UNO Exploit: Installing homebrews and Isos on Vita 2.02 with TN Menu


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308 Responses

  1. qwerty says:

    when ever i put the iso in the save data folder, the exploit wont work and I get an error. once I re exploit it, it works but I cant put the iso on. what is the problem?

  2. jdshnugles says:

    Thank you guys a lot, thank you all, I’m so glad I got it working, it was pretty simple when I got myself on the right track. :D

  3. k3nn says:

    wow, in the 2 days since i got CEF, i’ve been hooked on Wagic. at 1st i was really f@cking up because it’s not noob friendly like the PC Magic: the gathering was. eventually, i’m winning now, because i’ve basically created a good deck :D

  4. Paolo says:

    Hello i do all the instruction but the uno game is not appearing after i copy it….

    – I install CMA 5
    – Then i download the uno exploit for 2.02 & put the Wagic game & named it WAGIC.ZIP & put it in the uno

    BUT STILL the uno icon is not there? please help anybody

  5. DeNi says:

    can we transfer psp savedata to vita? (savedata not isos)

  6. Matthew Taylor says:


    Just put MSG Peace Walker on Vita. Accepted message to move file to ISO folder however says no room yet there is 16GB left on the card.

  7. Skeith says:

    Hey sorry to be a bother but, I can open the exploit and make it to the TN 1.0.1 menu and my only option is to re execute UNO none of my homebrews or ISOs will show up. The naming isn’t a problem I fully understand the naming process or maybe I don’t I place my ISOs inside of the UNO save exploit name ex. MHFU.ISO or AZBZN.ISO. with the only homebrew I have attempted was wifi transfer and I placed it in the UNO exploit ex. PSP/GAME/WIFITRANSFER/EBOOT.PBP and that also didn’t work. IDK if this matter but i have the Assassin’s Creed white PSvita please help me :) thanks

    • Ty says:

      I’m having a similar issue. I have the naming down CRISIS.ISO, but when I copy it over it wont appear in the TN 1.0.1 menu, just my copy of UNO and FFT which I purchased and installed from the sony store. I’m using the white ACIII vita if that makes any difference? Thanks in advance for any help.

      • Ty says:

        Figured it out by trying a cso conversion. Just converted the file to a .CSO and it apeared next time I transferred it.

      • Chris says:

        do your isos show up as an icon or a corrupt (unrecognized) file might be windows double naming it i used my xp comp (have iso burner app so recognizes them) and it was GAME.ISO.iso so it didnt show up on my vita im encountering a prob with space have 18gb left but says not enough memory

  8. Pat says:

    Where do you actually download stuff? Isos, hombrews, etc…

  9. max says:

    Mine is working perfectly (US Vita). Already played mario kart 64 on it (without sound) and some psp isos. Will sony delete uno from my vita once I connect to their server? Have they already banned anyone from using this (I nkow this may seem to be a naive question, but I just want to know if I can minimize the risks)?

  10. Paulo says:

    Hey I cant Play ISOs When I tryed to copy to my Ps Vita it says I need more space on my memory and I got 8 GB Card and Is my first game that I want to copy It says I Only have 215mb I cant Copy any ISO please Help

  11. Crizizcor says:

    Any one can say me if maybe who have the gravity crash exploit can update to 2.02 and use the gravity crash exploit ?
    thanks and sorry for my bad english

  12. Assassin1982 says:

    Working great the tn menu I also have the assassin 3 bundle pack going to try out the mods when I get out of vacation and also try getting some psx games on it also :) great work

  13. and1amazinguy says:

    JC3Fresh is right if you have problem with your ISO convert them to CSO it works

  14. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I had Vita FTP and everything left over from the Mad Blocker Alpha exploit and I can’t seem to get FileZilla to connect with the Vita. It gave me no trouble with 1.81, but this 2.02 Uno exploit is giving me problems. Also, tried to copy over my Parasite Eve CSO file and after it got done copying over like it should have, it’s as if it skipped the CSO in the copying process…

  15. azh_97 (newbie) says:

    What happens if I don’t copy the iso to the ms0?? ( I don’t have enough space to do that) I can still play it without copying it… So.. Please give me the reason while we have to copy it…

  16. exequiel says:


  17. Mangiasassi says:

    Hey Guys, i have this problem:
    I have moved all file to my vita, also WAGIC (i want to try it :P), when i execute uno, i’m seeing wagic, so i’m copying it on my memory, but when i finish, i did not found the wagic game…
    Please Help me ;_;
    Thanks guys

  18. dejera says:

    The games “Patapon 3″ and “One Piece Romance Dawn Bouken in Yoake” for example, don’t work. These are some games 5.00 M33-6 or higher that don’t work…

    Anyone know how to make it work?

