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Microsoft IllumiRoom: turn your room into a virtual game world

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  1. TelcoLou

    This would give me vertigo; I already get bad motion sickness from 1st-person games.

  2. wololo

    That’s it, my next generation console will be a Microsoft

  3. ponytheone

    Omg if it looks this good irl its amazing!

  4. Dovahkiin

    There goes my electricity bill… 🙂

  5. megaman781

    i can easily see it would cause eye strain, just get a good quality projector, and projected on the freaking sofa if you want

  6. mangosteam

    WOw looks cool

  7. quetz

    this is sick. pre-order??? 😛 i WANT it

  8. EJ

    Very nice.

  9. wartaf

    great!! is it on the market?

  10. AntiHeadshot

    Who the heck is sitting 3m (9feet) away from his tv playing games, to notice this efects?

    • Mr. Magoo

      Depends on the size of your TV. I personally sit about that distance in my game room for my 47″ tv. The plan is for a 90″ in the future. Lets just say that is in the much future. Lol.

      • Stiffeno

        Just buy a projector like I did 2 days ago, mine can go up to 300 inches which is 762cm or 25 feet LOL, bigger than any screen a typical gamer could ever afford, currently got mine set at 79″ or 200cm coz I dont have a very big room.

        Mine only cost me $599 Australian dollars, so in the US (if you are from the US that is) it would be cheap as chips!

        • ue

          Yeah but the contrast values, sharpness and image quality are all lower than a good quality screen. Not to mention projecting pixels that large over a wall is just ugh.

      • Stiffeno

        When consumer 90″ tvs do come on the market they will cost a furtune! tens of thousands!

        • Robert

          When? sony just put out its first 87″ 4000k display tv. at a starting price of 25,000.00. there is no when but a now at least you got the tens of thousands of dollars thing right

  11. Tonakai

    I’d love to have this on a computer. Since it’s Microsoft it’s likely that will be a reality, or the console accessory could eventually be usable on a PC.

  12. reaper527

    i really hope this is included with the next xbox. that is the only way to ensure that it will get real attention from developers as opposed to being an ignored (but awesome) add-on.

    regardless, this is cool looking tech. can’t wait to see it hit market

  13. Czarcasm

    Hopefully the UNO exploit works on this

  14. gjanko2

    Since when did Microsoft produce Mario Kart?

  15. Dimitris

    if that’s the next xbox i am selling my ps3 right now

  16. Rob

    This would put me off the game because I’d be not concentrating on the screen

  17. Lorz

    No offense, but i’ve seen all kinds of crazy stuff done with projectors, such as people projecting animated singing faces onto pumpkins for halloween….

    This looks pretty gimmicky…. what’s stopping you from hooking your xbox 360 up to a projector right now and getting the same effect with a little imaginative projector work? yeah yeah, i get the software decides what’s going to the projector and what not, but it really looked like they were just super imposing the game screen in alot of the demos.

    • Chezni

      This is gonna get old really quickly. It’s too distracting, I’d rather hack apart a prostitute in a Korean brothel at a glorious 4k resolution.

  18. Acid_Snake

    knowing how microsoft is, marketing will make it look awesome but the final product will be flawed, I can already see flaws in it, like needing a dark room. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, I’m just saying it will most likely be badly executed, or in need of more advancement.

  19. hgoel0974

    Perfect, now all we need is some better motion controls, better AI and heat,pain and smell simulation and we will finally have the perfect gaming console 😉

  20. William A.U.

    Wow.. speechless. Now that’s what I’ve been envisioning as 3-D gaming.. Looks like it’s finally happening. In real life gaming but more realistic than ever before. Microsoft’s got me hooked on this one..

  21. razor

    What the heck?… Microsoft doesn’t make Mario Kart. In the words of the late Whitney Houston. That is WHACK!!!

  22. nCadeRegal

    I see this as another microsoft coughkinectcough, EPIC FAIL. THey will tell you how great it is and how much it can do and then noone will support it. just my opinion.

  23. shinra358

    First thing I thought of when I saw the snow part was Paranormal Activity 4 xD

  24. KUROKO

    Makes you wonder if this is a real video from Microsoft or not looks like false advertising to me or either they forgot to not play there homebrew on there Microsoft during there short video. Hello Tech Support how can I help you…. yes I am playing my new system and I cannot get my kinect to recognize my N64 homebrew…..That would be illegal sir….what do you mean your company made the video showing mario and koopa racing…..who sir? mario from nintendo….oh yes sir this is microsoft kinect……errrrrrrr nevermind…………click!!!!

  25. Stiffeno

    I would def be interested in a system like this! Would be awesome! But you would need a biggish room and the ability to keep the room dark! No prob in our lounge room though as we have those security metal shutters on all the windows and blinds AND drapes LOL, no light can get into that room once its locked down!

  26. Its Not Mario

    To all those saying they see Mario Kart, you’re unfortunately wrong.

    While I don’t know what the game is, that is some kind of dinosaur in the car. Pause at like 1:48 and full screen. You can see that it is not Mario, and that there is an icon of a dinosaurs mouth on the left side, not to mention the speedometer is not a Mario-kart style speedometer.

  27. KUROKO

    A your right its not mario kart I watched this video right after I woke up it really looked like mario though lol sorry I made everyone think it was mario cart lol made yall look!

  28. Asdfjuma

    This makes me excited to be where I am now, just about to begin university. By the time I’m out I should be right in the thick of all of these new virtual reality techs as they are getting ready to make an impact. 🙂

  29. Lion_Amongst_Men

    This is my next Gen console for sure! this post and video as an entire just blew my mind!!! If this works on the current Xbox than im set ^^ I already have a projector/Kinect and a Xbox360 :3 Whooo! and just when i thought gaming tech could not advance any further!!!! e.e

    Plus if you have a projector its great for watching movies!!! so if your thinking its just a waste of money to get a projector for a game its not because you can vitually turn any wall into a tv with the projector itself so microsoft just earned some points for making this happen 🙂

  30. jurasicgamer

    I KNEW IT !! …..

  31. someoncool

    Microsoft, PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY,this is too cool and I must have this.

  32. razor

    Great work Microsoft! Seems like it’s time to abandon Sony.

  33. TheZekku

    the only thing i can see good with this is MAYBE homebrew but thats it im just getting sick of this vr/ar/kinect/motion trend cmon guys keep games on a screen and controler

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