Sony files patent to block used games


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156 Responses

  1. Zyphs says:

    Seems like this is the worst idea ever, i’m all against it.

    • DS_Marine says:

      Yeah, talk about digging your own grave…

      • Wrozen says:

        Lol. xD Sony has been digging that grave for a least 7 years. The fact that they arent 6 feet under by now is beyond me.

        • Jungle says:

          I am also against Sony doing this, I feel that used games are needed in the gaming world but on the matter of consoles. I am surprised that MS is even around because there game systems have had so many problems and just as resent sony and MS sold the same exact number of systems, even know MS had a 1 yr head start. I have owned trash box 360 and sold it for a crack head price to get rid of it

  2. Onni says:

    They will make billion loses no one will buy it…

  3. Naoki says:

    It’s great no matter what. They are the first to complain about piracy, recently put unhappy poor sales of the PS Vita, and now want to implement such a system?

    What I see as a result is a redirect consumers to other consoles (Xbox and Wii / Wii U in this case, even the handheld), otherwise a great progress in the hacks and significantly increased piracy commercial games.

    But after all, if Sony adopts this strategy even more pathetic, they bite into your fingers!

  4. crinacle says:

    The way I see it, it’s just a reboot of what has already happened. Remember PC gaming? Each disk comes with a server-checked serial number which allows only a single computer to be installed with the game. Ever seen a used PC game on sale? No, because that market died ages ago.

    Same with what’s happening here with Playstation, except now the system is embedded within the disk itself rather than manual checked via serial. The old system was good in the fact that a disk was always required to run the game, and this deterred piracy to a certain extent. Now that each disk is assigned to an individual system, the fun of the old “hey, let me bring over to your place and have some fun” is destroyed. Completely.

    This move, if implemented, will definitely spur on a heated battle towards custom firmware which, at initial stages, would allow game disks to be used on any system without Sony’s limitation. Which in turn ruffles Sony’s jimmies and continuously patches the mods of their obviously broken system. Circlejerk begins, and Sony ends up losing millions rather than profitting from their little scheme.

    *grabs popcorn*

    • firelinker says:

      If used games were allowed on PC, i could just borrow someone’s disk and install it(or search torrent). console media feels more like, it’s yours if standing on your shelf. and the titles are already cheaper to begin with.

      • Yes says:

        Used PC games were possible before. I remember borrowing several of PC games from friends back in the days, it was no problem. Floppies could be installed, but sometimes you needed to write in a code each time the game started, so you needed the manual every time (of course this could be copied, but still). With CD-ROM games, then it was usually a CD check, meaning that you needed to have the CD inserted to be able to start the game.

        Crinacle is right that this isnt anything different than what happened on PC. People have also accepted digital downloads a lot more now, and that content cant be resold either.

        • firelinker says:

          I wasn’t talking on a DRM perspective, but about the fact you only need the media to install the games on PC, which means physical copies get a different purpose. Anyhow, in general all PC games get their single player mode cracked.
          But the main difference here is the price for the games. If all games were about half of their price(as it is for PC versions where i live), being able to buy an used copy wouldn’t mean as much.

          • Yes says:

            I understand. But i just mean that physical PC games are made in the way that it wont be possible to resell them, so it is the same concept in that regards.

        • GottZ says:

          in steam as example you are at least able to login with your account on a different physical device in order to play your games there.
          besides that, steam (again as example) often has 75% reduced prices on “not so young” games so if you wait, you can get it cheaper.

          what sony does wrong here is that they force you to stick to your very own physical device. there will not be any way you could take a game with you in order to play it at your friends house on a beamer or a bigger tv. you would need to take your console with you. this suxx

          • Yes says:

            Yeah, that is a good thing at least, that you can use the account on any PC :)

            Personally, price doesnt matter much in this matter. I get new PS3 games for very cheap anyway (buying them from England, like,, etc.). I still dont like the idea to not being able to resell my games. It makes the physical copies kinda “worthless” in my opinion when it comes to collection value.

  5. firelinker says:

    We can hope this patent is meant to be used on their blu ray players right? cause borrowed stuff runs rampant on them.. although i wouldn’t bet on it.

