Release: CEF TN for Vita Firmware 2.02 with the UNO Exploit, by Frostegater


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470 Responses

  1. This what i’m talking about :)

  2. rscottc says:

    Oh. Hellllls yes.

    Thanks, all, and a happy New Year!

  3. RafykX says:

    Happy New year thanks so much!

  4. Kenster240 says:

    Thanks! Let’s hope this works!

  5. musashiro says:

    now this is what i call a RELEASE!!!

  6. lipton-T says:

    thanks you guys. your hardwork is much appreciated. if you ask me, youre actually doing sony a favor atm. upping there sales via exploitable games and making people less likely to abandon sony over the whole rebuying umd game delema…now we can just havem back. again, thanks and happy new year.

    -from osaka w/ love

  7. Brennen lee says:

    Yay I’m the first, happy new years

  8. Brennen lee says:

    Nvm I thought

  9. rscottc says:

    Oh, also: So is it recommended we avoid connecting to PSN? I’d still like to play friends over the network. Does using this exploit eliminate that ability? I heard it mentioned once, but not really consistently after that.

  10. 亚姬 says:

    Thank you all!a good new year gift!

  11. ken says:

    Thank you! and Happy New Year!!

  12. 春哥 says:

    Thanks,and happy New Year

  13. Vitality777 says:

    Happy new year and huge thanks for the great work you’re putting into the Vita. Is there any chance someone has a nice package with emulators (snes and n64) which I only need to fill with roms and then can put onto my Vita? So only the package with emulators. NO roms. I would highly appreciate it (y)

  14. joe k says:

    Perfect, right when I got home from my new years party. yay drunk psp :)

  15. wololothebest says:

    happy new years

  16. tomo says:

    thanks my brothers works fine back on motorstorm worked first try

  17. Leries says:

    ***, it’s beautiful. It’s so fun to see this stuff, thank you so much. Gonna play the *** out of emulators~

  18. rav says:

    Thank you, and happy ne year 😀

  19. firthaa01 says:

    Thanks to the devs for there hard work. Thanks to wololo for the hard work in keeping us up to date with recent events and thankyou to all you guys who kept everyone else informed as to weather the game was still available in certain regions.

    Have a great year everyone!

  20. Romu says:

    Sadly this release doesn’t work for me :/ It let me on a grey filled screen with some kind of error if i wait too long, instead of loading TN-C.

    Even by replacing the TN-MENU with PSPFILLER, it doesn’t load :/

    Keep up the good work guys, i’m sure some cool hacking stuff will come this year!

  21. dragar says:

    Thanks heaps everyone who contributed to this wonder exploit

  22. ghg_1992 says:

    thanks to all and happy new year

  23. lipton-T says:

    having a bit of trouble actually…i set my iso to have a 4 letter upper case name to it and its in the save file of UNO..but its not showing up on the TN menu..

    • lipton-T says:

      the save file is taking longer to copy onto the vita, showing that the iso is being downloaded as well..but it just wont show up.

      • Lake says:

        im having the same issue i think. the game im trying to install is 615 mb and i guess uno is about 2mb because when i go to transfer the save, it says 617. the loading bar takes a while to fill, then when i check the size of the uno save file thats been copied onto my vita, its about 2 mb again…where’s the game?? D:

        • Gl!tch says:

          yall prob didnt change the file extention. i know if you’re running win 8 theres a little arrow on the box of a file you open on top right, click that and hit view. there should be a check box to edit the extension

  24. albie85 says:

    jus woke up formatted everything so I got fresh vita then copied save and worked first time I install snes straight away

  25. john says:

    please wololo if it could be an exploit with the four free minis of the last time please answer me

  26. mm0mmo says:

    Thanks guys it is working
    I will make a MasterCard to donate ^^

  27. tusso says:

    Error c1-2858-3… eu version

  28. Magaki says:

    Dat awesome sentence . . .
    “If for some crazy reason you want to donate to me for the awesome job I did coordinating the ninja release, please donate to the Red Cross of your country, this will make me and you feel even better about this hack”

  29. ghemon74 says:

    help error c1-2858-3

    psvita EU and savedata EU

    • dxhkl says:

      I got the same error.
      Reinstalled Uno and downloaded the Savegame twice but it doesnt work for me.

      I start Uno, press x … White Screen and after some seconds –> Error C1-2858-3

      Any Ideas?

  30. AleKH says:

    Thank you everyone and have a great 2013.

  31. 173210 says:

    Where is the source code?

  32. ghemon74 says:

    funziona perfettamente mettendo la lingua italiano per le psvita e UNO EU
    testato adesso,spero in una soluzione 😉
    grande wololo!!!

    • ghemon74 says:

      funziona perfettamente mettendo la lingua italiano per le psvita e UNO EU
      testato adesso,spero in una soluzione 😉
      grande wololo!!!

      scusate volevo scrivere “inglese” :)

  33. sheriff says:

    this is the best new year present anyone could wish for thank you.

  34. DHS says:

    I have a US Vita on a US account, when I put in NPUH10027DATA00 folder in my PSAVEDATA folder, the save data is not showing up on OpenCMA. What am I doing wrong?

  35. ¬_¬ says:

    thanks for the hack but i am going to trade my vita into game stop when they open on Tuesday i really have not been to happy with it and this hack is nice and all but i dont care for it.

  36. Death_489 says:

    Just copy the uno save without add the EBOOT.PBP to the save ?..
    help please ^^

  37. musashiro says:

    hey wololo, if ever i wanted to delete all the stuff copied, how do i do it??

    if i delete the homebrew using TN-menu, will it delete the folder??

  38. magnat2088 says:

    Change system language to English and its works perfect!!!

  39. Joe91 says:

    Same Error c1-2858-3 in EU version

  40. satyrangeluz says:

    awwww yeah, 4am here and no sleep for 3 days but who cares!!!

  41. magnat2088 says:

    Change system language to English and the error c1-2858-3 go away!!!

  42. Crossi says:

    Hi,where is the folder where i should copy my PSP games?!

  43. witkon says:

    I can’t play in uno, because I get error, but i can play in other games, even from my iso. THX and happy new year.

  44. jek says:

    thanks wololo and frost! ^_^

  45. dezo says:

    so am i

    help error c1-2858-3

    psvita EU and savedata EU

    wats wrong ?


  46. StepS says:

    A bit of correctness here:
    the system’s language has just to be other than (I assume) french, spanish, german, italian, as these are the only non-english languages supported by the game.
    this is why it wasn’t noticed until now, since frostegater’s console is in Russian.

  47. dezo says:

    sorry in english is good!

    thanks for work

  48. zimiro says:

    can someone help me
    ‘m just getting run. cso
    . no iso wheel

  49. zimiro says:

    can someone help me
    ‘m just getting run .cso
    .iso no wheel

  50. klowned says:

    hi happy new year

    if i update will i still have all my tn ecfw file if i dont move them befor go to 2.02?

  51. newbie says:

    Really? What ps vita version you are? i’m using ps vita EU with english (uk) , do i have to change language to english (us) ?

