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PS2 ceases production worldwide


I like beer.

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  1. wartaf says:

    yeah!! Vita and PS4/Orbis!! PS3 was old for having PS2 Emu

  2. sdopifjsao says:

    SO close!

  3. Charles says:

    Is it possible to incorporate ps2 emu on PS Vita?

    • TheZekku says:

      no most computers cant run theps2 emu without a ton of lag so the vita most likely cant

      • wololo says:

        I disagree. Sony created both the PS2 and the Vita, they have access to documentation, knowledge, and optimization, that emu devs do not have access to. For all you know there is some chip dedicated to PS2 emulation on the vita, that is not used yet 🙂

        • Rusty_Train says:

          lets hope so wololo, it would be great to play kingdom hearts 1 and 2 on my vita

          • Frank says:

            Yes you’re right, I really hope to see PS2 on the PS Vita especially for FFX, FFX-2, FFXII and Kingdom Hearts series.

            The dev wanted on the PS2 emulation job is certainly for the PS Vita and PS3 (and the upcoming PS4). As the PS2 was the most game selling console, it would be the best step for Sony to start backward compatibility. Remember that the PS Vita did not have PS One classics in the begining. They brought them back. Hope they do the same for PS2 Classics.

        • lol, your not wololo. because it links to the authors posts. yours has none lol. lol. lol. lol. 🙂

        • Asdfjuma says:

          Well yes, but with things such as PS2 classics sold on the store the PCSX2 guys are actually able to fix a lot of bugs which Sony hasn’t.

        • Yukon says:

          GTA: San Andreas!

      • RedHawk02 says:

        I’ve never even heard of a PS2 emulator coming out for PS2 but it wouldn’t have been made by Sony so it wouldn’t be as perfect or efficient as it could be. Also, as stated in the article, the PSP and PS2 have very similar architectures and if a PSP emu is possible, then a PS2 emu is also just as possible. It may take a long time, but it’s worth it.

      • GamingClassicus says:

        With a decent machine (not necessarily a wallet busting one) the PS2 on PC works perfectly.

  4. youngoz says:

    RIP PS2…

  5. Tobey says:

    Actually, PS2 games on the Vita is very possible. The touch pad could be l2 r2 l3 and r3

  6. Owl says:

    i guess we’ll have to wait, meanwhile, i’ll play some metal gear 3…hey wasnt’ that on the ps2? :p

  7. hgoel0974 says:

    Oh, you HAD to say that it could be for the PSVita! I know that it is possible, but it just makes me wonder how cool it would be to play GTA SA on the PSVita!

    This had better be for the PSVita, I did all the math and came to the conclusion that the PS2 can easily be emulated on the PSVita because even when you add up the clock sppeds and memory reqs (roughly) you get values which are WAY below the PSVita’s specs!

    • Asdfjuma says:

      Lol. No. The PS2 is below the specs of the average desktop in the late 90’s. They can’t run PS2 games. Why? Because the PS2 has different hardware that does things in a different way which needs to be emulated which is far from just putting the foot into another sock. It’s more like making a foot fit comfortably into a glove.

      • Esude says:

        BUT! PS2 and PS Vita were both created by Sony so they probably thought of the PS2 before making the Vita, so it would almost be like fitting a foot into a box!

  8. Jd8531 says:

    RIP I had a lot of good memories with the PS2.

  9. Gandalf says:

    Se criarem um emulador de ps2 para o PSvita vão ter que adapta um Hd externo como cartão de memória para o vita… de preferência um de 500 gb kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  10. turkeY says:

    fairwell humble giant.

  11. w7y7a7t7t says:

    Also, you don’t have to have that impressive of a set up to emulate ps2 smoothly…

  12. eztoplz says:

    R.I.P PS2

  13. kuagelo says:

    I really hope this PS2 emulator is for the Vita – kinda makes you wonder why P4G was possible in the 1st place. 🙂

  14. William A.U. says:

    It would be extremely awesome to have ps2 emulation on the PSVita one day, IMO and this could be the start-off checkpoint. Can’t wait.

  15. Shinny says:

    this is so outdated.. already knew about it like 1,5 weeks ago..

  16. isnizal says:

    it would be awesome!!if ps vita can play ps2 game

  17. Kyu says:

    Emulation would be nice,but redone is better.

  18. Veskgar says:

    Oh wow… I remember lining up outside and getting a ticket to purchase one of the few PS2’s that particular store was getting on launch day. I think they only got 5 for some reason. Its hard to imagine so many years have passed since then. Gaming has come a long way!

  19. Esude says:

    Hey if any of you remember there was a great rumor that FF X was to be remastered and be released for the PS Vita!!

    • Frank says:

      Maybe that’s why they wanted a PS2 emu dev. They will make it out as PS2 Classic but they stated it would be HD remake so it can also be an adapted remake that’s running with the PS2 emu in the background because they won’t have to recode all of the game… I don’t know.

  20. BrendanBeckmann says:

    For certain, I have no problem buying an Online Pass to a game to play it online or to access online functions on a used game. New copies of the game come with that free. It’s Sony’s way to making a little bit of money back on that used sale, and you’re still likely saving money in comparison to buying it brand new.

    The idea of completely locking out the used game market is a terrible idea, and I hope Sony is patenting it just to put it into the folder of patents that are never actually used, because this will kill the PS4 and most likely Sony.

  21. algorithm says:

    Well. PSP emulation on the vita has been done (and the architecture of the PSP – processor etc) is completely different to that of the Vita, yes possible, not only at full speed, but even more than that.

    While on the other hand, PSP emulators on X86 based systems run much slower, even though the processor and gpu in high end pc’s are much much faster.

  22. Stiffeno says:

    Lol I just went out and bought a cheap PS2 Slim today from the local hock shop, will only be a matter of time before collectors go around buying up all the PS2 hardware for nostalgic reasons!

    I shall be playing Grand Theft Auto 3 (my all time fave game in the world) on my lovely new PS2 Slim using my new HD projector 😛 (probably look *** though due to PS2 being SD not HD >.< lol, but that dont matter!)

  23. Stiffeno says:

    Oh and almost forgot –
    Rest in Piece PS2 :'(, you shall be greatly missed!

    On a side note, does Microsoft still make original Xbox’s? or did they stop making them years ago?

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