Total_Noob brings the XMB to your Vita, looks for a trusted dev for help


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137 Responses

  1. Leires says:

    Oh heck yeah. That’d be awesome! D: D:

  2. Woow looks great, just think, croos bar media its better than menu vita. I hope a lot of waves on that.

  3. Amir says:

    can you please explain what this project is about?
    playing PSP games without exploits?

  4. Amir says:

    will there ever be any jailbreak without exploits???

  5. robhawk says:

    will there be another exploit because i didnt buy uno and i don have a ps3 and i would be wery thankfull if there are please respond if there will be/not be.

  6. neil says:

    moving on…

  7. KILL says:


  8. n1nurt4 says:

    xmb would be a godsend. the current TN menu works fine for me, minus an annoying bug that crashes the CEF whenever moving a backup to ms0 or deleting a backup/homebrew. Using pspdoxmanager circumvents this, but I hope that with the xmb will come greater functionality as well as compatibility. It would certainly bring a tear of nostalgia to this gamer

  9. c-zero says:

    NICE! This could mean that we can see a new batch of custom xmb themes coming soon too, assume that it would be possible to install these within the PSP-emu.


  10. dudio says:


  11. hgxshqswx says:

    nimal ka bugok

  12. Lightning says:

    Ctf’s lol

  13. jamesssss says:

    I was really hoping this was going to happen, as much as the custom menus work great the ability to have XMB would be awesome as it is just a great menu system!!

    Sony should learn a lesson and use it instead of this blob menu system in the Vita!

  14. E says:

    One word: YESSSSSS! I have been thinking about this 4 a while now. I miss the XMB. Total_Noob for the WIN.

  15. geogr says:

    hi wololo
    a new exploit by *zaiii* oO

  16. Reaper666 says:

    when you get down to building it is it like xml or is it more like C# or C++ … or an outdated programming language like the frog ….. sorry i’m a noob i should just look at tut on how to make an xmb lol

  17. Anonymous 22 says:

    the peps on the endlessparadigm forums might be a big big help to this one!

  18. neoceaser says:

    ok how is this different from the vmenu which i have used for months and it works much better then TNC menu

    • xoombie503 says:

      shut up noob this brings nothing new except that its a big deal cuz its the psp xmb on the vita

      • neoceaser says:

        speak for yourself noob there is already a psp xmb for ecfw and believe me i am no noob i modded every system at least few times

        • xoombie503 says:

          real psp xmb…you modded or used already made files available to everyone to follow a tutorial and think they hacked something?? either way the menu already out that you talk about,its just a theme;not the actual xmb

          • neoceaser says:

            ok thank u now can this thing do anything more then the vmenu u call a theme but i dont think its a theme if u all vmenu a theme the tn menu is also a theme and so is this thing, they are all menu.pbp

  19. bsc says:

    Please hacket ps vita!!

    Lan hackleyin artık şu konsolu!!!!

  20. yodawg says:

    that looks great!

  21. kelso says:

    Hey guys I got a quick question, I know how to install homebrew, emulators, and iso/cso but the only problem I am having is installing psx, I have psx eboots, but when I install them they dont run, I tried using the beta popcorn plugin and still wouldnt run can someone help, im on the uno exploit if that matters.

  22. <3<3<3 <3 <3 <3<3<3 <3<3<3
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    <3 <3

  23. nCadeRegal says:

    Again very nice work TN. This is a feature my vita’s cannot be w/o. It would be so awesome to load up uno or MBA, and be able to use the XMB just like we did on psp. MY only ? is if u scroll to games will they show up as they did on the psp, with PIC1.PNG, and PIC0.PNG. I wonder if the music that played while viewing a game icon will work to. But anyways nice job dude, I hope swomeone can see this thru to fruition! Congrats bro!

  24. I hope compatibility with urbanix 1.81

  25. LittleEUROdingDONG says:


  26. NoOne says:

    Great work. I don’t have any exploit game in my ps vita. So I am wondering if there is any exploit in minis that PlayStation Europe offering in free at facebook as a Christmas gift.

  27. psvitafan says:

    I like, hope for a soon release! Great work!

  28. darnops says:

    before that right now we need to be able to transfer PSP DLC from computer to the vita or a loader,something like that :/

  29. Kelsey says:

    Nice answers in return of this question with firm arguments and
    describing the whole thing regarding that.

  30. GreeNinja says:


  31. VitaSoy says:

    用谷歌繙譯可能看得董幾句, 哈.

  32. Paul says:

    You’re never going to see PS2 emulation on the vita. It is nowhere near powerful enough.

  33. Acid_Snake says:

    actually, it is possible and some sources close to sony have told wololo that sony is actually working on a ps2 emulator for the vita and/or the ps3

  34. Vita_User says:

    It’s not technically possible. The only way to have Ps2 games on the Vita would be to Port them.

  35. Unmolested Ex-Catholic says:

    YO YO Acid_Snake!

    You’re a DEV amirite? so start working on it. lol

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