UNO Exploit: Installing homebrews and Isos on Vita 2.02 with TN Menu


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308 Responses

  1. MGB says:

    Thanks man .
    Works perfectly :)

    • Drake says:

      when i put wwe all stars in it and pressed x on the uno start screen, it just shows me a black screen and after sometime says an error has occured C1-2858-3 please help and reply

  2. CloudStrife1901 says:

    thanks gona do this now been waiting for months for an exploit to come along

  3. Vitauser says:

    it works ! Thanks!
    Only problem, I already put an ISO in the TN menu and I have more than 4 GB on space – but it said I have only 86 mb available and wont let me move the file. I can start the game tough, is this normal?

  4. Veskgar says:

    I’m having the same problem as you Vitauser… I tried putting a PSP game on that was about 735 MB in size and it said I only had 435 MB of storage. The problem is that I had 12.86 GB free on my Vita’s memory stick. I installed a smaller game of 100 MB fine. My worst fear is that SONY incorporated a file size limit somehow in the newest firmware (2.02) — Can anyone else test this out and try installing large PSP games. 700 MB or larger in size. Also, I tried installing a couple emulators and once they extract they aren’t visible to try loading on the TN menu. This all worked fine on firmware 1.81 using the Mad Blocker exploit. Any suggestions would be welcome!

    • ZeroKrest says:

      I don’ think so? I just installed a 1.4GB game and its working fine —

    • dhm says:

      Everything works. over 700mb file also works fine.

    • AleKH says:

      You need to prepere the way to install the emulator. instructions:
      First, you need to create a folder colled PSP, inside PSP’s folder you need to create another folder colled GAME, Inside GAME’s folder you put the emulator’s folder for exemple: PICODRIVE.After all you will zip the PSP’s folder and put this PSP.ZIP At save of exploit from UNO.
      I Hope help you.

    • DAVID says:

      TRY IT!

  5. loki7777 says:

    Delete something from mc, than run cfw – it worked for me after i do that. Dont know what was wrong – i have 32gb and onle few demos on it.

  6. Kepler says:

    Is there any list over compatible homwbrew with this exploit? i tried snes9xTYL, following the instructions explicitly. But after i extracted the archive it just disappeared.

  7. Kepler says:

    Nevermind. apparently using winrar to create an archive from a folder, doesn’t make the root folder the archive. fixed :)

  8. ZeroKrest says:

    After installing the ISO Game – Can I delete the ISO backup on the UNO SaveData?

  9. StanSmith says:

    I also have a problem copying over games.
    I’m trying to copy a 1GB CSO file and it kept saying “some files cant be copied over” and stops the transfer.
    So I changed the savegame with the CSO and it works. I’m using the old Ubanix savegame to copy ISOs and it works fine but UNO refused to have CSO in the directory.

    SO, to others if you are having problems copying over ISOs/CSOs just use a different savegame then use whatever homebrew to move it over to the ISO directory.

    • dhm says:

      redo teh file transfer i.e retry and it will wotk. I had the same problem but I triee again and it worked.

      • StanSmith says:

        I tried 5 times and still get the same error.
        I used the old savegame to move it over then I used Filer to move it to the ISO dir and its all good now.

        Just forgot to backup my CWCheat and TempAR last time and have to set them up again manually.

      • StanSmith says:

        I’m not sure what it was but that game didn’t like being transfered using that savegame but another savegame copied it fine.
        I tried both ISO and CSO and neither worked.

        I did try other ISOs and CSOs and they transfer ok.

  10. loki7777 says:

    I think – it looks like – the game has to be in one(continuous) fragment – am i right?

  11. surlybeve says:

    Do i have to make a legit UNO save first(Run the game and actually play it) before attempting all this?

  12. Lucas says:

    Will vHBL come out soon or can I put it on already? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I don’t understand vHBL much.

  13. Veskgar says:

    OK, yes, seems everything is working now. The only emulator I haven’t been able to get working is Snes9xTYLmecm. That is the by far the best SNES emulator for the PSP. I am assuming it has something to do with the way it was coded to tap into the media engine and / or extra RAM on the PSP Slims. I want to believe its possible to run on the Vita. Does anyone know how? Or perhaps a future CEF with improved compatibility may allow that emulator to run?

  14. Cloudstrife1901 says:

    is there an easy installer or some kind?? im having trouble following the tut lol

  15. ShogunzX9 says:

    Followed the simple procedures and working perfectly
    Thank you so much for this :)

  16. azzkykr says:

    All copy/ transfers works fine. But the games do not start. I tried Burnout legends hangs on loading screen and Prince of Persia gives a black screen :{.. anyone having similar issues?

    • Frostegater says:

      u probably use the patch version..use the clean version. it should work unless ur iso backup is corrupted.

      • azzkykr says:

        i tried the ymenu and some ISOs are working now without even asking me to move the game to ms0:/ anyway i didn’t get the patched/ clean version, I just download from the CEF links on this website.

  17. Vitauser says:

    Every time when I move the ISO to MS0:/, always get an error (C1-2858-3) and the CFW just goes black and wont boot again (same error). I have to remove everything and transfer everything again. Any idea how to move ISO properly with the error ? Thanks in advance!

  18. Edgar says:

    Once extracted, will the homebrew stay on the system?

    If I delete the zip archive from the save data.

    Using gameboy advance emulator, will the save files of the roms be saved in the system or the zip archive?

  19. dezo says:


  20. FalseHero says:

    Can I Use .RAR file instead of .ZIP file?

