UNO pulled from PlayStation EU Store, still available in downloads list

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  1. juan pablo says:

    already got the exploit and downloaded gundam age universe accel, working perfectly

  2. TheZekku says:

    still 3 days is awhile i think you guys timed the exploit perfectly i got mine within a hour of the ninja release

  3. Ohlongjohnson says:

    watch this tutorial if you have issues /watch?v=hBjQehfs8bQ

  4. Wah says:

    Is there a way to purchase the game from the US store, but still be able to download and play it on your Vita which uses a EU store account?

    • Shao says:

      That I want to know too. I had to buy UNO in the US store, but I don’t know how to play with my EU account anymore.

      If I restore the Vita and buy another memory card, will I be able to do that?

      • Dante69 says:

        Need to restore your vita and enter your us info. Need to do it quickly though cause it will be removed.

        • Shao says:

          I already bought it and installed it, but now I don’t have any games at all as I all bought them in the EU store.

          I guess the only solution to this is to buy another memory card, right?

          • Dante69 says:

            You will have to restore your vita each time if you switch but if they come out with a new firmware soon you will have to update your vita before you can use your acct. Then you will lose the exploit. So your best bet is to buy another vita later on for your EU acct.

    • Brennen lee says:

      No the psvita are regin lock so to do that everything would have to be us

  5. HINK HALL says:

    im real mad ill tell you whowat propene

    • Razzy says:

      Yes, it works just fine.

      You need to open the archive, then open the INSTALL.ZIP archive within, put the folder in the archive into PSP/GAME/ and then zip the PSP folder, then put the new archive, with any name you want as long as it’s [8 capital letters].ZIP, so, for example, FTP4VITA.ZIP, in the exploit’s save folder and then use CMA or OPEN CMA to copy the save onto the memory card, run exploit, install FTP for VITA, run it, profit.


    • hank hill says:


  6. TheSpillmonkey says:

    anyone get vitaFTP to work/install ?

    • Xephrey says:

      I installed it. It works well.

    • Rafael says:

      I installed properly as we install PSP games, also connected by FileZilla (USB Cable). However I don’t know what and where should I transfer the files, I mean, properly folders, got it?

      I read somewhere that you need to transfer through Wi-Fi.

      If you find something please advise me: rafael.mfr83 at gmail

      tks in advance!

      • red says:

        set ur vita to use wifi, then in ftp mode on the vita it tells you the ip address which it is connected to. on file zilla put that into the top left corner and quick connect and it should transfer files wirelessly.

        • Rafael says:

          I gotta transfer already but through usb cable. Just put .ISO in /ISO folder easy as f*ck!

          i’ll give a try using wireless tonight when I get home.

          • Sanoske says:

            Wish i knew sooner.. Wololo made that guide and it confused the heck outta me. Thought iso had to be in save data folder and it kept corrupting my save. Is ftp the only way to move into iso folder or do i put it with psp filer from the savedata?

  7. bronz_sword says:

    still in us stores as of 1/2/13

  8. dr3amcast3r says:

    It would be so much better if sony just allowed us to have legal homebrews in our vita :(

  9. ZIMIRO says:


  10. hgoel0974 says:

    Please ask on the forums, more people will be able to help you there

  11. Flash_Falcon says:

    It’s great to see this release for those that want the homebrew now. I’m still holding out for the full kernel exploit (which may never happen or may be a while before it does) instead of purchasing random games right now.

    I’ll keep spending my money on titles I really would like and when the powerful minds that released this have the final product, I’ll gladly jump ship. Til then, see you all online!!!

  12. Romiromms says:

    Thanks guys, you ve done a great job with this release :)

  13. Erik says:

    NOT HAPPY WITH THE UPDATE! Not sure if anyone else is having the same problems as me, but after updating psvita to 2.02, the system freezes, crashes, internet is unstable, etc. PSVita worked much better on 1.81 with Gravity Crash exploit. The UNO exploit works perfect, but if I could go back in time by one day, I would not have updated. Nevertheless, thank you wololo et al. for all your hard work!

  14. Fluffie says:

    same here, many crashes! the browser the facebook app, 2.02 is unstable like sh…

  15. Draven says:

    UNO is still available on the US PSN as of 4:11PM, EST (GMT -5).

  16. ancoolguy says:

    how long does sony usually take to patch the exploited game after it’s taken down? My vita will most likely arrive by mail tomorrow, and i see i can still download the game in EU store if i go to my downloads(its not there when searching), since i already bought it from my psp.

    • Moi says:

      As always, the games themselves are never patched. They are instead blacklisted in subsequent firmware updates, so no update, no worry.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      it depends but usually they remove the game from your download lists too, this time they haven’t done it yet.

      the previous kernel exploit is rumored to have forced Sony to rewrite the entire PSPemu and that is why it took them so long to release an update.

