Happy new year! PSP Game UNO vulnerability revealed by Frostegater, port of CEF To Vita 2.02 incoming.


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1,200 Responses

  1. xoombie503 says:


  2. kokoshi2 says:


  3. xoombie503 says:

    didnt expect this today as sony will update the store monday

  4. hgoel0974 says:

    now is when waiting gets hard :(

  5. zeroluxe says:

    first and comon, realease the files already! its new years after all!

  6. #18 says:

    Just got it in time!! YEAH! Ready for the files!

  7. MaxiExtreme says:

    Sweet! I salute you frostegater for you 1 month hard work with this exploit! God Bless You brother!

  8. musashiro says:

    i thought the files will be released at the same time as the public announcement? anyway, thanks for everything…

    i wonder if you posted this due to leaks (i pm’ed you)… those damn leakers/braggers/idiots can’t wait..

    • hgoel0974 says:

      no, the public release was planned for today

    • tom says:

      …. It is clear in the wololo forum post that they will not be released until after the public release.

      • musashiro says:

        The files will be released at the same time we make the public announcement, in a few days/weeks. Thanks for your trust, and again let’s keep this a secret so that as many people as possible can benefit this hack.

        *taken from the ninja release page*

        and here i thought i misread the article…

        • wololo says:

          Sorry, brain fart on my end, I forgot to edit the text of the ninja release on the forum. The text of the ninja release was incorrect, this was the text for a previous ninja release, that I forgot to edit :(

          • musashiro says:

            everything’s cool… just wondering sir… :)

            waiting for the files…

          • ross31192 says:

            Dude did i buy a game i did not want to buy from your ninja release??????

          • synapze says:

            @ross31192 Quit your whining and snivelling. Show a little respect and gratitude. No one made you buy the game.

          • synapze says:

            @ross31192 You sir are worthless. Do us a favor and hold your breath and don’t stop until told to do so. Have a lil patience, the eCFW will be released soon.

  9. kokoshi2 says:

    >.> Comment awaiting moderation… nice troll. Anyway good to see the game finally released no more questions. Still waiting for them files! Thanks to all devs and have a happy new year everyone.

    (This comment is much better right? One day I’ll get first comment.)

  10. Kenster240 says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the files! Have a happy new year, everyone!

  11. daniel rocha says:


  12. Proto-Tyrant says:

    Yes realy nice news, but one ask… i buy the psp version not the mini -.- the i the worng game buy?
    sry for my english


  13. Rahul says:

    FYI … the game is pretty good to play too … been playing it last week while awaiting the files!

  14. Qraze says:

    okay, hope everyone gets it fast, cost me about $5 bucks. hope the file process isn’t too hard, or maybe i do….. kudos.

  15. Banksy says:

    There is only one uno game on the psn right? Not sure if mine is a mini

  16. Qraze says:

    i couldn’t find it in the minis but did a uno search and only one came up, so i get it a few days ago, its on my vita and backed up the open (i hope lol) cma.

  17. StanSmith says:

    I thought it would’ve been smarter to release the eCFW first before announcing the game then more people with the ninja release would get the game.
    Now Sony knows which game to take off the store and the eCFW isn’t even out yet.

  18. alvin says:

    can u pllease port one of those 4 minis gift from sony please?

    • synapze says:

      I’m sorry to sound like a d*ck, but please shut up and quit asking this. In order to do that, one of the 4 mini’s would have to be exploitable. They can’t just port the eCFW to any game they want. If that was the case, we would have endless exploits. If you can’t afford to buy the game that was just announced, you shouldn’t have a Vita.

    • Mart says:

      If you can’t fork out freaking 5 USD to get the exploit, stop trying.

      Pffffff, cheapasses…

  19. 3dsguy says:

    omg I’ve been waiting for this. ATM Im in the aussie outback with my mobile as a wifi point. I just got back from hiking just in time. πŸ˜€ thankyou so much for not releasing this in the morning.

  20. xoombie503 says:

    wololo uno is a full featured psp game..not in the mini category

  21. Mario says:

    What about latam ps store?
    I just download uno from there but is a little different from the video

    • hgoel0974 says:

      a little different? at most the language might be different, some screens might be a bit different but if you are looking at the first video then you got it wrong, the game is correct but what you are looking at is Wagic running in eCFW

      • Mario says:

        Thanks friend I compare the first video with the game and you are right just it is the language.
        Now waiting for the files.

  22. Ukdna says:

    A moment of silence for all the clueless stooges who didn’t want gravity crash released because there ‘wouldn’t be another exploit for a long time, if ever’. *** now and forever all you stupid morons. Quit prentending you know anything about anything. Happy new year!

  23. alvin says:

    buy that game again sony make rich rich rich rich rich

    • Mr. Magoo says:

      On a positive note, Sony does bank on games in this fashion. This is definitely a good way to keep the psv alive. I have hit all the exploits for the us except for the previous one as I already had 2 working exploits. I only got this one to ensure that I can update to the new web browser. I am looking forward to the ark as I would like to play my psx games with sound. I just wish it was as simple as the fpse for games to download since my comp just crashed and there for creating iso’s is a pain.

  24. kyhassen says:

    Awesome job guys!!!! i am always impressed by how much you guys do :-) happy new year and thank you Frostegater.

  25. fuh says:

    Will there be installation guides? Im kind of new to this

  26. chenwk says:

    no love for asia region owners. =)

  27. raven says:

    Thanks .I,m happy

  28. Patrick81 says:

    wow… thanks soooo much! πŸ˜€

  29. azh_97 (newbie) says:

    I’m happy with this.. Although my psn account does not have any money T_T (means that i can’t use the exploit).. I am 15 years old.. does not have any credit card to add fund.. Those who is generous to give me 10€ code for me to use the exploit can send to azh_97@yahoo.com.my.. Anyway, good job frostegator.. Hope you can improve and make the exploit works for free minis (the xmas gift) or whatsoever that is free… Hehehe.. And, sorry for bad english (^_^;)

    • synapze says:

      I’m willing to help. I emailed you.

