(Video) PS Vita’s USB, the worst design ever?


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246 Responses

  1. theknox1992 says:

    UNOOO!! lol

  2. Dexil says:

    To be honest, never had the problem.

  3. Coc says:

    I had the same problem. I can actually only load home few on my Vita through my wife’s laptop, as my PC got the Vita drivers so sc*** up that the only way to get it connected would basically be a full windows reinstall, which is more work than transferring what I want over on a flash drive every time.

  4. Lone_wulf says:

    Yea itz a issue but if u look close the side with the ps sign is the correct side thts wht i just remember when I go about pluging the vita…

    • [Dark.Shadow.MX] says:

      That’s what i do…. and i’ve never had any problems.

    • wololo says:

      I don’t care, they should have designed it in a way that I can’t be mistaken, even in the dark. What serious company comes up with such a flawed hardware design nowadays besides Sony?

      • vicsidious says:

        On the newer model, they added a metal lip so you can’t fit the cable the wrong side, so… Guess you’ll have to buy a newer model! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • StepS says:

        agree, the dark is actually the problem where I have to use my fingers like a blind guy to determine the position of PS sign and yet I mistake in most of cases.
        also, “4-letter words” is the best case… we have 3-letter words here in Russian, lol

  5. [Dark.Shadow.MX] says:

    “innovative hardware companies like Apple”

    I lol’d.

  6. Enigma85 says:

    I always end up plugging it in the wall to charge at night so it’ll be 100% when I wake up. Well I always wake up to a dead unit cause I put the cable in upside down.

  7. quetz says:

    well.. it actually got a arrow on the top side to identify the correct direction.. ๐Ÿ˜› and first you have to plug the device, then the usb, this for security shocks.. like all electronics devices.. mini usb would have been much better. you can find a usb\mini usb almost everywhere, into a house or even a car.. but if you have not your ps vita cable around with you then could’t recharge it on the go, thats annoying

  8. Royston says:

    Not really… the manual says to have the PlayStation logo on the USB cable facing the front when connecting, which is the correct way. I admit, its kinda tricky to see in the dark, but aside from that, its simple enough

  9. Stiffeno says:

    I never had this problem and I have a launch day Vita…the side that faces forward has a Playstation Logo on it =/, cant really see how you could plug it in the wrong way!

    • wololo says:

      The playstation logo is black, the cable is black. It is not the easiest thing to see, and even if it was glowing in the dark I’d rather not even have to ask myself the question. Take a regular USB cable, it is technically *impossible* to plug it incorrectly.

      • The Z says:

        Regular USB cables are the heck. You have to turn it 3 or 4 times until it decides to fit into the PC. Regular USB cable is the worst in my opinion.

      • Notn4 says:

        Yeah a regular USB cable is technically impossible to plug incorrectly but they are also practically impossible to plug correctly on the first try, or the second :)

      • Yes says:

        The logo is ingraved into the plug, so you should be able to feel which side the logo is on with your finger :)

  10. TroyDsX says:

    this happens to me way to much xDD

  11. Noel_Abercrombie says:

    To Wololo, in answer to your question : They changed the cable later, not the console. I bought a replacement cable a few days ago, and it only goes in one way, while my stock cable would happily go in whichever.

  12. spankymcspankerson says:

    So it’s a design flaw because you can’t plug it in correctly…right? Hahahaha. Good times, good times. I’d hate to see how you handle putting on your shoes in the morning. ;-p

    Sorry lolo, but I can’t say I’ve ever once had a problem plugging something in. I typically look at it first before doing anything. I believe it’s called common sense or something like that. OH too easy. I’m giving you a hard time man no offense. Thanks for the laughs.

    • wololo says:

      You just have low standards for quality expectations.

      If Apple came up with such a stupid design, they would have to provide public apologies within a week of the release. Name ONE other device that has such a stupid design flaw that it allows you to plug a cable backwards

      • razor says:

        100% Agree with you Wololo. I noticed all these flaws & commented here months ago. It’s unbelievable when Sony makes such a dumb mistake. Definitely it’s not designed by the PSP design team, but some amateur designers.

  13. your Dumb! says:

    Its only you.. YOU IDIOT!.. haha!.. youre DUMB!..

  14. xyzmanas says:

    God save America!!

  15. Vibrocil says:

    Same issues here man, though since update 2.02 I never connect to pc anymore with the cable, only to charge… I transfer everything through wifi…Btw, apache webserver on your network without index.html and netfront browser are your friends, I have a shared folder to the same folder that has the webserver.

  16. musashiro says:

    i guess its not that bad…

    only thing that kinda annoys me now is the girl (or boy) who says “UNO!!” when trying to play Yoshi Island… LOL

  17. Rusty_Train says:

    i’ve had this issue to, i am constantly in the dark and plug it in the wrong way, its rather annoying

  18. allan says:

    happened to me too.