      It could take some time because kexploits can’t be patched by just adding a line of text, the entire kernel needs to be updated, the syscall has to be fixed and all calls to it have to be updated, it is more complicated to patch kexploits than is to patch user mode exploits

      • wololo says:

        I don’t know where you heard those rumors about entirely rewriting the psp emu but I can guarantee this is not true. It would be way too costly for Sony to do such a thing in such a small amount of time.

  17. Night says:

    UNO is still available in the US store so if u want to get it i suggest to use US store :)

  18. semua says:

    UNO is also in the japanese store!!!! :) :) :) :)

  19. Bob says:

    How do you install ps1 games?

  20. tom says:

    Anyone else having freezes when you lock it in the middle of playing N64?

  21. exequiel says:


  22. exequiel says:

    ok tnx.. wer did u download ur duodecim?

    • Night says:

      try changing ISO driver to SONY NP9660 i had the same problem with DB Tenkaichi Tag Team :)

    • Stiffeno says:

      Dont download games, its illegal. Buy the game from a store! Nobody is going to give you help and advice just so you can do something illegal!

  23. Mijail says:

    I live in Bolivia, here No have place to buy a psn card and i dont have credit card, i am disperade somebody help me, I wana buy Uno game but i can!
    Tanks for the atention :-)

    • Night says:

      Your only chance is to ask a family member or a friend to add founds in your account with his/her debit/credit card and you pay him/her the amount of the transaction. My best regards. PD UNO still available in US stotre 😀

    • Stiffeno says:

      Dont ask ppl to give you money, ask a family member! If you cant afford 5 dollars, than you shouldnt be using money for games to begin with!

    • eman says:

      you can actually buy the digital code directly from amazon.. if your psn account are US

  24. Andrew says:

    f the psp hacks on the vita how about the psvita sdk getting leaked now thats some news why haven’t wololo said anything about that?

  25. mecksg1 says:

    Its still up on the us store at 921pm central time

  26. tim21 says:

    I still haven’t got the Uno coz its not available in the store what should I do. I live in malaysia

  27. Ace says:

    Quick question: the UNO version that works for this hack is a PSP or Vita version? I can still see thre UNO for PSP on the store

  28. FishSticks says:

    How do you back the game up to the computer?

  29. exequiel says:


    now playing TEKKEN 6 and ONE PIECE.. ^_^

    tnx wololo and frost..

  30. silkyskeeter says:

    I am glad it took them so long. I didnt have the funds to get it when it was still a ninja release. I was hoping that it would stay ninja a little longer than it did. But I was lucky and was able to get it yesterday. I was actually surprised it was still there. I just knew I would miss the exploit this time just like ever other exploit. Finally, I get to play Crisis Core.

  31. cris says:

    i wonder how long it will take for them to release a new firmware with the bugs fixed 😛 😛
    i think that they must start working on their ps vita game library and offer a greater customer experience i believe that their digital download is a rip off as you pay to download ,pay to buy an expensive memory card ,and you own nothing and even they let the prices the same as the retail not even a lousy 20% off

  32. huz says:

    Hi, cma eu uno 2.02 use vmeun meun.pbp move uno install ZIP GAMES working happy 😀
    Don’t know people how not work install where lost remove icons

  33. Brennen lee says:

    Did anyone else notice that all exploits from urbanix are transpherd to the UNO exploit, that saves lots of hassle

  34. Tony86 says:

    do sony ever put UNO back up on the store? so i could just wait it out untill its back? and not update my vita??

    • Ogami says:

      They will put it back but only after a mandatory firmware update that will block the exploit.
      And you cant access the PSN Store if you dont update to that new firmware. At least that was the case with the last few exploit games. So if you didnt get the game and it already has been pulled you are out of luck.

  35. Oblivion says:

    Hi guys, i have Uno on my vita and one of my friends wants the exploit but cant buy the game, so is it possible to transfer the game to his vita wit Open CMA or format his vita and use my account on his vita to redownload it ? please help

    • rav says:

      If you let him use your account, yes it’s possible.
      Restore his Vita to factory setting, then sign in with your account. Then go to the Store and download UNO from the download list. :)
      Don’t forget to tell him to back it up with OpenCMA after that.

      • suicidal_banana says:

        And im pretty sure he will have to keep using our account, just so you know what your setting up, that means ‘lifetime access’ to your account bscly.

  36. Oblivion says:

    no worries, i trust him ( i hope so), and there isnt anything special in my account, no money, nothing

    • suicidal_banana says:

      Okie :)
      And yea, i do get that you wanna help out a friend, nothing wrong with that off-course, just know that alot of accounts (on lots of networks) get lost this way 😛

  37. Oblivion says:

    and i was wondering, if i backup the game on my PC,format his vita and add my account will I be able to copy it onto his vita ?

  38. gggggoooooogggggg: says: l
    ya my friends lol ps vita exploit and psx tut

  39. lagunareturns says:

    I solved my issue with a MGS Portable Ops crashing after finishing a mission and it gives you an error message.

