UNO Exploit: Installing homebrews and Isos on Vita 2.02 with TN Menu


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308 Responses

  1. locomanny569

    @trevor try it the way i did because onster hunter is not that hard to do

  2. kaname

    Thank you, everything works fine and my sister is starting to play pokemon. Thanks to all of you

  3. Trevor

    Wait but I’ve never had the monster hunter files, I missed out on that, or do I not need them?

  4. BrokyPR

    I had the same problem with the error(C1-2858-3) what I did was delete the save data from uno game from the vita and the computer,play uno again creat new save data and then do all steps again and it works for me hope this help

    ps happy new years everybody!!

    • BrokyPR

      error(C1-2858-3) its about memory space

    • makak1984

      @BrokyPR this is not problem with memory space! it is problem with your files for example if you make proper zip with your homebrew and also iso, probably CSO too. Look… If you make for example zip called HOMEBREW by WinRAR it will have this “name” – you should rename it to HOMEBREW.ZIP on my Windows 7 i simply click on file in this case and hit F2 then simply delete words zip to “.” and type ZIP and hit ENTER. You should do same on ISO files – also change the letters to “.ISO”. Proper structure of HOMEBREW.ZIP must be same as on Wololo’s tutorial.
      Happy new year bro!

  5. Anthony

    can someone tell me how to install emulators like gba or n64

    • makak1984

      It is simple, just create ZIP file with proper folder structure of folders like on Wololo’s tutorial – remember you also must include your roms on this ZIP file of emulator. Then the roms will be detected by emulator.

  6. Lai

    THANKS WOLOLO, FROSTEGATER, TOTAL_NOOB and everyone who is behind this! :) works perfectly in mine.. 😀 just follow what they said on this article, works like a charm! :) happy new year to everyone! :)

  7. Trevor

    Ok this what I’m doing.. PSP/GAME/(my Game Boy Advance Roms ex. RUBY.GBA) and a folder that named GPSP)/EBOOT.PBP can someone tell me what Im doing wrong please.. sorry to be a pain!

  8. sharam

    Hi guys i have a problem when i try to add an iso into the vita it doesnt appear in the exploit

  9. Draygon

    Could someone tell me how to install FTP for Vita?

    • Draygon

      I tried to put the folder of FTP for Vita in the uno save file, but it didn’t work. also zipping the file was useless.

      So, how do we install FTP for Vita on the Vita? :(

    • doomzlord

      Dude, copy the Eboot.php from the zip to your desktop. Make a folder ‘PSP’ then make a sub folder ‘GAME’ then make a folder ‘FTP’ inside this folde place the eboot.php. now ARCHIVE this to a zip and copy to your savefile. now in ecfw upzip it and your good to go
      read the posts properly its clearly given

  10. Kiddo

    I think games that have been patched can’t run with this exploit. Just use a clean dump if it’s available.

  11. ahbba

    Where do you get the eboot.pbp file? do you just make one and how?

  12. Zohan


    • ahbba

      Ya i put it all in caps and nothing happens. when i extract it on the ps vita it doesn’t do the 1000kB/s like everyone else’s

  13. Zohan

    what is the EBOOT.PBP and where is it please help

  14. Jon Sumissu

    I got my games on, however how can I expand the space on ms0:/ISO/? It only holds 2 CSOs.

  15. Zohan

    what is the wagic and eboot where is it

  16. willis

    when ever i put a cso file in to the folder it dosent copy onto my ps vita and i have upper case letters and less then 8 letters

    WHAT DO I DO ?

  17. ahbba

    How do i change the iso games from .iso to .ISO?

  18. Wulf

    Um, i got a problem…
    I coppied everything fine but i still dont see the ISOs or the homebrews…added BookR and GPSP Kai
    I see GPSP Kai but not BookR or the isos….
    And Yes i did follow all the intructions…

    • Wulf

      Another thing, Will patched games work?
      Cus im using Monster Hunter Freedom 3 English Patched… ( Just asking…not sure if its against the rules to ask but if it is remove this comment and inbox me a warning plz 😀 Not 100% sure o.o )

      Soo…yea… I tried using a clean savedata exploit and so on…still not working!
      And i cant use FTP Cus that isnt working either ( as in i dont know how to set it up….at all lol )

      – Note – Im such a newb 😀

      • Wulf

        Ok, think i know why…it appears in my documents blah blah blah as “Full Caps Name”.iso not .ISO ( full caps )
        But i cant change this…if i simply add .ISO to name it will appear as “MHF3.ISO.iso” in the details…How can i fix this?
        Just realized it doesnt copy…file is like 1.7gigs…and i have 4giggs free before and after transfer!!

        Any fix to this?
        Not sure if thisi s the problem but can anyone help?

      • NemesisPrime

        It will.

        I know because I’m using an English Patch of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix and it works like a charm.

    • ColonelPanic

      Is it a .ZIP and not .zip?It has to be .ZIP, not .rar or .RAR or .7Z or .7z. Only .ZIP.

  19. Wulf

    OK! i fixed it!
    If anyone else needs this fix read this :

    Scroll down, the guy says that you need to go to Control Panel > Folder Options > View > And untick ” Hide extension for known file types ”
    And there you go! Problem solved!