  21. neil says:

    The heck… I have a 32gb and tried putting Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and Duodecim. I could install one or the other but can’t install both. It says that I need more space available when I have well over 24gb left.

    • Frostegater says:

      Try deleting some demo if u have on ur vita. At worse, try to format ur vita mmc. it should work from clean state.

      • neil says:

        That ended up doing the trick. I still don’t get why the error would show up, though. There’s no real reason for that to happen.

  22. PSP Veteran says:

    Wonderful guide that helped very much. Time to relive my teenage years of PSP Hacking!

  23. Kitsu says:

    can some one make a video on how to do this more clearer then the described info given cuz im have trouble putting home brew games on my vita

  24. levis says:

    everything work like charm …thank u guys great work

  25. Woloert says:

    How can I change the CPU Speed in the TN Menu? I saw it a while ago in a Z Video

  26. Nixon says:

    Followed the instructions to a T but something is still going wrong. Wagic shows up in TN menu and extracts, but then doesn’t show up anywhere.

  27. jek says:


  28. Vitauser says:

    Can anyone confirm you can put an ISO larger than 1 GB? I put in a few ISOs (Less than 1 GB all together) and wont let me move anymore ISO even I still have some room (4 GB left) on my stick. Any suggestion ?

    • jek says:


    • Neil says:

      I can indeed confirm that ISO/CSO larger than 1gb do work. A few posts up, Frostegator suggested formatting the MC which for whatever reason ended up working.

      But it was indeed weird.

      I put KHBBS which was about 1gb

      Installed it, worked fine.

      Then proceeded to transfer Duodecim which is 1.25gb CSO

      Tried installing it, said I needed more space

      Deleted, KHBBS, retransferred Duo over, worked fine.

      Had to format in order to get both working.

  29. killsony says:

    does the stuff work on 2.01 fw?

  30. jek says:


  31. Kizu says:

    It works fine, try with FTP. But some games might not work just like previous CFW’s.

  32. AntiHeadshot says:

    My Game says “Memory Stick Pro Duo has been removed.”
    So i can’t save?

  33. dewitman says:

    Just ran the exploit. Forgot to set system language to English, but it worked fine for me.

    My system language is Dutch so this language seems to work fine also :)

  34. dmc83 says:

    I got the C1-2858-3 Error… What can i do? I got install the Game Uno new -> Error… I installed the Savegame new -> Error…
    Plz hlp =(

  35. Hax says:

    Windows will by default hide the extension for you. You will see it named “WAGIC.ZIP” but in reality the name will be, which will not work.

    Linux will do the same thing

  36. boloney says:

    it does work on EU version, thanks a lot. happy new year

  37. Xephrey says:

    I get ‘An error has occurred (C1-2858-3)’ fairly regularly. Mostly when an item is done decompressing in TN Menu after a few seconds pause. Or when I’m scrolling through the items in the menu and there’s a gap where an icon should be; same brief pause and error. Also when I try to remove a compressed file after I have installed it. Is there anything I can do to lessen these occurrences or is this just included in the homebrew experience?

    I’m so grateful for all the work that’s gone into this. Cave Story is a dream on the Vita! 😀

  38. elsisero87 says:

    Hi everyone and thumbs up for the very detailed guide 😀

    But there’s one problem… I’m Italian, so I have my Vita’s system language in italian, and the exploit won’t work just because of that! I verified it by changing the system language in english (U.S), and it works perfectly.

    The only little problem is that I can play my backup PSP files only in english, because the system sees the english language in the settings… I guess that I’ll have to wait patiently a new savegame file for the others languages (italian, french, german, spanish) am I correct?

    I really appreciate your work! :)

    • dmc83 says:

      In German it is not working well. If I switch to U.S., it works wonderfully. Could someone check the EU version again?

  39. LEE says:

    Hey could anyone please help me?

    Every time I extract/install the Zip files on the TN menu they just disappear, I cant execute them because there are no icons

    what can I do ?

    • Frostegater says:

      Make sure ur content and structure inside the ‘NAME’.ZIP file is valid. u should not have a problem if u follow the steps in the post above.

    • Nixon says:

      I get the same problem :(

    • Nixon says:

      Have you zipped a folder called for example Wagic with a folder called PSP inside it? Thats what I did by accident. What you need to do is zip the PSP folder and name it WAGIC.ZIP

    • Nixon says:

      Are you making your Zip file with the PSP folder as root? I Accidentally did it with WTH as the route and it did the same thing as you’re seeing.

  40. turkeY says:

    Thanks so much for this! Your probably increasing vita sales with this.

  41. azio says:

    Happy new year

  42. Beowulf says:

    Hey how about pops files and custom pops files created by us how do I install them ,like a hombrew????

  43. Dumbass says:

    My Uno game doesnt work anymore!

  44. Telimektar says:

    Is there a way to copy your old PSP saves and have them recognized and loaded when you launch an ISO ?

  45. Gman says:

    Hi, is possible to play PSX game like Metal Gear Solid (2CD). Eventualy how? Thx

  46. killsony says:

    does anyone know if the uno exploit is compatible to fw 2.01??

  47. l.o says:

    i dont see the games and the homebrows that i put in the savedata . help me what to do.. thanks

  48. jo4blue says:

    Can anybody help me here?? I already installed the UNO exploit along with a homebrew (FTP.ZIP) that is inside the savedata folder. I copied it already from my PC to my PS VITA and when I launched the UNO exploit, the homebrew won’t show up. help plsss.