    On the TN meu where you can load homebrew, press square and you get a menu to change CPU and the ability iso loader driver from M33 to SONY and back. Play with those settings as it solved my issue.

    • Rafael says:

      Maybe it will solve my problem with Motor Storm Artic Edge (ISO) problem. It always gives me a black screen and the game don’t load. All the other ISO images works perfectly.

    • suicidal_banana says:

      Not really related to your problem at all, but yeah, those options rock, ive been playing liberty & vice city stories, and they clearly run better/faster when i up the cpu, cool stuff.

      I just wish there was some way we could ‘hack’ the second stick to work in the PSP emu/TN menu (and then some little menu to set up what psp keys it should emulate) but i guess thats simply not possible. (and even if it is, im not 100% sure it would be that great, you’d still not be able to move and look at the same time in 99% of the PSP games)

      • deadlysync says:

        Just let your finger rest on your vita’s screen for 3 seconds and…. OH MY! Options to map any button to the right stick magically appears!!!
        (really, try it. just try it. ;])

  40. ahmad abu maizer says:

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmm acctualy i hade a us account and i saw the diffrent bettween the us and uk account and i found 2 more free games so i formated my memory card and forgot to copy all my important things to my computer what shall i do to bring all my stuf back ???????????????????????????????

  41. exploitor says: time if u have a new game which can exploit vita dont share here….share bye email ok?? i’m sure SIA (Sony Inteligent Agency) will spying this site….LOL

  42. EzpadaZ says:

    In the mexican store is not pulled, still available for purchase

  43. Oblivion says:

    its written that the game is still available in download list, but ony on ps3 ?

  44. wouloulou says:

    i cant wait for ARK pro CFW on vita!!! :-)

  45. Luís Mata says:

    Para quando novo game pois nao consigo compra-lo!

  46. Hephappy says:

    me too!

  47. montenegrohaha says:


  48. gtfoo says:

    it’s still on the usa store last i checked.

    lol @ sony.

  49. goalkeeper99 says:

    what if sony update to 2.03 or higher , can i still play ragnarok or cod online using 2.02 ?

  50. Luís Mata says:

    To WHEN new game because I can not buy it!

  51. Nani says:

    I missed my chance this time. i found uno in Indian Psn but i have a japan creditcard which it dint accept. will there be any chance of getting an exploit again. I feel depressed from the bottom of my heart :'(

  52. Nani says:

    I missed my chance this time, luckily i found UNO from Indian PSN (even being ASIA), I have a japan credit card and it dint accept .I deeply regret from my Heart. Could you please tell me that there would be any exploit in future for me n users who dint get it unfortunately :'(

  53. whaleiam says:

    it’s still in the US store, but is it patched??
    thanks to the new years & college i got distracted from this site -.-

  54. Is It? says:

    I am about to buy, someone knows if its already patched?

  55. kurosaki says:

    hi people in US PSN still the game UNO. 4pm gtm+5

  56. Voltrom says:

    Literally found out last night at 12am Jan 4 that the game i have been waiting for was UNO. So i rushed my girlfriend out of bed and searched for a wifi network around the neighborhood,, driving like crazy i finally found a unsecure network and downloaded the game. I can confirm that the game is still available in the US as of Jan 4. But today could be the day that you miss it.. Thank God i already backed it up.

  57. Guys, it says the uno on PS3 store is only compatible with ps3 soooo?

  58. bad checksum says:

    its still on the us store !

  59. Warlord698 says:

    Still on the USA Store 1/6/2013 8:39 PM US Central time

  60. Hammer says:

    Uno was removed from US too.. Sux i couldnt get my credit card to go through.. I was tryin, but no go. :(

  61. anhnghia says:

    No longer is US store. 0931 PST.

  62. hellac00l says:

    Lol crazy story Voltrom…I almost missed my chance also because I went to europe for vacation and psn wouldn’t let me add funds to my US region Vita at any of the free wifi cafes I went to. Luckily when I went back onto the cruise ship psn finally worked on the satellite internet connection let me download uno onto my vita. This was on Jan 2nd so I’m suprised uno was up for a long time till i got back to the states on the 5th. But yesterday (Jan 7) I pulled the trigger and bought a 32gb mem card at gamestop, but uno was no longer in my download list but I transfered my back up over no problems.

  63. ろろ says:

    what about jp site?

  64. lb says:

    Can I still get the exploit-able UNO now? Sorry, I am new to this.

  65. steve says:

    erm….. new years???? ive been checjibg daily except for those days as i have a life no need to be rude is there?

  66. wololo says:

    I have no respect for people who have a real life! j/k :)

  67. it me again, the pirate! says:

    if wololo really don’t support piracy, he/she would remove/hide this link above me.

    oh, almost forgot, ARR MATEY!

  68. it me again, the pirate! says:

    oops, typo in my email…

  69. wololo says:

    Link removed

  70. fafilaa says:

    haha ! wololo gotcha ! crazy freak.

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