  6. Rooki says:

    I would definitely not purchase the “Orbis” if they block used games, not because new games are expensive but because it will have a negative impact on many businesses. I agree with the authors concerns.

  7. quetz says:

    oh my sony…

  8. f says:

    well, if they really implement the idea,”official” game will dead for sure,…and welcome open source in gaming(sorry for my bad english)

  9. Hex_cz says:

    My, my. Sony: Making all the way in losing customers at any costs xD

  10. dem0n_uk says:

    I bought a game with one of they codes it was used, I ended up having to buy a online pass. I knew from that day this would be the new big thing to make them more money. I seen this coming long ago. :/ it’s bad news no game swapping. cheap secondhand games all a thing of the past.

    And what if your system breaks?
    you’re going to lose your game collection too. unless they make the game codes attach to your account like psn plus games or something.

  11. Randqalan says:

    Well if all the gaming system company’s go with something like this lets say Atari anyone

    and any company that do not will own the gaming next gen

    most people only buy new if they have a lot of money or if it is something they have been looking forward to

    I say let Sony live and learn dumb company move if they use this

  12. zombie says:

    Dumb plans made by dumb people seems reasonable. Just be sure the person who buys this is ignorant of what it actually means. Sounds like pipa and sopa all over again. Except it’s about games getting more restrictive.

  13. aidan says:

    i think that they should make used games a bit more so they get a bit of profit, not block them

    im happy a £5 game being £7
    atleast they get something from a second hand game

  14. aidan says:

    im dissapointed in you sony …….

  15. Yes says:

    Reading some of the comments, i think it is important for people to know that patents doesnt means it will happen. Remember the patent Sony took on using DNA (or something like that) to identify a user of some content? Do people here really think such a system will be used in the PS4 just because there is a patent on it? While i agree that the newest patent seems more realistic, i dont see any need to threat it like it is 100% going to happen, but that is just my opinion.

  16. wartaf says:

    Go ahead Sony 😀

    i was thinking how did they gonna do it? is it possible to bluray disk or they will gonna create a new storage media for it?

    but i’m againts it 😀

  17. shadowfire90 says:

    well… if this is the case and Sony goes through with it, I am done with any of their marketing and future consoles no matter how good they may be.

    This is an excellent way for this company to go ahead and lose millions from their consumers.
    Unless of course… the games will only cost $20-30 each than they may have a chance getting away with it.

    No way would I pay $60 for a game, have it suck (like most do now a days), than be stuck with it for the rest of my life.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      even if games do cost about 20-30$, then what happens if your system breaks and you buy a new one? will you have to buy the entire collection or will these IDs be stored in your account?
      Also, who will supply the games? gamestop will probably stop selling sony products if they do this. This entire idea is BAD, somebody should stop sony from trying to commit suicide

  18. Aardy says:

    I really hope this doenst happen. Among all the other listed things, you wont even be able to bring over your copy of Call of Duty 5 to a friends house to play. Youd have to bring your whole console. This blocking used games would harm gamers in every way.

    All this does is prove how greedy and stupid sony is. How is blocking used games, going to make the developer any more money? If you go to gamestop and want to buy a game, you have two options. You can buy the new version, or the used version. Well guess what, if you buy the used version, its not like the developer doesnt get a sale. SOMONE HAD ALREADY BAUGHT THIS NEW BEFORE YOU DID. Buying it used again doesnt hurt the developer in any way. In fact it can only help the developer. It brings more awareness to that developer, and its products. You might go, “That was a great game, Im going to get the new one when it comes out.” But if your only allowed to buy new games, you are only going to buy games your 100% sure you want. All the games your 75% or less sure you might like, your not going to buy.

    If this used game ban happens, Im going to boycot sony, and I hope others do too. We are the ones that have the power to spend out money where we want, and we cant let these companies get so greedy and irrisponcible.

    (also as a side note, amlost all pc games can be baught or played used. Its only games that require an online registration that cant. And only a few games use that. Though the number of games that cant is increasing.)