    • synapze says:

      Ok I added funds to your PSN wallet and purchased the game for you. Sign into the PSN Store on your Vita and view your download list. It will be listed in there. Download the game to your Vita and enjoy (download it ASAP before it’s pulled from the PSN Store)… Now we just gotta wait for the eCFW files to be released and we’re golden :)

      P.S. you probably want to change your password now that I’m done

  30. plinkerfly says:

    @wololo, just curious… since some of the graphics in wagic were removed due to copyright sh**… why not just sell your wagic game to this card game manufacturer. i wouldn’t mind buying it since i’ve already done that with the yu gi oh card game on nintendo. i believe it’s gonna be bigger than any other card game, dont get me wrong, i love warhammer and yu gi oh but i believe wagic is the one missing in my collection. just a thought.. still waiting for signed cfw for vita.. geohot…where are you?

  31. vibrocil says:

    Too bad it was leaked since day 1 on oter websites :s As soon as ninja release showed up, so did leaks… This doesn’t encourage developpers to release…

  32. DeadPixel99 says:

    Im not longer stuck at 1.81 , thank you guys for all your hard work! Just updated my Vita and bought UNO!!

  33. Monkeyman says:

    Just bought uno, can’t wait for files to be released. My Vita is no fun w/o being able to use homebrew.

  34. Sharpy says:

    A big thanks to wololo, Frostegater and others for this exploit and ecfw, looking forward to playing Silent Hills on my vita since it won’t take UMDs. Happy new year.

  35. efexza says:

    updated mine yesterday, topup my psn wallet and bought uno & mutant blobs attack…

  36. Duck says:

    Happy New Year for all XD

  37. Gamer says:

    Happy new year everybody and thanks a lot Frost.We proud of you!

  38. maixi says:

    One question: Can I transfer the exploit to another memory card if Sony delete the game on the PSN ? I am intend to upgrade my card but afraid to lose the exploit.

  39. KoJack Stewart says:

    This may be a dumb question so I apologize in advance but my girlfriend actually loves playing Uno and when she found out that I had to buy it for my vita she got all excited. I noticed that the exploit started uno began loading, is there a way to actually play the game after ecfw loads? I read on the forums that it might cause an infinite loop of some sort confusing the vita

    • tom says:

      Maybe load the ISO of Uno In the exploit?

    • Jenoside says:

      you would have to swap savedata, and the xploit with open cma. The iso back up idea would still load the exploit as the savedata is still stored in the same part of the memory. However, if you have another mem. card, even a small one as the game is only 30mb, you could download the game on both cards, and put the exploit in one and use the other one to play on. Hope that helps :)

  40. synapze says:

    Thank you wololo and the rest of the devs for all your hard work. Just waiting patiently for the files to be released πŸ˜€ Have a happy New Year!

  41. Jenoside says:

    wow waited for 22 hrs, and i already had the game, thanks to my lil sis. well thats a day i wont get back. lmao. BTW glad to be part of the community πŸ˜€

  42. LTTP says:

    I can’t wait for the files to be released :)


  43. Gustbran says:


  44. deadlysync says:

    Awesome job guys! Just awesome!
    Had the ninja release message yesterday at noon, so I already knew the game, I just hope that the exploit will work on the US game… not only the EU one… heh…
    But I digress….
    Thank you very much for all your efforts!
    And a happy new year to you all!

  45. Rahul says:

    Not to hurt any ones sentiments, but not releasing the files post naming the game publicly helps how? Not asking / being rude, just wondering…?

    • wololo says:

      It gives no proof to Sony that the hack is real, which I assume (although it’s proven to be majorly a wrong assumption) buys us a bit of time before they actually take the decision to remove the game from their store.

    • Jakesiesvita says:

      Awesome stuff. This is going to be a goid year. Thanx all for the hard work.

  46. ross31192 says:

    What a bad day got the wrong game thanks wololo

  47. Lai says:

    ^_^ awesome. I can’t wait for the files to get released… got the game an hour ago.. weeeeee :) thanks to all dev behind this… >.<

  48. wololothebest says:

    i just wonted to thank every one for there hard work in makein every day gameplayin much funner on the vita thanks to all the dev’s

  49. Armookie says:

    Well I just tried to buy it and it lets me buy it but download button remains grey and wont let me download.
    Its just stuck on grey download button and cant select it. :O(

  50. fffanatic says:

    Guess I’ll have to remain at 1.81 GC exploit for now…I don’t have a second memory card and I can’t seem to find a way to transfer US PSN PSP games from my PS3 to my HK PSN Vita without reformatting…Oh well, good release for the others though.

  51. filodude says:

    im on 1.81 gravity crash CEF how do I move to this new one.

  52. yoggi says:

    I brought uno from the psn store but Im stuck i dont knw how to hack it can someone tell or upload it to YouTube new ps vita

  53. ColonelPanic says:

    Y’know how lame this is gonna sound? There was 1.81 Gravity Crash or 1.81 Urbanix, that sounds cool. The 2.02 Uno Exploit sounds really lame.

    Pick a better exploitable game next time frostegater! =P


    • Jose zavaleta says:

      This is not for the game you buy is for the homebrew that you will get who cares about tha game

      • Theredbaron says:

        Actually, I like the game. :)

        I am just glad it was a game I could get some use out of. I even had it for the PSP, though that was a bit ago.

        That being said, I would not have paid $5 for it, maybe $.99. That extra $4 is for the homebrew. I want me PSPRadio, PSPComics, and a few others. Makes the Vita much more usable, adding stuff that “should” have been in it from the get go.

    • lumenia says:

      why not ? it’s super cheap 100 yen on japan

    • Matthew says:

      I disagree… the small size and low price makes this great for someone who wants to have plenty of space for homebrew and other things.

      I think the game chosen was logical.

      • Theredbaron says:

        I never even thought about the small size part. This is to be my first exploit, as I just got my vita a few weeks ago. It would really suck to have to have, say MH always taking up space on your card, if you didn’t like it, even if you do (like me). That is a big game, even more so compared to the 30mb of this one, and sometimes you just don’t want to play it, and can’t offload it. Would suck.

        It really helps when you have a crappy 4gb card like me.

  54. poon3 says:

    Thanks everyone that worked on this project and for sharing with us Happy New Year

  55. Sneax673 says:

    Yes! Finally first game I get a hold of :D…now time to wait for Frostegater

  56. joseph says:

    so i guess this is coming out on new years thanks guys

  57. Cell128 says:

    Quick question…I have a 4gb memory card for the vita andi just bought the UNO game. I want to upgrade it to a 16 or 32gb memory card. When Sony locks down UNO how would I get the UNO game onto the new card. With open CMA? I have never used it but I will have to learn

    • Corey96 says:

      Cell, openCMA is the same as Sony’s CMA except it doesn’t require you to update your firmware, be connected to the internet or send any information to Sony.