  19. wartaf says:

    wow!! i didn’t even know that it is possible to plug the cable on reverse ๐Ÿ˜€

    it didn’t happen to me even once ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. rav says:

    Just rub the PS Logo.
    Then you’ll know the right position even in the dark ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. Gabo2D says:

    I had this problem the first time i want to charge the Vita. And, for hours i was crazy that i had a defective unit. Of course the manual says that the logo has to be up. But, who reads manuals to connect stuff?!. Like wololo says, nowadays every cable has been designed to be attached one way, or, if it has several ways to be connected, it works in every direction. So, why read the manual?!?!?!.

    Its a weird design decision, at least.

  22. uNb0rN says:

    dont have this prob.i can plug the cable only in good way.

  23. lagunareturns says:

    Blame the Vita designer, he was the original walkman designer so expect to have some old school designs thrown in or limitations….

    I also know for a fact they went through several designers but there was a technical fault like heat issues, size, weight etc… So they tried the original walkman designer and used his knowledge of compacting cassette player, he was able to achieve a design that worked…. My guess is he wasn’t the arrogant pig that most designers are and say that my design and for the engineers to make it happen, he actually spoke and listened to the engineers and kept making changes to the design before he went to production.

  24. DongsMBM says:

    did the US vita had the cable as the ones in the japanese vitas? thats sad……I heard some of the vitas were burnt it self because of the wrong way of plugging when charging.

  25. ErikM says:

    Sorry if I’m not on topic but I’m too lazy to ask on the forums. Ok first I’m a noob when it comes to programming terminology but, what does the whole leaked psvita sdk documents mean for the scene and hows it helpful? If its real that is.

  26. dragar says:

    Shouldn’t have pushed the cable so hard. Mine will only fit one way unless I force it and I’m not willing to do that.

    • wololo says:

      It looks like I’m forcing but that’s because I’m also holding the camera and facing the device in a weird position. I swear I don’t have to force anything to put it the wrong way. As a matter of fact, the wrong way goes in much smoother than the right one

      • Yes says:

        Yeah, you dont really need to apply much force to insert the cable the wrong way. I do think there is some resistance when doing it though, but not enough that cant lead to a mistake.

  27. Romu says:

    yeah i have the same issue too… Hope that will not destroy the port itself one day…

  28. clay says:

    rofl yeah had this issue a few times when i first got my vita. thought it wasnt charging and i panicked that it was faulty. XD

  29. mariusrhpsd says:

    just feel the usb/ps logo, if it’s facing up, you are doing it right, that;s the rule of thumb for allll usb

  30. Sneax673 says:

    I’ve had my vita 2 weeks before official launch date and I have never ever encountered this problem

  31. regine03 says:

    It should a design that will be not connected if it’s upside down?

  32. xerpi says:

    LOOOOL I had this problem the first time! I connected the cable the wrong way xD

  33. Mart says:

    I never plugged it in the wrong way around, there are some stripes on the metal of the plug that need to face down too.

    Then again, the plug should have been designed that it can’t go in the wrong way/up side down, gotta agree with that.

    But as it isn’t, just pay a little attention, it is very doable to recognize the right side up to connect… Not a very big deal and worthy to write a blog post about, or is news slow these days hehe

  34. xentar says:

    I have the newer system so it only plugs in one way. I never checked this before the article as I’ve just got in the habit of inseting the plug | | side up (you can feel those two little bumps very easily in the dark.)

    I do agree with you that the original design could have been better but I think sony’s lack of titles for the system are hurting it far more than this sort of thing (also I realise you never compared these things.)

    • Mart says:

      The newer system? Isn’t there only one version of the PSVita yet?

      Haven’t heard about any redesign being done, not even on the connector….

      • xentar says:

        Honestly I thought the same. I only read about the newer system in the vicsidious’s comment above and what do you know? Turns out with my wifi model bought in september the cable won’t plug in upside down but it will on my older 3g version.

  35. Jd8531 says:

    They should’ve taken note from Apple with the new Lightning Bolt cable for the iPhone 5. It’s small, can insert any way and has extremely high data transfer rates.

  36. yosh says:

    Impossible to reproduce on european PSVita imho, got mine on 23rd february 2012 and it was working perfectly already.
    That’s what it costs to be the firsts (Japan) in the world getting a product, beta-testers ๐Ÿ˜€ lol

  37. Dario says:

    I had this problem with the psp go as well. And as the console gets older, the problem is more annoying.

