UNO Exploit: Installing homebrews and Isos on Vita 2.02 with TN Menu

Preparing and installing homebrews on your Vita for the recently released 2.02 CEF port by Frostegater is not an easy task. All menus have different ways of handling the installation packages, but, more importantly, Sony made the Vita in a way that copying anything to it is almost impossible, which is why the copy steps always look so convoluted. Tools exist to make your life easier, but here is a how to to understand how it’s done by yourself. I promise, once you’ve done it once, it all becomes simpler.

Note: all the steps below work with all versions of TN’s CEF and TN Menu, but the example are taken from Uno’s exploit on the 2.02 firmware (more precisely, with the European version of the exploit).

1.A Preparing Homebrews

The homebrews we will run on the 2.02 Uno exploit are PSP homebrews. Most PSP homebrews will run out of the box on your Vita with the UNO exploit, but you might often need to package them in a ZIP archive (unless you got a friendly download link which already has it pre-packaged for you.) . Note that in some cases you will have to create the ZIP archive yourself, for example most emulators will not ship with any rom, and you will have to add those yourself to your ZIP file.

Before you start!

The basic thing to understand is that the Vita will not accept any filename. The files you can copy to your Vita with the content manager need to be all uppercase, the “body” of the filename (anything before the “.”) needs to be 8 characters or less, and the extension (anything after the “.”) needs to be 3 characters. Accepted characters are also limited, so I suggest you li,it yourself to letters and numbers. In particular, do not put spaces in the file names.

For example, WAGIC.ZIP is good, but is not (not uppercase), is not (not uppercase), Wagic the is not (not uppercase, and more than 8 characters before the “.”). A very typical mistake for windows users is that your file will end up being named because Windows will by default hide the extension for you. You will see it named “WAGIC.ZIP” but in reality the name will be, which will not work.

When you have a problem in the filename, the vita will silently not copy it, and will not give you any form of error message. The only way you have to realize you made a mistake at this point is if the size of your savedata on the memory stick is smaller that what you’d expect.

Read the “before you start” section above 5 times, because this is the root cause of 99.9% of the issues people have installing homebrew with CEF.

I’m not kidding, read the paragraphs above!

Ok, so, let’s move on to prepare your homebrew. All homebrews have an EBOOT.PBP file. You need to create folders so that that EBOOT.PBP will end in a series of subfolders PSP/GAME/[your homebrew game]/EBOOT.PBP.


Don’t forget of course to include all the files from the homebrew in that folder structure. Once this is done, zip the “PSP” folder you created, and name it whatever you like, following the rules I described above (all uppercase, less than 8 characters, etc…). I personally suggest to use the “store” option for creating your zip, but I believe TN Menu handles all formats of compression. Do not use an other format of file that you would rename in .ZIP, this will obviously not work.

Once your ZIP is ready, copy it to the UNO exploit savedata folder in your CMA folder on your computer. It will look like PSAVEDATA/[random letters and numbers]/NPEH000DATA02 (this might vary depending on your exploit).


Preparing and zipping homebrews for TN CEF on 2.02

1.B Preparing Isos

Preparing isos and cso files follows the same naming conventions as the homebrews above, and you have to put the files in your UNO savedata folder just like for homebrews above, but you don’t ZIP them. Instead, you copy them “as is” to your UNO savedata, but keep in mind that the filename body must be 8 characters or less, and the filename must be all uppercase.

uno 2.02 Vita iso naming

Iso naming convention for TN CEF 2.02

2. Copying your prepared Homebrews/isos to the Vita

Copying stuff to your Vita is done using the Content Manager. We recommend you use OpenCMA to avoid bad surprises. To do this, you will connect your Vita to your computer, run the Content Manager like you would usually do to copy PSP Savegames to your Vita, and copy over your Uno savedata.

At this point, your UNO savedata contains two types of things: the exploit required to run CEF, but also your homebrews and iso files. You can have as many homebrews and iso files as you want in this folder, as long as they follow the naming rules described above. Also note that you will likely repeat this process several times, and that it is not necessary to keep in the UNO savedata isos/homebrews you have already installed. As a matter of fact, it is better to delete them from your Uno savedata on your computer to avoid copying them once again next time.

