Happy new year! PSP Game UNO vulnerability revealed by Frostegater, port of CEF To Vita 2.02 incoming.


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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  1. TheSpillmonkey says:

    Is there any reason to update other than PSN access and PLUS access which will go away with the next update anyway? The madblocker game was cheap and is super fast to load. Should I just stick with that if i dont care about PSN?

  2. Mr. Magoo says:

    I am just amazed that the amount of comments for one blog. This would have to be a forum record. I am so glad to part of history in the making with over 25000 registered users. This is history in the making. ;-)

  3. Someone Else says:

    *Free Jetpack Joyride in USA right now!!
    Free during New Years Eve!!
    Grab it now. Just making a note in case
    anyone didn’t know.

  4. 天神 says:

    无聊。。。!vita拿来玩psp游戏。早前因为好奇把Gravity carsh买来玩不到1个月psp游戏。现在买了psn+觉得跟好。

    • china says:


    • China says:

      第一 破解的人没拿你的钱
      第二 破解的人没逼你破解
      第三 破解无聊你是个人的看法,在这里被分享的这是一种资源共享精神,让更多的人有机会来开发这个平台展示自己的才华,你要是觉得无聊你可以自己来破解了psvita游戏 展示给大家看看你不无聊。
      这种话去给sony留言吧 好好舔鞋底 别来这里撒野。

  5. exequiel says:

    can i play UNO while waiting for the exploit?!..

  6. GENERALboonGAHH says:

    Happy new yeea boongaaaah!

  7. Weno says:

    well i got the game still so … i cant wait for them to release the files… i wish we could have full control and play vita games off the card… but still a great exploit as is …

    • n1nurt4 says:

      you can already play vita games off of the card, by buying them off of the psn store. Or are you one of those people only interested in stealing?

  8. ionwave says:

    I think next year we are gonna see a lot progress in the vita next year is going to be the year of vita

  9. HeroEduard0 says:

    Is still available! 23:45 hora del centro de México! Happy New Year to all!! Feliz año nuevo! :D

  10. Lite_Xela says:

    Il fut un temps ou chaque peuple parlait sa propre langue, je vois que cela disparait…

  11. jianonline says:

    Happy new year!

  12. Geezernort says:

    Still on the UK PSN Store as of 06:46 GMT.
    Grab it quick, Brits, you’ve still got time!
    Happy New Year, community!

  13. shagrath says:

    Dame! I think I have refreshed the page more than 500 times since they made it public just to see if the files were already released.
    I wonder what Sony and Frostegater are thinking… Both playing dumb? LOL
    Yeah yeah, it could be that sony is still figuring out if this is just about “ploit for money” and frost is just waiting until everyone gets the game.
    So will it end up to who draws the last card?

  14. BobDole says:

    you mean HAPPY NEWYEAR !!!

  15. satyrangeluz says:

    Happy New Year from México!!!!!!!
    Yes, spending the HNY eve here!

  16. exequiel says:

    please kindly release the exploit hehe ^_^

  17. xoombie503 says:

    and it begun..game has been raised to $25 omg

  18. xoombie503 says:

    you fools begging for the files are the first ones to update once sony releases 2.04 or something

  19. Kenster240 says:

    Happy New Year! May this year be full of eCFW and Hacks all around!

  20. nightwish33 says:


  21. mecksg1 says:

    people chill out. the exploit will be out soon. and we should all be lucky frostgate is giving it to us to yu. he doesnt have to

  22. Redsabre says:

    I think that Sony is just letting the people buy the game, while making a force update so the people that already hacked the ps vita can either update or stay on same firmware.

  23. Zels says:


  24. Trololo says:

    Files will be released soon, calm down people.