  38. juggernaut22kk says:

    i didn’t have a problem like this either ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. Geo says:

    Plugged mine the wrong way too the first time I got my Vita and thought that my unit or cable was busted. I mean, it kinda fit flush and this was like the first time I ever made such a mistake when it came to plugging in cables. Guess I was not alone after all lol

  40. arjunsm says:

    I have bought one on the release. But never had a problem with it.

  41. Yes says:

    I dont think it is the worse design ever, but i have to admit i find it a bit weird that they allow the USB cable to be connected both ways into the Vita. I always remember to check if the Playstation icon on the plug is faced up when i connect it :)

  42. Leires says:

    When i came in here, i thought you were going to complain about the positioning, haha..I never ran into that issue. There’s a PS logo on the correct side of the USB (at least mine, not sure if all have that) so it’s not easy to accidentally plug in the wrong way for me. D: Also, Erwan, eh?

    • Leires says:

      Yeah..Wololo, in the video (watching it a second time) It has that logo, man..That’s like..Mixing up L and R headphone buds, not looking at em and then saying it’s bad design ๐Ÿ˜ก

  43. Xsly says:

    I dont even see the point of them letting you plugin it in both ways but one doesn’t work. That was just a stupid idea.

  44. Josh says:

    Mine only fits in one way (UK) so they probably realised the design didn’t work and made it only fit one way.

  45. starr says:

    This entire post made me lol. Thanks for the morning laugh wololo. :) I have never had this problem with my vita….but now that you’ve mentioned it, I know it’ll happen all the time. Haha:)

  46. Anonymous says:

    What really bothers me is that if you wanna charge, you need to turn off the PS Vita

    Really? Every device that’s exists in this year and age can charge from USB without needing to compleatly turn off the device, that’s just atrocious.

  47. blahblah says:

    @ wololo

    apply a thick sticker/label or a dot of hot melt glue or melt the connector abit as a marking. u r not gonna miss the connection even with ur eyes closed. ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. Steph says:

    you can actualy stick your USB cable into the Vita in reverse???

    Mine never did!

    What they have done with mine (i just tried to plug it in backwards again then :P) is they’ve added a groove onto both the cable and the Vita, so it will only ever plug in one way.

    Still….. if Sony forgot that with the very first Vita’s…. Dude that’s just pathetic R&D!

  49. Superman SP says:

    I find the cartridge slot flap more annoying! Anybody agree?

    • Steph says:

      yes! you need nails! or a specialised opening tool or something!

      Hey! The memory sticks and game cartridges go in both ways! another design flaw too ๐Ÿ˜€

  50. DS_Marine says:

    The new cable is just stupid. Another cable you need to be carrying around.
    ALSO the charger…It’s standard 5v usb, why can’t I use it to charge other USB devices (because that stupid notch it has)? I will just remove it with a cutter, but WHY I should need to do this.
    And the PSV won’t charge if plugged to the iphone charger (but a kodak charger I have DO works).

    • Steph says:

      Because Sony wants you to buy their brand name stuff, and not some “cheap” (cheap as in it costs slightly more than what it took to make it rather than production costs + brand name fee of 80%) generic product.

      You can get the Sony cable to charge just from USB, you have to have the Vita TURNED OFF completely tho.

      If you want it to charge properly you need to do some cabling work, see here : http://www.snapturtle.com/wp/2012/02/22/ps-vita-usb-charging-solved/

      I just turn mine off to charge… and carry a USB battery charger in my bag just incase, it’s a Sony one tho so it works with itself…. :S

  51. memkou says:

    yeah, i made that mistake more than once… i tried to charge my vita, then i was wondering why my vita isn’t charging. i tried to unplug and replug the usb but it wasnt charging. i was worried i have no money to buy another power supply for vita. then i noticed, i plugged the usb in the wrong way. haha

    • MacksG says:

      Yeaa. its because they “thought” people would invest in the wireless charging docks, They exsist, but cost a hefty penny . they really should’ve tested this port. should have stayed using the newer usb UnervisalB, but they “wanted” fast and secure transfer. understandable. ~ they failed. i enjoy wifi transfers. its ftp, .. but has no options. i feel they should 100% open the vita to the public and sell Dev kits for 500$ 4g, 3g, unlocked. why? because not only would they make millions, everyone would be able to create and harvest games.

      sure thered be problems, but wouldn’t you rather have freedom then stupid *** corprate gimmicks? … idk comment if you feel me, flame i’ll kill you.

    • greyfox says:

      plug it the wrong way??? how come?
      it won’t be plug in if it is in the wrong way…

  52. papimax68 says:

    I think we should be very foolish to make mistakes, have to read the instructions.

  53. Aaron Jean says:

    I never understood what all the fuss was about. Upside down, the plug is so difficult to push in that you’ll always realize it’s the wrong way.

    Maybe it’s something they changed for the EU/NA models, though? I never saw the complaints after the Western launch, and the issue seemed redundant to me when I bought my NA Vita.

