Happy new year! PSP Game UNO vulnerability revealed by Frostegater, port of CEF To Vita 2.02 incoming.


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1,200 Responses

  1. Weno says:

    is it still on the us stores?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fake frogstigator and wololo on comments. Games are still up and the files won’t be released today, wololo confirmed it on twitter.

  3. Qraze says:

    yea, its not gonna be pulled until the files are out is my guess.

    sony would have had to ask permission to pull it and maybe the publisher isn’t allowing it since they’re making a good rush of money.

    with no real exploit, the game is still just a game but once the files are out is when the system is compromised.

    why pull a game with no exploitable files when its making more money than it ever did? cash grab.

    tou’che sony. tou’che.

    • virtualtad says:

      If you have been following the scene, Sony pulled a game with no exploitable files at the moment when its making more money than it ever did more than THREE times. :))

  4. Hex_cz says:

    Yeah, only waiting for files xD. A happy new year to everybody and don’t drink to much ¬¬.

  5. solidsnake says:

    I would like to thank all involved in this. It is a very nice thing you do for us!!!

  6. bz chickenwings says:

    how do you all even know it will be pulled from the psn store is my question? did sony announce it?

  7. Sav says:

    I hope everyone can get UNO in time, Happy new years!

  8. Wiseman says:

    i was planning on staying on 1.81, but ill guess ill go ahead and update for this

  9. Wololofr says:

    It’s gone now. ;( Need to update my twitter page.

  10. Wololofr says:

    Nyeh just kidding, happy New Years.lol.

  11. PSPveteran says:

    Am I right in saying this is the longest time a game has been taken to be pulled?

  12. rayBridjes says:

    Alright so I have a question since I’m new to the vita, I got a used vita and bought Uno on it, and backed it up onto my pc with open CMA. I’m thinking of getting a better conditioned one, if I were to restore factory settings on the first one, would I still be able to transfer Uno to the 2nd one? And would this still work even after sony pulls it from the store? Thanks!

  13. regine03 says:

    1+++ comments nice

  14. Draygon says:


    could someone please answer this:
    i am getting a New vita in 2 weeks, because the one i have right now has a dead Pixel.

    is it possible to buy UNO and Transfer it with openCMA to my PC and then to my replacement vita?

    • wawawawaw says:

      yeah you can

    • rav says:

      I don’t think you can.
      You’ll need to activate the game for your new Vita. By the time you got the new Vita, I think UNO would aready removed by Sony from the Store.

      • Draygon says:

        So, can I or can’t I? :)

        I waited soo long for this, and now, the time I’m getting a replacement, this get’s released… Aww…

        • blahblah says:

          the installed game is tied specificly to ur hardware so u cant transfer it to other vita am afraid.

        • RuPurt says:

          installed games are tied to the psn account and the memory card…not the device. you can make a backup and put it onto the new memory card (if youre getting one) and use everything.

      • rayBridjes says:

        But isn’t that the point of open CMA? To be able to make these transfers without their interferance? If I misunderstood please explain.

        • blahblah says:

          just imagine scenario like this: u cannot use your PS3 HDD from unit A to unit B (nor if you can clone it). sum BS encryption prevents u that. otherwise everyone will get to play ur games for free.

          • rayBridjes says:

            So long as you deactivate and restore factory settings on the older vita. I thought games are tied to your PSN account?

          • blahblah says:

            erm, u got a good point there. i dun have 2nd PSV to try. so maybe if a new PSV unit signed with ur ID, it may or may not work.

            but i believe it would work, we know how s0ny operate. profit profit & profit.

        • blahblah says:

          so the point of OCMA would be to be able to BACK UP your one particular PSV & transfer files OFFLINE, without the need of s0nny’s approval.

          i repeat for every1 else in simpler wording:
          YOU CANNOT BACK UP ANY GAMES & USE ON OTHER PSV, other than your own unit.

          • RuPurt says:

            yes you can…and ive done so. making the games unit exclusive would be dumb on sonys part. download content is tied to memory card and psn account.

          • rayBridjes says:

            Not to be stubborn, just trying to understand how this all works. So you’re saying that if my PSV fell out of my pocket and shattered thus becoming a paperweight, I’m SOL and would have to repurchase all my downloaded games?

          • wololo says:

            No, you would need to redownload them all, not to purchase them again. The issue would be that you have to update to the latest firmware, losing the exploit. The same goes if you buy a second Vita which doesn’t already have the game installed

          • blahblah says:

            i take my word back if it work then. pheew. :p

            now i need a new cheap red PSV…

          • blahblah says:

            oh heck im confused lol

            @ rayBridjes

            thats what i thought at beginning. just like PS3, u need to redownload all games. u cannot use a back up from old PS3 into new one. correct me if im wrong. so same case with PSV & s0ny wouldnt go st00pid let ppl easily copy paste.

          • rav says:

            Hmmmm interesting…..

            So with the same memory card and account, you can use it on as many Vita as you want? ;D

            And the limit of 2 activation per account only applied if you’re using a different memory card (with the same account)?

            Really confusing…. lol

          • deejay says:

            Nintendo stuff is tied to a console

            Sony stuff is tied to an account. Long as you have 2.02 on the new system and not higher, you can use OPENCMA to transfer it back. if you’re over 2.02, sorry, have to wait for next exploit

  15. TheZ says:

    I’m not gonna release the file until my birth day in January 18th

  16. ironchefion says:

    happy new years everyone

  17. idk man says:

    how do yall even know if sony is going to pull it from the psn store?

  18. dragar says:

    Happy new years all.
    Patiently waiting for the exploited save files to be uploaded. Thanks wololo, frostegator, total_noob and everyone else who’s made the ecfw possible.