  25. fingloi_x3 says:

    when i buy my vita last october, i upgraded it to 32gb in order to put huge psp homebrews. also i put huge amounts to my wallet in preparation for this exploit… only knowing that UNO is not available in HK store…

    I have 600HKD in my wallet..
    Im fucked!!…

  26. slur says:

    What if Sony, doesn’t take it down (0.o)

  27. lipton-T says:

    k, well it’s been 48 hours… game is still on JPN PSN, and i’m hearing its still on others. ..48 hours was the planned limit of time for them to remove the game from PSN, so why not just start releasing the files now… maybe sony is on holiday till tomorrow. who knows. if so, the game wlll be pulled either way tomorrow. might as well let people hop to it.

  28. huz says:

    Hi , new year happy 2013

    Different wifi file 4 fboot.pbp

    Do need Internet Hbl store fboot.pbp on PS vhbl uno Frostegater’s exploit 2.02

  29. Redsabre says:

    Calm down people we are all going to get something good in the end. -_-

  30. dim sum says:

    no dim sum for you jack chan

  31. YellowSteak says:

    Can the psp emulator play every iso/cso?

  32. fingloi_x3 says:

    give me the tools frost.. i will find an exploit that is also available for Asia…

  33. jrazorman says:

    Hey Everybody’s Arcade is free in playstation mobile site on vita!

  34. exequiel says:

    send it to my email pls exequielwiz@yahoo.com.ph happy new year tnx

  35. Onnz423 says:

    I beg you please release the files im so excited LOL.

    But i will be waitin :)

  36. Poland Nazi Team says:

    Wololo say
    Apologies:If you are seeing this message, you are one of the few people who did NOT see the 2.02 ninja release. This is not because you have been warned or anything like that, but because of a bug in the release process, coupled with a human mistake on my end (wololo). I want to apologize for this, and I hope you will still be able to get the game (UNO PSP) in time. I’ll do my best so that such an issue does not happen again next time.

  37. Angora season says:

    It does not hurt to wait
    After all, who can now expect to wait a little longer
    great job
    what matters is that I bought the game yesterday
    happy new year

  38. Angora season says:

    não faz mal esperar mais um pouco
    o que importa é que ja tenho o jogo
    feliz ano novo

  39. Gamer says:

    where is the CFW for Uno exploit? @@!

  40. vahab says:

    why u dont Release Wololo
    pls realease we can Wait
    Pls Harry Up Wololo

  41. mikie_the7 says:

    Hey people , so now what game is everyone looking to play , ,

    It’s petsona2 for me :-D

  42. carsauce says:

    Happy New Year’s 2013 North America and also rest of the world!, I am still on 1.81 an enjoying custom firmware, as I don’t need online for now for my Vita and playing PSP games, but I wish you the best for others who finally get to have a chance to get this as well to play homebrew and psp games, and the ones who miss out again on this, let’s just hope that wololo and frost and everyone else on this scene keeps up with the fate of custom firmware for the Vita=) enjoy people enjoy so much 2013 is here!

  43. Frostegater says:

    Sory guys, i decided to not release the exploits because i dont want too lol..U guys has been scammed..hahaha..please donate me 100usd if u want the exploit. lol.

    • un3gr0 says:

      you are not frostegater…

      Respect to Original…

      For you??
      Nothing, you are so little that you cant even be yourself.

      Thanks for the original frostegater!

    • blahblah says:

      i want to donate u 100usd, please give me your name, DOB, bank account & home address details

  44. mikie_the7 says:

    Em … Was that actually frost who posted ?

  45. carsauce says:

    That wasn’t the real Frost, that would just be wrong, whoever you are stop trolling.

  46. mikie_the7 says:

    I don’t think he would INSTANTLY destroy the scene like that … Troll

  47. Rodge says:

    Happy new year!
    It’s still available in the EU store!

    One question: if I want to use a second memory card for a different PSVita user, registered on another unrelated PSN account, do I have to buy the game a second time for this account, in order to use the exploit with my second user?

    I guess, the answer is Yes. Too bad that I don’t have a second memory card at hand. Hopefully it’s still available tomorrow when the shops will be open again….

  48. Somebody cool says:

    It’s still available on EU PSN Store. Grab it while it’s still there :)

  49. jek says:

    when will be the exploit release?

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