  52. StanSmith says:

    THANKS Frostegater for this awesome NYE present! :)

  53. Death_489 says:

    i put the iso(800mb) in save data but when i see the save file in vita it says the size only 2mb ….

    • Death_489 says:

      ok ,now the size show up in vita , i copied it , but when i enter uno and press x the game doesn’t show up , only uno file , anyone can help me ? .. the size is right now in the menu

    • Kodi123 says:

      It’s because you didn’t name it propely. It should be ISONAME.ISO
      Make sure .ISO is in caps as well, that there is no numbers in name and that name is MAX 8 letters. I had the same problem on Urbanix exploit but quickly realised my mistake. Enjoy!

      • Death_489 says:

        Thanks for replay but when i name the game TEKKEN.ISO it doesn’t show up , i think it’s because it’s named like this ( TEKKEN.ISO.iso) but it doesnt show up the second iso in windows 7 , i don’t know how to make it in CAP ..

        do you know how to change it ? .. so i could name it just (TEKKEN.ISO) ?.

  54. clay says:

    I keep extracting my homebrew, but after i extract it it deletes :c it’s gpsp-j btw… using japanese UNO exploit. I have my zipped file called GBAEMU in my nphj00016data00 folder, in the zip is the GBAEMU > PSP > GAME > eboot file, and the rest of the emulators files/folders….am i doing something wrong?

  55. jek says:

    MID HELP C1-2858-3 ERROR

  56. jek says:

    NID HELP C1-2858-3 ERROR

  57. fifthmoon says:

    i am so happy now

  58. Ogami says:

    Everything working perfect.
    Already playing Super Robot Wars Z-2. 😛
    Thank you very much for this.

  59. PanzerMensch says:


    works very good! Much THX to Frost & Wololo :-)

  60. tracer22jhayahr says:

    Hi guys, need your help here.. I just
    recently installed eCFW UNO US
    save file, and everything
    works fine except that i can’t
    go back to the live screen
    area. The ps button won’t work when i try and there’s a
    little box with “-” when i
    press the ps button. Hope
    someone can help me. Thanks
    in advance..

  61. qubix/kash says:

    English UK or English US?

  62. 173210 says:

    I fixed EU version. You can use it if your console language isn’t English!
    Use it!

  63. Pepinard says:

    Yeah, error C1-258-C3 for EU version :-(

  64. Sam says:

    I’m french I have an error C1-2858-3 the solution is to switch the PS vita in English -_-” it’s not practical, please a fix for that :'(

  65. Sam says:

    haaaa thx ^^

  66. patrick81 says:

    It works like a charm! Thanks so much! You’re awesome, Wololo!!

  67. Cesar says:

    Hi, does this work on ps vita firmware 2.01? Please fast answer

  68. Zohan says:

    i need help i did everything i got the EU of uno i got the save file then i put it on the vita with open cma 5 and started the game it loads the save file then it restarts then it freezes please some one help me am new at this

  69. k3nn says:

    WOW!!! this is really starting to look like a very good year. kudos to everybody involved. thanks a whole lot y’all ,yeehaw.

  70. Superman SP says:

    Mine is working perfectly and I have now got my PicoDrive working so I’ve got over 800 megadrive games to play! Thanks Wololo and Frostegater… excellent work! Now to have a go with the SNES emulator!

  71. ryujinn says:

    Thanks!! Happy New Year!!!

  72. jek says:


  73. RN says:

    Hi, whenever I launch an iso file, the screen just goes black and it hangs… but when i launch homebrew like gbsp_kai it works fine! Any solutions?

  74. 173210 says:

    I fixed EU version. You can use it if your console language isn’t English!
    Use it! And tell other people this link!

  75. USADUDE says:


  76. Superman SP says:

    This is really cool, I’m running Picodrive which means I am runnning an emulator inside an emulator inside and emulator!Has anybody got a SNES emu working yet?

  77. lo42 says:

    thanks a lot 173210 , I can now use it in French with your fix , thanks to all of the devs who are working on ps vita 😉

  78. USADUDE says:

    thanks 173210 for the alternate link it works and downloads in like a second

  79. Goalkeeper99 says:

    Can I disregard openCMA?

  80. skyguy99 says:

    Thanks man! It worked out great for me.
    do you know if there are any ps vita game backups for we to use?

  81. Epyx says:

    Great work! First thing I did was load up Final Burn for some classic Cave shmups. They look fantastic on that OLED display!

  82. Someone Else says:

    Thank you so much. It’s so good to have eCFW again, after someone maliciously destroyed mine last time.

  83. meler-andy says:

    works fine thanks 😀 cool Stuff 😀

  84. Goalkeeper99 says:

    Can i install openCMA and CEF using macbook to vita?

  85. Jdubz says:

    Well everything is as it was on 1.81 except for my emulators. My .isos work just fine, but whenever I open snes and start a game it starts to load the game then gets to, “settings found! default”…then it just hangs. Same thing with n64. it opens but when I run a rom it loads then gets to about 40% then just hangs. Not sure what im doing wrong unless im just using old non-compatible versions of the 2 emulators. No rush, but is there an updated compatible homebrew list for uno exploit?

  86. SweepNeedles says:

    Getting the same error as everyone, but I´m using US version… my PS Vita system is mexican..

  87. goddamnit says:

    guys the download link for the files does not work for me. The links keep going back to the 1.81 exploit. when i tried, and entered the code to download the file, it always says “wrong code” i repeated this more than 10 times but still the same. Are there any links where I can dload the files for 2.02?

  88. goddamnit says:

    nvm, successfully downloaded it after 21 tries!

  89. zakaiya says:

    the cef was nice for a lil while but I’m sticking with my old psp. tried it out on my vita for a few months i’ve gotten what i can out of cef.

  90. elsisero87 says:

    Thanks for the new year gift!

    …but the european version of the exploit won’t work if the system language is different than english (US). Should we european people wait for others savefile to come up for this little limitation? :)

  91. musashiro says:

    MF mirror for fast download… and also acts as my backup.. lol.

  92. Cojoo says:

    Thanks you guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    May this one suck less than the last =D

  93. The Z says:

    Fixed files for the “language bug”:

    Greetings The Z and Frostegater


  94. mmawilkinson82 says:

    Guys I’m stuck – I’ve followed the instructions and when it comes to copying the iso files I want into the exploit folder I do everything it says yet they still don’t show on the TN menu?
    What am I doing wrong? I’ve renamed the files so they are capitalised and no more than eight characters

    Please someone help!

  95. AsDraS says:

    Language bug is fixed just download the new version!

  96. Rodge says:

    Thanks a lot for this release! Everything is great! Running all kinds of emulators is real fun…

    • Death_489 says:

      Where do you get them ?. from the psp forum ?.. i also wanna know how to run ps1 games , im new to this , i tried to do the same way of psp games with sypro game but didn’t work ..

  97. Razor says:

    Does the Snes and the PicoDrive emulators work on the CEF TN for Vita Firmware 2.02 with the UNO Exploit?