  49. Superman SP says:

    Has anybody found a working SNES emulator yet? Picodrive works fine but all the SNES emus I’ve tried freeze when you open a ROM.

  50. Lewis says:

    any chance in the future to play ps vita games?

  51. Rafael says:

    Just installed UNO PSP from US Store, played the game once, then copied the savedata to PC using OpenCMA.

    Added ISO and ZIP to folder and copy from PC to Vita (overwrite) and after run the game I can’t get into TN Menu. After “Loading” the game goes to my uno profile previously saved.

    What should I do to enter into TN Menu? Is there any trick?

    • curiouspaul says:

      If you hold STart for 2- 5 sec it should send you back.
      Also, of you press Square on the TN menu and scroll down it will give you the option to set your own return shortcut

  52. goddamnit says:

    Sir Wololo, how did you changed your theme (CEF TN)? sorry im new to this.

  53. Haste says:

    Are you able to put psx games on here? I have parasite eve in eboot form and i put it in the game directory. It shows up but when i go to play it i get an error C1-2858-3

  54. Czarcasm says:

    So we don’t have to add the CEF menu since its already there?

  55. Rafael says:

    Just installed PSP UNO from US Store, then played once (created a profile).

    Copied PSP Savedata from VITA > PC, added ISO and ZIP to the folder created in my PC then sent savedata from PC > VITA.

    Run PSP Uno game and after “Loading” screen instead of load TN Menu it goes to the main screen of game, I mean, where you choose your uno profile game.

    Does it has any trick to load TN Menu? Should I install something first?

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  56. Logan says:

    Okay I got all these to work, but I wanna know how I could get the seplugins to work on CEF 6.60. I looked all over and I can’t seem to find anything that seems to clearly tell how I would set up plugins and modules on here. I just wanna be able to use nploader 0.9 and cwcheats on Dissidia 012 so I can get the DLCs for the game.

    Also when I install Vita FTP on here, I can’t find it after it is done extracting, the file is just gone and I can’t find any folders on the TN Menu.

  57. Earl B says:

    thanks a lot guys, been using wololo’s software ever since he started developing for the wii way back in the day, thanks again!

  58. PCMGR says:

    How can you make dlc work with it?I understand how to make the plugins work with it,but not sure what I should do with the dlc.

  59. juan says:

    im stuck i cnt get it snes on nes n etc but i have exploit cn i get sum help plz n thanks i do all yu said it does show wen i load the exploit

  60. mikie_the7 says:


  61. Cloudstrife1901 says:

    Can anybody help me?? Iv done all of those steps which are shown and when i load up uno no homebrew show up on the exploit screen only the uno game…. what do i do?

    • Rafael says:

      After load Uno game is there something to do? I mean, tô show the exploit, the menu with games that are stored inside the savedata folder

  62. whatever says:

    so there’s a size limit? i tried moving trails in the sky to the backup but it’s nt big enough

  63. adambrian says:

    I can’t seem to be able to play any ps1 eboot game. i extract the game, but when i click ton play it, it shows an error message. please help

    • Dave says:

      Did you zip it like the tutorial stated above?

      • adambrian says:

        yes, i have followed the instructions step-by-step,i managed to get the gba emulator to work, but no other ps1 games will work. They work perfectly fine on my psp. The games i am trying to get work are Meal Gear Solid 1, Toy Story 2 and Spyro 2. none of these work when i install it. It give me an error message when i try to play it.

  64. Dave says:

    I’m guessing not all games work. I tried Ys 7, didn’t work but I fired Dungeons and Dragons Tactics worked fine… so far. Going to give Skullmonkeys a try. I want to see if a PSONE game will work flawless. Now to get CWcheat working… I may have to ditch the PSP Go. FF8 runs odd on the PSP Go. Wonder if I can transfer my save game over from PSP Go to PSP Vita.

    2013 going to be a good year! Thanks to all who have made this happen!

  65. mikie_the7 says:


  66. jek says:


  67. juan says:

    did anybody get snes on gba nes goin on uno exploit yet i trying and is not working

  68. firthaa01 says:

    Having no problems installing homebrew…..but no iso fiels are appearing……there in caps with .ISO no longer than 8 characters and they transfer over through openCMA but when i load the exploit there is no ISO.

    Any ideas what im doing wrong?

  69. afranquinho says:

    working fine here, the update deleted my iso’s (no big deal) but my homebrew (FTP/adhoc file transfer) are still there.

    Working dispite being EU and NOT in english.

  70. arjunsm says:

    Thanks. I once had the motorstorm atric edge, but I deleted it :(
    I have a backup of this one :)

  71. Death_489 says:

    Finally !! it works now for me , ISO and ZIP must be edited to CAP , to do that you have to put them in a win rar file so you could see them and edit them …

  72. javier says:

    if i have a US ps vita and i put a EUR ISo would it work?

  73. Zohan says:

    some one help me dont understand

  74. Angora season says:

    This suc´s i cant make the iso´s like the simpsons to work i try all wath´s in here can some one hehp please

  75. mikie_the7 says:


    anyone know how to help me

  76. Angora season says:

    I FIND´IT i convert alll iso´s to cso and format memory stic and that it

    • HeroEduard0 says:

      El problema que yo tengo, es que los juegos ISO’s estan en formato .rar entonces los renombro por ejemplo: GOD.ISO pero sigue siendo .rar y en el menu TN no puedo extraer nada porque no aparece nada!!! Que puedo hacer??