  19. fresno says:

    Sony has allways kept a Comunist policy, all these news does not surprise at all. If these will come, I am shore that they will not sale more games than they are doing all ready. I am sure that it will slow down. May be Nvidia with theirs “Project Shield” will start salling more then Sony.

  20. fresno says:

    Sony has allways kept a Comunist policy, all these news does not surprise at all. If these will come, I am shore that they will not sale more games than they are doing all ready. I am sure that it will slow down. May be Nvidia with theirs “Project Shield” will start salling more then Sony.

    Wait & see!

  21. Kyhassen says:

    i disagree with this 100% BAD idea.. I buy new games all the time(mostly for the pre-order bonuses) as well as used. A lot of people in this world get used games for a reason mainly because they are poor, they just want a cheap game to play, to get a game back they use to have at a lower cost, and so many more reasons. For them to EVEN think of this would crush them with a year. A lot of people wait for the price to drop to play a game and i am kind of one of them a long with most people in this area im in.

    • Kyhassen says:

      Plus that would put companies out of business that sell used game… They make some money on new products but most of their gain is in Used games.

  22. Gabo2D says:

    Its absurd. What is next? Headphones that only play music in the ears of the one who buy it in the Sony Store? That way you cant borrow them to your sister, so she have to buy ones… so the designers of the headphones dont “loose” money.


  23. 4ich says:

    I am against this…
    But for some reason hope if this comes out then they can cut the price

  24. kenny2858 says:

    if my chances were low to get a orbis… now even lower. Im not getting it.

  25. jrazorman says:

    I think sony is going to go full steam with this.. Just because they did not learn there lesson from the PSP-GO. i know many people that got rid of that thing the next day! Me myself i just laughed at it and whent on with my PSP 1000. that is still going strong today! Well it’s been a nice run sony but this is going to hurt your pockets and your rep!

  26. EJ says:

    I’ve bought many used games which usually end up having sequels, and I buy the sequels brand new. They will definitely lose out if they do this, plus in many other ways also.

  27. scottydog27 says:

    there being real idiots if they block used games that going to cut there sales in half if not more for both the games and the console cause people cant affored to pay new these days

    there killing there ps4 befor it has been born
    hopfully the xbox 720 will wait till sony f^$& up befor they realse and suffer the same consiquences

  28. Gabriel Uribe says:

    If Sony or any other company do that, I just simply won’t buy that console.
    I wouldn’t support a company that will destroy several companies that lives by the rents / re-sell of games, and hence a lot of people will loose their jobs…

  29. Darkova says:

    This seems to be a fruitless endeavor. I play MMOs but I also like to play tons of other games. With real life stuff I don’t have much time to play a lot of the games that are out there. Sometimes I pick up a used game that I wanted to play but never bought. Usually this is a couple years down the road when there not in production anymore. Tales of Vesperia took me three years to get to. I would not have got it if I could not pick it up used.
    And what about gamefly or barrowing friends games to see if I like it? I don’t trust reviews because that’s based off opinion and I often lose out on a good game when I listen to opinions on them.

  30. kagaelus says:

    I will boycott sony if this is implemented. Who’s the real pirates???

  31. new says:

    I’ll prey to GOD that Sony or Micro$soft implement this. I will just grab some popcorn and a soda and watch the fireworks.

  32. yeahman says:

    Playstation/Sony used to be my favourite console brand… since ps3, i prefer xbox360 for hardcore gaming and i prefer wii for casual gaming… sony has been making lots of bad decisions lately.. this is why sony lost its no1 position in console gaming and looks like it’s getting worse… make me think of sega

  33. Bob says:

    Well I’m certainly not going to buy this thing if it ever sees the light of day. 😛

    But it kind of makes you wonder, if or when it comes out, somebody will hack into it and make it so that you don’t need an activation tag. Essentially making it just like any other console. But up until that point people might sell consoles that have already been activated with a bunch of games so you could just buy the disks separately.

    It would also be a nightmare for game collectors in the future.

  34. Kro says:

    I thought that they had some agreement with Gamestop/Gamefly to get some of the revenue from renting or reselling their games. I think that would be a better solution than implementing this.