    If so what Snes emulator work fine?

    • patrick81 says:

      I wonder about this too. Is VHBL only way to run SNES games? Is it ready for 2.02?

      • #18 says:

        Any exploit can run these. Any Gens emulator is fine, but for SNES9xTYL, you can only use the non ME (Media Engine) versions, since the vita emulator despises Media Engine.

  98. Kodi123 says:

    I get the “Black Screen (C1-2858-3) error” even though that I had the language set in english (US) I tried all things I could (even downloaded the Fix) but still the same thing happens. Could it be that the ISOS I had got corrupted and this makes error happen? I will try to copy all my saves and format my PS Vita memory card but it’ll take time for me to copy all my isos back again D:
    But for now I’ll wait for reply first as there might be way to get this working without all that hassle.
    Anyway Happy New Year and Thanks for the hard work! Really Appriciate it!

    • Kodi123 says:

      Nevermind! It was the files…. I formated my Memory Card and POOF! Works like charm! Thanks Wololo, Frostegater, Total_Noob and everyone involved! Happy New Year! Too bad that I have to install everything all over again! Well.. My bad!

  99. skyguy99 says:

    HELP!! CSO’s run great. but first time i put on an ISO it displays C1-2858-3 error.
    EU VERSION with 173210’s update.
    HELP ME!
    I am doing everything right. i named it BUZZ.ISO and all.

  100. Asch901 says:

    …..I’ve been trying to copy the iso, eboot, cso like 1 hour now.. Tried all the lettering of 8 max letters upper case with and no “.ISO” at the end of the lettering, delete all of my games, format mc, recopy the exploit again…. Still, the game won’t appear on my TN MENU screen except for UNO… Some help me??

  101. Razor says:

    “If for some crazy reason you want to donate to me for the awesome job I did coordinating the ninja release, please donate to the Red Cross of your country, this will make me and you feel even better about this. <– That's a classy Guy there. An act of unselfishness. I applaud you Frostergater.

  102. Rex2000 says:

    Nice! All my homebrew from the Urbanix exploit transferred over seamlessly.

  103. skyguy99 says:

    HELP!! CSO’s run great. but first time i put on an ISO it displays C1-2858-3 error.
    EU VERSION with 173210′s update.
    HELP ME!
    I am doing everything right. i named it BUZZ.ISO and all.

  104. Dovlek says:

    Thankz but will hang on 1.81 MBA until something better comes out. Still thank you all for ur hard work.

  105. mo12 says:

    Just having problems putting homebrew games on!
    Been trying all morning and now most afternoon trying to figure this out!!

  106. Cervantes says:

    Wololo will there be a release for the urbanix version of this exploit please reply thanks?

    • wololo says:

      The Urbanix version of CEF was released months ago. you can’t run the Urbanix exploit on 2.02, so your question doesn’t make much sense.

  107. BASS says:

    Thanks to Frostegater, This worked perfectly.

    Oh and all my homebrew that I had previously installed on my PS Vita before is all still on there. I only had to transfer the exploited save.

  108. zimiro says:

    personnel could not open iso or cso
    because it changes their name
    for capital with maximum of 8 letters
    and. cso or. iso also capitalized
    example: god of war.iso
    = bandstand GDW.ISO

  109. qubix/kash says:

    Guys my CSO files work great however when ever i put ISO files on it copies and moves to the Vita just fine, however when i try run the game, it gives an error C1-2858-3

  110. skyguy99 says:

    HELP!! CSO’s run great. but first time i put on an ISO it displays C1-2858-3 error.
    EU VERSION with 173210′s update.
    HELP ME!
    I am doing everything right. i named it BUZZ.ISO and all.
    Tried using ISO to CSO compressor/converter. but didn’t work

  111. goddamnit says:

    guys, any ideas on how to change the theme of CEF-TN for 2.02?

    • Peleep says:

      heh.. DATA.TN contains the theme files. Rename it to Unzip it. you’ll find the files in there. When you’re done changing to your liking…. zip it with the store setting, then rename it to DATA.TN again.

      The specs of the theme files are in the readme of the CEF release.

  112. klowned says:

    FTP Problem

    hi when i try to connect with vita ftp in 2.02

    it open it with a internet explorer window

    and not with a window explorer window like it uses to

    i cant move delete add folder could anybody help me please

  113. zERo says:

    thanks guys, i mean it.
    it works, finnaly i can play my fave ace combat x again on my vita(i used o play it on my old psp,and i little bit dissapointed with sony for not releasing digital copy for ps vita)…
    any way,thank you,thankyou,thankyou for all of you for make it happen.

    • SofaKing™ says:

      me to, with World Series Of Poker! oh and maybe a little SNES, both the RED CROSS and i thank you for this AWESOME release!

  114. trollkilla says:

    Can someone upload the save with adhoc filer installed please?

  115. green_archer says:

    thanks very much for this one. question though, when i played assassins creed bloodline, i cant save to memory stick? btw, i used the iso for that game. When playing an ISO game in the exploit, is save feature for that game possible? thanks.

  116. zERo says:

    heck yeah!!!
    i just tried to move my copy of ace combat,it’s looks awesome…copy my MGS PEACEWALKER and Silent hill Origin…it looks just great..(i’m gonna make a copy from my other UMD to play it on vita,;’)

  117. Mookdog says:

    Works excellent thanks for all your hard work

  118. skyguy99 says:

    HELP!! CSO’s run great. but first time i put on an ISO it displays C1-2858-3 error.
    EU VERSION with 173210′s update.
    HELP ME!
    I am doing everything right. i named it BUZZ.ISO and all.
    Tried using ISO to CSO compressor/converter. but didn’t work

  119. GreeNinja says:

    Any help me, how to add my old save psp games in CEF TN for Vita? because I don’t want to start playing the hold new games again without my old save games. please!

  120. Mark says:

    I can’t seem to be able to install the Vita FTP or the Picodrive or anything. I did the whole PSP/GAME/FPT/eboot. I made it into a Zip called INSTALL.ZIP, I had it capitalized zip but I still have nothing. Can anyone help?

  121. ghemon74 says:

    risolto il problema della lingua italiana,seguite il post di madness e scaricate il fix :)

  122. nooob says:

    can someone pleae explaing how to install snes emulator step by step? do i need to install vhbl or wagic? please help!!!

  123. Asch901 says:

    Mehh…. After all my trouble, my vita won’t install games that are over 1300MB.. I reformatted twice, no videos, music as well as demos. My Vita is clean with 16GB MC, free space of 14GB. If I did install below 1GB, game wouldn’t start. This is the 4th one so far. Black screen on all of it. Same thing happened again and again. Maybe this is a bug, am I right, admins? Will we see a new version because of these issues?

