Me and my android gadgets, 3 months later…


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  1. Romu says:

    Yeah! The MK-802! We have one of them at work, as 1 raspberry pie. The MK-802 rulez! But if you put an usb keyboard on it you’ll have the qwerty layout xD

  2. Tonakai says:

    That was rather interesting. I considered getting the MK-802 after your last article, but decided to stay with the PS3 for Media purposes. However; I’m interested in this new rev of the item. You say that it handles all the issues you had with the original model, so does that mean that it has better CPU now?

    Also, with regards to the Droid X360; it’s hardly surprising that it was disappointing as many of these clone-esque things are.

    • wololo says:

      Yes, it has a much better CPU. Basically the Dual core seems to make a world of difference. The MK802 had a single core

      • Tonakai says:

        Thank you for the information.

      • StepS says:

        the only problem for me currently is the lack of RCA support 🙁 I guess a new TV will be needed, as buying an even more expensive converter would be unreasonable. My laptop is also an HDMI-less version (saved a few bucks back then…)
        I found a comparison of this with raspberry pi, and actually I ran into a trouble: MK802 seems better in hardware, etc, but:
        MK802: yes WiFi and no RCA
        Raspberry Pi: no Wifi and yes RCA

        uff uff!

  3. ken says:

    I connect all sorts of electronics to my TV; PS2, Vita, cell phone, camera, laptop, desktop, DVR, DVD player, VHS player…
    The MK-802 seem to have many issues, but the MK-802 III definitely deserve a second look.

  4. ricerrr says:

    I got the ug802 i think it works really well but only untill you update it to the fix version

  5. jkoiou says:

    seems interesting. I am guessing my tv would need a usb input for this to work? and if I already have my ps3 set up with ps3 MS, is this device necessary?

  6. UrbanAnonymous says:

    so how does it hook up tp your tv?

  7. YcO96Ps says:

    Well my tv has a usb port and its media player is pretty decent so i use that 🙂

  8. ??? says:

    you should really checkout Gamestick on kickstarter and why do you need to open a new site ?

  9. pploco1996 says:

    Wife? wow, how old are you Wololo? No offense…

  10. Dovlek says:

    I have a logitech revue and interest in buying one of those.

  11. angel says:

    i ordered the imito mx2 android mini stick and can’t wait to try it out.

  12. tryonmydream says:

    ok lets me see

  13. Kim says:

    I have an UG802 with overclocked kernel, making it run on the full 1,6 ghz. It really transformed it, making it crazy fast.

  14. svenn says:

    raspberry pi, me like more 🙂

  15. japsander says:

    i just use my roku as main media client for my plex server.
    if plex for android ever gets as pretty as the desktop client ill buy one of these android sticks in a heartbeat. until then, roku will suffice

  16. MUD says:

    I’ve had the MK802 III for about 2 weeks and its been good and bad, The N64 emulator runs as good or better than my Xbox1 n64 emulator so for that I’m happy how ever it locks up on most emulators when I try to use my controller. I cant get it to connect to the WiFi internet no matter what I do! I tried to use a USB to Internet “that claims it for Android” but I cant install the driver for because its on a disc with a .exe file.. AND I cant play Wagic because the WTH_0186_Android.apk file needs to download files from the net to play… All in all I’m going to love this device when I get the Internet working, but as for now its sucks. :/

    • wololo says:

      Note: for Wagic you can download the file separately, and put it in [sdcard path/Wagic/Res.
      The file is here:
      It should fix that issue at least.
      Next problem will be the controls. I’ve found that setting key bindings on Android in Wagic is a nightmare… and I’m too lazy to fix the interface to do that 🙁

      • MUD says:

        Mega thanks Wololo,
        I’ll try those files, I was using files from my PSP version and it was running funny, hope theses files are better. No worries on the controls I got the little 20 dollar android keyboard/air mouse for Wagic, its emulators that are locking up on me anyway. “Side note” I was looking at that smart TV sight “like it” and saw that update files are in .zip form, The disc for the USB to internet adapter has a folder called android and a 9700_android.tar.gz file do you know anything about them and how to install them?


  17. hgoel0974 says:

    I connect my desktop(2002-for general use) or my laptop (2011-for gaming) and I would recommend it 🙂

  18. simpl3lang says:

    just purchased on amazon to try out. then i read about the mk808. which one is better? still have time to cancel the mk802 iii before amazon shipS it out.

  19. Mars says:

    I already have a ‘smart’ tv but am in need of something to stream video from both my desktop and the internet, would you recommend the mk802 III for me or should I look elsewhere?

  20. tonyuk73 says:

    read your other article a bit back [nice]. so want one of these the mk3 my first choice. but i wonder what size tv you could go upto?? im on a 42″ [but will be upgrading soon to a 55″]

  21. badlyby says:

    You are interested in this, I’ve always wanted to use this or Android phone to control home appliances.
    But I lack the time, and I’m not good GUI

  22. Mud says:

    Some one please HELP!!!!
    I’ve been spending all kinds of money trying to get my MK803 III to connect to the Internet.
    My WiFi signal is to weak to reach the MK802 so I bought a USB LAN adapter “for Android” but I need to install a driver for it there’s no where on the net on how to do this does anyone have any idea on how to install drivers to the MK802 III?


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