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NVIDIA shows us “Project Shield”


I like beer.

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  1. Nice says:

    $ony is sc*** up big time and the iphone/itouch/ipad continue to have better games than the Vita. These games are also on android, so jail braked or not, they are clearly making enough money for the devs to keep producing games.

  2. Chezni says:

    at 1.9 ghz processor, it’s dwarfed by the vita in terms of raw power.

    If I want to play PC games, I’ll stick to PC.
    If I want to play android games, I’ll stick to smartphone or tablet.

    There’s no room for this Frankenstein monster in my house.

  3. bane says:

    seem like the screen will fall apart when something happen to it like it fall down while playing & so on..not portable enough for me..i rather bring my old gba or ds to play outdoor. bringing some like controller look not suite me..

  4. guyom says:

    i kinda like it. 🙂 Finally a handheld adults can use !

    I’ve owned a psp and 2 nintendo ds models in the last years and all ended up on ebay. One major reason i stopped caring about handhelds is their tiny size, making them uncomfortable for my hands (which are basically normal for an adult).
    And touchscreen totally suck for video game playing, so please don’t mention that to me. 🙁

    And as an adult, the last thing i could care about is if it’s gonna fit in my jean pockets… That thing belongs next to the sofa/bed and in a bagpack.

  5. ??? says:

    And what about the camera?

  6. Cloud says:

    The design is atrocious. So is the d-pad. How is it even portable? It’s huge.

  7. crudedude says:

    looks very interesting and i definitly would want one. looking at its design and capabilities means it’ll cost at least as much as the vita at debute. it also doesn’t look kid friendly at all leaving out a lot of potential sales. it won’t sell as well as nintendo portables do but may do as well as the vita. it’s like an actual portable console you carry along from home to home rather than use during commute or any where anytime.

  8. Reshiram says:

    Sooooo faketard

  9. IgnusArmagadan says:

    It looks pretty sloppy and with no real possability of gaining its own exclusive games, all the power it has will go to waste. Sounds like the only thing it will be good for I can already do on my PC pretty much.

  10. Reshiram says:

    First they made a psp and psp-go and they even made one n64 portable and now “THIS”↑↑↑ a so called Xbox controller. We’ll see in the future.

  11. CrimsonRaven025 says:

    Looks kool and all but there is no need for this, practicality the only games you can really play on it is the same *** on all other android devices, my xperia play can play all the current games and later, I don’t wanna buy a handheld then have to buy the compatible graphic card, like I said its kinda kool, but this will not by any means should be compared to ACTUAL handheld gaming devices, just like the ouyo or w.e that android console shouldn’t be compared or even go up against real consoles, if I wanna play android games I’d use my xperia, why would I wanna just stream pc games??? That’s stupid, like me using my vita for remote play, kool features but in the end I eel like I’ll be only using it for what I can do on my phone,i know I’ll get bashed on, but idc imho this will be a flop, and it’ll be ALOT nivida would NOT sell this for 250 I see this being 350. But I hope I’m wrong, I hope it actually does what it says it does extremely well but that’s alot of hope. Btw sorry for mistakes in my writing I’m using my win 8 tab

  12. O-bake says:

    During the next few years, the market gets flooded with devices like these. The basic hardware for an android device is getting cheaper every day and the companies don’t have to bother about software. We will never see a native game for such a device, I am pretty sure.

    In the past there even was a market for handheld/console-clones with hardware that was actually much more individual compared with these generic android devices. It is cheap to produce them, so they are produced. Period.
    And even if you just use it for emulating the 8 and 16 bit era, you can have long time fun for little money.

  13. knux says:

    this looks like another emulator console to me, following in the footsteps of the xperia play. i dont like that design though, looks likes its easy to break

  14. Someone Else says:

    I just don’t see a phoneless smartphone beating the Vita.

    Even if the thing has more power, it’s still limited to smartphone games and streaming games. Streaming PC games might be the majority of “real games” you can play on this.

    To me, streaming is a cheap trick, because a separate expensive machine is running the program. If you can’t flip on the device by itself and natively run the game, I feel like it’s just a remote-viewer for my PC.

    Vita doesn’t rely on faking its gameplay power, and I like that. If you like little “apps”, your phone does that just as well.

  15. nCadeRegal says:

    Im interested. Sign me up for a preorder. Wonder when this device will hit the market. Very nice Read there bud! Thanks for the info. Ill be keepin a close eye on this one. The neo geo x was quite a let down. NOw this is something I will def. get. Got a link i can do a lil more research on this? Cost?