The Vita will most likely ask you if you want to overwrite the existing UNO savedata, and this is ok.

One typical mistake there is that some people will delete some files critical to the UNO exploit by manipulating the UNO savedata. If this happens, the best is simply to redownload the UNO exploit and start from scratch :)


Copy your homebrews to the Vita with the Uno 2.02 Vita exploit

3. Extract and run the games

At this point your homebrews are in zip form, on your memory stick, and need to be extracted before they can be used. The isos, them, are in their “final” form, but need to be moved by TN Menu in order to be used.

Of course TN Menu provides functionality to do both of those. Simply select the homebrew/iso you want to install, and press X. The homebrew will then be extracted. To run an installed homebrew/iso, press X as well, it will simply run. The TN menu interface is relatively simple so there shouldn’t be any issue.


Extracting and running homebrews with TN Menu on the Uno exploit (vita 2.02)




Installing ISOS on TN Menu with the UNO Vita 2.02 exploit


4. Troubleshooting and alternatives

If you don’t see your homebrews zips, or isos in TN Menu, the most likely reason is that you messed up the naming convention of your zip files or isos. More unlikely, but it happens again: make sure you copied your homebrews/isos in the exploit’s savedata, and not in an unrelated savedata (this technique used to work for example with VHBL, and might work with alternate menus for CEF, but not with TN Menu as I type this).

It is also possible to copy homebrews with FTP For Vita. This is much more convenient that the whole technique described above, as you don’t need to zip anything, etc… but this also assumes you have FTP For Vita up and running, and a wifi router.

Please note that we do not support piracy. Asking for or providing psp iso download links will get your comments deleted and your account banned.

  1. Rafael’s avatar

    Just installed UNO PSP from US Store, played the game once, then copied the savedata to PC using OpenCMA.

    Added ISO and ZIP to folder and copy from PC to Vita (overwrite) and after run the game I can’t get into TN Menu. After “Loading” the game goes to my uno profile previously saved.

    What should I do to enter into TN Menu? Is there any trick?


    1. curiouspaul’s avatar

      If you hold STart for 2- 5 sec it should send you back.
      Also, of you press Square on the TN menu and scroll down it will give you the option to set your own return shortcut


      1. Rafael’s avatar

        Damn! I gotta pay attention on these kind of tutorials, kindda so fucking lazy LOL. I didn’t extracted CEF 6.60 files into the SAVEDATA game folder, only the games were transferred. So, I’ll never get into TN until I read the tutorial from the beggining again.

        PSP Gran Turismo is working flawlessly!


        Feliz ano novo from Brazil!


  2. goddamnit’s avatar

    Sir Wololo, how did you changed your theme (CEF TN)? sorry im new to this.


  3. Haste’s avatar

    Are you able to put psx games on here? I have parasite eve in eboot form and i put it in the game directory. It shows up but when i go to play it i get an error C1-2858-3


  4. Czarcasm’s avatar

    So we don’t have to add the CEF menu since its already there?


  5. Rafael’s avatar

    Just installed PSP UNO from US Store, then played once (created a profile).

    Copied PSP Savedata from VITA > PC, added ISO and ZIP to the folder created in my PC then sent savedata from PC > VITA.

    Run PSP Uno game and after “Loading” screen instead of load TN Menu it goes to the main screen of game, I mean, where you choose your uno profile game.

    Does it has any trick to load TN Menu? Should I install something first?

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


    1. Nalawii’s avatar

      If you hold start for 2- 5 sec it should send you back.


    2. Cloud’s avatar

      You have to actually download the CEF files.


  6. Logan’s avatar

    Okay I got all these to work, but I wanna know how I could get the seplugins to work on CEF 6.60. I looked all over and I can’t seem to find anything that seems to clearly tell how I would set up plugins and modules on here. I just wanna be able to use nploader 0.9 and cwcheats on Dissidia 012 so I can get the DLCs for the game.