    • Roland says:

      Yea over in the states we haven’t had that problem (well none of the 5 people I know with a Vita have)

    • wololo says:

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s an issue only with early JP models, based on the feedback I’ve received

      • Ed says:

        My US one goes in either way perfectly easy (that’s what she said)

        and mine’s not that old, got it from the ‘buy a laptop and get a vita’ deal a few months ago

        it drives me completely batshit because i think i put it in the wrong way basically 50% of the time. i’ve had to start looking at the cable to make sure i’m sticking it in ‘logo up,’ its so ridiculous

        • thedicemaster says:

          I tend to grab the connector itself when I insert it into my Vita.
          There are some very noticeable bumps on the back of the connector itself so I never really put it in the wrong way even if I plug it in while it’s dark in the room.

  54. razor says:

    Definitely one of the Biggest DESIGN FAIL!! what’s more unbelievable that it’s from Sony.

  55. Albie85 says:

    I’ve had my 3G vita from day 1 and I can only use one side but I never get it mixed up coz there’s a mark or a pic on the side it’s ment to plug in. I can’t double check coz I’m out but I’m pretty sure there’s an indication people

    • Albie85 says:

      Just got home and checked ps sign on the rite way so its not that bad it’s just people not checking before they plug in!

  56. KirkD says:

    Sony should have done a better job with the design, but it is not that hard to make sure the cable is plugged in the right way. At least they did put the PlayStation symbol on the side that should be facing up. With that you just need to pay attention to what you’re doing.

  57. aerinas says:

    I got my vita at launch here in the EU, and my cable only fits one way. But I agree this should’ve been tested :/

  58. Albie85 says:

    Just got home and checked ps sign on the rite way so its not that bad itโ€™s just people not checking before they plug in!

  59. LTTP says:

    This is fixed on the White vita :3
    Assassins creed one

  60. maastersplinter says:

    I have a US vita bought at launch and it only goes in one way. There are tabs/channels that won’t let you plug it in the wrong way.

    • thedicemaster says:

      those tabs are in all Vita cables, but they are too small so they often don’t work as well as they should.

  61. HIMFan says:

    Yeah. It won’t let me push it in the wrong way and I live in Kansas.

  62. AntiHeadshot says:

    i don’t get it … i tryed once plug it in wrong, but it was to thick! If i want to plug it in wrong i need to do it with force. Are there multiple versions?

  63. Patrick81 says:

    Interesting. I believe they already fixed that in newer models. Last month, i bought a white one that came with Assassins Creed and a black one with Call of Duty. I tried to push in the wrong way a bit harder. it just wont go in. Tried the black one… still cant. Its pretty clear to me that bundle ones are fixed. :)

  64. Chezni says:

    This happened to me as well until I noticed the PS symbol. Remember that it’s ENGRAVED into the plug though so you can feel if it’s facing the right direction before you penetrate it (sexually).

  65. EzpadaZ says:

    I never had that problem, i tried to plug the cable just like you did on the video and i cant xD

  66. SIM sk says:

    just put the cable into your vita with the ps logo upside..

  67. makak1984 says:

    Ok, I also make this mistake once ๐Ÿ˜‰ but now before I plug USB first I am searching for side with logo on it it is simple to feel this little structure. But If someone want to improve this feeling try use one drop (spot) of glue when it dry, you never have this problem…

  68. silkyskeeter says:

    Mine doesnt have this issue. The 3G-Wifi model, I bought at NA launch, only plugs one way. Guessing this is a wifi only model issue.

  69. n1nurt4 says:

    Its funny how so many people here comment without reading the other comments, so basically its a bunch of users saying really similar things and it cracks me up to see the same statement just re-worded. It feels like those story arcs you get sometimes in tv shows where everybody’s stuck in a time loop… Does no one seriously pay attention, or do they just not care about spamming?

  70. Flash_Falcon says:

    I’ve plugged mine in backwards plenty of times as well. Annoying indeed but the one thing I really hate more is the fact that unless you modify a USB extension cable, you can’t plug your PSVita straight into a USB port to charge it. The modified extension cable makes it work right which means there goes ANOTHER cable to carry.

  71. Karma Kontrol says:

    Yup, same here. ACIII:L bundle, and I’ve had no issues.
    But, I’ve also never attempted to plug it in wrong, as I just make sure I see the PS logo.
    n1nurt4, big deal. Obviously he doesn’t mind the comments or he’d disable them. I’m sure he’s got the power. xD

    • n1nurt4 says:

      Really it wasn’t in reference to wololo, but the users making the comments. Your response sort of answers my question, so thanks.

  72. DeadPixel99 says:

    I have two launch models (one 3g, one wifi) and i have never had this problem.