      Backup the game with openCMA and when you get your new memory stick transfer it back across. :)

      • Cell128 says:

        Thanks! I should do my own research but one mo quick question. Can I get new games from psp onto open CMA and transfer them to my vita? Or am I stuck with what I have now?

        • Cell128 says:

          I mean from psn onto opencma to vita

          • Mr. Magoo says:

            Once u back up the game , you could go back on psn and download new games. You could do that without backing up the game but u run the risk of Sony figuring out how to remove it from your installs. Its probably a matter of time till they get that working.

  58. Raziel says:

    Thanks so much for the info i just picked up the game and backed it up to my PC before i lost it

  59. Corey96 says:

    I downloaded the game last night. I’ve had the ninja release for ages but I just kept putting it off! XD Glad I still got it in time. :)

  60. Tricorazonrockero says:

    Love you Guys!!! GOT IT & Updated! Thanks.

  61. RafykX says:

    UNOwataymsay : thanks all dev for your hard work and to share it!
    But the real ninja release was in your second picture wololo…

  62. William says:

    Ironically, I actually bought the game already, before the ninja release announced UNO as the next game need to run the new save data exploits coming up soon. Lucky me.. Haha. I’m really dead serious, not kidding about having the game already. You see, I thought UNO would be a cool social game to play with friends and myself with the cpu, and so I bought it off the PSN store on November 18th 2012 and downloaded it.. And noooow whaddaya know, turns out it is THE next game lol. I was shocked haha it felt like I hit the lottery yesterday after checking out the ninja release. Sorry guys I just had to brag about getting lucky having the game in my psvita already before the info about the game leaked out lol..

    Well good luck downloading the game guys!!


  63. Anhtuanle84 says:

    Finally! I gambled and read the link from the previous post about this and paid the $5 for this. Win! Thank you Wololo and dev teams!

  64. ErikM says:

    Wow great day! I just bought the vita today now I’m good to go with uno downloading as I type this. Thanks guys!

  65. CaptainStupid says:

    Hi, i have a few questions.

    1) will this homebrew allow using normal micro sd cards instead of ps vita cards?

    2) I have downloaded the game on to a 4gb ps vita card (but this card is too small for me), assuming the game is removed from psn, is it possible to lose the game if i attempt to move everything from the 4gb card on to a 16gb instead?

    3) after the homebrew is installed, does that mean i am no longer allowed to use the psn (otherwise i will get banned)?

    im a bit of a noob, so any answers will greatly be appreciated

    • ReyxDD says:

      1)No, you still need the vita memory cards

      2)back it up using Open CMA and pass it to the other card

      3) you will be allowed to use PSN until a new firmware update comes, that will most likely not let you use the exploit anymore. if you choose to update, the CEF will not work anymore, if you chose not to update, you cannot access PSN. you will not be banned from PSN at any moment.

  66. ReyxDD says:

    I got it! this will be my first CEF! can’t wait till they release the save game.

  67. Matthew says:

    Thanks Frostegater!

  68. D0r1t0 says:

    I see a second video is a Russin Member?:))) Eto horosho ))

  69. Vitality777 says:

    Nice one guys :big thumbsup:

    ….. I’m just wondering which game Ross bought …. XD

  70. Firthaa01 says:

    U.N.O. is still in the Europe store for any of this still interested πŸ˜€

  71. CJW says:

    Well we should see the new exploit files pretty quick now. $ony will pull this *** before you know it. I was just wondering, I am on oCMA 4.5 and am wondering what I have to do to update to oCMA 5.0? Do I need to install new $ony CMA release and then copy over new oCMA files or can I just stay on current CMA and copy files???

  72. derek says:

    thx!! cant wait for the new file!@

  73. download and install = success

  74. TheDarkKnight says:

    What is CEF? Can I run emumaster on it? And is This game gonna be for VHBL too or can I get to VHBL from CEF

  75. jrazorman says:

    Thank you very much! Not only can i now play my black ops online again… I will have my fight night round 3 back!!!! You guy are the best!!! Happy Hoiladays

  76. Khaled says:

    Thank you very much for your trust and sharing the game with me. This is the 1st time for me so I cant wait to got some work done on my new Vita.

  77. drvdr says:

    Is it available in US pSN and $5 and there is the cost?

  78. k3nn says:

    thanks to all the dev’s hardwork and the people who knew the exploit before today. without the silence of everybody involved this would’ve been for naught.it is indeed a happy new year

  79. dr3amcast3r says:

    Bought and Installed. Thanks DEV :) Happy new year!

  80. Melka says:

    I have a feeling UNO stocks are going to be going up in the near future. Thanks for the heads up guys. This is my first time… i’m super excited, hope the rest of the process will be relatively simple too.

  81. goalkeeper99 says:

    can I transfer psp ISO games on vita using this exploit?

  82. TNO123 says:

    How long do these exploitable games usually last on the store after these announcements? A few days? Hours?

  83. pithir says:

    Thank you very much! Today was bad luck for me. My psn card is arrive tomorrow. I’m praying for nothing to change tomorrow.

  84. red says:

    yay thank you for a cheap new years game frostgater!! now i dont feel bad about not getting what i wanted from the 40 i spent on monster hunter

  85. 31 December ! It will released! πŸ˜€

  86. OMG says:

    OMG, i got that game long ago, it was for my little bro πŸ˜€

  87. whiteassassin97 says:

    GUYSS!!HEllppp me. as u see… or not see.. i am a 15 years old little brat and dont have a credit card.can anyone donate a 10 dollar card to this poor little child??? I bADDLY WANNA DO THE HACK! PLEASEEE.. or can u guys tell me where i can get one free? (no stealing please)

  88. cris says:

    well in the future i believe we will see a full ps vita hack ,what i understand is that kernel acess on psp emu on ps vita is easy due to back compatibility,newer games of ps vita share some architect defects so a vunlerability to acess low level may be possible but we are halfway to go .what i want is a ps vita nds emulator :0 a dream that eventually will come to be true

  89. r-sin21 says:

    thanks frostgear my year just got a lot better

  90. deejay says:

    can i download it off MediaGO (PS Store app on PC) and transfer it later? reason i ask is Vita still on 1.0 or something and don’t have memory card to download it on there.