  77. goddamnit says:

    ISO’s work fine for me, but when i put in CSO’s, it goes black and says C1-2858-3 error. Why is that? is there any fix o this problem? I already tried 5 CSO games. but to no luck. ISO’s working though. Please help. I did renamed it and followed instructions. Help please?! Any help would be appreciated! thanks in advance!

  78. Zohan says:

    HELP C1-2858-3 ERROR

  79. Koder says:

    F*ucking LOVE you guys. Hats down to all of you hardworking fellows and to Frostegater, and everyone involved. Massive kudos.

  80. Pacman says:

    All right guys, I fixed it.

    To turn it off or reset it, you need to press on the Power button at least 15-20 secs.

    All is working again, but i’ll have to play around with that Burnout game and see what happened

    Have fun (i did)

  81. VitaSoy says:

    Err…I need a PSP emulator, any recommendations?

  82. NIKK says:

    when im extracting homebrew it wont run. it gets stuck at 0%0kb/s

  83. goddamnit says:

    is there any forum where i can read/learn how to install and play psone games using an emulator or psx? or does someone know the name of the emulator for psone games? help please

  84. Kurosaki says:

    Hi everyone, I have problem with iso game, I have bleach 7 (in japanese) , I install it then when put X to play after instaled , appear a mesagge “an error has ocurred: C1-2858-3″. Sorry for my bad english! .. PLEASE HELP ME AND OTHER PEOPLE WITH THE SAME PROBLEM!!

    Thanks! 😀

    • Cloud says:

      You might want to go to /talk and get help there.

    • Setsuna says:

      Same 😡 and a friend have the same probleme , the only game who run on JP UNO EXPLOIT version is Monster Hunter , but all other game doesn’t run (JP game , EUR game …) and we have tried to change the language … but nothing

  85. fgonzo805 says:

    anyone can tell me how to install gpsp kai onto uno savedata i got it to show up on tn menu and extracted it or whatever then it’s not there.

  86. Pacman says:

    I guess my very first post is still awaiting moderation.
    Not sure why it needs moderation, but I was trying to figure out how to turn my blackscreen Vita off (see my second post for how to do that).

    Anyways, I played around with Burnout Legends (Greatest Hits) and the emu likes it (lowercase, spaces, (, and )), provided of course you used FTP Vita or, you used OpenCMA to transfer it as an 8.3 uppercase filename and then used FTP to rename it.

    What the emu doesn’t seem to like is how long the file.iso filename is. So, best use judgement there.

  87. fgonzo805 says:

    nevermind i made a psp folder then a game folder within that and threw the gpsp stuff in that folder.

  88. Telimektar says:

    For anyone having problem transferring their homebrews/ISOs (most of mine wouldn’t transfer with Open CMA for some reason), use Vita FTP, it worked perfectly for me so far.

  89. ahbba says:

    So will you have to overwrite the UNO save data each time you add in a new ISO?

  90. FutonMcBiscuit says:

    Sorry for being a newb, but how do i install a gba emulator? Any response/tutorial will be much appreciated.

  91. NoLimitWinMugen says:

    I can’t change the file extension to uppercase on windows 7

  92. HeroEduard0 says:

    El problema que yo tengo, es que los juegos ISO’s estan en formato .rar entonces los renombro por ejemplo: GOD.ISO pero sigue siendo .rar y en el menu TN no puedo extraer nada porque no aparece nada!!! Que puedo hacer??

  93. iceblast69 says:

    ok having a bit of a issue, i have the iso’s working fine but how to i set up the folders before i zip the file for install.. i get it to show up in the tn screen but when i extract it the files just go away not to sure what im doing wrong here.. and i have followed the above to the tee multiple times.. the way i have it set up is PSP/GAME/HOMBREW/EBOOT THEN HAVE IT ZIPPED TO SNES.ZIP AND USE STORE SETTING THANKS FOR ANY HELP

  94. Nick Cooper says:

    Don’t work. First few times got error C1-2858-3. Language is set to english, as its my default language. Next time I tried, blue light of death. Next time, nothing, it loads UNO, goes to the save game and then reboots UNO, then errors out. Have tried reloading the save game, still same.
    So, don’t work at all for me. Shame really.

  95. GAR says:


  96. Pacman says:

    What does “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” mean?
    Why are my other posts deleted?

    I don’t like to be ignorant, please let me know and I will correct myself for the next time I post a problem.

  97. brando says:

    for seperate files use UMDgen 4.0 to create a single cso…

  98. Raptor says:

    Where can I download it??

  99. Trevor says:

    I’ve been trying this all day, I’m new to this can someone explain it to me in simple terms, like do we need wagic, I’ve read this so many times and just have a headache… Im a noob

    • Kiddo says:

      Simple, for ISOs and CSOs rename them to only have 8 or less characters. Copy them to the UNO save file on your PC. Make sure the ISO/CSO name is all caps.
      For homebrew, it’s like this: PSP/GAME/(Homebrew name)/EBOOT.PBP. You use 7-Zip to zip the “PSP” folder and the rest will be zipped with it. Then rename the new zip file to be all caps and 8 characters or less. Hope this helped!

  100. locomanny569 says:

    i think the easy way i found was if u got the old files from monster hunter still just run uno and then open monster hunter and add all your files their no need to zip the old way

  101. locomanny569 says:

    @trevor try it the way i did because onster hunter is not that hard to do

  102. kaname says:

    Thank you, everything works fine and my sister is starting to play pokemon. Thanks to all of you

  103. Trevor says:

    Wait but I’ve never had the monster hunter files, I missed out on that, or do I not need them?