  35. BrendanBeckmann says:

    For certain, I have no problem buying an Online Pass to a game to play it online or to access online functions on a used game. New copies of the game come with that free. It’s Sony’s way to making a little bit of money back on that used sale, and you’re still likely saving money in comparison to buying it brand new.

    The idea of completely locking out the used game market is a terrible idea, and I hope Sony is patenting it just to put it into the folder of patents that are never actually used, because this will kill the PS4 and most likely Sony.

  36. Bob says:

    They tried doing something like this with the vita. If you tried to play a used game, you would have to reset the memory of the cart itself. The game would be associated with the first vita it is put into.

  37. Cojoo says:

    c’mon sony! you guys are really making hard for me to have your back. its like sony is turning into the video game hitler…

  38. Anonymous says:

    I’m all in for this aslong as THEY DROP GAME PRICING. The good thing about PC (Steam) is that ofcourse they have DRM blocking Used sales (nothing new), but you don’t pay $60 per game and you get amazing discounts from time to time. But it’s console, I highly doubt this will work out.

    Have fun paying $70 per game next gen.

  39. zorrodood says:

    the world is getting more and more ridiculous by the day

  40. makak1984 says:

    Yes $ony, another stupid idea, you know what!? Ok implement this system, but cut prices per game to 10-20$ if not good bye $ony.

  41. SSJ-Vita says:

    Yeah they will be joining Sega in the not too distant future. I have 0 interest in anything they could have to offer regardless of what it is since it says sony on it. playstation had a really good run and produced landmark awesome gaming.

  42. wololothebest says:

    man thats hard to hear i used to like sony but now there doin all this things to f over everyone who back them for a long time so u know what now would be the best time to have a long lost player that got put out the game to early a.k.a saga if only they came back with a system just as powerful as the ps4 or even better then maybe sony would see the error of there money hungry ways

  43. jlo138 says:

    The games would be locked to the console but if the console dies then what? Hopefully they can remove it from the account and allow those games to be used on a replacement console. Either way, this idea is stupid on their part.

  44. JustAnotherJRPGFan says:

    This is just stupid especially for those not made of money and can buy everything brand new. Seriously I bought most of my consoles and games pre-owned because they were cheaper.

  45. gunblade says:

    wouldent the thing need a buner to write the first start codes to the disk then so outher ones cant load the disk think would make copy prety hard.. speacial hard ware

  46. gunblade says:

    think is has solid state drive dont like them to much …

  47. gunblade says:

    heard graphics was good but would the motherbase chips handle the little board ram the have in them last gen they chosse different way to push 512..

  48. gunblade says:

    would telll them a pc based os was fine on the most part meadia no big deal…meadia an in thing anow a days..on the 4k now of any good..hologram 3d projecters… waiting a bit last year on does…small..3 feet display.

  49. gunblade says:

    nice say much..

  50. ground says:

    This would be ridiculous, there is nothing wrong with playing a second hand game, in fact it allows users who don’t have a lot of money to play those games (they cant play it at the release, but thats ok).

  51. NORATIO says:

    Car construction never a dime on secondhand cars??? Sony is playing a bad card. I will just start a ban “Sony” website to make sure no ones sell the ps4(like gamestop-ebgames).

    Where are the days when I was kid and I was bringing Contra at a friend’s house or Mortal Kombat and make them discover the game and finally buy it. Same thing with local videogame rental; i was buying games after playing with it. Downloadebled Demos are not the same and so many game just worth 10$ like Bust a Move..,

    Maybe Sony will sell games at lowet price? 20$ per games? Ill be in. Else go f yourself.

  52. n00neimp0rtant says:

    Hypothetically, if this were to happen, I imagine businesses that rely on used games for revenue (like GameStop) would give Sony the finger and refuse to sell any PS4 consoles, peripherals or games.

  53. Anhnghia says:

    Is Sony trying to force themselves out of the video game industry? This reminds me of Sega’s direction and how they are now a publishing company. In order for Sony to succeed in this new experimental endeavor, they will have to produce blockbuster hits every single month. With the PS3 and Vita however, they need to catch up. Good luck Sony.

