Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

Happy new year! PSP Game UNO vulnerability revealed by Frostegater, port of CEF To Vita 2.02 incoming.


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  1. brian says:

    dang man icant wait

  2. DamimavPL says:

    And 01.01.2013 Sony will release new 2.03 soft with blocked exploit in UNO game XD XD XD

    Also new soft we will be must have to paly online XD XD XD

    so… exploit in UNO game will be only information XD XD XD

  3. Robert S. says:

    First exploit I got since Super Collapse 3. :] I have all the big Vita titles but not the PSP Ones so thanks, guys!

  4. musashiro says:

    probably the sweetest release ever.. A lof of folks got the game due to new year celebration, perfect timing… The ninja release took a week.. And as i am typing this, the game is still in the US store… Epic.

    Congrats to the people who collaborated..

  5. brando says:

    so if i want to upgrade to 2.03 will the files stop the process?

  6. Goalkeeper99 says:

    Can i disregard openCMA because im new and i’ll already downloaded uno ?

    • Ogami says:

      You will need openCMA in any case to transfer the exploit files onto the VITA. And for any homebrew/ISO you wish to play.

    • Qraze says:

      no. you need open cma to get the savesploit onto your vita and any homebrews. just having uno doesn’t grant anything but you being able to play uno.

      you need open cma for any of this to work.

    • blahblah says:

      get CMA 2.005976.25 now before s0ny change sumthing later on.

  7. CloudStrife1901 says:

    got an 8gb memory today all because of this awesome exploit

  8. Insoft says:

    Still on UK store, £3.99

  9. Apache777 says:

    Hi does anyone know if ps3jig will work with this exploit ?

  10. thetree says:

    will the open cma try to update by itself?

  11. thetree says:

    so i now have my vita at 2.02 iv got open cma ready and i havd uno!!!!!!! But when sony updates the vita firmware which i will not be updateing to will it force a cma update?

  12. thetree says:

    Nice!!!!!! Thanks bud!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Still up on USA, 1:25PM EST.

  14. Yukon says:

    Got damn! The whole world is posting!!

  15. gideon says:

    Where is the download?

  16. gideon says:

    Pls tell me :'(

  17. patrick81 says:

    forgive me. I have a VERY dumb question. What doe OpenCMA do? I did some google a bit.. it says ….

    “This system is here to force you to update the Vita when a new version is available. In addition, it might be inconvenient for you to be constantly connected when you want to copy your files from and to the Vita. This patch is here to help you with this situation.”

    I want to test this without installing OpenCMA. I still can transfer back and both between my pc and vita while the internet is off. I’m so confused. Will my vita update automatically when it comes out? I just download OpenCMS 5 and click “Run”. that’s it?

    Again, I’m new and very dumb. Hope you can help me understand this and why it’s needed.


    • patrick81 says:

      umm… how i install this? i have to put all the files into PS Vita folder on my pc and click “run”?

    • Nixon says:

      OpenCMA stops CMA connecting to the internet. It means that once a new firmware, patched to stop this exploit is released, CMA won’t force you to update your Vita. It means that we’ll be able to transfer homebrews and ISOs after the next firmware is released.

      • patrick81 says:

        thanks for explaining! I get it now. 😀 I see why OpenCMA is a must have.

        I found a great video about how to install OpenCMA. Hope this will help others.

        I have one more question tho. I have two accounts. Let’s say I have account A and account B. I bought some games from PSN on account A. Is it possible to copy the games from my PC to my second PS Vita with account B. It shows nothing there because it’s only for account A, not account B. Is it possible to force it to copy and put it on my second vita with second account? Not sure if i’m clear.

    • cucu says:

      i think u can update cma for now open cma will come out with exploit so if u want to back up uno just update cma wait for open cma to load up exploit

  18. exequiel says:

    STILL WATING fot the savedata

  19. exequiel says:


  20. YoYoJoJoMoMo says:

    Why not look into free games x:?

  21. nooneelse says:

    thank bros

  22. nooneelse says:

    how can i get iso?

  23. allan says:

    I just have to buy and download it right? and wait for further instructions. Anyone please confirm if i did the right thing, thank you in advance 🙂 Happy new Year!

  24. RuPurt says:

    can we get the files for the new years too? i dont see why we’re waiting till they pull it off the store. they can’t fix it without knowing what the problem is/making a new firmware right??

    • WolfRamiO says:

      because saves files are the proof that cef is working on 2.02, its so simple

      • RuPurt says:

        well if sony had a clue by now, theyd already know that it was save file related, as were most of the last exploits. im just saying: if thats the case there’s no point waiting. if not, then i think its about time to release it. i dont even have the exploit yet, cant download it unfortunately atm. but idk, i just dont feel right about waiting. cant they also fix games without pulling them from the store?

    • Anonymous says:

      Wololo confirmed by twitter that we won’t get the files today. So wait patiently.

      • RuPurt says:

        its not a matter of waiting patiently..like, i said, i dont have the game, therefore im not really eager to get the files… Im just a little curious about the real value in waiting.

  25. Yololo says:

    Sony’s inactivity scares me. Feel like I wasted $5 because there will probably be a force update that blocks this soon…

    • WolfRamiO says:

      dont worry, thats happend in all expolits realses

    • kyhassen says:

      thats why you keep all internet connections OFF!!!! Also keep Airplane mode on if you want to lower the risks of dealing with an update. if you have a PS3 and a PC with Open CMA you can still get games for your vita but the Open CMA glitch.

  26. jamesssss says:

    Are $ony bored of playing cat and mouse? they are scarily quit over this which is a bit worrying.

    Oh well lets enjoy it whilst it lasts, you never know they might have given up chasing hackers as they know its a futile waste of resources, the hackers always win!!

  27. DinamicoPlus says:

    Hehehe happy new year for everyone! Be patient, the files will be our new year gift!
    Do not drink too much this night 😉

  28. green_archer says:

    hi guys happy new year.hope it will be available on Jan 1.

  29. William223 says:

    Damn, only have $3.19 on my account. This would’ve made my day…-_-. If anyone has any holiday spirit and feels generous, I’d be incredibly grateful if someone had a $3 or whatever the lowest possible value in PSN card is. My e-mail is williamb223@yahoo.com. Again, I can understand if nobody feels like helping.

  30. Jayrock says:

    Happy New Year!! We are very excited here at the Philippines.. Thanks Very Much!!

  31. walala says:


  32. brai says:

    grazie millee!

  33. walala says:

    at the philippines?? then how could you get the game??

  34. John says:

    Picked it up about 15 min ago from PSN USA

  35. Jahmel says:

    the game is still up after 2 days i just bought it! i had 4.30 in my account and added 10 this morning. now i have some money on my account. what game should i get as an added present?

  36. olivier says:

    Table top tanks :3 (idk tho, dont buy that cuz i told ya)
    Meanwhile, its still available in the EU store 🙂

    And yea, since i prolly wont be here untill ‘next year’, Happy new years all, especially Frostegater & Wololo 🙂

  37. vahab says:

    pls Release file Data
    We so waiting
    we cant waiting anymore
    pls harry Up Honey

  38. black cat says:

    finally i got it guys………….. the problem was the game is not available in UK region any more, then i got it on US region. 🙂

  39. Leighton says:

    still up in the JP-PSN, only 100\.

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