  91. boriswinner says:

    And I won’t update. I have TN-B (yes, I know that’s old) and MBA exploit on 1.81.

  92. Biohazard90 says:

    Thx Frostegater and thx Wololo, I downloaded the ninja game yesterday =)

  93. drvdr says:

    Is it available in US pSN and price is $5, not more?

  94. PS3Y2kvirus says:

    Sweet post Wololo Thanks, Thank You Frostegater too for money and time you spent to port CEF!

  95. ghg_1992 says:

    thanks to all who works in this exeploit release

  96. fabio says:

    Hello. I understand your good news. But I who have the psv 2.00, what should I do? What to do? The news is good, but if you do not explain how to do this are useless!!

  97. Sanoske says:

    I just bought uno asap for 5 bucks on my us account, backed it up on pc in less than 25 minutes. And then formatted to my jp account and bought uno again for 100 yen. Haha made my day thanks a lot for happy new years gift frostgater and me happy you join pro team

  98. Yeaaah! says:

    So happy!! Thx Frostegater and Wololo!!!!!!

  99. dr3amcast3r says:

    Can I share this on my facebook account?

  100. Haiiro says:

    Bought imediatly thanks for the update.

  101. Pluralitas says:

    No UNO for SG PSN too…. T.T

  102. wololofanboy says:

    thx Sam Jordan for leaking d data in d first place =p
    F**k you =)

  103. witkon says:

    Please tell my: will be this relse work with other games like Urbanix or else? I have no credit card or any other way to get virtual money, and schop with scratch card for PS Store is close until 3.1.2013.
    P.S.Sorry for my bad English but i still learnig.

  104. Wizard99 says:

    Hi, bought the game, downloaded, installed and made backup to PC do I nave to upgrade to fw 2.02 or stay on fw2.01? Thank you

  105. 2easyforhim says:

    Thx guys!

  106. samjordanhunter says:

    thx sam jordan for leaking d data in d 1st place =p

  107. fabio says:

    carmelo,ciao. Puoi contattarmi in privato ??? Hai msn??

  108. fabio says:

    Anzi carmelo,ti prego contattami alla mail: sportandeb@libero.it
    Mi raccomando ci tengo,ho da chiederti qualche info…vito che sei l unico italiano qui’ :)

  109. Peter says:

    Great – i can hack my vita to play psp games from 7 yeats ago….. but wait – i finished those games 7 years ago why would i want to play them – I DONT.

  110. Sladey says:

    sweet I already own uno as well, I love that game :)
    happy New year to you all!!

    • deejay says:

      For those who are in a store where the game is not available, you can create an account in another country, and order a PSN code online. I will not promote any of them, but feel free to share your recommendations in the comments below.

    • harimackenzie says:

      it’s definitely better game than gravity crash IMO,at least i still play this uno game,not for ecfw only :D.

  111. decade says:

    it’s not available in indonesia helpp

    • deejay says:

      For those who are in a store where the game is not available, you can create an account in another country, and order a PSN code online. I will not promote any of them, but feel free to share your recommendations in the comments below.

  112. mangosteam says:

    whew it was release here before the ninja release i cant believe it is my account a spammer?? i dont know how i become like that?

    • wololo says:

      This is nothing personal. We realized that the number of people we can 100% trust is very limited, and most people got the ninja release about 24h before the public announcement. So if you didn’t log in to the forum in the past 24h it is very possible you didn’t see it.

      • Theredbaron says:

        Makes me feel honored that you trusted me then. I kept thinking it had to be released soon, as I “had” to be on the bottom rung. Still almost a week for me though. So, thanks for the trust. I told no one. :)

      • mangosteam says:

        OK sir i understand still tnx a bunch its still not out in the market anyway

  113. rav says:

    UNO (PSP) is actually available on Asian PS Stores.
    But strangely, it’s not compatible with the Vita, you can only play it with the PSP….. XD

    • fafilaa says:

      which part of Asia are u ? If the Uno game is for psp, that is the game should download. PS Vita can run PSP games.

      WTH are you talking ?

      • rav says:

        I meant you can browse for it from a PS3.
        But on that game’s page there’s a description that the content is not compatible with the Vita system, and you need an actual PSP to play it :)
        It’s all like that on HK, SG, and Indonesian PS Store.

        For me, I’m using the US PSN for the exploit.

  114. >_> says:

    Cool, this will stave off all the impatient whiners…. for 12 hours anyway. XD

  115. Czarcasm says:

    Thanks frostgater and wololo of course:)

  116. w oscar w says:

    Thanks frostgater, Wololo and the rest of the team. A greeting.

  117. osmar says:

    help adding exploit in order

  118. goddamnit says:

    thanks to wololo, frostegater and to all the people behind this. nice new year and post christmas present! :)

  119. jester says:

    Just drop here to say thanks (to ALL)!

  120. denis says:

    Thanks frostgater, Wololo and the rest of the team. A greeting.

  121. musashiro says:


  122. Xc@liburn says:

    what is the best procedure for people that are still running with 1.81?

    – do we need to “format” the vita first?
    – do we need to delete the “old eCFW” area to free space, or will the new eCFW use the same area and already copied files/ISOs?

    sorry for the questions but as I need to upgrade first I want to make sure I do it the proper way.

    final question:
    – can someone check if the game UNO is still available in Europe? I would hate to upgrade the VITA just to find out that it was removed already…

    Thanks guys great work

    • musashiro says:

      i think delete all the ISO’s if they are in the GAME folder.. if not, just delete the save game then delete the xploited game or leave it.

      then update the vita.. get the game, and wait for the files..

      if ever my brother decides to give up urbanix, i will do these steps…

  123. kikus says:

    Thank you!! Great work and a great advance for the PSV scene as always!

    So… how do we install it? xD

  124. huz says:

    Hi, ps vhbl 2.02 morning time ake uno psn πŸ˜€ . that emulator apk for ps vhbl

  125. vahab says:

    We Waiting for files 3 day pls put Files on site we cant wait more this

  126. Pichaku1 says:

    I don’t have any money on my credit card for now so I can’t get the game.That’s a shame because the banks are closed so I can’t get money to my card as well until 3-4th of January…

  127. dragonboy762 says:

    I just bought, downloaded and installed UNO
    On my PSVita, (and updated the vita to 2.02)
    Then I turned the PSVita off, put it in the closet
    And I’ll be gone for a week, will I be able to jailbreak the vita when I come back home?

