Happy new year! PSP Game UNO vulnerability revealed by Frostegater, port of CEF To Vita 2.02 incoming.


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1,202 Responses

  1. xoombie503 says:


  2. kokoshi2 says:


  3. xoombie503 says:

    didnt expect this today as sony will update the store monday

  4. hgoel0974 says:

    now is when waiting gets hard :(

  5. zeroluxe says:

    first and comon, realease the files already! its new years after all!

  6. #18 says:

    Just got it in time!! YEAH! Ready for the files!

  7. MaxiExtreme says:

    Sweet! I salute you frostegater for you 1 month hard work with this exploit! God Bless You brother!

  8. musashiro says:

    i thought the files will be released at the same time as the public announcement? anyway, thanks for everything…

    i wonder if you posted this due to leaks (i pm’ed you)… those damn leakers/braggers/idiots can’t wait..

    • hgoel0974 says:

      no, the public release was planned for today

    • tom says:

      …. It is clear in the wololo forum post that they will not be released until after the public release.

      • musashiro says:

        The files will be released at the same time we make the public announcement, in a few days/weeks. Thanks for your trust, and again let’s keep this a secret so that as many people as possible can benefit this hack.

        *taken from the ninja release page*

        and here i thought i misread the article…

        • wololo says:

          Sorry, brain fart on my end, I forgot to edit the text of the ninja release on the forum. The text of the ninja release was incorrect, this was the text for a previous ninja release, that I forgot to edit :(

          • musashiro says:

            everything’s cool… just wondering sir… :)

            waiting for the files…

          • ross31192 says:

            Dude did i buy a game i did not want to buy from your ninja release??????

          • synapze says:

            @ross31192 Quit your whining and snivelling. Show a little respect and gratitude. No one made you buy the game.

          • synapze says:

            @ross31192 You sir are worthless. Do us a favor and hold your breath and don’t stop until told to do so. Have a lil patience, the eCFW will be released soon.

  9. kokoshi2 says:

    >.> Comment awaiting moderation… nice troll. Anyway good to see the game finally released no more questions. Still waiting for them files! Thanks to all devs and have a happy new year everyone.

    (This comment is much better right? One day I’ll get first comment.)

  10. Kenster240 says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the files! Have a happy new year, everyone!

  11. daniel rocha says:


  12. Proto-Tyrant says:

    Yes realy nice news, but one ask… i buy the psp version not the mini -.- the i the worng game buy?
    sry for my english


  13. Rahul says:

    FYI … the game is pretty good to play too … been playing it last week while awaiting the files!

  14. Qraze says:

    okay, hope everyone gets it fast, cost me about $5 bucks. hope the file process isn’t too hard, or maybe i do….. kudos.

  15. Banksy says:

    There is only one uno game on the psn right? Not sure if mine is a mini

  16. Qraze says:

    i couldn’t find it in the minis but did a uno search and only one came up, so i get it a few days ago, its on my vita and backed up the open (i hope lol) cma.

  17. StanSmith says:

    I thought it would’ve been smarter to release the eCFW first before announcing the game then more people with the ninja release would get the game.
    Now Sony knows which game to take off the store and the eCFW isn’t even out yet.

  18. alvin says:

    can u pllease port one of those 4 minis gift from sony please?

    • synapze says:

      I’m sorry to sound like a d*ck, but please shut up and quit asking this. In order to do that, one of the 4 mini’s would have to be exploitable. They can’t just port the eCFW to any game they want. If that was the case, we would have endless exploits. If you can’t afford to buy the game that was just announced, you shouldn’t have a Vita.

    • Mart says:

      If you can’t fork out freaking 5 USD to get the exploit, stop trying.

      Pffffff, cheapasses…

  19. 3dsguy says:

    omg I’ve been waiting for this. ATM Im in the aussie outback with my mobile as a wifi point. I just got back from hiking just in time. πŸ˜€ thankyou so much for not releasing this in the morning.