  19. KuroRyuu913 says:

    3. PUT NAME AS (8 letter name).ZIP or .ISO IN CAPS!

    For anyone who didnt know. I had to screw around with the files until I realized that. So anyone who needs that done, here you go. :)

    • penGu says:

      Or by doing the following:

      First of all, make it so you can see the extensions (If you cannot already see them) –
      Click [Tools] pull down menu
      Click [Folder Options]
      Click the [View] tab
      Untick [Hide extensions for known file types]
      Click [Apply]/[OK]

      Now rename the file all in caps (Make sure you either add a new character or remove a character, for eg;
      1.) -> WAGIC1.ZIP = No good (It will revert back to automatically)
      2.) -> WAGIC.ZIP = Good (Due to removing the character/number “1”)


  20. Remy says:

    Some games after i download

    (only had problems with .csos so far, although i have gotten both .iso and .cso to work)

    and put it on my ps vita, then extract it goes into a black screen.

    e.x Ys: ark…-after i extract and click to play, it goes into select english and once you select one it freezes into a black screen and gets an error

    Valk profile- just goes straight into a black screen

    any help?

    • KuroRyuu913 says:

      its because they are over patched, or under patched. Look for games that would work on PSPs that have CFW of 6.60. If it doesnt work, look for an un-patched game. If that doesnt work, then idk.

  21. Josh says:

    i cant get the files to copy says i have no space on my 8gig card but the games do run fine without copying them so thanks this exploit is great allows me to play some good games….

    i would glady buy the game but sony is lame and dont let us credit card on Japanese store and i like JPN games there the best……

    anyways thanks for this its great

  22. Alv says:

    Ive been trying to make PSX games work but they don’t appear in once i run uno. I tried Breath of Fire 4 and Suikoden 2 but they don’t appear in my game. Ive already installed Star ocean and Valkyrie profile on the vita.

  23. Josh says:

    a mistake i was not having the .iso in caps too so it did not show up….

    i had it CRISISCO.iso and it would not show up at all

    as soon as i renamed it too CRISISCO.ISO it works fine

    so if ur games are not showing up make sure the .ISO is in CAPS too :)

    if u are using windows make sure u are not hiding file extensions…

  24. Remy says:

    i am guessing there is a max games on the menu, idk what the specific number is but i tested each game (out of 13 psp .iso/.cso) to make sure they work and run correctly but once i put them all in at once (yes i have a 32gb mem card and it only takes 16) i get an error after pressing x in uno menu anyone have a fix?

  25. DragonBorracho says:

    how do you delete isos copied to the vita memory card?

  26. Drake says:

    im using y menu and when i have copied 1 game and after that i wnt to copy more games and i overwrite yhe previous savedata the previous game gert deleted and i hv to copy both gaMES Togerther again and again??????any solution

  27. Bob says:

    Can someone please help me? I’ve gotten isos and csos to work no problem. I managed to get a GBC emu to work. I cannot get a GBA emulator to work at all. I can get it to the vita. The exploit recognizes it. It even extracts it. Then it just disappears. I’ve tried 4 different emulators but it just did the same thing. Help? Please and thanks…

  28. black cat says:

    when homebrew is extracted where does it go?

  29. chris says:

    where can u get iso from

  30. pr0xy says:

    All works fine, but still cant seem to get Valkyria Chronicles 2, Dissidia duodecim 012, or Z.H.P. running. :(

  31. Ghost_Fish_Killa says:

    can some 1 help me i keep trying to get vita ftp to install but every time it extracts it disappears on me

  32. GUS says:

    i cant get iso’s to work, only cso’s that ive gotten directly from a server. im doing everything right i think but it still wont work even after i use a compressor to turn an iso into a cso. can anyone help?

  33. Paul says:

    is there anyway i can get uno for free… coz i forgot my password?…
    plss guys help!!..

  34. dreamer says:

    I am total newbie, I did everything as u described, but didn’t got that screen in the step 6 , as you have. More over there is no bubble or pop up says “UNO” in my PSVita? Can you please guide me how to get “UNO” in my PSVita? Please somebody help me out….

  35. Mohsen says:

    Do I need to have the UNO installed on Vita before doing this?
    I have done everything correctly, and now I have the copied the Saved Data file (Step 5) into the device. But I don’t see any UNO bubble appearing on my device.

  36. wololo says:

    Since everybody else seems to be eventually getting it to work, you should probably only be *** at yourself. Enough people have confirmed it works by now that you shouldn’t question that. What is not working exactly? Are you getting an error message? When does it not work?

  37. exequiel says:

    mine is ok.. but other games doesnt, what maybe the problem?

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