  124. skyguy99 says:

    HELP!! CSO’s run great. but first time i put on an ISO it displays C1-2858-3 error.
    EU VERSION with 173210′s update.
    I am doing everything right. i named it BUZZ.ISO and all.
    Tried using ISO to CSO compressor/converter. but didn’t work

  125. klowned says:

    could someone help me to understand what do to about the vita ftp who opened into internet explorer and not anymore on Windows explorer


  126. Srivatsan says:

    I am from India. I got the UNO game from PS Store India. Can you tell me which region savedata I need to copy to my vita ?

  127. klowned says:

    my message is

    Le dossier « ftp: / /‘ est en lecture seule, car le serveur proxy n’est pas configuré pour autoriser l’accès complet.

    when i try to connect to my vita and now it’s always open with internet explorer

  128. whatever says:

    hey guys, im trying to load my ISO to my vita by copying the uno save file, but everytime i copy it just would not overwrite my previous savefile for some reason, any idea why? im trying to load trails in the skt btw which is 1.4gb

  129. edokassiah says:

    after launching an emulator how do u go back to the menu screen to load a diff emulator

  130. Shippo says:

    tested 3 games so far, only one of that is working

    NBA Showdown

    Everybodys stress buster and 3rd birthday arent working
    3rd birthday gives error code when starting the game
    Everybodys stress buster stays at a black screen, no error code or something. i am using the EU version of this.

    all games are CSO

  131. allan says:

    I was able to install games fine. but when i tried to install a game higher than 911MB, it says “Not enough memory space. You need (size of game), but available 911MB” lol but it says 20GB available memory at the lower right of the TF Menu.

    any other game lower than 911MB installs fine. if i install one it will still say “available 911MB”.

    anyone got the same problem?

    • Veskgar says:

      I had this problem at first. It was suggested to me that I delete something, anything off the memory stick and try again. So I deleted a vita demo within cma then tried again and it worked. Weird huh?

  132. Peleep says:

    Happy new year guys. Thanks for the release.

    Works perfectly for me on 2.02, just like it did on Urbanix and MBA when I was previously on 1.81.

    thanks again!

  133. Dante69 says:

    Uno is still available in the US store. Anybody who doesn’t have it should buy it now cause it will likely disappear tomorrow when people come back to work,

  134. klowned says:

    im sorry i have this as error message

    FTP Proxy Warning

    The folder is read-only because the proxy server is not set up to allow full access.

    To move, paste, rename, or delete files, you must use a different proxy. For information on changing your proxy, contact your administrator.

    what should i do? can you explain me what it mean please

    i cant see my vita in explorer mode anymore only with IE

  135. klowned says:

    is it because i have updated cma from sony website? that i cant acess my vita with ftp server

    this is the message i have on my screen befor it always open with damn IE unable to copy anything

  136. USghDUDE says:

    help link wont work!!! any alternatives?

  137. transferstudentx says:

    thanks wololo now my vita is complete

  138. klowned says:

    @Quake thank you i know it i use vitaftp

    i type like you said as i didnt use ftp from a long time ago nothing change

    exept it say to me an error message in the link i put befor

    that the folder was read only because the proxy server dont allow wright and it always open on internet explorer now

  139. Albo says:

    works on 2.01

    runnin homebrew loader and N64 works!!!!!!!=D

  140. Roland says:

    Wololo I love the Red Cross idea bub. There needs to be more humans like you in this world.

  141. ¬_¬ says:

    Thanks for this but i want to sell my PS Vita now. So when game stop opens tomorrow i shall sell it.

  142. blahblah says:

    Anyway to make MVSPSP/NCDZPSP/CPS1+2 works on this? mind u my last CFW on my PSP is 4.00 M33, hence the emu shows the ver warning on PSV CEF.

  143. decolle says:

    *** it’s not working 😮

  144. Leo says:

    THANKS !only in english system work for me

  145. be0ut says:

    Happy New Years and great job to everyone involved, i dont wanna mention names cuz i know i would leave someone out lol.. thanks everyone

  146. Maurodonkey says:

    I copy the hackeh savedata in this dorectory C:\Users\MAURO\Documents\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\e8aaf8a313facb76\
    I launch the game UNO, but the game start normally withuot cfw active.How?

    • Alexonymous says:

      Did you transfert the file to your vita after? Go in your vita and select pc to vita… and at the bottom you should see psp save… and transfert uno save

  147. XGamingMan says:

    first i have got ps vita wifi only
    i have got psn plus account in united kingdom
    i have the language set to ENGLISH UNITED STATES
    i cant download uno because it will cost 4 Euro
    and i cant sign in with US Account Because in this case i will format the PSV and i have many games and save games

    can anyone help me with downloading UNO

  148. Gerardo says:

    well im from mexico, and i must set language in english for the cfw works..

  149. goddamnit says:

    ISO’s work fine for me, but when i put in CSO’s, it goes black and says C1-2858-3 error. Why is that? is there any fix o this problem? I already tried 5 CSO games. but to no luck. ISO’s working though. Please help. I did renamed it and followed instructions. Help please?! Any help would be appreciated! thanks in advance!

    • Lai says:

      some of the CSO’s you have are corrupted files. That happened to me awhile ago but some CSO’s i have are working perfectly fine if the error occurs again and again after you load the UNO game, its either you format your memory card if it doesn’t work. that’s what i did. it took awhile but yeah i ignored those corrupted CSO’s as possible. you can ask other’s help in terms of deleting the corrupt file in another way.

  150. DESTROYER_ONER says:

    didn’t have 2 reinstall anything
    thank you everybody that maid this possible

  151. Ivo says:

    Hi, happy newyear and thanks to wololo … Succes loading cef xd :)

  152. Zohan says:

    HELP C1-2858-3 ERROR please

  153. Fenixeon says:

    with naruto unh3 NARUTO:ISO & EBOOT:PBP (ZIP) TN tell me not enough memory space, you need 700mb, but available 318mb… UNO is the only thing i installed… and it´s ok 4.31gb in TN interface? i have 8gb memory installed… sorry my english

    • olivier says:

      There must be a game installed or something, i was hitting a limit of 820mb when trying to install a iso, then i deleted some old minis and the iso was able to install, playing it (gta:cw) now. (works great :D)

      • Cfw_User says:

        I was getting the same problem even though it said I had 13GB of free space while trying to copy over a cso that was 1GB in size. After deleting another game, it copied over fine. I’m not sure why, maybe it has to do with how many official Psp games you already have.

        • suicidal_banana says:

          After installing 6 games, im pretty sure the below is what goes on, but yea, still, just assumptions, dont read it as facts;
          It looks like TN CFW uses the same ‘partition’ used to install games on your PS Vita for extracting the ISO’s & ZIP’s, even though it doesn’t actually install it there.

          Eventually, since i kept hitting limits, i backed up & removed all my games, installed all my psp isos, and put back my vita games backup :)

          Still, looks like theres some minor ‘issues’ to be worked out, because even without any games installed i got told there was only ~1700mb room, and that cant be right when theres a 16gb memcard.
          Maybe there is some homebrew (or somebody can make one?) that will allow us to fiddle with the size of the ‘partition’ used?

          On the other hand, this may very well be all there is to get out of the PSP emu, a ‘full on’ crack that runs on the Vita instead of the emu should have alot more space to work with.