  73. JonathanH says:

    I have a habbit of putting it in backwards too.

    Mine bends every time I plug it in….

    Half of the copper wire is exposed urggghh lol.

  74. tomo says:

    mines a wifi eu model and mine goes in both ways at first i thought it wouldnt charge then seen the logo on one side

  75. jacinto says:


  76. what? says:

    i dont have that problem … its just cannot fit in if plug wrong way ,,,asian version

  77. airjer says:

    Out of habit I look for the logo before I even try to plug it in.

  78. TheZekku says:

    oh your not alone i completely despise the usb plug for the vita i mean cmon sony just use a standard usb for the vita do you really need to make loyal fans buy special plugs for quite possibly the biggest failure of a console you have ever made.
    Do you really need more money?
    i swear sometimes i think about sucking it up and just selling the vita and buying a psp again -_-

  79. jd20dog says:

    my vita and psp go are the only devices i have that havent had cable problems
    my ipad has been replaced 8 times, damn piece of over priced *** there

    if your having issue with plugging it in backwards, you just need to mark it better, like use some elmores glue to make a bump on the front of the plug so you can feel the front

    ive never plugged it in backward yet

  80. Now we know your name is Erwan. :)

  81. asmith906 says:

    I’ve never had this problem. Mine has to be forced in the other way. It’s really not that hard to figure out which way to plug in your usb.

  82. Yololo says:

    The problem I have is keeping it upright while watching Neflix or videos. Which is seldom.

  83. wololi says:

    If y ou where stupide wololo what should we do forme y ou mothherfuuckef ???

  84. ??? says:

    this is a rant uidiot!!!

  85. >_> says:

    Yeah Sony always has to be special and use proprietary designs in each new product. In any case I just make sure the PS symbol is facing up and I have no problems.

  86. :) . . Erwan is your name wololo?

  87. Anderson says:

    I just got a brand new Vita, and the cable WILL NOT go in if I try to do it backwards, so it must be an issue with earlier models.

  88. EJ says:

    Never really had that much of a issue with that, mostly just my own mistakes and not double checking, which I still hate though. I wish it was just like any other USB or at least PSP type of hook-up and be able to charge my Vita with it plugged into the comp.

  89. red says:

    have u guys noticed its the same cable from the psp go?

  90. kupomogli says:

    I haven’t had a problem with the PS Vita’s AC/USB as you speak of it. Not once, but I’ve heard people who have.

    Though I don’t like it much because, just like the PSP, when using it as a charger, it’s on the bottom of the device itself. Being on the bottom of the device the cord ends up getting more in your way, also not allowing you to be as far away from the plug as possible because it has to reach to the opposite side. If it was at the top of the device, it would be hanging off the back, away from where you’re playing, you’d also be able to play from further away, not too much further, just a couple/few more inches, but still, further. It wouldn’t waste two to three inches of cord going under the system. If you were playing the Vita upside down, then it’d be better designed, but the Vita isn’t meant to be played upside down.

  91. Luis E Alvarado says:

    I have the First Edition Bundle (3G), and I have plugged it in wrong, once or twice, but I tend to realize it is pretty quickly.
    It is a design issue, since they did fix it with the newer bundles, but that’s what you get when you are a (somewhat) early adopter (japan got it first).

  92. Chipokomon says:

    Wololo is ugly but he got nice looking hands. ^_-

  93. Unmolested Ex-Catholic says:

    Every device in the world has some kind of flaw. lol

  94. ChemDog says:

    The first time I plugged my Vita in it was the wrong way, and I was freaking out that I was going to damage something.
    Really bad design, they should have just went with either way works.

  95. stavrosomo says:

    Relly bad design! Happens many times on my friends PSVita! It is really annoying when you get problem because the cable is plugged in the wrong way. My friend bought the PSVita few days ago but still have the same problem!

  96. David says:

    This has happened to me before but it is kind of obvious, first you can feel it when plugging it in because it doesn’t go in as smoothly. And I would not have checked all that stuff you did, the cable on the vita would of been the first place I looked. I also agree though that they should of made it to where it can only go in one way.

  97. pSnDeaofly says:

    I just don’t have this issue, I got my Vita in June for my birthday and plugging the plug in upside down is a no go. It just WONT GO IN UPSIDE DOWN?!?! It really must be older units cause my unit stops the plug from being inserted the wrong way.

  98. IgnusArmagadan says:

    The first time I ever plugged my Vita up to the charger, it died because I had it in the Vita the wrong way. I totally agree!! Terrible design.

  99. man_of_power05 says:

    um…other cable types have to be plugged in the right way. its not a big deal. it won’t even go in upside down. if you try to force it, it might damage the vita, the cable, or both.