  54. Kr0n1kK1ll3r™ says:

    If this happens then good bye to a lot of game stores. Netflix and Hulu killed the video stores, now Sony and MS want to kill the game shops.

  55. empc says:

    Hackers will get rid of this. i feel sorry for SONY , they are killing themselves . also with new nvidia portable console , razor gaming tab, steam box ,ouya , etc , i guess big gaming emnterprices such as SONY and nintendo are going to die .
    in the case of nintendo why the heck they created a “new console” which is not even more powerfull than 7 years old ps3?? what the heck were they thinking. its shame.
    sorry for my bad english

    • CJlopez says:

      Simply put, they could had gave you something worth technology this days, but along side the table like control, wich is what defines the WiiU and not it graphic power, it would had cost what PS3 first came around, $800.00 or more.

      Nintendo rarelly plays the “last-gen tech, most powerfull components” card, they now not everybody can afford it so they try to create for the mass, and not just a few

      Just like my father used to tell me a few years back, “develope games for the poor, there are greater number of them than the rich, that can afford to play a game with the last in the market of tech”

  56. enzospartan says:

    I’ve already committed to Xbox as my sole console moving forward. I really liked the Playstation brand until the last few years. Sony just hasn’t been delivering IMO. And the WiiU is a joke.

    • Kyu says:

      The vita is truly an awesome handheld tho.By the look of things,vita and 3ds will be my only “new” gen consoles lol


  57. trecenters says:

    you have to have someone produce a game worth $60 first… *COUGH*VITA*COUGH*

  58. Charles says:

    I can’t sell my used games anymore.

  59. Sakuryu says:

    Utter BS, they would be commiting financial suicide from protesters alone. If they think this is a smart move there needs to be a coup up in SONY headquarters, it’s just a ridiculous notion. I usually buy used games because they’re cheaper and allow me to play the game to get to know it, and 9/10 if the game is good I’ll buy it maybe even a directer’s cut or w/e if I feel especially over the top about it such as with AC and persona 4 Golden. I got hooked with $10 copies of their originals, I would have never and still won’t pay $60+ for a game I know nothing about if I can’t return it or somehow reimburse myself or try it for a good amount of time first. I know there are demos but most of the time we have to be honest and admit they’re nothing like the real game. Cmon Sony don’t kill my favourite industry…. I’m a Console/handheld gamer for life, don’t screw us out!

  60. James Way says:

    With ouya and now nvidia’s shield handheld, both android based opensource gaming devices, sony, ms and nintendo better carefully assess what they are doing. I won’t be buying any next gen system if they do implement this as some of my 3-4 star games are used; i didn’t want to pay full price on a game that sounded interesting, but didn’t get that great a review. Personally i think ms is playing the field with this one, most comments on such restrictions on their part have been ambiguous. Sony on the other hand seems really intent on doing it. If anything when sony brings the ps4 out with this restriction, ms will be like our 720 doesn’t do it and everyone will by that instead.

  61. jdubz says:

    Stupid….not even because of the fact that i’m a gamestop manager, but because ppl like to bring games over to friends and families houses for enjoyment as well. They will never go through with this, nor will microsoft.

  62. pspnp says:

    I don’t know how else to ask this question but, who else makes money on an item they produced and sold that is resold on a private level? why would they expect those kind of royalties? sounds like the developers need more money from else where, not destroying a whole gaming ecosystem for a little more profit.

  63. yondailan says:

    sigh..what are they thinking..damn everybody will start ban sony

  64. Kyu says:

    One more reason to step in “dark” ways.I mean seriously,instead of trying to attract people,they do exactly the opposite.

  65. Patrick says:

    anyone else saw that UNO was #1 on psp games most purchased xD?

    • >_> says:

      Games with exploits are staying up longer so Sony can milk ’em for all they’re worth. At this rate that will be their only source of income by year’s end.

  66. Tonakai says:

    Sony really are shooting themselves in the foot here. They are most certainly having financial issues, and they believe that forcing us to buy new games and re-selling our old games to us (PSX and PS2 Classics, anyone?) is the way to get more money?