  154. quetz says:

    works great 😉 happy new year everyone! and happy new exploit also 😉

  155. Cy says:

    Awesome, just updated from 1.81 and works like a charm

  156. goddamnit says:

    is there any forum where i can read/learn how to install and play psone games using an emulator or psx?

  157. jurasicgamer says:

    Followed instructions step by step . Up and running in an LA Vita version (MX). Loaded Tombraider for a start. Thank you for your excellent work guys. Enjoy your drinks and snacks !!

  158. dr3amcast3r says:

    Thanks a LOT!!!!!!!!
    Follow the guides on the readme and here and worked like a Charm :)
    now I can play Both portable Assassins Creed game on the same system :)

    • dr3amcast3r says:

      Where can I find information on moving my save games from psp to psvita (I’m not in the mood to start Monster Hunter Freedom and Assassins Creed Bloodlines from the beginning).

      Also, how do I delete the iso/homebrew from the vita if I have no access to file system either in the vita and on the pc?

      thanks (just need to know where to find the info, or the the info itself if it’s not anywhere else)

  159. Veskgar says:

    Is there a way or will it maybe be possible in the future to run the Snes9xTYLmecm emulator with this? This is the best SNES emulator for PSP. Full speed games with 0 frameskip and vsync on. If this can be made to work on the Vita, life will be complete again!

    • olivier says:

      Dont see why it wouldnt work, but testing it now, just for you. gimme a few mins

      • olivier says:

        Hmm your right, it doesnt show up, going by exactly as the guide says making the zip with the EBOOT.PBP (and other files + roms)

        • Veskgar says:

          I’ve gotten it to show up. I get the animated intro screen and everything. Its when I try to load a ROM that it always freezes while trying to apply speedhacks. I’ve tried a few different things and can’t get it to load a ROM. Really frustrating! Seeing as this is one of the best emulators for the PSP, I hope a solution can be found.

          • Boghole says:

            SNES does not run at full speed with no frameskip on the Vita unfortunately. Vita is emulating PSP hardware only.

          • suicidal_banana says:

            Hmm, for me it simply vanishes after install, oh and it doesnt even show up as ‘installable’ when i make the ZIP with the directory structure explained in the guide. It only shows up when i put the EBOOT.PBP directly in the zips ‘root’

            I can live with it though, im already super happy i got all my psp gta’s and ac:bloodlines running. Maybe in the near future in some patch, a emu hack for a newer firmware, or a ‘full on’ vita crack.

  160. olivier says:

    Works great, thanks so much! 😀
    Donated a few beers to Frostegater for it, well deserved :)

  161. Telimektar says:

    For anyone having problem transferring their homebrews/ISOs (most of mine wouldn’t transfer with Open CMA for some reason), use Vita FTP, it worked perfectly for me so far.

  162. nima says:

    how to play psx with this cef?

  163. FutonMcBiscuit says:

    Sorry for newb, but how do i install gpsp on this? This is my first experience with CFW.

  164. GB says:

    how to change file ext name here

  165. Jose23 says:

    im new to this, how can i install emulators?

  166. iceblast69 says:

    ok having a bit of a issue, i have the iso’s working fine but how to i set up the folders before i zip the file for install.. i get it to show up in the tn screen but when i extract it the files just go away not to sure what im doing wrong here.. and i have followed the above to the tee multiple times.. the way i have it set up is PSP/GAME/HOMBREW/EBOOT THEN HAVE IT ZIPPED TO SNES.ZIP AND USE STORE SETTING THANKS FOR ANY HELP

  167. jesus says:

    awesome really awesome

  168. Kiddo says:

    So for PSP back ups you put it in the exploit UNO savefolder? Thanks in advance!

  169. iceblast69 says:

    also just to add i know that Snes9xTYLmecm will not work on the vita im using older ver. so if this dose not work can i get a link to a workins snes emu also doing the same thing with nesterj for nes

  170. synapze says:

    Thank you very much wololo frostgater and the rest of the devs. Got CEF installed and working fine. Got my first homebrew installed also….Quake Arena! Although the 64 mb version just comes up with a black screen but the 32 mb version works but then starts to freeze. But this isn’t related to the CEF I don’t think. PSP Quake works fine. Thanks again keep up the great work 😀

  171. ecristobal10 says:

    hey, first i wanna say thanks! quick question tho, when i extract a zip homebrew it kinda freezes at 100% then i get an error and it restart. but it works after this extract. jw if this is normal?

  172. Redsabre says:

    Does anybody know where to get playstation all stars battle royale iso if not then any iso?

  173. daoo says:

    don’t know if already been asked, but, exists some risk if I use the wifi connection to play on multiplayer vita games or buy things on psn store?


      • suicidal_banana says:

        Honestly, we dont know if theres a risk, its not likely (sony never pays that much attention) but for all we know sony (‘side’)loaded some code into Uno to monitor & report the use of the memory overflow.

        Theres always a risk, at the moment it doesnt seem to be very big though. Im completely disregarding ‘safety’ myself btw, playing psp isos and ps gold games alongside each-other. I feel like “Fu sony, i own these games on UMD.” 😀

  174. E says:

    I just want to say thank you guys for using a game that I already had because Lord knows I do not have money to be spending on such things. Yatta!

  175. ironchefion says:

    does anyone here have problems with the psminis, putting them on the exploit? i tried putting pac-man: ce on the exploit but as soon as i started uno, i got a black screen and an error which i could not get back into uno without starting all over. i mean pac-man worked for mad blocker but not uno.

  176. ryan says:

    thank you wololo and froste about the exploit,it’s work fined with me,since my psvita’s memory stick size is a little poor so I want to ask you that “can I install the same UNO that I already owned to the other memory stick or have to buy a new one ?” I hope to get reply soon

  177. synapze says:

    I’m going to need a 32 GB memory card after installing CEF lol. I have a 16 GB card but I foresee it getting filled fast 😀

  178. Codydanscomp says:

    Hey guys. To the people who need help with not being able to see the Homebrews. If you are using WINRar then once you have created the zip file Name it something with 8 characters but do not put .ZIP. Once created the zip file . at the top right corner is an up arrow and click that and it will show that the file is secretly shown as (8 characters you put minus the Parentheses).zip so you just right click and click rename and delete .zip and put .ZIP. it worked for me and i love the homebrews so hope this helps have fun

  179. Codydanscomp says:

    i forgot to put that you have to open the .zip file that was created so you can see the up arrow once you open it then you can click it and rename it

  180. Dragda says:

    Here’s the Fix to the EU version. Works fine in “spanish” language, not sure in others. All the credits to “The Z” the creator of the fix.
    Un saludo desde España.

  181. deckardbr says:

    Thank You Wololo, Frostgator and whoever helped in developing this! Great release!

  182. mlc says:

    does this work on 1.81 with UNO? I don’t really need to use it yet, but I wasn’t planning on upgrading right now since I have the earlier exploits too.