  100. Romu says:

    I watched the video and I laugh again xD It’s like me as each time i wanna plug this awesome USB cable :)

  101. TheDeadlyTwo says:

    Interestingly enough, it appears that it’s absolutely impossible to place the charger cable into the WHITE PS Vita backwards. I tried intentionally after seeing this and just couldn’t get it to fit in there.

    I guess they figured out the possibility of doing this and fixed it when they started releasing the AC3 bundle.

  102. HerperOfManyDerps says:

    Lol actually I haven’t plugged it in wrong yet ’cause I just look for the little logo first, but then again I can’t put it in wrong since I have the white Vita and I’d have to really force it in

  103. Mikudayo says:

    Hmm well there’s a reason why the dock exists, it helps to connect the vita on an easy way, its miserable 10 bucks and it comes with a line out direct, why suffer plugin the vita in the air.

  104. GuitaristMatt says:

    It doesn’t charge very well through the PS3 either

  105. Slimjim3k says:

    I wonder if it would be possible to hard mod a Mini USB port on this thing like how you could mod an original xbox for using thumb drives on it.

  106. TheSpillmonkey says:

    I have a release date vita (USA), and it really only fits one way. There are small guide tabs on the cable that fit with grooves on the vita itself. It probably COULD fit the other way if i forced it, but there is easily enough resistance to know “don’t do that”.. on my unit anyway.

  107. Red says:

    Come on, guys. It’s not hard. The cord doesn’t go in very easily when it’s upside down. Even in the video. At the end. He had to like, force it in. His hands shook as he was doing it.
    Maybe I’m the only one in the word that DOESN’T have issues with this? >_>

  108. neil says:

    I use a dock so I run into no problems haha

  109. Tonch says:

    I never had a problem with this really– I always notice the “PS” logo on the top of the connector, so I don’t think I’ve ever put it in backwards. As far as I remember, anyway.

  110. Bob says:

    never happens to me

  111. Tony says:

    Holy *** Wololo. I came here for the Vita stuff, stayed here for the articles and Wagic. Thanks my friend.

  112. Bronze_sword says:

    I got the 1st edition middle in america, I pulls the usb in and you have to put a little force to make out go in upside down

  113. ray says:

    Whaaaaat? is it possiable to plug it upside down? haven’t notice that yet
    u must be use the CMA very often, so that the socket getting lose.

    and Thank u for ur effort for homebrew&anything on PSVITA

  114. Mars says:

    I’ve never had that problem. Can’t plug the cable in upside down at all in mine.

  115. Chozzehnwahn says:

    I hav a first edition vita and i do that all the time. Its quite annoying actually

  116. Lightning says:

    Clearley the guy in the video is a ***, just insert the cable with the ps symbol facing up it really isn’t that hard…hope this guy damages his vita’s charging port and when he breaks it he’ll be regretting doing this to the vita, just sayin

    • fingloi_x3 says:

      I agree with you,
      the video speaks to itself…
      sometimes wololo is a ***…
      he should know the reason why sony put its logo on only 1 side of the cable.

  117. Frank says:

    Check the logo dude… You’re the only one having that problem I believe or you’re always plugging your PS Vita in the dark :)

  118. yeah yea says:

    ive also remembered one time that i have charge my vita when the light was turned off, i didnt realized that the cable was been inserted in the wrong way thus the vita was not charge by morning, lol

  119. Lawthugg says:

    feel for the logo. even a blind man can feel the logo!

    “Charlie Brown voice”… GOOD GRIEF!!!

  120. bcrew1375 says:

    Strange, I got my Vita on the US launch day (February 22nd), but the back of the USB cable has the corners and middle jutting out slightly to prevent it being plugged in backwards.

  121. nico says:

    Is there any difference between different version? I wonder… I’m in north America.The Vita came out like few months late over here. Maybe they first lunched it in some countries with that kind of lack design? And fixed when in north America. Because the unit I got at the first released has no problem at all.

  122. kuagelo says:

    I think this one’s only for older units. I got mine on October last year, it won’t allow me to plug it upside down.

  123. konamigood says:

    That’s why Apple introduce Thunder connector

  124. k3nn says:

    i would have to agree with wololo on this, it does seem to be able to plug in both ways, most of the connectors i know has only 1 way to be plugged in (hdmi, usb, et). this is a fail from Sony; they should have included a notch somewhere.my unit is from apr 2012

  125. Bromanbro says:

    The problem was only with Japanese first gen units. It was fixed by the NA release.

    • TelcoLou says:

      Uhm no. I had the same problem a couple of times; I noticed it wasn’t charging and said “***” several times until I switched it so the logo was facing up. NA version.