  19. total_noob says:

    Off the JPN store, now probably a matter of hours. Exploit will be released on jan 2nd.

  20. MrNano says:

    You know Sony much be making big bucks on the UNO game right now. With everyone suddenly buying it and all. They be thinking $D

  21. Someone Else says:

    Free Jetpack Joyride (Vita Version) just went up in the USA shortly ago. (Has touchscreen and all that)

    Hurry and grab it while you can, if you’re on the latest ofw!

  22. Klinger says:

    ..great… only $ 4,14 in wallet… game is 4,99…

  23. Daniel says:

    Whose realizing the file? TheZ, frostergator, or total_noob?

  24. Stiffeno says:

    UNO is the first exploit game I have bought that I actually enjoy playing LOL. I should have bought it years ago!

  25. Asch901 says:

    I guess we’ll just have to wait another day. Wololo said that it’s not gonna be release today. Or rather….it’s a stand-off between Sony and Frostegater, who will draw first? Either way it’s good for psv users who haven’t got this game yet, they have more time to grab it. At the end of it all the save files are just sitting there while Sony making money through this game knowing it won’t be release if Uno still persist on PSN.. Now let see which side is playing dumb.

  26. henriqueBRAZIL says:

    happyyyy neeeww yearrrrr

  27. chinese says:


  28. henriqueBRAZIL says:

    happy new year

  29. legnaid says:

    still waiting….

  30. henriqueBRAZIL says:

    I am happy to know that once again I will be enjoying a feat VITA … this year 2013 promises much with the supposed UVLoader and now, with a likely break SFKU kernel native PS Vita … I think the devs are more eager launching a sdk! 2013 and comes with its mysteries in the scene … happy new year, happy 2013!

  31. xKoliosx says:

    Juego descargado y listo ps store de mexico…gracias wololo y Frostegater y atodos los scener…gracias !!!

  32. total_noob says:

    the game files will be released jan 1 (us)

  33. falsehero says:

    still available GMT +8:00

  34. KKS says:

    How much does this game cost in the US PSN store?

  35. Matt says:

    ps store was updated on mine added jetpack joyride and some chrono game free a few hrs ago the game is still up though.. they must be raking in maddd $$$$ off the game or they dont care haha. surprised the games not featured in top downloads.¿?
    anywho happy 2013 all the best.

  36. patrick81 says:

    wow.. over 1,100 comments. is this normal? lol

  37. WhyKlef says:

    I somehow think that the week-end, holiday is an excuse Sony is using to keep this game available. At the end of the day these are facts:

    -PS Vita considered one of the 8 worst product flop of 2012.
    -Sales are either plummeting or stale at very low numbers. (Japan and NA)
    -3rd party devs scared of investing in Vita development, quality titles are nowhere to be seen.
    -Sony is mixed up with some more bad press with other divisions.

    All in all, I think right now more then any time I can remember, Sony could use the hardware sales boost from “hackers” giving extra value to their hardware. My two cents.

  38. muhd says:

    why not in hk….suck,,

  39. Assassin1982 says:

    Great work been with the tn and the other cfw on psp and now can’t wait for the UNO one also happy 2013

    • i i bout the game on time. i start it and instead of taking me to the homebrew i end up on profile.. it say “CREATE PROFILE”. m i missing something? tell me if i need something easel beside buying the game… in new in wololo..

  40. deckardbr says:

    I doubt Sony cares about the sales numbers on Uno plus not that many people even know about cfw, its a pretty small community. Also they pulled Monster Hunter Freedom when vhbl was released and that was one of the top games on psn. Happy New Year also!

  41. TheSpillmonkey says:

    Is there any reason to update other than PSN access and PLUS access which will go away with the next update anyway? The madblocker game was cheap and is super fast to load. Should I just stick with that if i dont care about PSN?

  42. Mr. Magoo says:

    I am just amazed that the amount of comments for one blog. This would have to be a forum record. I am so glad to part of history in the making with over 25000 registered users. This is history in the making. ;-)

  43. Someone Else says:

    *Free Jetpack Joyride in USA right now!!
    Free during New Years Eve!!
    Grab it now. Just making a note in case
    anyone didn’t know.

  44. 天神 says:

    无聊。。。!vita拿来玩psp游戏。早前因为好奇把Gravity carsh买来玩不到1个月psp游戏。现在买了psn+觉得跟好。

    • china says:


    • China says:

      第一 破解的人没拿你的钱
      第二 破解的人没逼你破解
      第三 破解无聊你是个人的看法,在这里被分享的这是一种资源共享精神,让更多的人有机会来开发这个平台展示自己的才华,你要是觉得无聊你可以自己来破解了psvita游戏 展示给大家看看你不无聊。
      这种话去给sony留言吧 好好舔鞋底 别来这里撒野。

  45. exequiel says:

    can i play UNO while waiting for the exploit?!..

  46. GENERALboonGAHH says:

    Happy new yeea boongaaaah!

  47. Weno says:

    well i got the game still so … i cant wait for them to release the files… i wish we could have full control and play vita games off the card… but still a great exploit as is …

    • n1nurt4 says:

      you can already play vita games off of the card, by buying them off of the psn store. Or are you one of those people only interested in stealing?

  48. ionwave says:

    I think next year we are gonna see a lot progress in the vita next year is going to be the year of vita

  49. HeroEduard0 says:

    Is still available! 23:45 hora del centro de México! Happy New Year to all!! Feliz año nuevo! :D

  50. Lite_Xela says:

    Il fut un temps ou chaque peuple parlait sa propre langue, je vois que cela disparait…

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