  20. xoombie503 says:

    wololo uno is a full featured psp game..not in the mini category

  21. Mario says:

    What about latam ps store?
    I just download uno from there but is a little different from the video

    • hgoel0974 says:

      a little different? at most the language might be different, some screens might be a bit different but if you are looking at the first video then you got it wrong, the game is correct but what you are looking at is Wagic running in eCFW

      • Mario says:

        Thanks friend I compare the first video with the game and you are right just it is the language.
        Now waiting for the files.

  22. Ukdna says:

    A moment of silence for all the clueless stooges who didn’t want gravity crash released because there ‘wouldn’t be another exploit for a long time, if ever’. *** now and forever all you stupid morons. Quit prentending you know anything about anything. Happy new year!

  23. alvin says:

    buy that game again sony make rich rich rich rich rich

    • Mr. Magoo says:

      On a positive note, Sony does bank on games in this fashion. This is definitely a good way to keep the psv alive. I have hit all the exploits for the us except for the previous one as I already had 2 working exploits. I only got this one to ensure that I can update to the new web browser. I am looking forward to the ark as I would like to play my psx games with sound. I just wish it was as simple as the fpse for games to download since my comp just crashed and there for creating iso’s is a pain.

  24. kyhassen says:

    Awesome job guys!!!! i am always impressed by how much you guys do :-) happy new year and thank you Frostegater.

  25. fuh says:

    Will there be installation guides? Im kind of new to this

  26. chenwk says:

    no love for asia region owners. =)

  27. raven says:

    Thanks .I,m happy

  28. Patrick81 says:

    wow… thanks soooo much! πŸ˜€

  29. azh_97 (newbie) says:

    I’m happy with this.. Although my psn account does not have any money T_T (means that i can’t use the exploit).. I am 15 years old.. does not have any credit card to add fund.. Those who is generous to give me 10€ code for me to use the exploit can send to azh_97@yahoo.com.my.. Anyway, good job frostegator.. Hope you can improve and make the exploit works for free minis (the xmas gift) or whatsoever that is free… Hehehe.. And, sorry for bad english (^_^;)

    • synapze says:

      I’m willing to help. I emailed you.

    • synapze says:

      Ok I added funds to your PSN wallet and purchased the game for you. Sign into the PSN Store on your Vita and view your download list. It will be listed in there. Download the game to your Vita and enjoy (download it ASAP before it’s pulled from the PSN Store)… Now we just gotta wait for the eCFW files to be released and we’re golden :)

      P.S. you probably want to change your password now that I’m done

  30. plinkerfly says:

    @wololo, just curious… since some of the graphics in wagic were removed due to copyright sh**… why not just sell your wagic game to this card game manufacturer. i wouldn’t mind buying it since i’ve already done that with the yu gi oh card game on nintendo. i believe it’s gonna be bigger than any other card game, dont get me wrong, i love warhammer and yu gi oh but i believe wagic is the one missing in my collection. just a thought.. still waiting for signed cfw for vita.. geohot…where are you?

  31. vibrocil says:

    Too bad it was leaked since day 1 on oter websites :s As soon as ninja release showed up, so did leaks… This doesn’t encourage developpers to release…

  32. DeadPixel99 says:

    Im not longer stuck at 1.81 , thank you guys for all your hard work! Just updated my Vita and bought UNO!!

  33. Monkeyman says:

    Just bought uno, can’t wait for files to be released. My Vita is no fun w/o being able to use homebrew.

  34. Sharpy says:

    A big thanks to wololo, Frostegater and others for this exploit and ecfw, looking forward to playing Silent Hills on my vita since it won’t take UMDs. Happy new year.

  35. efexza says:

    updated mine yesterday, topup my psn wallet and bought uno & mutant blobs attack…

  36. Duck says:

    Happy New Year for all XD

  37. Gamer says:

    Happy new year everybody and thanks a lot Frost.We proud of you!

  38. maixi says:

    One question: Can I transfer the exploit to another memory card if Sony delete the game on the PSN ? I am intend to upgrade my card but afraid to lose the exploit.

