Release: CEF TN for Vita Firmware 2.02 with the UNO Exploit, by Frostegater


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470 Responses

  1. ryan says:

    can someone please tell me why I can install the PSP games,it’s said that I don’t have enough free space although I still have 27 GB free space!? what the heck

    • billybob says:

      @ryan this is how i get it to copy. first i copy 1 game to the folder, then i unplug the psp and try moving it over and if the game does not move then i plug it back to the PC and copy a 2nd game to the same folder, leaving both games in the save folder i then copy it to the psv, you should then be able to move both games to the game folder.

  2. ryan says:

    I mean “can not install the PSP games”

  3. ryan says:

    can someone please tell me why I can’t install the PSP games,it’s said that I don’t have enough free space although I still have 27 GB free space!? what the heck

  4. Crizizcor says:

    Any one can say me if maybe who have the gravity crash exploit can update to 2.02 and use the gravity crash exploit ?
    thanks and sorry for my bad english

  5. picyu11237 says:

    Thank Frostegater.
    Thank Wololo.
    I enjoy it.

  6. goalkeeper99 says:

    what if sony update to 2.03 or higher , can i still play ragnarok or cod online using 2.02 ?

  7. dejera says:

    The games “Patapon 3″ and “One Piece Romance Dawn Bouken in Yoake” for example, don’t work. These are some games 5.00 M33-6 or higher that don’t work…

    Anyone know how to make it work?

  8. peko says:

    To download an English patch, I need to softmod my Vita. Does this firmware work like a softmod? Well, it’s suppose to be a download for a PSP game. Does the vita even need to be softmodded?

  9. jdubz says:

    Sorry for the noobness, but has anybody been able to successfully play n64 or snes games on this exploit? They use to play fine on 1.81 using mad blocker. The emulators install fine, it find the games fine, but i can’t get them to load. Anyone?

    • Razor says:

      I want to know also If the N64 and the Snes emulators work fine on the new vita exploid. They work fine on Moster Hunter unite. 180

  10. malik says:

    can someone gameshare uno wif me plzzzz……..

  11. natalie says:

    my PSN account is in HK store.
    n i cant change another region.
    so can i buy it in Media Go n install it in PSV???
    will that work?
    or any way to change region, i tried what youtube have, it is not working…

  12. DragonBorracho says:

    how do you delete iso/cso you already put into the memory card?

  13. cesa says:

    eu to na conta americana eu não emcontrei uno pora nem uma na conta americana so se os hacuers colocarão na psn e retirarão no mesmo dia com download

  14. ecristobal10 says:

    guys! ok so im pretty sure that im not the only one that cant play ps1 games on CEF tn 2.02 so after some research i found this video
    (sorry if i cant post videos.) and it shows a download link PSX Add-on for eCFW TN-C so ima give this a try… does someone know if this actually will allow us to play ps1 games?

  15. Christian Young says:

    On this exploit does the ad hoc feature work on iso back ups? I own the tekken 6 umd and i want to play multiplayer on my vita.

  16. Roninkai says:

    Hello all. Would someone please confirm whether or not the Gravity Crash Portable exploit still works for fw 2.02? I see the game is still in the PSN Store. I thought they would have pulled it if there was an exploit. Thank you for your time.

  17. Roninkai says:

    Ok then, thank you for your swift reply, sir. Maybe I will be privvy to the next exploit.

  18. jake says:

    who wants sony to let us play psp games on a ps vita for free…????
    its easy,but we have to work together(the whole world).
    there is just only 1 step:
    step1;don’t buy and use any sony product. so nobody is buying sony’s product
    than sony want us to buy their product,then we say allow us to play psp
    games on ps vita for free (teach sony their lesson)
    if they won’t do that,fine we still won’t buy their product.
    so GUYS lets go to the XBOX360,WII U.nitendoDS
    than sony will be jellouse and than …. they will allow us.

  19. terryass says:


    im still on uno exploit 2.02 and psp games works great.
    thanks to all you guys how make this happends :-)
    i want to ask ya if ist possible to Play snes or Genesis games with this uno exploit. downloaded the Emulators but dont no how to install them . pleas help

  20. t.zaw says:

    i just bought UNO and did all the steps shown above. in CMA, the save datafile is shown as unknown type. ( bcuz usually you can see the game logo )
    and in the UNO game , it says the file can’t be loaded because it is corrupted.
    i juz updated my ps vita awhile ago. is that because of system software 2.12?

  21. degtr says:

    can i reinstalling system software 2.02?? i can’t also put uno on my ps vita because don’t find it…what i have to do???

  22. mlc says:

    yes, but only with a proxy like Charles and while the game is available on the store. So once the game is updated you’ll have to wait until PSN requires 2.03+, and the game is returned to the store, before you can transfer it.

  23. Quake says:

    Yes, I bought the Mad Blocker on the PS3 and transferred it that way. The only problem with that though is that if the game is taken off the PSN Store you won’t be able to transfer it to the PS Vita. I ran into that problem and had to wait for the Game to return to the store so I could transfer it. If you decide to go that route, Don’t update that Ps Vita. Once it’s back on the store you can transfer it by doing the Firmware version trick to by pass the update notice. See: a few pages back on – did-you-miss-the-ninja-release-then-hurry-up-and-get-ecfw for details.

  24. marjowikid says:

    Any suggestions on what I can do?

  25. marjowikid says:

    Alright read what you told me to and I got the jist of it thing is I’m om 2.00 will that be a problem

  26. Lai says:

    agree stiffeno.. to poster above.. you need to buy it on stores or in psn store. there is no such thing as ps vita iso pirated for this… sorry

  27. suicidal_banana says:

    Just wondering (since i downloaded pretty much all my PSP games already) is it possible to make a ISO from a UMD? because i couldn’t find Vice City Stories which i do have for the PSP, can i use my PSP (loaded with CFW 660-C) to make an iso for my Vita??

    Thanks in advance, been wondering this for a while.

  28. BrokyPR says:

    yes just turn on psp on cfw press select a menu will pop up go were it saids usb device it is set to memory stick by deaful just swich it to umd disc then connect ur psp to the computer and it will show the umd game in an iso file drag it to the pc…u know the rest

  29. olivier says:

    Sweeeet, thanks man

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