Sony files patent to block used games


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  1. Anders says:

    Sounds good to me I always buy my games used especially since they introduced online pass I mean used game = $55 used $60 new Used 55 + 10 online pass say what you just paid for a new game :O impossible you saved nothing but a dollar or pennies on tax

  2. Jereme says:

    if they allow this patent to go through it’ll effect gamers even more, you would not be able to bring you game over to your buddies house to play. you would need to bring your system over just to play with your friends

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  4. #18 says:

    It was bad since they killed of the DC. Honestly, not much has changed.

  5. gunblade says:

    think the sytem alright fo reasle not sure but guess the games are microsoft n sony wander wy no nintendo… wander the disk format hd blueray hoping 100gig more sote type…push the 4k…..

  6. E says:

    Some very good points here. Selling things you purchase is a basic right and exercise of your freedoms as a human being in a capitalist society. However, in regards to the replacing the device point, I assume since the tags will be attached to your account, your new device will read it as being used by you assuming your new device is also connected to your account.

  7. E says:

    Kind of like with the Vita. the only difference being with Vita games you can reset all of the information on the game cartridge rather than the device completely blocking it after use.

  8. HaHussle says:

    I agree Ten Thousand percent

  9. SupahLeecha says:


  10. Lorz says:

    Excuse me, Sony charges huge licensing fees to game devs to allow them to put games out on their stinking systems in the first place, most game devs aren’t seeing profits for that reason alone, it’s impossible for a small developer to get a game out on sony or microsofts platforms for these reasons…… you say game devs are calling for this, sorry, but that’s your thinking, i have not seen a single instance of that, game developers are being fleeced by sony and microsoft for license fees, SONY is angry because the used game industy is “interuppting” their collecting of licensing fees and so are taking it uopn themselves to do this, NO GAME DEVS asked for this, it’s Sony, If you cannot follow a simple pattern of events in which Sony has constantly pulled dirtbag moves like this, then there is no hope for you…. Sony keeps saying “it’s for the game developers”…. well I CALL ***, it’s to line Sonys own pockets!.

  11. lovinit says:

    man, hackers have not been able to install any hack on consoles beyond cech-3000 firmware 3.56+ …. they are going to block us and sony is NOT going to be ***… you now what? is UP TO US the ppl buy or not their ***. We have to stop buying.

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