  39. KoJack Stewart says:

    This may be a dumb question so I apologize in advance but my girlfriend actually loves playing Uno and when she found out that I had to buy it for my vita she got all excited. I noticed that the exploit started uno began loading, is there a way to actually play the game after ecfw loads? I read on the forums that it might cause an infinite loop of some sort confusing the vita

    • tom says:

      Maybe load the ISO of Uno In the exploit?

    • Jenoside says:

      you would have to swap savedata, and the xploit with open cma. The iso back up idea would still load the exploit as the savedata is still stored in the same part of the memory. However, if you have another mem. card, even a small one as the game is only 30mb, you could download the game on both cards, and put the exploit in one and use the other one to play on. Hope that helps :)

  40. synapze says:

    Thank you wololo and the rest of the devs for all your hard work. Just waiting patiently for the files to be released πŸ˜€ Have a happy New Year!

  41. Jenoside says:

    wow waited for 22 hrs, and i already had the game, thanks to my lil sis. well thats a day i wont get back. lmao. BTW glad to be part of the community πŸ˜€

  42. LTTP says:

    I can’t wait for the files to be released :)


  43. Gustbran says:


  44. deadlysync says:

    Awesome job guys! Just awesome!
    Had the ninja release message yesterday at noon, so I already knew the game, I just hope that the exploit will work on the US game… not only the EU one… heh…
    But I digress….
    Thank you very much for all your efforts!
    And a happy new year to you all!

  45. Rahul says:

    Not to hurt any ones sentiments, but not releasing the files post naming the game publicly helps how? Not asking / being rude, just wondering…?

    • wololo says:

      It gives no proof to Sony that the hack is real, which I assume (although it’s proven to be majorly a wrong assumption) buys us a bit of time before they actually take the decision to remove the game from their store.

    • Jakesiesvita says:

      Awesome stuff. This is going to be a goid year. Thanx all for the hard work.

  46. ross31192 says:

    What a bad day got the wrong game thanks wololo

  47. Lai says:

    ^_^ awesome. I can’t wait for the files to get released… got the game an hour ago.. weeeeee :) thanks to all dev behind this… >.<

  48. wololothebest says:

    i just wonted to thank every one for there hard work in makein every day gameplayin much funner on the vita thanks to all the dev’s

  49. Armookie says:

    Well I just tried to buy it and it lets me buy it but download button remains grey and wont let me download.
    Its just stuck on grey download button and cant select it. :O(

  50. fffanatic says:

    Guess I’ll have to remain at 1.81 GC exploit for now…I don’t have a second memory card and I can’t seem to find a way to transfer US PSN PSP games from my PS3 to my HK PSN Vita without reformatting…Oh well, good release for the others though.

  51. filodude says:

    im on 1.81 gravity crash CEF how do I move to this new one.

  52. yoggi says:

    I brought uno from the psn store but Im stuck i dont knw how to hack it can someone tell or upload it to YouTube new ps vita

  53. ColonelPanic says:

    Y’know how lame this is gonna sound? There was 1.81 Gravity Crash or 1.81 Urbanix, that sounds cool. The 2.02 Uno Exploit sounds really lame.

    Pick a better exploitable game next time frostegater! =P


    • Jose zavaleta says:

      This is not for the game you buy is for the homebrew that you will get who cares about tha game

      • Theredbaron says:

        Actually, I like the game. :)

        I am just glad it was a game I could get some use out of. I even had it for the PSP, though that was a bit ago.

        That being said, I would not have paid $5 for it, maybe $.99. That extra $4 is for the homebrew. I want me PSPRadio, PSPComics, and a few others. Makes the Vita much more usable, adding stuff that “should” have been in it from the get go.

    • lumenia says:

      why not ? it’s super cheap 100 yen on japan

    • Matthew says:

      I disagree… the small size and low price makes this great for someone who wants to have plenty of space for homebrew and other things.

      I think the game chosen was logical.

      • Theredbaron says:

        I never even thought about the small size part. This is to be my first exploit, as I just got my vita a few weeks ago. It would really suck to have to have, say MH always taking up space on your card, if you didn’t like it, even if you do (like me). That is a big game, even more so compared to the 30mb of this one, and sometimes you just don’t want to play it, and can’t offload it. Would suck.

