UNO pulled from PlayStation EU Store, still available in downloads list

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118 Responses

  1. Luís Mata says:

    To WHEN new game because I can not buy it!

  2. Nani says:

    I missed my chance this time. i found uno in Indian Psn but i have a japan creditcard which it dint accept. will there be any chance of getting an exploit again. I feel depressed from the bottom of my heart :'(

  3. Nani says:

    I missed my chance this time, luckily i found UNO from Indian PSN (even being ASIA), I have a japan credit card and it dint accept .I deeply regret from my Heart. Could you please tell me that there would be any exploit in future for me n users who dint get it unfortunately :'(

  4. whaleiam says:

    it’s still in the US store, but is it patched??
    thanks to the new years & college i got distracted from this site -.-

  5. Is It? says:

    I am about to buy, someone knows if its already patched?

  6. kurosaki says:

    hi people in US PSN still the game UNO. 4pm gtm+5

  7. Voltrom says:

    Literally found out last night at 12am Jan 4 that the game i have been waiting for was UNO. So i rushed my girlfriend out of bed and searched for a wifi network around the neighborhood,, driving like crazy i finally found a unsecure network and downloaded the game. I can confirm that the game is still available in the US as of Jan 4. But today could be the day that you miss it.. Thank God i already backed it up.

  8. Guys, it says the uno on PS3 store is only compatible with ps3 soooo?

  9. bad checksum says:

    its still on the us store !

  10. Warlord698 says:

    Still on the USA Store 1/6/2013 8:39 PM US Central time

  11. Hammer says:

    Uno was removed from US too.. Sux i couldnt get my credit card to go through.. I was tryin, but no go. :(

  12. anhnghia says:

    No longer is US store. 0931 PST.

  13. hellac00l says:

    Lol crazy story Voltrom…I almost missed my chance also because I went to europe for vacation and psn wouldn’t let me add funds to my US region Vita at any of the free wifi cafes I went to. Luckily when I went back onto the cruise ship psn finally worked on the satellite internet connection let me download uno onto my vita. This was on Jan 2nd so I’m suprised uno was up for a long time till i got back to the states on the 5th. But yesterday (Jan 7) I pulled the trigger and bought a 32gb mem card at gamestop, but uno was no longer in my download list but I transfered my back up over no problems.

  14. ろろ says:

    what about jp site?

  15. lb says:

    Can I still get the exploit-able UNO now? Sorry, I am new to this.

  16. steve says:

    erm….. new years???? ive been checjibg daily except for those days as i have a life no need to be rude is there?

  17. wololo says:

    I have no respect for people who have a real life! j/k :)

  18. it me again, the pirate! says:

    if wololo really don’t support piracy, he/she would remove/hide this link above me.

    oh, almost forgot, ARR MATEY!

  19. it me again, the pirate! says:

    oops, typo in my email…

  20. wololo says:

    Link removed

  21. fafilaa says:

    haha ! wololo gotcha ! crazy freak.

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