    With regards to used games, I understand they do not get the money for the secondhand purchase however I find it disgusting that if you purchase a game that you do not enjoy; you’ll be forced to keep it and nobody else can get any enjoyment out of it. Furthermore, a change like this is most certainly going to get people more and more interested in piracy.

    I decided long ago that I would not be purchasing the PS4 or 720, and I stand by that. Games of this gen have been progressively getting more and more unenjoyable for me and I don’t see any reason to purchase the console especially with Sony’s idiotic ideas. I mean, they clearly haven’t learned from the Vita at all. Many people sold their consoles within a few weeks stating that the security, forcing you onto one PSN (providing you don’t have multiple memory cards) and other precautions they made just removed all the fun or the console wasn’t fun enough to actually put up with said issues. Clearly they want to make that mistake with the next gen.

  67. Brennen lee says:

    The buisness industry is going to heck, they will always find new way to charge more for their product. It just plain out sickening

  68. sprx says:

    This is just the first shot across the bow at Gamestop to force their hand at sharing profits. Either that or setting themselves up for patent trolling later

  69. Stiffeno says:

    If Sony DOES try and kill off the used game market, they better damn well cut the cost of brand new games by half price or they are gunna loose MASS customers FOR LIFE!

    Sony cant take away this much, and expect not to give anything in return.

    Used game market is here to stay Sony, so you better deal with it or close ur company!

  70. Stiffeno says:

    Also Sony nor any game dev company has the right to see a dime from used game sales, you cannot be paid twice for the same item…its downright illegal!

  71. Stiffeno says:

    One more thing I forgot to mention, what about theft? You kill off used $10 games, and suddenly you have hundreds of thousands of teens who now cannot afford to buy any/many games for their new console…so while many would never think of stealing, they may just leave ppl with no choice! Dont get me wrong im not supporting theft by any means, but you have tons of kids/teens who cant afford something, they are going to go out and get their game, by any means!

  72. burningflames says:

    hey community of gamers. how about starting a petition? against this *** -.-

  73. AyeGuy says:

    Ill stick to my N64, Snes, Nes, Ps1, Ps2, and Wii amd mabye swing by my local retailer and get the Wii U which is probably way better.

  74. Xephrey says:

    Enter Steam box.

    • Lorz says:

      Yeah…. Valve has been a pretty cool company, I can’t see them pulling any dirtbag moves like this, they always keep their prices within reason, and have alot to offer, they’ve also been working hard to bring some kickass gaming to the Linux platform……. Valve is a company deserving of our support… not one who thinks they are entitled to it like Sony.

  75. Soldier says:

    If Microsoft was smart, which they aren’t. They would do the opposite of Sony that way more people buy their System which means Microsoft would sell more Systems and make a larger profit overall.

    But I see Microsoft being idiotic and copying Sony instead of realizing that if they did the opposite of Sony they could take Sony out of the gaming world. It’s time for Sony to die guys. No company should be giving the middle finger to the people who support them.

  76. w7y7a7t7t says:

    this is crossing a line… right now new games are like $60 a pop, and i have a feeling the next gen game prices are gonna be even higher. it’s not like i never buy new games, however there are a lot of games i wouldn’t own if i had to pay full price. if anything, this won’t make me buy more games, it will just make me generally play video games less.

