Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

Happy new year! PSP Game UNO vulnerability revealed by Frostegater, port of CEF To Vita 2.02 incoming.


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  1. Thetree says:

    Now we need some good home brew apps like youtube facebook and maybe a internet radio like on the psp cause the vita apps suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O THanks GUYS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hackerkomninos says:

    Date of release???

  3. Edgelessdiamond says:

    Oh my gosh guys stop asking for the files you’ll just delay things. Just be patient we will all get it very soon. 😀

  4. ruggy says:

    You Guys Rock Keep up the great work

  5. DaTrip says:

    Game is still in USA store

  6. Erik says:

    I was on 1.81 with the gravity crash exploit. i formatted my card, updated, then downloaded UNO…

    My psvita works, but it crashed for the first time ever today. Also, a few applications are running much slower. Has anyone else had a similar experience after updating?

  7. asgrael says:

    jogando UNO enquanto espero (tenho a impressão de que UNO será o jogo mais vendido da semana, e acho q ninguém havia comprado ele antes de ser publicado a vulnerabilidade)

  8. mr.ex says:

    wow…i really think everybody who wants this game could have possible downloaded it yet

    btw happy ne year everyone

  9. Jasper says:

    UNO is still up. 4:19 PM EST.

  10. Zero Cool says:

    Hey guys i am new to this website but i just call PSN network on my phone and the customer service just told me that PSN store will be updating tomorrow on Tuesday … so yeah better get your exploit game 😉 before it remove. cuz they told me that some game in psn store will be remove some will stay i am hopefuly can bring more of this news (UPDATE). have a nice one

    -Zero Cool

  11. patty says:

    Call psn , i never heared such *** , im sorry

  12. patty says:

    what ever update will come , aslong u stay on 2.02 the exploit will work , al these stupid questions , read a forum for once in a while

  13. kyhassen says:

    Still up in USA 4:36pm EST BUT The Jetpack JoyRide PS Vita just came out in the USA PSN and is free.

  14. vleim says:

    thanks my friends

  15. esturk says:

    CMON MAN IMA lıttle exiting this will be my first vita hack. i hope you guyz put to linksas soon as possible.Thanks by the way 🙂

  16. Yuu says:

    Big thanks to everyone posting that it is still available and to everyone in getting this exploit working :).


    Happy New Year to everyone

    Will be 1st Jan in T-minus 18mins at time of posting in South Africa 😉

  17. patty says:

    zero noob ! , u can take the remark away , but are u stupid or something to call the psn , do you realy think they will help u out , ur playing in theere hands and fukkingup the scene ! the point is to stay quiet ! zero cool

    • Zero Cool says:

      Do me Favor It Zero cool First of all…. and it not stupid how people wanna know when PSN store is gonna update or take down the game i am here trying to trace the Info of store update time cuz i am tired of people whining and saying ohh when is going to come out and this and that. So patty once agains stay pretty little boy 😉 .get it patty to —> pretty that would be your new name from me to you ;)have a nice day

  18. malcom976 says:

    still available Eu store 11:08 pm

  19. Zohan says:

    very one keeps saying backing up the game which game

  20. Unmolested Ex-Catholic says:

    Funny how some of you can’t afford a 5 dollar game. Then you put your email on here asking for money. Pathetic much? Lol

  21. CloudStrife1901 says:

    the game is UNO read the description

  22. antonio says:

    I just download the game!!!! Now I have to wait for the files…thanks

  23. Veskgar says:

    Great work to all involved! From a veteran of the PSP scene from several years back, its good to see new life breathed into the PSP / PS Vita scene once again! Also, just an update. I just downloaded the game at 6:35 PM EST. Get it while its hot!

  24. Kodi123 says:

    Thanks wololo! Been Following you since the 1.81 Exploit! Happy New Year from Poland!!!!

  25. Frostegater says:

    Exploit will be released at 12:00 where I live, guys.

  26. Wololofr says:

    Pulled from the EU and US stores now. Releasing the files is happening soon.

  27. Hitori04 says:

    Thanks a lot for the work, it’s just great.
    Happy new yer on all on this site and also at all other people !! =)

  28. Zohan says:

    what do i back up please help me

  29. Weno says:

    is it still on the us stores?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Fake frogstigator and wololo on comments. Games are still up and the files won’t be released today, wololo confirmed it on twitter.

  31. Qraze says:

    yea, its not gonna be pulled until the files are out is my guess.

    sony would have had to ask permission to pull it and maybe the publisher isn’t allowing it since they’re making a good rush of money.

    with no real exploit, the game is still just a game but once the files are out is when the system is compromised.

    why pull a game with no exploitable files when its making more money than it ever did? cash grab.

    tou’che sony. tou’che.

    • virtualtad says:

      If you have been following the scene, Sony pulled a game with no exploitable files at the moment when its making more money than it ever did more than THREE times. :))

  32. Hex_cz says:

    Yeah, only waiting for files xD. A happy new year to everybody and don’t drink to much ¬¬.

  33. solidsnake says:

    I would like to thank all involved in this. It is a very nice thing you do for us!!!

  34. bz chickenwings says:

    how do you all even know it will be pulled from the psn store is my question? did sony announce it?

  35. Sav says:

    I hope everyone can get UNO in time, Happy new years!

  36. Wiseman says:

    i was planning on staying on 1.81, but ill guess ill go ahead and update for this

  37. Wololofr says:

    It’s gone now. ;( Need to update my twitter page.

  38. Wololofr says:

    Nyeh just kidding, happy New Years.lol.

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