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The 50 best PSP/Vita/PS3 homebrews in 2012


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  1. HeroEduard0 says:


  2. cool I am selling grand theft auto san andreas for psvita see my video on youtube SuperVisionaryHD and by the way it costs a $20 psn code

  3. Just wondering why CPS1 & 2 and MVSPSP is not included? LOL!

  4. ian james says:

    WifiHack works on UNO, and how? “/PSP/GAMES/WIFIHACK/”?

  5. ian james says:

    WifiHack works on PS VITA “UNO EXPLOIT”?, and how?

  6. Klowned says:

    hi wololo and evrybody i have a question does the snes emu work with vita? because mine black screen of death when i try to run it

    • satyrangeluz says:

      Yes, it works, use the official release, not euphoria or emc, google “psvita homebrew eol” found it right there

  7. Klowned says:

    all my wishes for you your family and happy new year

  8. JMQM Officials says:

    Awesome, my 2 solo work applications are in there πŸ˜€

  9. mediate says:

    I prefer MotioninJoy over xpadder since it is fully free and works over Bluetooth as well as USB. Other than that, thanks for the list!

  10. Rex2000 says:

    Great list! Thanks

  11. SIM sk says:

    cool blackballs (my homebrew) made it to the list πŸ™‚

  12. hgoel0974 says:

    Great to see The Homebrew Network up there! πŸ™‚

  13. ivo says:

    im looking forward for steam or half life I or II or III ???
    on future playstations πŸ™‚

    allso can pspemu or psp homebrew use wifi ? in TN ?
    ifso could i run psplink wifi version if configured right ?
    or can i only use offline brew ?

    thkx bye

  14. Ch33d3r says:

    Good News, but whats this all theese other ppl , who had to work or had no internet ,we need another Game ,me also πŸ˜‰

  15. Klowned says:

    hi when i try to load a rom on snes emu it freeze like ice

    how can i make it work?

  16. huz says:

    Hbl emulator snes9x sega masterboy gba cps1,2,neo3 filer6.6 ftp test working πŸ˜€ use xperia play internet hbl snes download fast ftp://192… file on ps vhbl ftp working! And But was pc ftp file fail sometime

    I search find hbl more emulator Roms “torrent” download!
    Thank you

  17. fresno says:

    Woaw,a hole bunch of good stuff.

    Thank you Wololo.

  18. Redsabre says:

    Hey does anybody tried downloading a game from the playstation store and then transfer it to your computer. After that you will find the game in C:\Users\USRNAME\Documents\PS Vita\APP\3f029c9f3b43f84d. After that you can use it to make copies of it and sell them or just share them with others.
    It worked for me but I dont know if it will work with other people because there might be a license or it is for only your psp.

  19. Noel Abercrombie says:

    “Touhou. Famous space shooter port on the PSP”
    It’s not a space shooter, man. Those are people. Or Demons. Or Whatever.

  20. Xsly says:

    Lamecraft is one of my favorite homebrews.

  21. Paul says:

    Does PSPokemon Grey work on Vita 1.81 with Gravity Crash exploit?

    Trying to get it to but keep getting the amazing C1-2858-3 error on launching it on TN-C.

  22. Pan says:

    question, i got PSPCOMIC and installed it into my psvita, now how do i put comic in it? someone please help πŸ™

  23. MIKIE_THE7 says:


  24. Caio says:

    One annoying thing about emulators is that they have 932489234 different builds. I mean, I only found out that Snes9xTYL mecm is the best version yesterday.

    Even now I don’t know what’s the latest version of gPSP (especially because of that drama involving the creator and some Japanese dude).

  25. landon says:

    PRO-B10 fix CFW is the best ever !

  26. kevin says:

    No Duck Hunt PSP? I really enjoyed that game though

  27. Haze7 says:

    Someone should make a android emulator already!!!

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