    Also when I install Vita FTP on here, I can’t find it after it is done extracting, the file is just gone and I can’t find any folders on the TN Menu.


  7. Earl B’s avatar

    thanks a lot guys, been using wololo’s software ever since he started developing for the wii way back in the day, thanks again!


  8. PCMGR’s avatar

    How can you make dlc work with it?I understand how to make the plugins work with it,but not sure what I should do with the dlc.


    1. GODDUKEMONEXA’s avatar

      please could you tell me how to do work the plug ins????


  9. juan’s avatar

    im stuck i cnt get it snes on nes n etc but i have exploit cn i get sum help plz n thanks i do all yu said it does show wen i load the exploit


  10. mikie_the7’s avatar



    1. exequiel’s avatar

      same to me


  11. Cloudstrife1901’s avatar

    Can anybody help me?? Iv done all of those steps which are shown and when i load up uno no homebrew show up on the exploit screen only the uno game…. what do i do?


    1. Rafael’s avatar

      After load Uno game is there something to do? I mean, tô show the exploit, the menu with games that are stored inside the savedata folder


  12. whatever’s avatar

    so there’s a size limit? i tried moving trails in the sky to the backup but it’s nt big enough


  13. adambrian’s avatar

    I can’t seem to be able to play any ps1 eboot game. i extract the game, but when i click ton play it, it shows an error message. please help


    1. Dave’s avatar

      Did you zip it like the tutorial stated above?


      1. adambrian’s avatar

        yes, i have followed the instructions step-by-step,i managed to get the gba emulator to work, but no other ps1 games will work. They work perfectly fine on my psp. The games i am trying to get work are Meal Gear Solid 1, Toy Story 2 and Spyro 2. none of these work when i install it. It give me an error message when i try to play it.


  14. Dave’s avatar

    I’m guessing not all games work. I tried Ys 7, didn’t work but I fired Dungeons and Dragons Tactics worked fine… so far. Going to give Skullmonkeys a try. I want to see if a PSONE game will work flawless. Now to get CWcheat working… I may have to ditch the PSP Go. FF8 runs odd on the PSP Go. Wonder if I can transfer my save game over from PSP Go to PSP Vita.

    2013 going to be a good year! Thanks to all who have made this happen!


  15. mikie_the7’s avatar



  16. jek’s avatar



  17. juan’s avatar

    did anybody get snes on gba nes goin on uno exploit yet i trying and is not working


  18. firthaa01’s avatar

    Having no problems installing homebrew…..but no iso fiels are appearing……there in caps with .ISO no longer than 8 characters and they transfer over through openCMA but when i load the exploit there is no ISO.

    Any ideas what im doing wrong?


    1. VitaSoy’s avatar

      Same problem :\


      1. sharam’s avatar

        same problem


  19. afranquinho’s avatar

    working fine here, the update deleted my iso’s (no big deal) but my homebrew (FTP/adhoc file transfer) are still there.

    Working dispite being EU and NOT in english.


  20. arjunsm’s avatar

    Thanks. I once had the motorstorm atric edge, but I deleted it :(
    I have a backup of this one :)


  21. Death_489’s avatar

    Finally !! it works now for me , ISO and ZIP must be edited to CAP , to do that you have to put them in a win rar file so you could see them and edit them …


  22. javier’s avatar

    if i have a US ps vita and i put a EUR ISo would it work?


  23. Zohan’s avatar

    some one help me dont understand


  24. Angora season’s avatar

    This suc´s i cant make the iso´s like the simpsons to work i try all wath´s in here can some one hehp please


  25. mikie_the7’s avatar


    anyone know how to help me


  26. Pacman’s avatar

    I followed everything and it worked. Copied over VitaFTP and changed the name of my first game that I copied over using OpenCMA, from LOCOROCO.ISO to xxx – blabla (bla).iso in Upper/lowercase with spaces, and that worked too.

    Then I decided to use VitaFTP and copied over another game xxx – Burnout Legends (blabla).iso. I exited from FTP and saw the Burnout game icon on the menu screen. That’s when my problem started…

    I went to that icon and pressed on X and my Vita went ballistic. It displays a black screen and won’t turn the fuck off. Is it bricked?