  128. iknowthegame says:

    now i can say the game…its UNO…hehehe

  129. Fredrick.Sylar says:

    I freggin’ love you, Wololo!
    I hope for the PS3 scene to become as good and collaborated as this ‘: s

  130. Fadi5555 says:

    I just Upgrade my vita from 1.81 to 2.02 and say goodbye to Mad Blocker Alpha exploit. It’s was a super super fast exploit I ever Had

    And now I just download UNO and copy it in my vita

    So if someone wondering if it’s still available on store or not?
    The Answer is YES
    So far it’s still on Euro store and US store. Just hurry And Get it before Sony remove it.
    Maybe it will be a last chance to get eCFW on your vita.
    Make your choice.

    happy New Year…..

  131. Thorwak says:

    Thanks for your hard work guys! A fresh release sure is a great way to end 2012 and begin 2013! :)

  132. meler-andy says:

    yes I got it πŸ˜€ Now Wait and see πŸ˜€

  133. FishSticks says:

    Is it important to back the game up to the computer after downloading? Could I some how lose it if I don’t?

  134. KazeZero says:

    i wake up this morning at 6 am, with a twit of z, grab my UNO and play my new MGS HD collection

  135. dragonboy762 says:

    Joining “fishsticks” question!!

  136. Xc@liburn says:

    All done, upgrade, and got game and installed…
    now we wait :)

    btw we will need a new openCMA right?

    thanks again guys

  137. Maxou says:

    I have a Vita 1.81 with Urbanix, is it really usefull for me to update and buy UNO ?

  138. Hellingnick says:


  139. jakesiesvita says:

    Hi maxou

    Is it always nice to be up to date with the latest version, but you will need to ask you one question, do you use the psn network. It depends on you.

    Ps. Happy new year to you

  140. eMCe says:

    big respect to all invoved.u made my day and a gr8 end to this year.cant wait for this release.the scene is alive and strong!!!

  141. macboy230041 says:

    thanks to frostgater,wololo and the team:-)…. happy new year to all.

  142. un3gr0 says:

    Thanks Wololo, Frostegater, Coldbirg, Total_Noob and a few others. This scene is doing very well, hope it remains like this. I would like to see a native hack too, but i like too much eCFW, it’s perfect!

  143. albie85 says:

    im well stupid I got the ninja release but didn’t have money im goin to get Β£5 card now is the game still in EU? does the vita store work on 3g so I can take it to the shop with me? if not have I got time?

    • un3gr0 says:

      Buy a UNO code card, its the same price (U$5), it can be found in amazon, gamestop and a few other sites, they deliver the code in a few minutes, so with luck you can get the game.

  144. vahab says:

    Pls Put File Hack’s Uno i want play God of War im waiting 1 month for come Hack
    pls Harry WOLOLO
    pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

    • un3gr0 says:

      Wait son! Wait! You wont die if you wait a few more days. And thank god you are the lucky ones with this exploit like 0.1%. So the most respect for wololo and frostegater, no hurry!

  145. Byron Mikalishen says:

    great game, this version will NOT play online on VITA, it does however on the PSP, ad-hock mode works between the 2 machines. have fun and thanks to all!

  146. SofaKingβ„’ says:

    great game, this version will NOT play online on VITA, it does however on the PSP, ad-hock mode works between the 2 machines. have fun and thanks to all!, that stupid byron, always copying me!

  147. uzku says:

    hi, not sure on getting this last exploit, I ended up not using the Monster hunter one. Anyone knows if you can still use the PSN if you use this exploit?

    thank you.

  148. GB says:

    hi! wololo cant we share the back up game UNO from pc.
    so other ppl dont need to buy it.

  149. Jdubz says:

    Got this a while ago from ninja release, but I just wanted to throw out another ty to wololo, frostegater and anybody else involved with this release. Appreciate it guys.

  150. albie85 says:

    im well stupid I got the ninja release but didn’t have money im goin to get Β£5 card now is the game still in EU? does the vita store work on 3g so I can take it to the shop with me? if not have I got time? will it be cool for another hour or 2

  151. UrbanAnonymous says:

    good job frostegater!!!! salute!

  152. albie85 says:

    ive got it in my cart jus getting the card now. does psn work with 3g on vita coz then I could take it with me

  153. Alexi says:

    Still there actually πŸ˜€

    EU (Germany)

  154. Wolf_Asari says:

    Few questions tho, If the exploit is taken down, and I buy a new memory card (I already backed up UNO with OpenCMA), will i be able to tranfer it to my new Memory card?

    • parseeci says:

      yes,you can. But you should sign your psn count in psvita first before recover your backup to new memory card. so ,if new psvita firmware is 2.02,everything is ok,but,if new psvita firmware is 2.03, you must update your psvita , it means you will loss your exploit game.

    • parseeci says:

      ζˆ‘ηš„θ‹±θ―­θ‘¨θΎΎθƒ½εŠ›ζœ‰ι™οΌŒδΈηŸ₯ι“δ½ ζ˜―ε¦ηœ‹εΎ—ζ‡‚οΌŒ= =

    • Ecchi255 says:

      As far as I know, as long the userID on your new memory is the same it could work
      I tried to transfer it to the same memory but with different PSNID and it don’t work

      But after it I formatted my memory again and transfer it from my back up in PC to my Vita and it worked

  155. xtasty says:

    Shame its $8.45 in the AU store :( Think I am going to pass on it this time, didn’t really use the last one with Gravity Crash and that game cost me $12. For you others that do get it, enjoy πŸ˜›

  156. ross31192 says:

    Sorry wololo just mad yesterday

  157. gabannaboy says:

    i have a question about the following instruction

    “A typical mistake is that people will buy from their PS3, download it to their PS3, and not install it to their Vita immediately. This does not work, as Sony has the possibility to remove the game from your download list, technically preventing you from easily copying it from your PS3 to your Vita.”

    how does this work? if i use my ps3 now to download the game, then sign off psn. then after that i buy a vita, activated it and update to 2.02. And by this time, sony might have removed the game from my download list. If i sign off psn on my vita, can’t i connect it to my ps3 to copy over at this point in time?