  183. MoCoLoCo says:

    Everything works perfect… SNES, GEN, NES, PSP ISO. Great work everyone involved. You guys are amazing at what you do.

  184. MoCoLoCo says:

    Everything works perfect… SNES, GEN, NES, PSP ISO/CSO. Great work everyone involved. You guys are amazing at what you do. Thanks!!

  185. TheSpillmonkey says:

    Is uno still on the US store ?

  186. lagunareturns says:

    i have been hearing people having issue with God of War Ghost of Sparda giving black screens… The issue is your iso have been patched for lower PSP firmwares, unpatch it or get an unpatched version and it will work.

  187. Stiffeno says:

    Just installed this for my Vita, works great 100% so far :D!

    Thanks to all who made this release possible ^_^!

  188. Jose23 says:

    I need help installing emulators, whenever it finishes extracting it doesnt do anything

  189. TheSpillmonkey says:

    Can anyone else confirm it is still on the US store? I will update if it is.

  190. Stiffeno says:

    Now with this new UNO exploit I finally had a reason to update my Vita from 1.81 to 2.02 :D! Seemed like I was stuck on 1.81 with no PSN access for AGES lol!

    I like the new YouTube app update! I seen the news about it a while back but couldnt test it due to using the Urbanix and Mad Blocker exploits!

    Knowing my luck Sony will release 2.03 soon and ill lose access to the psn all over again -_-!

  191. Monkeyman says:


    • Stiffeno says:

      Im pretty sure you can hold the power button for 30sec straight and it will force close it, its what I did when my Vita froze once!

      • suicidal_banana says:

        Im actually 100% sure since i did this once (run uno from the emu) after installing a homebrew that didn’t show up

  192. Stiffeno says:

    I wonder how many people will post here saying that they ‘once again’ missed out on the exploit LOL! I dont know why they even bother coming here, if they missed the last 10 billion exploits, what makes them think they will catch the next ones >.<!

  193. TheSpillmonkey says:

    Noone can confirm if it is on the store or not anymore?

  194. huz says:

    hi, ps vhbl uno exploit cma 5.0 crack working 😀


  195. mayataka says:

    error (after 100%) occurs after the completion of the game you want to back up the iso.
    I can no longer start the CEF error also appears in the saved data at the time of the UNO.
    It can be seen that the backup was successful after that, and turn the CEF data again, I was also able to successfully boot.
    Can you reduce the frequency of errors Please, if possible if improvement.

    • andrea82it says:

      simply you don’t have space on PSV memory stick, for run game on PSV you need a minimum of 100 MB of free space, if you don’t have this minimum ammount of free space you can’t run or delete application on PSV.

      • mayataka says:

        The maximum capacity of the Memory Stick is my 32GB.
        However, CEF will not recognize around space used is greater than 13GB.
        So I was able to work from “UNO” to generate an error and not let to recognize the CEF again to delete the files of 250MB that you are trying to backup.
        After all, in the current CEF, those who do not suffer from a large number of backup files much what good does that?

      • mayataka says:

        After the problem is resolved I turn off the switch at the bottom of the setting items of CEF “Show PIC1″.

  196. ChiefianAxolotl says:

    hey does anyone know if it’ll work with actual ps vita isos? like gravity rush or games with actual cartages?

  197. Harman says:

    Anyone willing to gameshare UNO
    Please Please I am desperate i need it before it gets removed
    I need the game ASAP and i will pay you one i get money next week
    I just want to get it before it gets removed
    please Help Me

  198. Castiel says:

    Hmm, is it possible to “brick” the Vita’s PSP sandbox?

  199. Vitauser says:

    Can someone please tell me what to do ?
    I installed FTP and transferred some ISO to MS0:/ . I dont know if I get a corrupted ISO or what, but now I cannot load the CFW – That means I cannot start the FTP to delete the corrupted ISO.
    Any suggestion how to fix this?

  200. Rob says:

    It gets stuck at 0% when moving an iso.

    • suicidal_banana says:

      Prolly some simple full memory problem, try turning off and on your PSV, if that didnt help you can go about ‘cleaning’ up the PSV untill your done installing your fav PSP isos.
      1] Backup your Vita games & minis with (Open)CMA
      2] Delete your Vita games & minis (on the Vita)
      3] Restart the device (just 2 b sure)
      4] Run the CFW, install all your games
      5] Stop CFW, restart PSV (once again just 2 b sure)
      6] Put back your Vita games & minis with (Open)CMA (they will keep their savegames etc)

  201. scooter61686 says:

    Thanks everyone involved!!!! once again you guys are magical!

  202. joki says:

    The ISO.iso issued could be fix by renaming the file from inside WINRAR. Please add this to the how to.

    This is the problem for most of these people not being able to see their iso/cso.

  203. stardome says:

    Uno is still up on the us store

  204. GodLikeC says:

    Is it not able to run japanese games or is there something i must do i tried playing bleach heat the soul 7 buti get error after a dark screen when i start the game my other cso’s run fine

  205. GAR says:

    I CAN NOT RUN THE HOMEBREW, BUT WHEN THE ENDS decompresses disappears and I CAN NOT PLAY WITH THEM. What will be the ERROR?

    • suicidal_banana says:

      Did you try simply restarting the device & cfw?
      of the 6 games i installed, 3 of them didnt go back to the overview after installing, but did install fine.

  206. ironchefion says:

    thanks again frostegater

  207. stepenlu07 says:

    is there any psx add on for 2.02 ecfw? psx eboot not working for me.

  208. swordchi says:

    need help……im very new to this and i have no clue, my psp iso doesn’t work on my vita. I did the correct name and drag& drop it in the exploited folder, then copied it to my vita. but no game comes out at all…..i did the homebrew steps and it worked perfectly….but iso/cso doesn’t work…….someone help

  209. J says:

    Guys this is my first time messin’ with the VITA and I can’t make it work:

    I can’t seem to run anything as in I tried the UNO but it’s letting me play UNO. It’s not kicking into another sort of program.

    Here’s what I did.

    1. Installed Open CMA
    2. Updated VITA to 2.02
    3. VITA Airplane mode
    4. Copied the “Save Data” (NPUH10027DATA00) into (PC) Documents > PS Vita > PSAVEDATA > 7ec66XXXXXXXXXXX

    5. Ran UNO

    6. tried pressing X or O

    7. It’s not doing anything and I’m still in UNO.


    I’d appreciate a helping hand >.<

    • wololo says:

      Did you actually copy the savedata from your pc to your vita? It is not mentioned in the steps you describe…

      • J says:

        Oh yes I did. I’m sorry for not being able to write that down.

        Right now, it managed to run. (The UNO game kicked me into a different UI..)

        But I am not sure how to run ISOs with it.

        Any suggestions please? I’m very dumb with these things.

        Is there also a way to copy my saved data of games (from a PSP 3000) to this VITA/2.02 exploit?

  210. furon says:

    I cannot run pspfiler
    Is this ecfw run it?

  211. ColonelPanic says:

    Getting an error after copying files over a few times: ‘Could not copy some content items. (C0-14265-8).

