Total_Noob brings the XMB to your Vita, looks for a trusted dev for help


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138 Responses

  1. youngoz says:

    WOW! Thats awesome!!

  2. Wrozen says:

    Wow. That looks even better than hgoel0974’s and his looks amazing.

  3. BakedOnSomeSour says:

    this is gunna be awesome!!!!!!

  4. DeeKayTastic says:

    why do I have a feeling that that’s what coldbird was talking about, when he said that his “e”CFW would be better than total_noob’s?
    i see a big flame war coming up, but thats just my feeling

    • Dovahkiin says:

      Better as in “More compatibility than of TN’s” but this is different. I don’t think you’re reading it right on his blog. Ignorant end-users start flame wars, dev’s don’t… and if you were reading an article a while ago stating that Team-Pro recruited Frostegater to bring the scene closer than of the PS3. This XMB port is amazing and I don’t think this is an eCFW but a plugin/add-on to load 6.60 external vshmodules and emulate it.(At least that is what I think…)

  5. Dude says:

    It will be awesome if it somehow allowed you to launch Vita games and apps. Still cool either way 😀

  6. Gregory Rasputin says:

    That is really awesome
    I Appreciate your hard work Total_Noobs :)

  7. HeroEduard0 says:

    Nice! 😉

  8. StanSmith says:

    I believe Total_Noob as he’s an awesome dev but the problem with pics like this is they can easily be faked.

    Still would be great to get the XMB on the Vita. Proves the hackers are better than Sony as they cant do it. :)

    • bronze_sword says:

      yeah, fake, because he is trusted and adking for help.

      • StanSmith says:

        I believe him but if someone like me posted the exact same pic you will all call it a fake.

        Just some things are easily faked and this pic is one of them.

        I’m NOT saying this is fake but do you want me to post one that is fake?

        JUST SAYING.

      • Mr Jack says:

        Hes asking for help because the work of many great minds together would result in more badass stuff than just one great mind because not every one person has the same thoughts. He could use other peoples input. See what he could do with the help of others to not only emulate just the psp xmb but to make it better than it was on the psp in the first place.

  9. Jamie says:

    How cool would it be if the USB mode would work on this XMB, thus eliminating using the Vita OpenCMA or FTP Transfer?

  10. wartaf says:

    great!! can’t wait for it!! i wish, it is fully compatible to exploits if not greater 😀

  11. tonyr says:

    Man cant wait for this ooks amazeballs

  12. Jazzyau says:

    How about NO? It looks frigging UGLY! Hehe

  13. Theredbaron says:

    This is AWESOME. I was just asking about something like this on the forums. I really hope a good dev picks this up.

  14. hgoel0974 says:

    Although this is REALLY nice, why now? why when we already have other devs who are nearly done with their own XMBs?
    and wouldn’t it be much more easier and more legal to just make a shell rather than port the real thing over and worry about legal issues?

    • Daydream605 says:

      Why would there be legal issues when the files your using are just from the modules from the games it’s self and not just brought in from a psp firmware.

  15. A simple word: amazing. We stay tuned.

  16. Stiffeno says:

    I will 100% be installing this once its completed LOL, I always liked the XMB better than the Vita’s GUI!

  17. JMQM Officials says:

    YEP! I know the perfect person : hgoel0975 < I think that's correct numbers? He's making a XMB just like yours, Total_Noob! His has designs but really I do like yours, I want the normal wave 😀 You guys should team up to make the best XMB that is just like the PSP / PS3.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Now that I have started to make some changes to it, I am trying to get those waves back.

      I don’t really think I would be able to work with TN on this project because he is trying to port the XMB while I am trying to clone it, his method requires more info on the psp’s firmware and MIPS assembly

      My method requires more logical thinking and graphics.

  18. cucu says:

    wow throw back

  19. jrazorman says:

    WOW.. looks like something that would be great fun to have on the vita. sorta a classic look to a new device. I hope this gets lots of support.