    • Wulf

      my problem was my computer automatically hid it, so i couldnt change the .iso to .ISO or .zip to .ZIP haha
      Fixed tho^^

  20. c-zero

    Quick question: If I already have the save files for my game backups, are they loaded from the memory stick, or do I have to do something else to load these files?


    • Veskgar

      You need to take your save files from your PSP’s memory stick, copy them to the PS Vita –> PSAVEDATA –> adab456adfadf folder on your computer. Then copy the saves over with CMA.

  21. skmjohn1

    Dissidia 012 has a plain white screen after I make my save file. After the moogle sets up the play plan and asks me what difficulty I want the game cuts to an all white screen and after about two minutes an error message pops up. Please help!

  22. nutsplater

    to ahbba daba ***,

    right click on the iso game and press rename, then type all capital letters yah dumb shipt

  23. shagrath

    I am having trouble with the naming. Windows keeps on adding .iso at the end.
    ex: GAMENAME.ISO.iso or GAMENAME.iso

    Any fix?

    • shagrath

      Nevermind. I got it working now.
      Under the Advanced Settings section on the View tab in the Folder Options dialog box, disable the tick box called Hide extensions for known file types.

  24. Dave

    Anyone get CWCheat to work?

  25. exequiel



    IVE CHANGED THE .iso to .ISO capitalized 8 CHARACTERS..
    but the game doesnt start.. T_T help pls..

  26. GothicIII

    Make sure you guys use unpatched ISOs. With patched ones youll get weird problems like above, or the ISO won’t even try to start. However some games have strong copyprotections (Like FF Duodecim or DJMax), so the chance is high, that they wont work.
    And I wanted to mention that you cant transfer ISOs with a size about 1.4GB; CMA will copy it, but right after that it gets deleted. With the FTP-Server it will work anyway—

  27. skmjohn1

    @nutsplater i renamed the iso file and installed it just fine. the problem is that after starting the game (which i wouldn’t be ableto do if i didn’t rename the iso ***) the game cuts to an all white screen.

  28. skmjohn1

    oh *** nevermind i thought you saying to ahbba was just you saying random gibberish. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

  29. JERMski

    need help cant get anything i get up to the uno but only show few games i already have but i want to get others pls somebody break it down for me help!!!!!!!!!!

  30. NICKS

    Hi. I downloaded an iso from a website, but when I unziped it there was a bin and a cue file instead of an iso. How can I add those? Where can I get an iso file? Thanks

  31. PsPsiR1


  32. Narsink

    Hello I have got my homebrew game work but I tryed to put NBA 2k13 ISO on but no go. any Ideas. I will try another ISO just to make sure.
    Thanks this is awersome by the way.


  33. exequiel

    id like to play dissidia duodecim but the game wont load on my vita.. but other games are ok..

    pls help me what should i do to help me play..

    help me guys plsss T_T

  34. DoombringerLucifer

    What i have to do if i want to install a Psone game?

  35. Jack

    Ok I’m a complete noob can someone please tell me what things i have to download to get UNO homebrew working I’ve been stuck all day. I can only seem to copy UNO I’m not computer savvy at all please someone help.

  36. xgamingman

    i dont have uno
    should i buy it to make this hack
    or i dont need to have uno
    help me in this point

  37. Lymus

    Triing to “instal” Corpse Party

    after i say Yes to “Do you wnat to mov ethis backup to ms0:/ISO/?”

    it says “Not enough memory space. You need 742 MB but available 733MB”
    any ideas? :O

  38. African Child

    quick question, why do you nid to install the iso and move it?

  39. Dan

    Im trying to get my wwe svr 11 game to work and its not been patched and i have deleted dummy files with umdgen but it still doesnt load. is there anything else i can do or is this game not compatible with this cfw

    • Dan

      I found a solution. I changed the cpu speed to 222/111. From what I gathered is that some games only run on certain cpu values. Try changing cpu speeds for different isos as that may be the problem.

  40. Error52

    How do I change a file extension from lower case to upper case? I can’t find the answer on google.

  41. lester2020

    Hi there. I have a question about file types like .ISO and such. How can I see the .iso in my Win 7, I wanted to avoid the .ISO.iso part. Any ideas?


    Also which games are compatible to play?

  42. Pan

    when i was trying to extract BOOKR.ZIP after it complete it just disappear from the list :S and i have to copy the file over again and it pretty much same thing over and over. idk where it go after i extract it. sorry for my bad english :S

  43. GlueGun

    Finely! Got it, Ummmmmmm…….. One Q?, Can it load
    plugins?.. from seplugins…some ho wwwwwww?????

    …………sadface : < cant add folder.

  44. lester2020

    Disregard the last post, and I have another question.

    Is there a chance that it might brick like the PSP? Or is this exploit safe for all units.

    Also are the JP, US, and EU folders on the exploit can be run on a specific game or just the unit?


  45. GlueGun

    psp is a UNIT, and from how far the psp is, (signed execute
    code’s to run with the psp. im guessing its a no.
    because 5.03 HEN form way back was used to run code in the RAM,
    and 3.00 days flashed the Firmwares because no body wanted
    to pay the rumor of the 20k psp sdk, so they took the risk,
    and most of these works are done doing the,
    and data.psp, (Signed) compiled using a Encrypter. and
    you ask, well it break?. and where talking digital hardware.
    you have to be stupid to play with the ps vita psp flash0:/.

  46. XDarkMario