  158. istanbul says:

    psn uno fixet ? upload

  159. nololo says:

    No as ps3 checks against psn

  160. Dario says:

    great news!!!! release the savegame exploit now!!!

  161. kyhassen says:

    Still up on the US stores.

  162. Loanna says:

    Still up and safe in EU PSN. Just got it and backed it up.

    Thanks for the release!

  163. shagrath says:

    So what’s the point of delaying the files after the game is released?
    I can only think that sony is thinking that this is just a ploit for money. But since wololo has excelent credentials, would you even risk doubting it?

  164. vgee says:

    I GOT IT! TY πŸ˜€
    what to do now πŸ˜€

  165. Jeremy says:

    Thanks, got the game a few days ago. Ninja is an awesome idea.

    Can’t wait to play crisis core again!

  166. xXZelda007Xx says:

    Good :) Thank you :)

  167. jack chan says:

    No asian love frost? You racist?

  168. Asch901 says:

    Can someone kindly answer my questions? I’m from Malaysia and it seemed like UNO isn’t in the PSN PSP game list. So if I were to change my PSN to EU for example, how can I buy the game? I know only how to purchase PSN through my country’s currency at the moment. And how does this PSN Card works I heard so much about?

    • Andalia says:

      Use the search funktion. If it doesnt show up the only thing you can do is:

      1. get a second memory card and make a US/EU/whatever account
      2. format your current card and use it with US/EU/whatever store.

      With the second you will not be able to get any purchases you made with your original account until you format again and login back with your original account.

      • jack chan says:

        The idea is to be able to purchase globally without having to get a new mem card or reformat etc. I hope frost dont use ninja if he cant cater to asian users.

    • musashiro says:

      i wont go as to how you change account, search the web for that..

      but when it comes to buying stuff from different stores, you need to buy a PSN card for that region. For example, a US PSN card for US… then redeem the card, then buy the game(hopefully the game is still available)

      if you have a credit card, you can buy PSN card for US on maximuscards.. they send the code directly to your email…

  169. Andalia says:

    Are you slow? It’s not frosts fault that the game is not available in HK. He announced it a while ago on twitter that HK Store users are ought to change if they want the game.

  170. uNb0rN says:

    get it :DDDDDD but how i do a backup?anyone can help me pls?thx.

  171. Asch901 says:

    I wish there are more than 1 game release during this ninja release…ones where asian region users can buy..

  172. uNb0rN says:

    found how to do backup .thx wololo

  173. Asch901 says:

    I get the idea.. I know the process but I just want to know, even if I want to purchase through the new account how will I be able to purchase them when I have MYR (malaysian ringgit) currency in my credit card for my US/EU psn acc? Is this still possible like add my MYR into US/EU PSN wallet acc and poof* changes into dollars/euro?

    • Ecchi255 says:

      That’s not possible, the only things left is that you buy a PSN card code from some seller in your country

      I have a lot of seller here that sell PSN US/EU/JP and nintendo and others things like that

      And I live near your country

    • jack chan says:

      Dont overdo it man. Keep calm and buy dim sum

    • deadlysync says:

      You need to have a psn account at the US PSN Store.
      Your ASIA PSN Account can not transfer credits to your US PSN Account.
      You should buy US PSN Cards and redeem the codes on your US PSN Account.

      • Asch901 says:

        wow…seems like a lot of work. And I don’t even know where to buy one.. Lol

        • jack chan says:

          The game shop beside the chicken rice stall

          • Asch901 says:

            You know…you’re really degrading the asian community here. I found my solution. Just get to a local online PSN card reseller and get a USD$10 which cost very cheap, do a new account right after you back up the old one and format. Buy the game. Wait for savegame release. Then the rest of the money buy dim sum.

  174. jack chan says:

    lItalians call it spaghetti, we call it noodles with ketchup

  175. ben says:

    U guys who complain asian bla bla really dont appreciate thimg that frost have do to get this exploit working on 2.02. Im asian too but i use us acc coz its better. Do u know how rare & difficult to find an error in the psp game so that they can overflow & make it ECFW. Its is hard to find an error in most developer game so that we can use to make an exploit. It is not his fault that UNO game was not on ur psn region u registered to. If u want u can find your own game for exploit which is impossible for noob like those who complain this issue. Shame on yourself, frost & other also have other things to do in their life but still they dedicated some of their time to pull of something cool like this. U should thanks them for their effort.

    • jack chan says:

      U are true asian, dim sums to u

    • jack chan says:

      Btw, u noob too?

    • khairul syazwan says:

      I agree with you ben..frostegater hard work should not be criticise..cause he doesn’t get any payment from us for his hard work..all of you that not be grateful to this release should be blacklist…not be included in the ninja release…ungrateful child…btw, thanks to frostegater and all the dev and to wololo too..thanks so much for the release…

  176. tomo says:

    great stuff im glad it wernt leaked heavily on the net i hope everyone gets a good chance to get it and it just proves the ninga release does work just sign up be part of the comunity lots of us had it days ago so join the forum

  177. Xtianlp says:

    No puedo esperar a que salga ya el parche para cargar los juegos!!

  178. Zohan says:

    i am new at this. i download it now what should i do please help

  179. firthaa01 says:

    Ok so its STILL available on the Europe store…..for how long now i dont know so if you still havnt had it nows your chance to do so.
    Dont forget by updating from 1.8 you will also benefit from a better browser, better youtube and many over improvements so its the best one yet.
    Thanks to everyone who was involved.

  180. Nani says:

    Am From India . Is it possible for me to get it through PS india network ???

  181. ShadowFuuk says:

    Guys Please Help Me I’m form Egypt And in egypt we don’t i can’t have psn money please can any body come the game from his vita and give the link from me please and i will pay for him please any one help me

    • deadlysync says:

      You should format your PSVita and create a new account at the US PSN.
      Than you should go to amazon.com and buy US PSN Cards, they have downloadable cards too.
      Redeem your code an buy the game at the US PSN Store

  182. Superman SP says:

    Many thanks as usual to Frostegater and Wololo for all your hard work. I hope this runs Picodrive so I can enjoy some retro Megadrive fun!

  183. Binary says:

    I bet the devs for UNO are going crazy right now with their amazing sales lol “OMG ITS A MIRACLE!”