  104. BrokyPR says:

    I had the same problem with the error(C1-2858-3) what I did was delete the save data from uno game from the vita and the computer,play uno again creat new save data and then do all steps again and it works for me hope this help

    ps happy new years everybody!!

    • BrokyPR says:

      error(C1-2858-3) its about memory space

    • makak1984 says:

      @BrokyPR this is not problem with memory space! it is problem with your files for example if you make proper zip with your homebrew and also iso, probably CSO too. Look… If you make for example zip called HOMEBREW by WinRAR it will have this “name” – you should rename it to HOMEBREW.ZIP on my Windows 7 i simply click on file in this case and hit F2 then simply delete words zip to “.” and type ZIP and hit ENTER. You should do same on ISO files – also change the letters to “.ISO”. Proper structure of HOMEBREW.ZIP must be same as on Wololo’s tutorial.
      Happy new year bro!

  105. Anthony says:

    can someone tell me how to install emulators like gba or n64

    • makak1984 says:

      It is simple, just create ZIP file with proper folder structure of folders like on Wololo’s tutorial – remember you also must include your roms on this ZIP file of emulator. Then the roms will be detected by emulator.

  106. Lai says:

    THANKS WOLOLO, FROSTEGATER, TOTAL_NOOB and everyone who is behind this! :) works perfectly in mine.. 😀 just follow what they said on this article, works like a charm! :) happy new year to everyone! :)

  107. Trevor says:

    Ok this what I’m doing.. PSP/GAME/(my Game Boy Advance Roms ex. RUBY.GBA) and a folder that named GPSP)/EBOOT.PBP can someone tell me what Im doing wrong please.. sorry to be a pain!

  108. sharam says:

    Hi guys i have a problem when i try to add an iso into the vita it doesnt appear in the exploit

  109. Draygon says:

    Could someone tell me how to install FTP for Vita?

    • Draygon says:

      I tried to put the folder of FTP for Vita in the uno save file, but it didn’t work. also zipping the file was useless.

      So, how do we install FTP for Vita on the Vita? :(

    • doomzlord says:

      Dude, copy the Eboot.php from the zip to your desktop. Make a folder ‘PSP’ then make a sub folder ‘GAME’ then make a folder ‘FTP’ inside this folde place the eboot.php. now ARCHIVE this to a zip and copy to your savefile. now in ecfw upzip it and your good to go
      read the posts properly its clearly given

  110. Kiddo says:

    I think games that have been patched can’t run with this exploit. Just use a clean dump if it’s available.

  111. ahbba says:

    Where do you get the eboot.pbp file? do you just make one and how?

    • ahbba says:

      Ya i put it all in caps and nothing happens. when i extract it on the ps vita it doesn’t do the 1000kB/s like everyone else’s

  112. Zohan says:

    what is the EBOOT.PBP and where is it please help

  113. Jon Sumissu says:

    I got my games on, however how can I expand the space on ms0:/ISO/? It only holds 2 CSOs.

  114. Zohan says:

    what is the wagic and eboot where is it

  115. willis says:

    when ever i put a cso file in to the folder it dosent copy onto my ps vita and i have upper case letters and less then 8 letters

    WHAT DO I DO ?

  116. ahbba says:

    How do i change the iso games from .iso to .ISO?

  117. Wulf says:

    Um, i got a problem…
    I coppied everything fine but i still dont see the ISOs or the homebrews…added BookR and GPSP Kai
    I see GPSP Kai but not BookR or the isos….
    And Yes i did follow all the intructions…

    • Wulf says:

      Another thing, Will patched games work?
      Cus im using Monster Hunter Freedom 3 English Patched… ( Just asking…not sure if its against the rules to ask but if it is remove this comment and inbox me a warning plz 😀 Not 100% sure o.o )

      Soo…yea… I tried using a clean savedata exploit and so on…still not working!
      And i cant use FTP Cus that isnt working either ( as in i dont know how to set it up….at all lol )

      – Note – Im such a newb 😀

      • Wulf says:

        Ok, think i know why…it appears in my documents blah blah blah as “Full Caps Name”.iso not .ISO ( full caps )
        But i cant change this…if i simply add .ISO to name it will appear as “MHF3.ISO.iso” in the details…How can i fix this?
        Just realized it doesnt copy…file is like 1.7gigs…and i have 4giggs free before and after transfer!!

        Any fix to this?
        Not sure if thisi s the problem but can anyone help?

      • NemesisPrime says:

        It will.

        I know because I’m using an English Patch of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix and it works like a charm.

    • ColonelPanic says:

      Is it a .ZIP and not .zip?It has to be .ZIP, not .rar or .RAR or .7Z or .7z. Only .ZIP.

  118. Wulf says:

    OK! i fixed it!
    If anyone else needs this fix read this :

    Scroll down, the guy says that you need to go to Control Panel > Folder Options > View > And untick ” Hide extension for known file types ”
    And there you go! Problem solved!

    • Wulf says:

      my problem was my computer automatically hid it, so i couldnt change the .iso to .ISO or .zip to .ZIP haha
      Fixed tho^^

  119. c-zero says:

    Quick question: If I already have the save files for my game backups, are they loaded from the memory stick, or do I have to do something else to load these files?