  20. Psdude says:

    We break a video
    I dont thatbis true pic

  21. IgnusArmagadan says:

    It’ll be nice if someone could get this up and running just fine. It’d be interesting if somehow through this theme that the PSP side of the Vita will truly become a better, faster PSP with every feature that comes with a normal PSP, including having a USB connection, even if it’s just on the PSP side. It’d feel nice to be able to copy homebrew and backups over as easily as I do my PSP. Not very likely, but it’d feel like home, lol. Vita FTP kind of makes that feature a bit obsolete, but sometimes the internet can be down and it’d get rid of all those extra steps that come with OpenCMA and all that. I’d really like to see maybe the camera section always active since the Vita has its cameras and all. I’ve never owned the camera for the PSP, so it’d feel kind of neat to see the option available. :)

  22. megaman781 says:

    looks beautiful 😮

  23. ricerrr says:

    wow this is incredible this is something i can definetly wait for :)

  24. Mr Jack says:

    This would be a dream come true!!! Ive been waiting for this… >_<

  25. Mk. says:

    Wow. It looks amazing

  26. jlo138 says:

    When you think he’s done, he always comes back with a surprise.

  27. Kefkiroth says:

    Very nice… I’ve always preferred the XMB of the PSP despite not owning one; it’s a lot more organized. Can’t wait for this to become a reality.

  28. huz says:

    Wow PSP in vita USB connection on pc work?
    lcfw 6.60 will look nice PSP vita 😀

  29. Total_Noob says:

    There won’t be any legal issues, as I can simply write an installer which dumps the 6.60 EBOOT.PBP to the memory.

  30. No games, cry cry cry says:

    “So what do you think? Pretty cool, right?”

    Cool doesn’t even begin to cover it. PSP compatibility on the “no games, cry cry cry” Vita is a bare necessity the PSV community has needed from day one. Without it there can only be an epic fail of Vita itself. We need it, and we need like yesterday. That said, I applaud Total_Noob and wish him every success and godspeed.

  31. biohazard90 says:

    Thx wololo for the news, very good =)

  32. William A.U. says:

    Wow this is cool news! Welcome back Total_Noob!! But I understand you will be busy. Happy to have ya back. The PSP XMB idea is really awesome, can’t wait. :)

  33. DrripinSWAGSAUCE says:

    dis wud b wahk dohnt evin bova whi wud u evin wont 2 go bak 2 dat?

  34. dis wud b wahk dohnt evin bova whi wud u evin wont 2 go bak 2 dat?das so kornee

  35. geopis says:

    Awesome news!!!Total_Noob welcome back 😉

  36. fresno says:

    Woaw, good job.

  37. jack says:


  38. Martyslav says:

    just one question. WHY ? i think that people, who can play these games, should grab their psp or buy for few bucks some used one. I think its useless to buy vita for this. Everyone here saying, that they aren’t supporting piracy, but i doubt that games which is played trough this emulator are not downloaded. So why dont these hackers won’t (if they could) hack vita for being able to play pirate backups ?

    sorry for bad language and thanks for answer.

    • Sparks says:

      Thank you^

    • Theredbaron says:

      Your right, it is useless to buy a vita “just for this”. However, the vita has other features that make it nice. Netflix, html5 browser, better Q video, and the possibility of awesome games coming (bioshock :) ). This is just a hold over till that.

      And yes, you are right that most game I play on emu’s are downloaded. However, I own the original cart to all of them. Just because my GBA broke doesn’t have to mean I can’t play Zoids, that I legally bought. I just don’t have the way to back them up myself. On the systems that I can, NDS (I know, no psp emu, but still), PSP, computer, ect I do my own backups.

  39. psgarsenal says:

    “So why dont these hackers won’t (if they could) hack vita for being able to play pirate backups ?”
    First, they aren’t hackers. Second, some people (like me) just rip their UMD to only bring 2 memory cards and not a hundred UMDs.
    Sorry for my bad eglish, I’m french >_>

  40. dragonboy762 says:

    Can someone please explain to me… what is this?!

  41. Darenvy says:

    Great and Exciting work TN :)

  42. KuroRyuu913 says:

    wouldnt the PS3’s GUI be a bit better? I know there’s little difference, but why not go all out?