    Any ideas?

    • suicidal_banana says:

      Memory, once again, try restarting to clear out some mem, if that doesnt help backup & delete all your vita games & minis, install your isos, put the vita games & minis backup back on the vita, profit.

  212. zels says:

    dose all psp homebrew work on this?

  213. icyheart says:

    I will get visa card to donate think u

    • suicidal_banana says:

      If you wanna donate but dont have a creditcard, (and paypal doesnt offer you to use a bank account like it does for me in the netherlands) you can check out visa’s 3v service (, and prolly lots more) for a ‘voucher’ that will work as creditcard but can be bought in a number of ways.

  214. Botarguirix says:

    in my case , i need to set my console in english (USA) to use the CEF TN… if i set my vita in Spanish doesn’t work… i’m playing MH3rd! muahaha! 😀 THX everybody!

  215. Jaime Torres says:

    I’m getting an error every time I try to run Uno

  216. Kurosaki says:

    hi people!, I have the error c1-2858-3 when I press X for play the game Bleach 7.

  217. ecristobal10 says:

    looks like i cant play ps1 games :( any ideas why? i get an error. thanks in advanced

  218. wussie says:

    Thank you so much Frostegater! Had to update to the latest firmware and lost the exploit before, back up and running now, I’m glad you got a new Vita too, sucks yours got stolen!

  219. J says:

    Can’t seem to play God Eater Burst

  220. hackerkomninos says:

    thanks, wololo perfect work!!

  221. lagunareturns says:

    It is great but it doesn’t work with Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, I finished the first story mission and it gives an error message and quits… Maybe it needs a bugfix rerelease of the CEF TN

  222. DamimavPL says:

    I use Polish language in my Vita and UE game. Works fine, witn no crashes or freezes 😉 No need to change language to english ;D

  223. goalkkeper99 says:

    can i install CEF TN using macbook ?

  224. fingloi_x3 says:

    unfortunately for us… UNO is not available in HK store.

    i think i need to wait fo onother release…

    as for now.. i must enjoy some of the Vita games…

    congatulatios to all of you..

  225. fingloi_x3 says:

    hey walolo/Frost.. why does the folders are named for EU, JP and US??
    is there a folder for ASIA or HK??

  226. carsauce says:

    It’s still on the store the PSP UNO game, should I just upgrade? cause really I;m on 1.81 GC exploit but since the files are released, I’m just now thinking to go with this prodecedure.

  227. carsauce says:

    Happy New Year’s guys, thanks Wololo and Frost and Total Noob and all of you guys, former, CG exploit 1.81 user now UNO exploit 2.02 user, thank you so much!!!!!

  228. carsauce says:

    That was fast=) back to homebrew again, and the game is not down so I’m lucky once again I now safe to say almost everyone NOW has the chance to get their Vita with custom firmware already!, this works guys this ain’t no joke or fake, these guys are serious about what they do and what they do is magic, be greatful and thankful they done this!

  229. tonyxct says:

    ok it work, but i must set my psvita in english. if i set im my original language it freeze with error c1-2858-3.
    there is a way to play with my language(ita)?

  230. samjordanhunter says:

    all asian stores have UNO…can CEF be ported to these PSN??

  231. Arcanjohack says:

    Works for me, thank Wololo and Frostegater.
    Emulators running except CPS2, which presents some flaws in this video and tricky to find roms functional, otherwise everything perfect.

  232. William A.U. says:

    So far, so good!

    The UNO game, which I luckily already bought before the ninja release announced that this game would be the next game, has worked wonderfully with the UNO save game exploit, and I’m able to get to the TN menu with my games. Who would have thought UNO was the next game haha.. But now I won’t be able to play UNO lol. Oh well. Anyway, I REALLY love the fact that the loading time to get to the TN menu is a heck of a lot faster than Gravity Crash. It took about I think estimated 24-26 seconds to get to the UNO start menu, and then another like 7 seconds to get to the TN menu compared to Gravity Crash would took like 46 seconds or something and then you had to go to editor, hit exploit, then save map and wait more etc.. So yeah, I wanna give a big big thanks to those awesome hacker devs here and out there(Frostgater, wololo, TN, etc) Excellent work on the new save game exploit once again!! Without ya guys, I wouldn’t be able to play my beloved PSP games on my PSVita! Happy I don’t have to pay for them again. And I love the homebrews and being able to play some of classics. A+ grade for ya guys.

    Oh, and I love the new PSVita web browser speed and Mail that came along with the new firmware 2.02, and the new Youtube app upgrade. So awesome. Now I can zoom through websites in no time without waiting for the screen to load different portions of the page. Also, Youtube, man.. Love the new options.. the more the merrier. Sony did good work.


  233. huz says:

    hi, PS vhbl uno exploit 2.02 use ymeun copy to uno savegame and
    hbl homebrew word full ZIP STORE not only SNES.ZIP to cma PS vhbl ymeun install VBOOT.PBP SNES WORKING 😀

    don’t forget remember ftp file wifi to if. frezee again restart cclear win 7 folder word ftp://19…….. copy paste ok
    thank you.

  234. Gabo2D says:

    First of all, thanks for all the work. The exploit is working great in my Vita and finally i can enjoy Kingdome Hearts, which is not available for buying.
    But i have a problem, did someone could run MotorStorm: Artic Edge? I download several isos csos and allway get a black screen.

    Thanks again.

  235. suicidal_banana says:

    Just checked the (EU Netherlands) store, and UNO is no longer available!!!

    Im guessing its being pulled from the other stores at this very moment aswell.

  236. black cat says:

    Thank you so much finally u did it, i downloaded n copied to my vita n it’s working line charm ……….. :)

  237. Uriel says:

    is it okay if i back my games and the exploit via open CMA and transfer to a larger memory card .. bec i am planning to but 32GB or do i need to purchase UNO again ?? sorry for the question, i,m new to this stuff ..

    • suicidal_banana says:

      Yes it is, has been awnserd on this same page of comments already 😉

      And i doubt you can purchase it again, as its NO LONGER IN THE (EU) STORE

  238. Tony86 says:

    nooo i just got myself a psn credit voucher to buy Uno and its no longer there =[ is there any other way to get it??

  239. DoombringerLucifer says:

    What i have to do if i want to delete the copied games into the savedata of Uno?

  240. swordchi says:

    ISO still won’t show up in the tn menu, i changed it to the ymenu and it still doesn’t show up…how come my iso/cso won’t show up? i did the correct naming step and dropped in the exploited files and still no iso in the ymenu…and also FTP doesn’t work too.

    • Kurosaki says:

      Put the name of the game. iso capitalized, for example: BLEACH.ISO (when they have to be 8 letters)….and the FTP is a solution in some comments that have done well, look it has to be

  241. ? says:

    Hey everyone I posted a video on how to create a INSTALL.ZIP file check it out!

  242. IkneedHElpp says:

    Does this exploit work with uno trial version….?
    If not, is it even possible to make that happen?
    If you can, than you guys should :) THNX

  243. IkneedHElpp says:

    Is there anyway to download this game for free?