  184. AyeGuy says:

    I said I was going to bother with this ninja release due to my lack of money, but fortunately I already own this game.

  185. vgee says:

    BTW any ETA for the CEF files?

  186. Nani says:

    Can i use my credit card to buy the game throught US PSN ??? Am from India but i ll format mem card and login thru US PSN. Present am in japan.

    • Ecchi255 says:

      If you’re at japan, why don’t you just find a PSN card code re seller there?

      I’m in a country that lack of PSN, I use US PSN and I bought my PSN card from a re seller

    • Wolf_Asari says:

      I’m pretty sure you can buy a $20 code of amazon.com and use it
      On a US account, make sure to use a real us adress, you’ll have to find that yourself

  187. patty says:

    Can People like this Jack chan figure and such stop to fuckup the scene with theire bullshitt, or move to Europe or dont complain! i would recommend bannig u anyway after your behavioure , happy newyear !

  188. marcelo says:

    I can believe that im going to miss the release again :(
    Im out of money in my credit card so i cant use it to buy the game on the psn store, and here in italy there is no place that i can buy the card now… I have the money (real) but i dont have how to buy the credits.. :(

  189. Binary says:

    5 Euro on the EU PSN.

  190. ash says:

    I’ve got everything ready, cant wait for the release :\

  191. ross31192 says:

    Ok it looks likei done not coming back no more Sorry wololo and bye

  192. TripleHLA says:

    Have been remove from US Store =( sadly… can some confirm plz…

  193. brite deol says:

    thnx for awsome new year gift…keep diz work alive..cherrsss

    happy new year Frostegater n team:)

  194. Keneth says:

    UNO is still on US Store Just looked as of 12:30pm 30/12/2012 Canada Ontario Time..

  195. SkillShifter says:

    Gotcha!!!!! THX for awesome gift!!!!!!!

  196. vgee says:

    It really suprises me, that it hasnt actually gone offline! People come on wake up and us this exploit before its gone!!!

    Cause from the reading on inet i’ve understood that the files are coming out when its taking offline..
    so it must be soon!

  197. Kyu says:

    I believe there WILL be a small guide of sorts about it when the CEF files come out eh?

  198. alex says:

    who knows the price in the store usa?

  199. qubix/kash says:

    I heard Sony doesn’t take any games off the PS Store on weekends, im pretty sure of this, can almost guarantee UNO will be taken off the PS Store tomorrow (Monday)

  200. juancho_dark says:

    Hey I want to know if this cef would work with games like Urbanix, please tell me so!! XD

    • vgee says:

      as i’ve seen from the video’s i think even better, maybe check the posted videos!

      btw there’s on zload[.]net a
      PSX Add-on for eCFW 6.60 TN-C

      can this already be used with the recent exploit?

      gr Vgee

  201. GcBatman says:

    got it! from the US store and used the search funcdtion

  202. DAN says:

    Wololo sorry to be a pain but never got the ninja release this time round for some reason? Signed in loads of times but never saw the name of the game!!

  203. Ku says:

    Still on the AUS PSN Store, $8.45 AUD as of 4:00 AM AEST

  204. randomfur says:

    it is $4.99 on US stores fyi

  205. papimax68 says:

    Thank you very much for everything, download it this morning but I did not show my joiful.Felices Holidays to all and especially to frostgater Wololo.Todo my support, now has to wait.Bring along improvements over the CEF or are already on the Vita with v2.02 the upgrade? was at 1.81

  206. Maurodonkey says:

    Thanks, when released hack?

  207. turkeY says:

    Still up on EU store.

  208. c-zero says:

    Excellent work Frostegater! You have given us a new reason to use our PSVitas once again! Thank You!

  209. nightwish33 says:

    is still available on the us market. go go go…

  210. Gabo2D says:

    I pick the game yesterday and i want to thank you guys for your work!

  211. Giuseppe says:

    It’s 4.99 euros in eu right? I Have to choose if buy or not.. someone help me to decide.. pls. .

  212. Brannon says:

    Still up on the U.S store. Got myself a copy now just waiting for the files. Awesome job guys!

  213. Felix says:

    it’s 29 Mb right?

  214. Beemo says:

    Just checked it 30 seconds ago, it STILL IS UP ON THE US STORE!!!

  215. Life says:

    Where i can download it ? Lol.

  216. faezbarca says:

    Umm..Should I upgrade to 2.02,and then download this game..? Btw,My vita in firmware 1.81 with Gravity crash..

  217. marcelo says:

    my friend helpme with his credit card and o bought the game, now is just wait πŸ˜€

  218. ogogo says:


  219. riyaz says:

    still in the eu store

  220. ogogo says:


  221. blahblah says:

    Does it have to be 2.02? im still at 2.01.

  222. thekicks654 says:

    just downloaded the game to my vita should i keep the psv on flight mode to avoid the game getting patched?? or once i have the game installed im ok to still do the exploit while on wifi?

  223. ogogo says:

    OMFG my download from uno is so slow same for u guys too ?

  224. Sanoske says:

    *** is with all that dim sumcrap? Well he likes sushi at least, uno was only a dollar and change at the jp store. Lol suck on that yellow chinks

  225. gurv says:

    Its still up Ontario eastern time 2:20pm

  226. Dustjunky says:

    Massive thanks to everyone involved @ wololo, the exploit and those individuals within the community who stuck to rules for the ninja release, great tactic, massive props :)

  227. Giuseppe says:

    Sorry, there will be a guide to make it work? Sorry But this is my first exploit, i’m very happy :)

  228. Bob says:

    The game is still there using the search function on the US store

    awesome gift for the new year :D!

  229. Dario says:

    release savegame exploit!!!

  230. Harold says:

    Give ECFW, now. I buy for nothing now?

  231. Harold says:

    helo? plz giv ecfw, i need. send me email. ty

  232. Harold says:

    im here again, plz give me download to frostgater cef???
    my brother want play mario on vita…

  233. Harold says:

    i report u cyberpolice, giv me downlod!!!!!

  234. ogogo says:

    si the uno download for u guys so slow too ?

  235. Chibi says:

    One question, will I have to do all the CFW Installation and put all homebrew files on the same Vita Stick I have UNO on? Because I have a spare, nearly empty one and wondering if I should move everything into that one instead

    • deejay says:

      you need to boot Uno each time you want the PSP mode, so yes. use opencma to transfer over to pc, then use opencma once the new memorycard is plugged inside the vita

  236. Death_489 says:

    Does this work on CSO ?..