  16. newguim says:

    Well, I think that as much futuristic that this seems, this is trully the past!
    The future, my dear fellow gamers/hackers, is a two way route: the casual, smartphone/tablet gamming with even more Power, mobbility and interface simplyness that today & the hard core gamming experience of the home/handheld consoles (Wii U gives us a morph of tv and handheld gamming, my son really usues the wiiU gamepad to play nintendoLand without even turning the tv on, and it is 3d HD tv that is fantastic in the PS3 3D games mainly motorstorm appocalipse) .
    So, to me, narrowing the space between this two ways is an error: let them lead us to boredom irradication side by side!!!

  17. o MELTDOWN o says:

    What’s the price? I heard that the piston/steambox is going for $1000… These guys are out of their mind if they think I’m going to waste that kind of money on a gaming device.

  18. damn says:

    Whats the point of good hardware if you dont have someone to make games that will take advantage of it? pretty cool and impressive hardware it has. But it seems like it wont take more than 1week to hack it.

    “The console will feature HDMI, USB and microSD, stuff that Sony and Nintendo failed to provide.”

    I like what you said :)) its because especially Sony is a cash grabbing hoe. Sony simply refused to implement those now, so they will have a reason to release another PS Vita, slimmer, with HDMI and some other basic missing stuff.

  19. poop says:

    if this lets me play my steam games i am so effin down!!

  20. Mart says:

    Uhm no. What is one gonna play when one isn’t at home running the PC to stream real games over the home wifi?

    You gonna play Angry Birds on that all day? Or emulators and old games only?


    PSVita gives one home console experience on the go. This brings tablet gaming on the go (and for the emulators I can play them on the tablet with iCade, DS3 or Wiimote…)

    • makak1984 says:

      For now compare it even to old PSP is still better than powerfull Tegra 4 or 5 and etc. This devices must have game library. nVidia thinks that they beat world when they released Tegra 2, but even after one year of product life it have got only 10-12 games, that are still and even now smartphone products that even few of them was ported to all android devices – so there is no exclusives on it now, Only one is still exclusive – this is Zen Pinball with very cheap tablets. I own all tables, shame for Zen that they overpriced tables on Vita :/ So I am not worry of handheld market beaten by android or iOS devices.

      • Mart says:

        I don’t care even how powerful a Tegra 4 or 5 could be, but they’re nowhere having any IP’s like the exclusives on Playstation that’ll release on Android.

        I don’t see devs that devoted that they would put 2, 3 or 4 years of gamedeveloping into a game that releases on Android. All they put out on Android is mini/casual games that are made in a short devtime without such a large investment.

        So devices like this, Project Shield or Ouya won’t deliver that handheld gaming experience on the go as PSVita or even 3DS does.

  21. hgoel0974 says:

    I don’t think this is too good, what do you do when you don’t have wifi? Play Android games? Then why not just by a tablet?

    Also, I don’t think this would support every game out there, some games use more controls than what a d-pad can offer, and I certainly can’t imagine trying to remember combinations for certain keys

  22. zombie says:

    This is a next up as a powerful console but still not the ideal handheld console. The best thing would be the ability to do almost anything with the something small and portable almost like a window laptop with the ability to be versatile. Play any or most pc games, watch anything with the correct codec, and run virtually anything.

  23. jurasicgamer says:

    For portability around the house it is ok but not for portability in the street. If it is priced low it may sell. If not it will have to compete with sony, microsoft, nintendo and all the tablets out there and it is very likely it will lose the fight. They would be better designing a very good universal bluetooth controller for ALL the android tablets already in the market. But I like gadgets anyway so put mine in back order !! 🙂

  24. pSnDeaofly says:

    They will only support this until Tegra 5 comes out. Every year a new GPU comes out and they basically stop supporting the previous years CPU/GPU.

  25. Josh says:

    Just so everyone knows, this is more powerful than the vita, and doesn’t NEED to be connected to a computer(its only for PC games, like dishonoured etc.) Just look at nova 3 or dead trigger’s graphics. Soon, mobile devices will be handheld consoles anyway.

    • Ghadz says:

      How can it be more powerfull than the vita? You can almost do anything on a highend phone this project shield has to offer.. this one only got controller..

    • hgoel0974 says:

      more powerful than Vita =/= play pc games on the go

      Android + Gaming Console == Waste of potential

      Wifi+PC Streaming == PSPDisp 😉

    • ue says:

      But the content of dead trigger and nova is very limited, low polly, low resolution and low texture quality.
      Not to mention lacking in dynamic shadows and lighting of a decent qualtiy.

      The fact is limited resources means you CANNOT get a game like a good pc game running on a mobile device natively yet, not even CLOSE

  26. God says:

    Looks too big, but I bet the graphics on it are real nice. But graphics can only get you so far. The Vita is much more portable than this huge thing. This thing isn’t very portable. This thing looks like its more for if the power at your house goes out and you still want to game.

    • ue says:

      Graphics are far worse unless you are wirelessly streaming the game from your computer, other than that it is just an android device.