  77. E says:

    This is just greed. Pure and simple or maybe Sony WANTS America and all countries other than Japan to hate them. It is not like International markets brings in millions of dollars or anything {sarcasm}. One user above said they are shooting themselves in the foot and I am inclined to wholeheartedly agree to this point. Really, they are shooting themselves in the head. For quite some time Sony has slipped from the public gaming eye with their many “major” decisions (or lack thereof). They obviously do not have any economists working there. If they were to actually go through with this they would devastate many parts of an already struggling economy. Not to mention themselves as a company. In one fail swoop they would be taking our freedom as consumers, a major source of income from major companies, and a major chunk of their fan base. Many places sell used games. Many people (including myself) buy used games. Buying used games does not only allow one to finally have a game they have wanted for a more reasonable price but developers undoubtedly still see revenues due to other related criteria such as say word-of-mouth. Many times a friend would buy a used game and tell me about how awesome it was then I would go find it, whether new or used (new if it was just that awesome ) or buy it used and pre-order its sequel then tell more friends and go on forums and message boards talking about how amazing the game was praising Sony, Microsoft, or whoever brought it to us. Having used games offers so much more than just immediate revenue to a company which is what sony is failing to see. They will see when their Playstation stocks drop to next to nothing. My question is, where does this stop? Do they decide to make their DVDs and BluRay players block used movie discs as well? It will never end. The only way I could see them coming out on top after doing something like this is if the SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the price of their games, which I do not see happening, do u? i have faith, though that this patent attempt will be denied and fall by the wayside especially after the decision Congress made regarding Jailbreaking when Apple tried something similar, saying that it was a part of the Users freedom to enhance their device. Well, reselling our games, or purchasing resold games is a part of our freedoms as well Sony. I am tempted to start a campaign or petition. This does not sit well with me. Not at all. Funny thing is, I was going to save up my little bit of money (while in College still, mind you)and purchase the new PS4 but (and this is to Sony) if you guys actually do this you just lost a customer and probably MANY others (esp on this page). That is all. I apologize for my lengthy rant but it had to be said. I feel a tad bit better. Well guys, looks like Nintendo still reigns supreme. My hope in them is restored. Would not be surprised if we see a rise in their stock over the next few weeks lol

  78. Roslyn says:

    There’s probably no evidence to show that this move will increase profit. Rather, it will decrease it.

    Instead, these moves are a larger part of a growing assault on personal liberty and property rights and has little to do with just video games.

    They are demolishing the first sale doctrine. both legally. and technically. The changes are always small. They have to be small, less you notice.

    Because intellectual property and real property rights are incompatible, one must die a little in order to make way for the other. What you buy and what is yours becomes less and less yours, and more and more someone else’s.

  79. Jonny says:

    This may not be entirely a bad thing, think about it, by eliminating the opportunity to be able to buy a game second hand there will be a massive increase in turnover. With a higher turnover they will be able to sell games at a much cheaper price.

  80. Johnny says:

    There is a freaking ad that doesn’t let me read a phrase of the news… It’s always like that. I’m using Safari btw…

  81. Whatever says:

    You guys do know that this isn’t just Sony right? Xbox, and Microsoft are considering the exact same thing. This is how the capitalist system works; these companies are after the highest possible profit, and know that it will take a massive upheaval to unseat them from where they are at the moment (the top). So you can bash Sony all you want, but Microsoft won’t be your savior because they will be doing it too. Whatever happens, you’ll eventually willingly spend your money; that’s how capitalism works.

  82. XDarkMario says:

    i dont want to live on this planet anymore…….

  83. nCadeRegal says:

    wow and damn, how can they do this. The only games i buy new are for vita , and the few preorders I do a year for ps3 and xbox arent many. I always buy used. Screw you sony and microsoft. I cant believe you are stooping to this level. unbelievable. Im at a loss for words… They are jealous of gamestop. my favorite store. Thats all.

  84. KingSaitek says:

    Haahahah *** when they do this they give me a really nice reason for dont buy this consoles… what they think that every can buy new games for 50 euro to play 4 days hahaha

  85. But they have no choice i rather stick with data games on the store and homebrew games and i dont need to spend a dime on anything. Just wait for a new game to come out dont but the cd and when i reach the ps store buy it

  86. MrNano says:

    I guess it’s back to PC gaming then.

    Stores that resell games will probably go bankrupt after this. I feel sorry for them the most.

  87. DiGi says:

    It’s like a music artist suing a person for downloading there songs. Puts them in debt for life while they’re making millions anyway… Same concept. Everyone just want’s more money to spend.

    The only good thing that could come out of this is bringing more PC gamers. Why? Because used games was a HUGE part of consoles. They take that away, what point is there in consoles now other then usability? Only reason I’d buy a game for XBOX was to share it with my brothers when I was done. Can’t do that, why bother now?

  88. Someone Else says:

    Boycott the next-gen consoles.
    Don’t support Adolf.