  27. Angora season’s avatar

    I FIND´IT i convert alll iso´s to cso and format memory stic and that it


    1. HeroEduard0’s avatar

      El problema que yo tengo, es que los juegos ISO’s estan en formato .rar entonces los renombro por ejemplo: GOD.ISO pero sigue siendo .rar y en el menu TN no puedo extraer nada porque no aparece nada!!! Que puedo hacer??


      1. Kiddo’s avatar

        Extrae los ISOS de la .rar con 7-Zip o WinRaR. Entonces ponlos en el UNO SAVEDATA. Videojuegos en la forma de RAR son ahorran espacio. Mi espanol es mal jaja, lo siento


        1. HeroEduard0’s avatar

          haha, thank you!!


  28. goddamnit’s avatar

    ISO’s work fine for me, but when i put in CSO’s, it goes black and says C1-2858-3 error. Why is that? is there any fix o this problem? I already tried 5 CSO games. but to no luck. ISO’s working though. Please help. I did renamed it and followed instructions. Help please?! Any help would be appreciated! thanks in advance!


  29. Zohan’s avatar

    HELP C1-2858-3 ERROR


  30. Koder’s avatar

    F*ucking LOVE you guys. Hats down to all of you hardworking fellows and to Frostegater, and everyone involved. Massive kudos.


  31. Pacman’s avatar

    All right guys, I fixed it.

    To turn it off or reset it, you need to press on the Power button at least 15-20 secs.

    All is working again, but i’ll have to play around with that Burnout game and see what happened

    Have fun (i did)


  32. Pacman’s avatar

    I guess my previous post is still awaiting moderation.
    here it is again:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Pacman on January 1, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    I followed everything and it worked. Copied over VitaFTP and changed the name of my first game that I copied over using OpenCMA, from LOCOROCO.ISO to xxx – blabla (bla).iso in Upper/lowercase with spaces, and that worked too.

    Then I decided to use VitaFTP and copied over another game xxx – Burnout Legends (blabla).iso. I exited from FTP and saw the Burnout game icon on the menu screen. That’s when my problem started…

    I went to that icon and pressed on X and my Vita went ballistic. It displays a black screen and won’t turn the f*ck off. Is it bricked?


  33. VitaSoy’s avatar

    Err…I need a PSP emulator, any recommendations?


  34. NIKK’s avatar

    when im extracting homebrew it wont run. it gets stuck at 0%0kb/s


    1. *Sussy*’s avatar

      I have the same problem :( how can i fix it? please help :(


      1. TheAtheistLucario’s avatar

        you where probably using IZarc, 7Zip is the only one I have tried that works so far.


  35. goddamnit’s avatar

    is there any forum where i can read/learn how to install and play psone games using an emulator or psx? or does someone know the name of the emulator for psone games? help please


  36. Kurosaki’s avatar

    Hi everyone, I have problem with iso game, I have bleach 7 (in japanese) , I install it then when put X to play after instaled , appear a mesagge “an error has ocurred: C1-2858-3″. Sorry for my bad english! .. PLEASE HELP ME AND OTHER PEOPLE WITH THE SAME PROBLEM!!

    Thanks! :D


    1. Cloud’s avatar

      You might want to go to /talk and get help there.


    2. Setsuna’s avatar

      Same :x and a friend have the same probleme , the only game who run on JP UNO EXPLOIT version is Monster Hunter , but all other game doesn’t run (JP game , EUR game …) and we have tried to change the language … but nothing


  37. fgonzo805’s avatar

    anyone can tell me how to install gpsp kai onto uno savedata i got it to show up on tn menu and extracted it or whatever then it’s not there.


    1. deejay’s avatar

      did you figure this out? I can’t get my emulator to show once extracted


  38. Pacman’s avatar

    I guess my very first post is still awaiting moderation.
    Not sure why it needs moderation, but I was trying to figure out how to turn my blackscreen Vita off (see my second post for how to do that).