        It really helps when you have a crappy 4gb card like me.

  54. poon3 says:

    Thanks everyone that worked on this project and for sharing with us Happy New Year

  55. Sneax673 says:

    Yes! Finally first game I get a hold of :D…now time to wait for Frostegater

  56. joseph says:

    so i guess this is coming out on new years thanks guys

  57. Cell128 says:

    Quick question…I have a 4gb memory card for the vita andi just bought the UNO game. I want to upgrade it to a 16 or 32gb memory card. When Sony locks down UNO how would I get the UNO game onto the new card. With open CMA? I have never used it but I will have to learn

    • Corey96 says:

      Cell, openCMA is the same as Sony’s CMA except it doesn’t require you to update your firmware, be connected to the internet or send any information to Sony.

      Backup the game with openCMA and when you get your new memory stick transfer it back across. :)

      • Cell128 says:

        Thanks! I should do my own research but one mo quick question. Can I get new games from psp onto open CMA and transfer them to my vita? Or am I stuck with what I have now?

        • Cell128 says:

          I mean from psn onto opencma to vita

          • Mr. Magoo says:

            Once u back up the game , you could go back on psn and download new games. You could do that without backing up the game but u run the risk of Sony figuring out how to remove it from your installs. Its probably a matter of time till they get that working.

  58. Raziel says:

    Thanks so much for the info i just picked up the game and backed it up to my PC before i lost it

  59. Corey96 says:

    I downloaded the game last night. I’ve had the ninja release for ages but I just kept putting it off! XD Glad I still got it in time. :)

  60. Tricorazonrockero says:

    Love you Guys!!! GOT IT & Updated! Thanks.

  61. RafykX says:

    UNOwataymsay : thanks all dev for your hard work and to share it!
    But the real ninja release was in your second picture wololo…

  62. William says:

    Ironically, I actually bought the game already, before the ninja release announced UNO as the next game need to run the new save data exploits coming up soon. Lucky me.. Haha. I’m really dead serious, not kidding about having the game already. You see, I thought UNO would be a cool social game to play with friends and myself with the cpu, and so I bought it off the PSN store on November 18th 2012 and downloaded it.. And noooow whaddaya know, turns out it is THE next game lol. I was shocked haha it felt like I hit the lottery yesterday after checking out the ninja release. Sorry guys I just had to brag about getting lucky having the game in my psvita already before the info about the game leaked out lol..

    Well good luck downloading the game guys!!


  63. Anhtuanle84 says:

    Finally! I gambled and read the link from the previous post about this and paid the $5 for this. Win! Thank you Wololo and dev teams!

  64. ErikM says:

    Wow great day! I just bought the vita today now I’m good to go with uno downloading as I type this. Thanks guys!

  65. CaptainStupid says:

    Hi, i have a few questions.

    1) will this homebrew allow using normal micro sd cards instead of ps vita cards?

    2) I have downloaded the game on to a 4gb ps vita card (but this card is too small for me), assuming the game is removed from psn, is it possible to lose the game if i attempt to move everything from the 4gb card on to a 16gb instead?

    3) after the homebrew is installed, does that mean i am no longer allowed to use the psn (otherwise i will get banned)?

    im a bit of a noob, so any answers will greatly be appreciated

    • ReyxDD says:

      1)No, you still need the vita memory cards

      2)back it up using Open CMA and pass it to the other card

      3) you will be allowed to use PSN until a new firmware update comes, that will most likely not let you use the exploit anymore. if you choose to update, the CEF will not work anymore, if you chose not to update, you cannot access PSN. you will not be banned from PSN at any moment.

  66. ReyxDD says:

    I got it! this will be my first CEF! can’t wait till they release the save game.

  67. Matthew says:

    Thanks Frostegater!

  68. D0r1t0 says:

    I see a second video is a Russin Member?:))) Eto horosho ))

  69. Vitality777 says:

    Nice one guys :big thumbsup:

    ….. I’m just wondering which game Ross bought …. XD

  70. Firthaa01 says:

    U.N.O. is still in the Europe store for any of this still interested πŸ˜€

  71. CJW says:

    Well we should see the new exploit files pretty quick now. $ony will pull this *** before you know it. I was just wondering, I am on oCMA 4.5 and am wondering what I have to do to update to oCMA 5.0? Do I need to install new $ony CMA release and then copy over new oCMA files or can I just stay on current CMA and copy files???