  27. Kazuunix9 says:

    .. Its apparent that most of you who commented have no clue what is actually happening to the gaming market. Cheap low graphical games are coming back!! I personally think the old games were better built than some these sh@#$ games coming out now. FPS is over-rated. Also Tegra 4 has 6x more power than the tegra 3, expect good graphics as well with this compared to the smartphone market. The project sheild is what this current gaming market needs. Android is moving past little phone sh@#$ like angry birds and going more to awesome games like chaos rings or the THD games. With something like project sheild, I think we will finally see better games come out for Android. Also might I add: Android is “open scource”, meaning you can make your own games for it and get money from your work. You become the game maker, and player. Playstation and xbox need to learn or they will be left behind. People like to make games their own; we are individuals, we need a way to show it.

    • Kazuunix9 says:

      sorry typo * “shield”

    • Mart says:

      Uh and the controller that is connected to Project Shield points towards FPS use with dual sticks etc.

      You got no clue what is needed for cheap low graphical casual games right? Just a tablet or a smartphone… Not such a bulky thing with a controller and dual sticks that is used for impressive handheld games. Like PSVita does.

  28. leo says:

    hasta la vista PSVITA

  29. bass4040 says:

    Maybe this be hacked to remove android and put in Win 7.

  30. RandomFurry says:

    if it can run games like skyrim and fallout new vegas with mods installed then im ditching my laptop fellas

    • ue says:

      IT IS AN ANDROID DEVICE IT CANNOT RUN MUCH AT ALL, what it CAN do is if you own a 650gtx or higher (no amd cards) AND a decent wireless router you can STREAM games from your computer to the device, the computer needs to be on and the game has to be installed on it first though.

  31. ue says:

    Psvita and this serve completely different purposes… r_r… I mean seriously

  32. illLoGiQ says:

    The Vita would have the upper hand in the mobile department if they had priced there games at $20. That is a decent price for the games or lack there of. The graphics on todays mobile phone games are decent if not better on some to compete and leave Sony holding a $300 paper weight. I always said if these mobile games made it’s way to a non touchscreen device that the 3DS and Vita will die a slow death. Thousands of games out there for mobile phones but only a handful for Vita worth paying$40 price tag. Sure anyone can say COD declassified is a good game BUT compared to what? It’s like comparing *** to poop, in the end it’s still *** and none of the FPS games have ever had DLC. No DLC means why bother, why should i buy this if the company that made ditches it and goes on to mess up some more stuff (NHilstic now called N-stgate or whatever). NO ONE GAME CAN SAVE THE VITA JUST KNOW THAT. Killzone will not save the Vita unless DLC is made available, some kind of effort to the patching for these games and not 6months down the road when nearly everyone has stop playing due to bugs and connectivity, plain and simple DO YOUR JOB period.

  33. AhoNoSakai says:

    will it blend??

  34. Someone Else says:

    Reversing my previous opinion, I’m actually starting to want one of these. However, I still don’t think it’s a Vita replacement.

    It looks *excellent* for emulators on the go. It seems like you’d want the Vita for portable games, and this for portable emulation.

  35. SonYIsTheBest says:

    it will not come out at all

  36. EFUS09 says:

    ok, nice handheld but, that machine need more for defeat 3ds and ps vita
    1-exclusive games ¿where? 3ds have pokemon, mario and zelda and other nintendo games series and ps vita have: gravity rush, soul sacrifice, little big planet, killzone, teraway and more, so project shield dont have exclusives because is android 😀
    2-ok, steam games streaming but… not all the people have a powerfull PC with a nvidia GPU
    3- the apple and android hardware race is so ridiculous
    today it have 2gb of ram, cpu with 4 or more core, etc but in the next month`s?
    4-the piracy, android is synonymous of piracy
    just think about it, this is my own opinion, have a nice day

  37. WolfRamiO says:

    Holluy *** there gonna be a port of hawken! (Unreal Engine free to play Mech Game).

  38. WolfRamiO says:

    “Devices powered by NVIDIA’s new Tegra 4 chip will be unveiled during the CES 2013 trade show, and the first such device is NVIDIA’s own Project SHIELD portable gaming console. The device features a 5-inch, 1,280 x 720 HD “retinal multitouch display” with a pixel density of 294 dpi along with an HDMI-out port, a microSD slot, wireless streaming capabilities and the Android OS.”

  39. shenmue says:

    It’s funny because SONY is trying to turn left and NVIDIA is trying to turn right and you know who’s gonna win.

    It’s also right timing for NVIDA to come to rescue our gaming industry because everyone else is trying to lock down their system to the point of unusable and hence create the unnecessary cat and mouse battle between console makers and the homebrew communities.

    Way to go NVIDIA!!! I adore you 🙂

  40. Saucy Cow says:

    I can’t help but giggle at the pictures. So I guess it’s good for something.

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