  244. AlexFot says:

    Can someone explain to me whether or not CEF and VHBL are the same thing cause most psp homerew I see on wololo download say packaged for VHBL

  245. Not stressiN says:

    Just wondering if I’m supposed to be waiting on a new version of VHBL for UNO? Tried one of the old ones, didn’t work so well..

  246. fdsgsdg says:

    where u get game that works on ps vita CFW my Hatsune Miku Project Diva Extend.Cso not works any one know?

  247. carsauce says:

    I now wonder if SONY will once again put out another firmware and have force the Vita to upgrade again, and then rinse and repeat? but for now meh 2.02 my Vita is once again fully alive with online support.

  248. Deadly_f0es says:

    do you know if you can still watch videos on youtube after you put the exploit? Because i love watching videos on youtube on bed and I use the PSV because of the HQ OLED screen

  249. ryan says:

    can someone please tell me why I can install the PSP games,it’s said that I don’t have enough free space although I still have 27 GB free space!? what the heck

    • billybob says:

      @ryan this is how i get it to copy. first i copy 1 game to the folder, then i unplug the psp and try moving it over and if the game does not move then i plug it back to the PC and copy a 2nd game to the same folder, leaving both games in the save folder i then copy it to the psv, you should then be able to move both games to the game folder.

  250. ryan says:

    I mean “can not install the PSP games”

  251. ryan says:

    can someone please tell me why I can’t install the PSP games,it’s said that I don’t have enough free space although I still have 27 GB free space!? what the heck

  252. Crizizcor says:

    Any one can say me if maybe who have the gravity crash exploit can update to 2.02 and use the gravity crash exploit ?
    thanks and sorry for my bad english

  253. picyu11237 says:

    Thank Frostegater.
    Thank Wololo.
    I enjoy it.

  254. goalkeeper99 says:

    what if sony update to 2.03 or higher , can i still play ragnarok or cod online using 2.02 ?

  255. dejera says:

    The games “Patapon 3″ and “One Piece Romance Dawn Bouken in Yoake” for example, don’t work. These are some games 5.00 M33-6 or higher that don’t work…

    Anyone know how to make it work?

  256. peko says:

    To download an English patch, I need to softmod my Vita. Does this firmware work like a softmod? Well, it’s suppose to be a download for a PSP game. Does the vita even need to be softmodded?

  257. jdubz says:

    Sorry for the noobness, but has anybody been able to successfully play n64 or snes games on this exploit? They use to play fine on 1.81 using mad blocker. The emulators install fine, it find the games fine, but i can’t get them to load. Anyone?

    • Razor says:

      I want to know also If the N64 and the Snes emulators work fine on the new vita exploid. They work fine on Moster Hunter unite. 180

  258. malik says:

    can someone gameshare uno wif me plzzzz……..

  259. natalie says:

    my PSN account is in HK store.
    n i cant change another region.
    so can i buy it in Media Go n install it in PSV???
    will that work?
    or any way to change region, i tried what youtube have, it is not working…

  260. DragonBorracho says:

    how do you delete iso/cso you already put into the memory card?

  261. cesa says:

    eu to na conta americana eu não emcontrei uno pora nem uma na conta americana so se os hacuers colocarão na psn e retirarão no mesmo dia com download

  262. ecristobal10 says:

    guys! ok so im pretty sure that im not the only one that cant play ps1 games on CEF tn 2.02 so after some research i found this video
    (sorry if i cant post videos.) and it shows a download link PSX Add-on for eCFW TN-C so ima give this a try… does someone know if this actually will allow us to play ps1 games?

  263. Christian Young says:

    On this exploit does the ad hoc feature work on iso back ups? I own the tekken 6 umd and i want to play multiplayer on my vita.

  264. Roninkai says:

    Hello all. Would someone please confirm whether or not the Gravity Crash Portable exploit still works for fw 2.02? I see the game is still in the PSN Store. I thought they would have pulled it if there was an exploit. Thank you for your time.

  265. Roninkai says:

    Ok then, thank you for your swift reply, sir. Maybe I will be privvy to the next exploit.

  266. jake says:

    who wants sony to let us play psp games on a ps vita for free…????
    its easy,but we have to work together(the whole world).
    there is just only 1 step:
    step1;don’t buy and use any sony product. so nobody is buying sony’s product
    than sony want us to buy their product,then we say allow us to play psp
    games on ps vita for free (teach sony their lesson)
    if they won’t do that,fine we still won’t buy their product.
    so GUYS lets go to the XBOX360,WII U.nitendoDS
    than sony will be jellouse and than …. they will allow us.

  267. terryass says:


    im still on uno exploit 2.02 and psp games works great.
    thanks to all you guys how make this happends :-)
    i want to ask ya if ist possible to Play snes or Genesis games with this uno exploit. downloaded the Emulators but dont no how to install them . pleas help

  268. t.zaw says:

    i just bought UNO and did all the steps shown above. in CMA, the save datafile is shown as unknown type. ( bcuz usually you can see the game logo )
    and in the UNO game , it says the file can’t be loaded because it is corrupted.
    i juz updated my ps vita awhile ago. is that because of system software 2.12?

  269. degtr says:

    can i reinstalling system software 2.02?? i can’t also put uno on my ps vita because don’t find it…what i have to do???

  270. mlc says:

    yes, but only with a proxy like Charles and while the game is available on the store. So once the game is updated you’ll have to wait until PSN requires 2.03+, and the game is returned to the store, before you can transfer it.

  271. Quake says:

    Yes, I bought the Mad Blocker on the PS3 and transferred it that way. The only problem with that though is that if the game is taken off the PSN Store you won’t be able to transfer it to the PS Vita. I ran into that problem and had to wait for the Game to return to the store so I could transfer it. If you decide to go that route, Don’t update that Ps Vita. Once it’s back on the store you can transfer it by doing the Firmware version trick to by pass the update notice. See: a few pages back on – did-you-miss-the-ninja-release-then-hurry-up-and-get-ecfw for details.

  272. marjowikid says:

    Any suggestions on what I can do?

  273. marjowikid says:

    Alright read what you told me to and I got the jist of it thing is I’m om 2.00 will that be a problem

  274. Lai says:

    agree stiffeno.. to poster above.. you need to buy it on stores or in psn store. there is no such thing as ps vita iso pirated for this… sorry

  275. suicidal_banana says:

    Just wondering (since i downloaded pretty much all my PSP games already) is it possible to make a ISO from a UMD? because i couldn’t find Vice City Stories which i do have for the PSP, can i use my PSP (loaded with CFW 660-C) to make an iso for my Vita??

    Thanks in advance, been wondering this for a while.

  276. BrokyPR says:

    yes just turn on psp on cfw press select a menu will pop up go were it saids usb device it is set to memory stick by deaful just swich it to umd disc then connect ur psp to the computer and it will show the umd game in an iso file drag it to the pc…u know the rest

  277. olivier says:

    Sweeeet, thanks man

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