    • Veskgar says:

      You need to take your save files from your PSP’s memory stick, copy them to the PS Vita –> PSAVEDATA –> adab456adfadf folder on your computer. Then copy the saves over with CMA.

  120. skmjohn1 says:

    Dissidia 012 has a plain white screen after I make my save file. After the moogle sets up the play plan and asks me what difficulty I want the game cuts to an all white screen and after about two minutes an error message pops up. Please help!

  121. nutsplater says:

    to ahbba daba ***,

    right click on the iso game and press rename, then type all capital letters yah dumb shipt

  122. shagrath says:

    I am having trouble with the naming. Windows keeps on adding .iso at the end.
    ex: GAMENAME.ISO.iso or GAMENAME.iso

    Any fix?

    • shagrath says:

      Nevermind. I got it working now.
      Under the Advanced Settings section on the View tab in the Folder Options dialog box, disable the tick box called Hide extensions for known file types.

  123. Dave says:

    Anyone get CWCheat to work?

  124. exequiel says:



    IVE CHANGED THE .iso to .ISO capitalized 8 CHARACTERS..
    but the game doesnt start.. T_T help pls..

  125. GothicIII says:

    Make sure you guys use unpatched ISOs. With patched ones youll get weird problems like above, or the ISO won’t even try to start. However some games have strong copyprotections (Like FF Duodecim or DJMax), so the chance is high, that they wont work.
    And I wanted to mention that you cant transfer ISOs with a size about 1.4GB; CMA will copy it, but right after that it gets deleted. With the FTP-Server it will work anyway—

  126. skmjohn1 says:

    @nutsplater i renamed the iso file and installed it just fine. the problem is that after starting the game (which i wouldn’t be ableto do if i didn’t rename the iso ***) the game cuts to an all white screen.

  127. skmjohn1 says:

    oh *** nevermind i thought you saying to ahbba was just you saying random gibberish. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

  128. JERMski says:

    need help cant get anything i get up to the uno but only show few games i already have but i want to get others pls somebody break it down for me help!!!!!!!!!!

  129. NICKS says:

    Hi. I downloaded an iso from a website, but when I unziped it there was a bin and a cue file instead of an iso. How can I add those? Where can I get an iso file? Thanks

  130. PsPsiR1 says:


  131. Narsink says:

    Hello I have got my homebrew game work but I tryed to put NBA 2k13 ISO on but no go. any Ideas. I will try another ISO just to make sure.
    Thanks this is awersome by the way.


  132. exequiel says:

    id like to play dissidia duodecim but the game wont load on my vita.. but other games are ok..

    pls help me what should i do to help me play..

    help me guys plsss T_T

  133. DoombringerLucifer says:

    What i have to do if i want to install a Psone game?

  134. Jack says:

    Ok I’m a complete noob can someone please tell me what things i have to download to get UNO homebrew working I’ve been stuck all day. I can only seem to copy UNO I’m not computer savvy at all please someone help.

  135. xgamingman says:

    i dont have uno
    should i buy it to make this hack
    or i dont need to have uno
    help me in this point

  136. Lymus says:

    Triing to “instal” Corpse Party

    after i say Yes to “Do you wnat to mov ethis backup to ms0:/ISO/?”

    it says “Not enough memory space. You need 742 MB but available 733MB”
    any ideas? :O

  137. African Child says:

    quick question, why do you nid to install the iso and move it?

  138. Dan says:

    Im trying to get my wwe svr 11 game to work and its not been patched and i have deleted dummy files with umdgen but it still doesnt load. is there anything else i can do or is this game not compatible with this cfw

    • Dan says:

      I found a solution. I changed the cpu speed to 222/111. From what I gathered is that some games only run on certain cpu values. Try changing cpu speeds for different isos as that may be the problem.

  139. Error52 says:

    How do I change a file extension from lower case to upper case? I can’t find the answer on google.

  140. lester2020 says:

    Hi there. I have a question about file types like .ISO and such. How can I see the .iso in my Win 7, I wanted to avoid the .ISO.iso part. Any ideas?


    Also which games are compatible to play?

  141. Pan says:

    when i was trying to extract BOOKR.ZIP after it complete it just disappear from the list :S and i have to copy the file over again and it pretty much same thing over and over. idk where it go after i extract it. sorry for my bad english :S

  142. GlueGun says:

    Finely! Got it, Ummmmmmm…….. One Q?, Can it load
    plugins?.. from seplugins…some ho wwwwwww?????

    …………sadface : < cant add folder.

  143. lester2020 says:

    Disregard the last post, and I have another question.

    Is there a chance that it might brick like the PSP? Or is this exploit safe for all units.

    Also are the JP, US, and EU folders on the exploit can be run on a specific game or just the unit?


  144. GlueGun says:

    psp is a UNIT, and from how far the psp is, (signed execute
    code’s to run with the psp. im guessing its a no.
    because 5.03 HEN form way back was used to run code in the RAM,
    and 3.00 days flashed the Firmwares because no body wanted
    to pay the rumor of the 20k psp sdk, so they took the risk,
    and most of these works are done doing the,
    and data.psp, (Signed) compiled using a Encrypter. and
    you ask, well it break?. and where talking digital hardware.
    you have to be stupid to play with the ps vita psp flash0:/.