  43. Sparks says:

    Understandable that experimentation is key to unlocking the PS Vita’s true potential. But I’m sick of seeing the Vita’s PSP emulator being the only exploit being worked with. Efforts should be geared towards working on a native hack for the Vita. I feel as if Going through the PSP emulator is very limited and isn’t showing the Vita’s true potential.

    • dragng8 says:

      native hack for the vita isnt coming out for quite a while. It would be a SHAME for a native hack to be patched this early in the vita’s release.

      • dragng8 says:

        And that’s IF one gets released

        • Sparks says:

          Oh come now. You say that as if it’s so impossible.
          Please. Someone, somehow, someway, will most likely figure it out. No need to be so pessimistic.

          • hgoel0974 says:

            There is a native hack : UVL
            The thing is it won’t be released so soon because it is the only hack we have and we were lucky to get it.

            If it were released now, the exploit would be wasted, instead the plan is to learn everything we can about the PSVita and to find more hacks.

            Then later on when we have enough information and the tools to hack the Vita, UVL will go publicbut not yet

          • tigerblack says:

            @sparks: if you think its so easy go do it what r u waiting for

    • Luig says:

      The problem is no one really has experience with any native Vita hacks. PSP savegame exploits go WAY back so it was an easier way to bring homebrew to the Vita.

      • Sparks says:

        True. I suppose it has more to do with understanding the hardware than releasing information that one has no true understanding of. I suppose I didn’t see it from a hackers point of view.

      • hgoel0974 says:

        When the PSP was released, no one knew how to hack it, we were lucky to have a firmware with no security at all which gave us a kickstart (direct kernel access)

        In the case of the PSVita it is completely different, this time Sony hasn’t made that kind of mistake, we have the tools for the PSP so we have ePSP exploits but it isn’t so easy to hack a device which we have no information about especially when the device is so locked up that we are lucky to have PSP hacks.

        No one has any idea about what the PSVita RAM looks like, there aren’t any tools for it, so we can’t hack it as easily.

  44. Sparks says:

    I’d also like to add that XMB menu is completely redundant in itself seeing that the Vita’s main main can do everything the PSP can and more.
    I don’t know, it just seems slightly pointless to me.

  45. Sylen7Nato says:

    thanks for more great work TN…not sure why some people are so disbelieving though, because ive never known TN to post anything fake, and he has been a staple in the scene for many years now…im excited to see the end result of this, and i am wondering if CXMB would be possible with it…i love making my own ctf’s and would love even more to see that work come to life on the vita…thanks again TN and best of luck to ya bro.

  46. mlc says:

    Isn’t there some way that this can be released as a script that requires the 6.60 firmware files, and then modifies them as an addition to whatever files are released?

    That, while requiring a bit of extra work checking the output of the script, should dodge any “ethical” (ie legal lol) issues that are inherent in a release of a modified XMB.

    While it might require extra effort, it should limit liability and then the websites that put up the firmware files or put up finished XMB-for-PSV files would be the ones at risk, while everyone would always have the option of making the files themselves (with the addition of their PSP firmware files)

  47. Jon Huebert says:

    you should try to reverse engineer 6.60 PRO-Cfix3 from pro team. that would really improve the XMB! Also bring the “inferno” ISO Driver to the vita so that we can play games from any country on any vita as well!

  48. turkeY says:

    Fingers crossed for Flash on the vita! XMB looks awesome.

  49. Leires says:

    Oh heck yeah. That’d be awesome! D: D:

  50. Woow looks great, just think, croos bar media its better than menu vita. I hope a lot of waves on that.

  51. Amir says:

    can you please explain what this project is about?
    playing PSP games without exploits?

  52. Amir says:

    will there ever be any jailbreak without exploits???

  53. robhawk says:

    will there be another exploit because i didnt buy uno and i don have a ps3 and i would be wery thankfull if there are please respond if there will be/not be.