      My larger gripe is how EASILY the rubber sheathing splits; I had to get a new USB cord-section due to it splitting, als gripe-worthy: IT’S ON THE BOTTOM, and juts out really far, so I can’t charge it while playing in bed! >.<

  126. Veskgar says:

    I preferred the USB connection on top of the PSP. I often use the PS Vita while its got the USB plugged in and its a little awkward. Just a small gripe really. Overall, I’m pleased with the design.

  127. wraddek says:

    haha, I always just make sure that the “ps” logo is facing up to avoid this problem

  128. suicidal_banana says:

    I dont have this issue either, though the connector does look pretty shoddy, i guess i could force it in upside down, but so far ive not had that happen yet.

  129. TioSolid says:

    Same problem here, this *** me off so much too, but reading the previous comments it looks like a regional problem. I have a Japanese 3G Vita (like you do, probably) and the cable fits both sides. My friend has a brazillian model and the cable is blocked from fitting the wrong side

  130. ShogunzX9 says:

    Definitely depends on the regional type of connector…mine is only fitted one way….all in all, i have no problem with the cable ^_^

  131. mangbhoy says:

    Fortunately enough I don’t have this issue.
    That does suck.

    My Vita model is a PCH-1006

    • psvita-freak says:

      the the number 6 is a coutry code… my vita is an 1004, an dutch model… the 100 is the model type…
      At the psp you can see this too, the 100* version was a fat, the 200* was a slim, the 300* was an psp slim&light.

      (*=your coutry code)

  132. dem0n_uk says:

    when i got it out the box very first time having a vita in my hand i thought great the cable goes in both ways.

    But soon worked out it only charges or connects to ps3/pc plugged in one way.

    Now i look for the little playstation symbol on the connector before i shove it in.

  133. PS3 says:

    I want a good hack for the vita frostegater sucks i want dark_alex

  134. Dust Junky says:

    I still don’t uderstand why institutions like Sony use proprietary dock connections (like the Vita’s) only to directly connect it to USB??? Surly that makes no sense, why not just use a industry standard like mini or micro USB? Wouldn’t that make the overall production costs per unit cheap for the consumer as well? ย 

  135. whatever says:

    never had this issue

  136. dahui says:

    My US Vita purchased last March has a keyed USB slot and cable, so I haven’t had an issue plugging it in. It very well may be, as a previous commenter said, region specific.

  137. zorrodood says:

    you really have to force the plug in the hole to get it in upside down. it fits, but you should notice that it isn’t supposed to go this way.

    • wololo says:

      On my model it fits perfectly and I don’t feel any resistance whatsoever

      • Vitality777 says:

        Same here, no friction/resistance whatsoever. It just fits perfectly in both ways. My Vita is a very early (1 week after launch date) EU device (bought in the Netherlands).

  138. Klowned says:

    hi i have a little question when i try to run snes emulator on vita black screen and nothing after intro is it because i have rom in smc format or should i have them in zip file??

  139. loverali says:

    Mine can go upside down but with force.normally before using force i understand that I’m plugging it the wrong way.and just to be sure i look at the Sony logo.Actually i didn’t expect it from you.

    • wololo says:

      As it has been discussed several time, Launch JP models have a design flaw. I don’t have to force at all in order to plug it the wrong way. I also don’t want to have to think about it twice when I plug a cable.

  140. Vitality777 says:

    Besides the lack of good titles, this is the 1 thing that’s been bothering me since day 1. I always put the plug in upside down. I wonder how this could have slipped through the quality check. I just hope my port will never break because of this crappy design error.

  141. pessimist pete says:

    I’ve never plugged it in wrong. It takes all of 1-2 seconds to see where the PS logo is on to plug it in correctly.

  142. jesus says:

    iยดm agree the worst of course

  143. DarkVolkaN says:

    It really works with my german April 2012 PSV too! You can really feel that it is hard to stick it in, but it fits both ways…

  144. trecenters says:

    Have already had to buy another for $17.99


  145. derek says:

    easy…the ps logo goes to the front….it wont fit easely if plugged the other side…..
    first edition of the psvita and never had this problem…it’s a big complain about something that only requires to check where is the logo on the cable…

    • wololo says:

      Funny how so many people accept such an obvious flaw as if it was “ok”, from one of the biggest hardware manufacturers in the world. If Sony was a random Chinese company and this was some sort of cheap tablet, I wouldn’t complain.

      I think the main reason I’m getting so many “why do you complain” comments is because the problem has been fixed for the US/EU release

      • VoidKeeper says:

        @wololo I got a EU Vita, it’s not a launch model and I had this problem with it.

        @derek That doesn’t make the slot and plug any less badly designed, if if fits the wrong way it’s badly designed end of story, the fact that the logo is there to guide you doesn’t make it ok for the plug to be incorrectly plugged in, if I wrecked my PSVita and they blamed me for not noticing the logo I would flip out! It would be like if I bought one of those baby toys with the shapes and the holes and some shaped would fit in the wrong holes, you just don’t DO that!