    Anyways, I played around with Burnout Legends (Greatest Hits) and the emu likes it (lowercase, spaces, (, and )), provided of course you used FTP Vita or, you used OpenCMA to transfer it as an 8.3 uppercase filename and then used FTP to rename it.

    What the emu doesn’t seem to like is how long the file.iso filename is. So, best use judgement there.


  39. fgonzo805’s avatar

    nevermind i made a psp folder then a game folder within that and threw the gpsp stuff in that folder.


  40. Telimektar’s avatar

    For anyone having problem transferring their homebrews/ISOs (most of mine wouldn’t transfer with Open CMA for some reason), use Vita FTP, it worked perfectly for me so far.


    1. TamNgTech’s avatar

      how did you install it without VHBL?


  41. ahbba’s avatar

    So will you have to overwrite the UNO save data each time you add in a new ISO?


  42. FutonMcBiscuit’s avatar

    Sorry for being a newb, but how do i install a gba emulator? Any response/tutorial will be much appreciated.


  43. NoLimitWinMugen’s avatar

    I can’t change the file extension to uppercase on windows 7


    1. Charles Chiejina’s avatar

      Yes you can… Google it. Very easy.


  44. vleim’s avatar

    Mis problemas que pude resolver fueron los siguientes,
    al principio uno debe jugar el juego uno para que este le cree un archivo de salvar, este despues lo guardamos en la pc y de ahi ese folder que se guardo es el que vamos a cambiar con los archivos que nos dieron, obvio tendremos que campiar el vita a ingles y los archivos a usar seran los de USA.

    Una vez copiado ya los archivos y uno se dispone a cambiar los nombres de los isos y eboot.

    Primero para isos, lo unico que haremos es copiar el iso a la carpeta de guardado sin hacer nada lo unico que debemos hacer es que el nombre este en mayusculas aparte de la extencion que debe ser mayuscula, en dado caso de no estar en mayusculas cambienlo con msdos o de otra forma.

    si el archivo es EBOOT.PBP lo que tendran que hacer es crear una carpeta primero llamada PSP despues otra que se llame GAME y despues otra con el nombre del juego en mayusculas que no pase de ocho digitos sin espacios, de ahi copian el EBOOT.PBP de ahi van a la primera carpeta que es la de psp le dan click derecho y selecionan añadir el archivo a winrar de ahi mismo en el programa le cambian el nombre ejemplo GOW.ZIP todo en mayusculas ya que si no le cambian el nombre se lo dejan en minisculas, despues copian el winrar a la carpeta de uno y ya con content manager lo copian a la vita y taran de ahi seleccionan el juego y lo descomprimen y a jugar.


    1. HeroEduard0’s avatar

      El problema que yo tengo, es que los juegos ISO’s estan en formato .rar entonces los renombro por ejemplo: GOD.ISO pero sigue siendo .rar y en el menu TN no puedo extraer nada porque no aparece nada!!! Que puedo hacer??


  45. iceblast69’s avatar

    ok having a bit of a issue, i have the iso’s working fine but how to i set up the folders before i zip the file for install.. i get it to show up in the tn screen but when i extract it the files just go away not to sure what im doing wrong here.. and i have followed the above to the tee multiple times.. the way i have it set up is PSP/GAME/HOMBREW/EBOOT THEN HAVE IT ZIPPED TO SNES.ZIP AND USE STORE SETTING THANKS FOR ANY HELP


  46. Nick Cooper’s avatar

    Don’t work. First few times got error C1-2858-3. Language is set to english, as its my default language. Next time I tried, blue light of death. Next time, nothing, it loads UNO, goes to the save game and then reboots UNO, then errors out. Have tried reloading the save game, still same.
    So, don’t work at all for me. Shame really.


  47. GAR’s avatar



  48. Pacman’s avatar

    What does “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” mean?
    Why are my other posts deleted?

    I don’t like to be ignorant, please let me know and I will correct myself for the next time I post a problem.


  49. brando’s avatar

    for seperate files use UMDgen 4.0 to create a single cso…


  50. Raptor’s avatar

    Where can I download it??


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