  89. Nathan says:

    I honestly believe game specialty stores like Gamestop will boycott the consoles blocking used content for us. That is how they make a good chunk of their money, used items. Then they’ll file a lawsuit and sony can’t pay off anyone because they are not influential to any market other than the Blu-ray industry. Best Buy might boycott as well.

  90. SupahLeecha says:

    Sony is getting more and more greedy.
    Dear sony how is your ps vita sales? Goodluck to you then.
    We, users, never felt your generousity.
    If used games cannot be sold/bought from the market, then, can you please offer a money back guarantee? I just want to make sure I will satisfied for what I paid for.

  91. SonYIsTheBest says:

    even from day one stores mean nothing to me

  92. someoncool says:

    Personally, I hate this idea. 1/2 my games I buy used because the budget is not there to buy every game that comes out. Multi-player is tyed to the AAA tiles (black ops, Modern Warfare, etc) and I normaly buy those at full retail.

    I think Sony/Microsoft should go after places like gameripoff (gamestop) to make them pay a fee for selling used games and make them cut there margins down a little. Also put the the online codes for games on all of them like on the vita, they still will make money and when people buy them new, they can play online.

    I should be able to buy the single player game (for achivements/trophies) for a discounted price after someone else has played it, just like you can buy used DVDs/Blu-rays for 1/2 the price for used ones. Or music CDs…

    If they want to stop this totaly, then just drop all new PS4 and 720(xbox ?) games to $30 each. I would not feel the need to shop for a deal on a game.

  93. gunblade says:

    cheaper games would be nice if there like computer games i can see why used games would be issues gamestop dosent let u return pc games once opean most store do the same…

  94. logitek says:

    I hate hearing people say Sony or Microsoft are greedy ( of course they are). If you think they are then stop feeding them. They don’t force you to buy their product. As a consumer we hold all the cards, but we choose not to use it. People are so use to be f**ked in the a** what’s another inch :) The worst is they will come for more. With that said can you really blame Sony :)

  95. Potato face says:

    I sense a new wave of piracy coming about.

  96. XPGXatoku says:

    couldnt this be avoided with a dvddrive fw hack anyway?

  97. lovinit says:

    PEOPLE DONT BUY…you guys seem like robots.

  98. Anders says:

    Sounds good to me I always buy my games used especially since they introduced online pass I mean used game = $55 used $60 new Used 55 + 10 online pass say what you just paid for a new game :O impossible you saved nothing but a dollar or pennies on tax

  99. Jereme says:

    if they allow this patent to go through it’ll effect gamers even more, you would not be able to bring you game over to your buddies house to play. you would need to bring your system over just to play with your friends

  100. #18 says:

    It was bad since they killed of the DC. Honestly, not much has changed.

  101. gunblade says:

    think the sytem alright fo reasle not sure but guess the games are microsoft n sony wander wy no nintendo… wander the disk format hd blueray hoping 100gig more sote type…push the 4k…..

  102. E says:

    Some very good points here. Selling things you purchase is a basic right and exercise of your freedoms as a human being in a capitalist society. However, in regards to the replacing the device point, I assume since the tags will be attached to your account, your new device will read it as being used by you assuming your new device is also connected to your account.

  103. E says:

    Kind of like with the Vita. the only difference being with Vita games you can reset all of the information on the game cartridge rather than the device completely blocking it after use.

  104. HaHussle says:

    I agree Ten Thousand percent

  105. SupahLeecha says:


  106. Lorz says:

    Excuse me, Sony charges huge licensing fees to game devs to allow them to put games out on their stinking systems in the first place, most game devs aren’t seeing profits for that reason alone, it’s impossible for a small developer to get a game out on sony or microsofts platforms for these reasons…… you say game devs are calling for this, sorry, but that’s your thinking, i have not seen a single instance of that, game developers are being fleeced by sony and microsoft for license fees, SONY is angry because the used game industy is “interuppting” their collecting of licensing fees and so are taking it uopn themselves to do this, NO GAME DEVS asked for this, it’s Sony, If you cannot follow a simple pattern of events in which Sony has constantly pulled dirtbag moves like this, then there is no hope for you…. Sony keeps saying “it’s for the game developers”…. well I CALL ***, it’s to line Sonys own pockets!.

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