      • StepS says:

        wololo, I got a european vita and it happens for me as well :)

      • derek says:

        didn’t knew this wasn’t on the EU/US release…and you’re right

  146. Sambo says:

    That’s just plain stupidity. I have the launch day Vita and not once have I ever encountered this problem. It clearly only goes in one way.
    The opposite side appears forced and could possibly damage the connectors!

  147. Redsabre says:

    Does anybody know where to find ps vita isos or roms?

  148. Redsabre says:

    Has anybody try going into C:\Users\”username”\Documents\PS Vita\APP\3f029c9f3b43f84d and dragging that file for putting it up online. instead using ISO.

  149. Redsabre says:

    Just to say in my older comment that it worked for me.

  150. Redsabre says:

    Ok just to confirm that this only for digital downloads.

  151. shagrath says:

    I never read the manual so I never knew about the logo thing.
    I am a bit delicate in handling my new gadgets so I look at the plug before inserting it every time(like what you do with a USB cables).
    I believe it really is a flaw in the design. Memory cards etc. also have visual indicators but I believe they will never get in the wrong way. I will prolly get an OCD if I have to make sure about those things every time too.

  152. ASD says:

    I have a question .. but you couldn’t create an app (with a leak) with playstation Mobile Development Program. And then through this application hack the ps vita ??
    sorry for my English

  153. Klowned says:

    Hey don’t read n1nurt4 in through the Comment Box

  154. bronz_sword says:

    has anyone noticed that uno is STILL on us psn?

  155. zoraktorok says:

    Hey, guess what? My vita has been shipped off again… this time due to either the power port or the internal battery I’m guessing the battery , thing can be charged for 16 hours and have about half charge that lasts 30 minutes… NYKON battery grip won’t charge it fast enough. Second one I’ve had so a 8 month lifespan with no way of opening it up to change it means its going to be 120 per service call after the first year..

    btW, i tried 2 diffrent usb cables ( frontwards and back):->
    USB power suply off/on
    Plugged to pc/ps3/power
    NKYON battery grip
    Format system.

    Oh well, I guess i’ll get another NEW one and get to set it up as well…. just better have 2.02 on it :->

  156. Inali says:

    I have two launch day 3G vita’s, and I *tried* plugging in the USB cable upside down. Doesn’t fit. You people are clearly shoving it in with excessive force and breaking it!

    • Inali says:

      Launch day NTSC-U, USA model!

      • VoidKeeper says:

        No, we’re not, look into your slot, is it a perfect rectangle with the pins in the middle, if so, refer to your plug and see that it’s a PERFECT rectangle, there’s some grooves on the plug, but not on the slot, there’s NOTHING preventing the plug from being put in it reversed. At least not on my PSVita there isn’t.

  157. ragna says:

    i cant even plug in the USB cable backwards… i dont know if sony revised the vita (i have the white one from the ac3 bundle) but there are 3 grooves on the plug where i can only plug it in one way (the correct way)

  158. felly117 says:

    I got a PS vita at launch in Japan and this happens to me all the time.

  159. Yamiroqaou says:

    I donยดt think so, actually it seems the best for me…

  160. Josh says:

    lol i do this all the time it sucks when u do it to charge it just to find out the next day its still dead and u cant take it out with u…. -_-

  161. wtf says:

    proprietaty usb designs ftw? nope

  162. Sakuryu says:

    Got mine from eBay, zero problems so far ๐Ÿ˜›

  163. Aardy says:

    Ive never plugged it in upside down before. BUT I do hate how the plug is on the bottom of the unit. I want it up on the top, so I can plug it in and play at the same time. With the plug on the bottom, either the cord is bent in a 180 degree angle, or the cord is running between my legs. To me, that is the worst part of the design.

  164. Erik says:

    I hate the fact that when the battery runs out, you cant just plug in and keep playing. rather, you need to first charge the thing for a few minutes…

  165. Edzo says:

    ive never put it backwards. the logo makes it very difficult to put in wrong imo. never checked on my japanese vita as i just use the same u.s launch cable

  166. t3 says:

    Initially I don’t think this can be done but as with all little connectors surrounded by thin flexible metal shields. over time the shield loosens allowing the hack job key grooves to fit where they shouldn’t.

    1st *** that says I forced it gets the dunce award because I fix computers for a living & know better. Had this been a standard mini or micro USB connector we’d not be having this conversation. heck if they had at least key notched a solid corner it’d be better than this kludge.

  167. riyaz says:

    lololol umad bro?

  168. n1nurt4 says:

    Hey, don’t track mud in through the kitchen.

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