  72. derek says:

    thx!! cant wait for the new file!@

  73. download and install = success

  74. TheDarkKnight says:

    What is CEF? Can I run emumaster on it? And is This game gonna be for VHBL too or can I get to VHBL from CEF

  75. jrazorman says:

    Thank you very much! Not only can i now play my black ops online again… I will have my fight night round 3 back!!!! You guy are the best!!! Happy Hoiladays

  76. Khaled says:

    Thank you very much for your trust and sharing the game with me. This is the 1st time for me so I cant wait to got some work done on my new Vita.

  77. drvdr says:

    Is it available in US pSN and $5 and there is the cost?

  78. k3nn says:

    thanks to all the dev’s hardwork and the people who knew the exploit before today. without the silence of everybody involved this would’ve been for naught.it is indeed a happy new year

  79. dr3amcast3r says:

    Bought and Installed. Thanks DEV :) Happy new year!

  80. Melka says:

    I have a feeling UNO stocks are going to be going up in the near future. Thanks for the heads up guys. This is my first time… i’m super excited, hope the rest of the process will be relatively simple too.

  81. goalkeeper99 says:

    can I transfer psp ISO games on vita using this exploit?

  82. TNO123 says:

    How long do these exploitable games usually last on the store after these announcements? A few days? Hours?

  83. pithir says:

    Thank you very much! Today was bad luck for me. My psn card is arrive tomorrow. I’m praying for nothing to change tomorrow.

  84. red says:

    yay thank you for a cheap new years game frostgater!! now i dont feel bad about not getting what i wanted from the 40 i spent on monster hunter

  85. 31 December ! It will released! πŸ˜€

  86. OMG says:

    OMG, i got that game long ago, it was for my little bro πŸ˜€

  87. whiteassassin97 says:

    GUYSS!!HEllppp me. as u see… or not see.. i am a 15 years old little brat and dont have a credit card.can anyone donate a 10 dollar card to this poor little child??? I bADDLY WANNA DO THE HACK! PLEASEEE.. or can u guys tell me where i can get one free? (no stealing please)

  88. cris says:

    well in the future i believe we will see a full ps vita hack ,what i understand is that kernel acess on psp emu on ps vita is easy due to back compatibility,newer games of ps vita share some architect defects so a vunlerability to acess low level may be possible but we are halfway to go .what i want is a ps vita nds emulator :0 a dream that eventually will come to be true

  89. r-sin21 says:

    thanks frostgear my year just got a lot better

  90. deejay says:

    can i download it off MediaGO (PS Store app on PC) and transfer it later? reason i ask is Vita still on 1.0 or something and don’t have memory card to download it on there.

  91. boriswinner says:

    And I won’t update. I have TN-B (yes, I know that’s old) and MBA exploit on 1.81.

  92. Biohazard90 says:

    Thx Frostegater and thx Wololo, I downloaded the ninja game yesterday =)

  93. drvdr says:

    Is it available in US pSN and price is $5, not more?

  94. PS3Y2kvirus says:

    Sweet post Wololo Thanks, Thank You Frostegater too for money and time you spent to port CEF!

  95. ghg_1992 says:

    thanks to all who works in this exeploit release

  96. fabio says:

    Hello. I understand your good news. But I who have the psv 2.00, what should I do? What to do? The news is good, but if you do not explain how to do this are useless!!

  97. Sanoske says:

    I just bought uno asap for 5 bucks on my us account, backed it up on pc in less than 25 minutes. And then formatted to my jp account and bought uno again for 100 yen. Haha made my day thanks a lot for happy new years gift frostgater and me happy you join pro team

  98. Yeaaah! says:

    So happy!! Thx Frostegater and Wololo!!!!!!

  99. dr3amcast3r says:

    Can I share this on my facebook account?

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