  145. XDarkMario says:

    every time i try to install a homebrew it pops p saying would like to extract the zip? i click yes ant then the game does not install and the zip is gone

  146. Jake says:

    Thanks to all who helped in making this hack 😀
    I just have one question: When you are trying to put more games on the vita do you have to overwrite the other games because that makes it take even longer

  147. ghassan says:

    please I NEED VIDEO please

  148. d says:

    Say if we had like 20 isos and 5 emulators all running good on the tnb menu 1.0.1, and we wanted to add just one more game, we would add our new iso to the psavedata and cma all the 21 isos and 5 emulators over to the vita, but when we overwrite the uno save data, do we have to extract all the 21 isos again ..? Is there an easier way to get around that so we can just extract the new iso only while having all our other stuff ready to play?

    • d says:

      Sorry, I just realized the guy above me ask the same question.

    • Vita_User says:

      @ d

      If you had 20 isos and 5 emulators and you wanted to add another you wouldn’t need to add everything again. Once isos or homebrew have been extracted / installed on your Vita, they are copied / extracted to your Ps Vita memory stick until you manually remove them. If you wanted to add another you would only copy the new iso into your savedata exploit folder. The only way you would have to add them all again would be if you forgot to extract / install them within the Tnc or accidentally deleted them.

      Remember, once you have installed something in the ecfw, you don’t need to worry about it, it stays on the memory stick!

  149. FIXED says:

    IF MENU FAILED TO LOAD BECAUSE U TRIED TO DELETE OR EXTRACT A FILE, now the menu is sc*** with black screen!!!!!!!!!! If ati is an extract problem, copy over the same extract folder zip that sc***, now you will have two icons that are the same when the menu loads. Since you can not delete the file otherwise it will get stuck and screw the menu, just copy over the savedata again this time without the file you want to delete. If you have problem with extracting or moving files because of not enough memory, use “psp filer 6.6″ emulator to unzip or move files.

  150. qwerty says:

    when ever i put the iso in the save data folder, the exploit wont work and I get an error. once I re exploit it, it works but I cant put the iso on. what is the problem?

  151. jdshnugles says:

    Thank you guys a lot, thank you all, I’m so glad I got it working, it was pretty simple when I got myself on the right track. 😀

  152. k3nn says:

    wow, in the 2 days since i got CEF, i’ve been hooked on Wagic. at 1st i was really f@cking up because it’s not noob friendly like the PC Magic: the gathering was. eventually, i’m winning now, because i’ve basically created a good deck 😀

  153. Paolo says:

    Hello i do all the instruction but the uno game is not appearing after i copy it….

    – I install CMA 5
    – Then i download the uno exploit for 2.02 & put the Wagic game & named it WAGIC.ZIP & put it in the uno

    BUT STILL the uno icon is not there? please help anybody

  154. DeNi says:

    can we transfer psp savedata to vita? (savedata not isos)

  155. Matthew Taylor says:


    Just put MSG Peace Walker on Vita. Accepted message to move file to ISO folder however says no room yet there is 16GB left on the card.

  156. Skeith says:

    Hey sorry to be a bother but, I can open the exploit and make it to the TN 1.0.1 menu and my only option is to re execute UNO none of my homebrews or ISOs will show up. The naming isn’t a problem I fully understand the naming process or maybe I don’t I place my ISOs inside of the UNO save exploit name ex. MHFU.ISO or AZBZN.ISO. with the only homebrew I have attempted was wifi transfer and I placed it in the UNO exploit ex. PSP/GAME/WIFITRANSFER/EBOOT.PBP and that also didn’t work. IDK if this matter but i have the Assassin’s Creed white PSvita please help me :) thanks

    • Ty says:

      I’m having a similar issue. I have the naming down CRISIS.ISO, but when I copy it over it wont appear in the TN 1.0.1 menu, just my copy of UNO and FFT which I purchased and installed from the sony store. I’m using the white ACIII vita if that makes any difference? Thanks in advance for any help.

      • Ty says:

        Figured it out by trying a cso conversion. Just converted the file to a .CSO and it apeared next time I transferred it.

      • Chris says:

        do your isos show up as an icon or a corrupt (unrecognized) file might be windows double naming it i used my xp comp (have iso burner app so recognizes them) and it was GAME.ISO.iso so it didnt show up on my vita im encountering a prob with space have 18gb left but says not enough memory

  157. Pat says:

    Where do you actually download stuff? Isos, hombrews, etc…

  158. max says:

    Mine is working perfectly (US Vita). Already played mario kart 64 on it (without sound) and some psp isos. Will sony delete uno from my vita once I connect to their server? Have they already banned anyone from using this (I nkow this may seem to be a naive question, but I just want to know if I can minimize the risks)?

  159. Paulo says:

    Hey I cant Play ISOs When I tryed to copy to my Ps Vita it says I need more space on my memory and I got 8 GB Card and Is my first game that I want to copy It says I Only have 215mb I cant Copy any ISO please Help

  160. Crizizcor says:

    Any one can say me if maybe who have the gravity crash exploit can update to 2.02 and use the gravity crash exploit ?
    thanks and sorry for my bad english

  161. Assassin1982 says:

    Working great the tn menu I also have the assassin 3 bundle pack going to try out the mods when I get out of vacation and also try getting some psx games on it also :) great work

  162. and1amazinguy says:

    JC3Fresh is right if you have problem with your ISO convert them to CSO it works

  163. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I had Vita FTP and everything left over from the Mad Blocker Alpha exploit and I can’t seem to get FileZilla to connect with the Vita. It gave me no trouble with 1.81, but this 2.02 Uno exploit is giving me problems. Also, tried to copy over my Parasite Eve CSO file and after it got done copying over like it should have, it’s as if it skipped the CSO in the copying process…

