswell for gravity if you can

  114. DoombringerLucifer says:

    I still don’t understand where i have to put PSX games and if I have still to make them into a ZIP.

  115. Dario says:

    change cpu clocK in ARK cfw psp in vita 2.02?

  116. cscash241 says:

    Any chance of a back-port to the tn games like SC3?

  117. Pluralitas says:

    Is there a way to copy the iso from the savedata to the game folder just using the Ark’s recovery menu. It would be nice if its all in one package

  118. krystabegnalie says:

    so far so good, legend of legaia works in the ark fw, though no sounds i can live it without it for the moment hehehe

  119. traveller says:

    I was getting “Reached loader” and then Error C1-2858-3 popup after a minute or so after switching to ARK. I switched back to TN-C and deleted all the ISOs in /ISO with VITA FTP, and now ARK is able to load.

    Any idea what the trigger is for this error? Could be really annoying to upload a random ISO that causes the eCFW to fail loading later.

    • traveller says:

      I noticed the ARK recovery menu can remove files or run the VITA FTP directly. If anybody has this problem, try using th recovery menu to delete one ISO at a time to find which one causes the problem.

  120. Gandalf says:

    I have no problem in using the old save UNO then continue with it … xD

  121. traveller says:

    Does anybody know how to view/change settings for ARK?

  122. javier says:

    hi i want to know how to install ftp vita on this new exploit?

  123. Weno says:

    so is it possible to download psx games from the psx store like you can on a modded ps3 just like the “eboots” where if we have the direct link you can download the stuff… so what i am trying to say is.. say i wanted spyro from ps1 and its on the psx store for ps3 but not for vita can i download it somehow and install in on the vita since its hacked?? like you can on a modded ps3?

  124. zutton says:

    anyone tried the “Prometheus online” ? so we can play online with psp game.

  125. Austin says:

    Hey so I have a question, I was previously running CEF and had installed a PSP ISO and two emulators. I just upgraded to ARK and im confused on how I would delete my old iso that I had extracted.

  126. shawn says:

    so with this new cfw can i play psvita iso or just psp iso?

  127. Matthew says:

    Where can i transfer iso psp game?
    it doesn t work with iso folder

  128. Ruggiero says:

    How to open configuration menu on Ark? does it exist a configuration menu? sorry for my eng

  129. Ruggiero says:

    With ARK, the screen blink when I run PSP Filer :(

  130. Jeff says:

    Anyone get a SNES emulator working? If so, which version? My version of snes9xTYL loads but freezes when starting a game.

  131. cucu says:

    if u hold the right trigger while loading save file for uno it goes to recovery mode?

  132. ahmed hassona says:

    can any one post plugins.txt with cwcheat and where should i put file

  133. clarens says:

    i need help i had cwcheat working but after installing ark it doesnt work anymore holding down select dont bring up the menu i made sure i moved my game and pop txt to the ark save data before overwriting the saves pls help

  134. synaze says:

    Awesome work, thanks to the Pro team for releasing this to everyone. I was using TN CEF and had no complaints, but Quake Arena homebrew wouldn’t run on it. ARK runs it just fine so ARK definitely has better compatibility. ISO’s and homebrews seem to load faster also. Kudos…keep up the great work!

  135. Hardin says:

    So can we apply patches to ISOs with this? I’m thinking of the slowdown fix to Final Fantasy Tactics WOTL

  136. tonyneyer says:

    HELP!!!! the Ark exploit worked for a few days or something and now i keep getting this “C1-2858-3″ error i dont know what to do!!!1

  137. guy9988 says:

    can any1 help me ive tried getting an iso on my vita but cant seem to find it i put it in a savedata file and it doesnt show i tried ftp but after getting 25% it fails… any ideas?

  138. Matthew says:

    Help please!
    I have ISO s psp game it shows normal but i cant launch
    them. There is only iso files without images of psp games
    like on ecfw tnc menu.
    thanks anyone.

  139. psvitafan says:

    Here are some PSP and PSV Backgrounds with different colors for ARK_2.0x_eCFW !

  140. Zyphs says:

    Well i got cwcheats running but i have a huge problem the value of the game i’m running seems to be confused
    E.x running tekken 6 the cwcheats thinks it’s patapon 2?

  141. ThatGuyWithSixMagikarp says:

    Is there a way to play PSPmini ISOs with the ark-release?

  142. Gravespace says:

    ARK is da BOMB!!! mad tnx, peace, hope sound workz soon.

  143. Zeuso says:

    Useless now that UNO is gone from the Stores, guess have to wait forever for the next exploit.

  144. guy9988 says:

    can someone give me a tut on using cwcheats like with the text files and stuff cuz i had it on my psp go but i sold it awhile back and dont remember how to do it.

  145. Stargate says:

    Can I take my vita to a game store and do you think they can use my vita and do this for me as I haven’t got a clue how to do this, and I have tried my but off, yes I have the UNO game.

  146. Lawliet156 says:

    Does this mean we can run Vita ISOs?

  147. darnops says:

    May i ask how do you guys transfer PSP DLC to the vita??? D: reply is deeply appreciated

  148. arch says:

    a couple of questions i need to ask

    1. i missed the uno exploit, is there any other way to mod my ps vita to play backup games?

    2. if i mod my vita, can i still use psn/dlc or even connect to internet?

    3. can you also play ps vita game back ups with the current mods?

    thanks in advance:)!!

  149. ivo says:

    i get a c error after psplink i trying to run
    and where can i find nethost src for linux ?

  150. ivo says:

    what i’m willing to ask/bet
    is that a nethost variant is needed
    one that works for vita :)

  151. XDarkMario says:

    were are these co called customize option?

  152. reggie says:

    i downloaded uno today im running 2.01 i put the exploit in savedata folder i transfed to my vita i start up uno press x nothing happen i go to the create a profile screen ***

  153. hazer2011 says:

    hello wololo i have a question: does this work on latin america? (i am from argentina and i dont knnow if there is an explot for that zone/region)

  154. hgoel0974 says:

    ymenu isn’t new, ark is, anyone who has used ymenu before shouldn’t have problems with this

  155. Jesus says:

    well i had the other menu so it was new for me lol

  1. January 14, 2013

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