  54. neil says:

    moving on…

  55. KILL says:


  56. n1nurt4 says:

    xmb would be a godsend. the current TN menu works fine for me, minus an annoying bug that crashes the CEF whenever moving a backup to ms0 or deleting a backup/homebrew. Using pspdoxmanager circumvents this, but I hope that with the xmb will come greater functionality as well as compatibility. It would certainly bring a tear of nostalgia to this gamer

  57. c-zero says:

    NICE! This could mean that we can see a new batch of custom xmb themes coming soon too, assume that it would be possible to install these within the PSP-emu.


  58. dudio says:


  59. hgxshqswx says:

    nimal ka bugok

  60. Lightning says:

    Ctf’s lol

  61. jamesssss says:

    I was really hoping this was going to happen, as much as the custom menus work great the ability to have XMB would be awesome as it is just a great menu system!!

    Sony should learn a lesson and use it instead of this blob menu system in the Vita!

  62. E says:

    One word: YESSSSSS! I have been thinking about this 4 a while now. I miss the XMB. Total_Noob for the WIN.

  63. geogr says:

    hi wololo
    a new exploit by *zaiii* oO

  64. Reaper666 says:

    when you get down to building it is it like xml or is it more like C# or C++ … or an outdated programming language like the frog ….. sorry i’m a noob i should just look at tut on how to make an xmb lol

  65. Anonymous 22 says:

    the peps on the endlessparadigm forums might be a big big help to this one!

  66. neoceaser says:

    ok how is this different from the vmenu which i have used for months and it works much better then TNC menu

    • xoombie503 says:

      shut up noob this brings nothing new except that its a big deal cuz its the psp xmb on the vita

      • neoceaser says:

        speak for yourself noob there is already a psp xmb for ecfw and believe me i am no noob i modded every system at least few times

        • xoombie503 says:

          real psp xmb…you modded or used already made files available to everyone to follow a tutorial and think they hacked something?? either way the menu already out that you talk about,its just a theme;not the actual xmb

          • neoceaser says:

            ok thank u now can this thing do anything more then the vmenu u call a theme but i dont think its a theme if u all vmenu a theme the tn menu is also a theme and so is this thing, they are all menu.pbp

  67. bsc says:

    Please hacket ps vita!!

    Lan hackleyin artık şu konsolu!!!!

  68. yodawg says:

    that looks great!

  69. kelso says:

    Hey guys I got a quick question, I know how to install homebrew, emulators, and iso/cso but the only problem I am having is installing psx, I have psx eboots, but when I install them they dont run, I tried using the beta popcorn plugin and still wouldnt run can someone help, im on the uno exploit if that matters.

  70. <3<3<3 <3 <3 <3<3<3 <3<3<3
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  71. nCadeRegal says:

    Again very nice work TN. This is a feature my vita’s cannot be w/o. It would be so awesome to load up uno or MBA, and be able to use the XMB just like we did on psp. MY only ? is if u scroll to games will they show up as they did on the psp, with PIC1.PNG, and PIC0.PNG. I wonder if the music that played while viewing a game icon will work to. But anyways nice job dude, I hope swomeone can see this thru to fruition! Congrats bro!

  72. I hope compatibility with urbanix 1.81

  73. LittleEUROdingDONG says:


  74. NoOne says:

    Great work. I don’t have any exploit game in my ps vita. So I am wondering if there is any exploit in minis that PlayStation Europe offering in free at facebook as a Christmas gift.

  75. psvitafan says:

    I like, hope for a soon release! Great work!

  76. darnops says:

    before that right now we need to be able to transfer PSP DLC from computer to the vita or a loader,something like that :/

  77. Kelsey says:

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    describing the whole thing regarding that.

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  79. GreeNinja says:


  80. VitaSoy says:

    用谷歌繙譯可能看得董幾句, 哈.

  81. Paul says:

    You’re never going to see PS2 emulation on the vita. It is nowhere near powerful enough.

  82. Acid_Snake says:

    actually, it is possible and some sources close to sony have told wololo that sony is actually working on a ps2 emulator for the vita and/or the ps3

  83. Vita_User says:

    It’s not technically possible. The only way to have Ps2 games on the Vita would be to Port them.

  84. Unmolested Ex-Catholic says:

    YO YO Acid_Snake!

    You’re a DEV amirite? so start working on it. lol

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