  164. azh_97 (newbie) says:

    What happens if I don’t copy the iso to the ms0?? ( I don’t have enough space to do that) I can still play it without copying it… So.. Please give me the reason while we have to copy it…

  165. exequiel says:


  166. Mangiasassi says:

    Hey Guys, i have this problem:
    I have moved all file to my vita, also WAGIC (i want to try it :P), when i execute uno, i’m seeing wagic, so i’m copying it on my memory, but when i finish, i did not found the wagic game…
    Please Help me ;_;
    Thanks guys

  167. dejera says:

    The games “Patapon 3″ and “One Piece Romance Dawn Bouken in Yoake” for example, don’t work. These are some games 5.00 M33-6 or higher that don’t work…

    Anyone know how to make it work?

  168. KuroRyuu913 says:

    3. PUT NAME AS (8 letter name).ZIP or .ISO IN CAPS!

    For anyone who didnt know. I had to screw around with the files until I realized that. So anyone who needs that done, here you go. :)

    • penGu says:

      Or by doing the following:

      First of all, make it so you can see the extensions (If you cannot already see them) –
      Click [Tools] pull down menu
      Click [Folder Options]
      Click the [View] tab
      Untick [Hide extensions for known file types]
      Click [Apply]/[OK]

      Now rename the file all in caps (Make sure you either add a new character or remove a character, for eg;
      1.) -> WAGIC1.ZIP = No good (It will revert back to automatically)
      2.) -> WAGIC.ZIP = Good (Due to removing the character/number “1”)


  169. Remy says:

    Some games after i download

    (only had problems with .csos so far, although i have gotten both .iso and .cso to work)

    and put it on my ps vita, then extract it goes into a black screen.

    e.x Ys: ark…-after i extract and click to play, it goes into select english and once you select one it freezes into a black screen and gets an error

    Valk profile- just goes straight into a black screen

    any help?

    • KuroRyuu913 says:

      its because they are over patched, or under patched. Look for games that would work on PSPs that have CFW of 6.60. If it doesnt work, look for an un-patched game. If that doesnt work, then idk.

  170. Josh says:

    i cant get the files to copy says i have no space on my 8gig card but the games do run fine without copying them so thanks this exploit is great allows me to play some good games….

    i would glady buy the game but sony is lame and dont let us credit card on Japanese store and i like JPN games there the best……

    anyways thanks for this its great

  171. Alv says:

    Ive been trying to make PSX games work but they don’t appear in once i run uno. I tried Breath of Fire 4 and Suikoden 2 but they don’t appear in my game. Ive already installed Star ocean and Valkyrie profile on the vita.

  172. Josh says:

    a mistake i was not having the .iso in caps too so it did not show up….

    i had it CRISISCO.iso and it would not show up at all

    as soon as i renamed it too CRISISCO.ISO it works fine

    so if ur games are not showing up make sure the .ISO is in CAPS too :)

    if u are using windows make sure u are not hiding file extensions…

  173. Remy says:

    i am guessing there is a max games on the menu, idk what the specific number is but i tested each game (out of 13 psp .iso/.cso) to make sure they work and run correctly but once i put them all in at once (yes i have a 32gb mem card and it only takes 16) i get an error after pressing x in uno menu anyone have a fix?

  174. DragonBorracho says:

    how do you delete isos copied to the vita memory card?

  175. Drake says:

    im using y menu and when i have copied 1 game and after that i wnt to copy more games and i overwrite yhe previous savedata the previous game gert deleted and i hv to copy both gaMES Togerther again and again??????any solution

  176. Bob says:

    Can someone please help me? I’ve gotten isos and csos to work no problem. I managed to get a GBC emu to work. I cannot get a GBA emulator to work at all. I can get it to the vita. The exploit recognizes it. It even extracts it. Then it just disappears. I’ve tried 4 different emulators but it just did the same thing. Help? Please and thanks…

  177. black cat says:

    when homebrew is extracted where does it go?

  178. chris says:

    where can u get iso from

  179. pr0xy says:

    All works fine, but still cant seem to get Valkyria Chronicles 2, Dissidia duodecim 012, or Z.H.P. running. :(

  180. Ghost_Fish_Killa says:

    can some 1 help me i keep trying to get vita ftp to install but every time it extracts it disappears on me

  181. GUS says:

    i cant get iso’s to work, only cso’s that ive gotten directly from a server. im doing everything right i think but it still wont work even after i use a compressor to turn an iso into a cso. can anyone help?

  182. Paul says:

    is there anyway i can get uno for free… coz i forgot my password?…
    plss guys help!!..

  183. dreamer says:

    I am total newbie, I did everything as u described, but didn’t got that screen in the step 6 , as you have. More over there is no bubble or pop up says “UNO” in my PSVita? Can you please guide me how to get “UNO” in my PSVita? Please somebody help me out….

  184. Mohsen says:

    Do I need to have the UNO installed on Vita before doing this?
    I have done everything correctly, and now I have the copied the Saved Data file (Step 5) into the device. But I don’t see any UNO bubble appearing on my device.

  185. wololo says:

    Since everybody else seems to be eventually getting it to work, you should probably only be *** at yourself. Enough people have confirmed it works by now that you shouldn’t question that. What is not working exactly? Are you getting an error message? When does it not work?

  186. exequiel says:

    mine is ok.. but other games doesnt, what maybe the problem?

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