  237. Neol says:

    Still up as of 1:34pm mountain time.

  238. jekphilippines says:

    can someone help me i dont have a credit card..

  239. codetvirus says:

    Thanks for your job! Waiting for the explit.

  240. allentran says:

    I confirm that uno still available on US Ps store right now !

  241. jekphilippines says:

    can someone help me pls, can someone email me pls T_T

    • blahblah says:

      For you & everyone else: READ

      “Frostegater’s files will be released on this site as well as other scene websites in a few days”

  242. legnaid says:

    can not wait for those files!

  243. Dweight says:

    EU store 21:52(9:52PM) UNO still on Store

  244. achay says:

    I want to ask if this hack goes to version 2.01

  245. scagnetwork says:

    Still up in Canada

  246. :/ says:

    Wish I could download the game but I can’t update my PS vita. Keep getting some error code -_- anyone else having this problem?

  247. unbornchicken says:

    Do I have to buy this new game even tough I already have MHFU and Gravity Crash Portable on my Vita? Won’t the new CEF work on previous games with exploits?

  248. mikie_the7 says:

    … links up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wouldnt that be awesome..

  249. mikie_the7 says:

    hey im curious …………… what emus can we get on this bad boy now??

  250. jayturns says:

    really hope it gets removed today.

  251. Patrick81 says:

    got 2 PS Vitas (black and white), 4gb, 4gb and 32gb. Installed UNO on each memory card and backed up them all.

    Can’t wait to play SNES games and some other classic games! πŸ˜€ I love homebrew stuff!

  252. GAR says:

    I downloaded the game a few moments ago and I live in Guatemala. from us psn.
    when data will rise to take the CEF?

  253. tom says:

    So if this is taken down monday, do we get the files monday?

  254. Crossi says:

    Hi huys,i have one question.I have PS+ (i have PS3 and PSV) so if i stay on 2.02 on Vita and i will download the free PSV games to my PS3 and then i will copy the games,will it works? Thanks :)

    • RafykX says:

      I’d like to know too…

      • Dante69 says:

        Yes. Need to use the Opencma trick for it to work when they release a 2.03 ofw. DL them now and transfer the free games to your pc for later works aswell.

        • Dante69 says:

          DL them on your Vita is what I forgot to put. Then transfer to pc and delete them from you Vita if you need space and you can always transfer em back over to your vita later. This will save you alot of trouble later on.

          • RafykX says:

            Thank you Dante for the advices -> already done!
            I think the real question of Crossi is :

            Imagine in january 2013 there’s a new OFW 2.03
            There’s incredible free PS+ games to download
            I am in 2.02 TN CEF and I love it, don’t wanna upgrade
            Can I use my PS3 in OFW/CFW 4.XX to transfer the PS+ content and new PSN games in my Vita without update…

  255. JoeBloggs says:

    Working on beating the uno tournament on hard after beating it on easy, and I’m almost there. Great game :V

  256. icyheart says:

    it is still availbal in us ua jp

  257. YellowSteak says:

    Quick Question regarding the psp emulator,

    Do the analog sticks work?

  258. olivier says:

    Thanks Frostegater & Wololo!! cant wait to run emulators and whatnot on my vita πŸ˜€

  259. SweepNeedles says:

    Still in Mexico store.
    12/30/12; 16:09

  260. Bacon says:

    Hey, can someone help me. I have $5 on my credit card but it doesn’t let me use it on the billing information cause it’s a PO Box, I called sony and they cant help me. If someone can help me with a $10 psn card or something idk… please

  261. GAR says:

    when data will rise to take the CEF?

  262. Ganman Man says:

    How many hours on estimate will sony remove this game from the store? Also is there a time pattern in which previous exploitable games have been removed?

    • Crossi says:

      I think it will be removed in a fwe hours from now…

    • deadlysync says:

      well, since we are at a time of festivities, its the end of the year and what nots… sony will only start to work on 2013-01-02 and, by then, they’ll remove the game and wololo will release the exploit.

      • Ganman Man says:

        I so hope this is the case. Just got enough money to buy a 4GB and PSN card, by the time I got to GAME store it closed…5pm on Sundays!

        Sony, if you have a heart…spare my chance tomorrow lol πŸ˜›

  263. Bob says:

    Still up in UK πŸ˜€

    • Ganman Man says:

      Wooot! Dont know why I keep refreshing the page. Want to wake up tomorrow morning and know that its still up, SPRINT to CEX and hope for the best!

  264. Castiel says:

    I am ready for the release, I downloaded wipeout 2048, uncharted, jet set radio, gravity rush, psx: parasite eve, psx: medevil, stardust delta with dlc, retro city rampage, PSP: final fantasy tactics, and last and most important UNO. I’m ready to go without connecting to psn for a long while now. However, I still have 4.01 in my wallet, any suggestions on what to buy?

  265. thetree says:

    i got uno!!!!!!!

  266. exequiel says:

    do i need a ps3 to download it?

  267. thetree says:

    will this work with ofw 2.02?

  268. exequiel says:

    or can i download it directly on my vita?

  269. DoombringerLucifer says:

    If i go in the Ps store through the Psvita Uno doesn’t exist, but if i go in the PSstore through the Ps3 Uno still exist. What i have to do? Download it from the Ps3 and than get it in the Psvita? Thanks.

    • Crossi says:

      At first,try to search uno on your Vita(some people reports that if they search,it will found uno),do do this and if it doesnt helps,buy it of PS !but! dont install it ,only copy

    • Dante69 says:

      Yes you can transfer it as long as it’s not delisted. It should exist in both stores actually. When it gets taken off it will disappear from both stores not one or the other.

    • andrea82it says:

      simply you need to search in psp game section not in psv game section and remember that you can find the game only in EU US and JP store.

      • DoombringerLucifer says:

        Thanks guys, I searched it in the Minis section and not in the PSP section, now I finally found it. Thanks again.

  270. Radshack says:

    seriously if sony isnt going to be working till jan 2-3rd, i think the exploit files should just be released. 3 days is enough, seriously. not fair to those of us who actually paid attention to get it in time. if not, at least let us get them by e-mail or something >,>

  271. DamnPlease says:

    Hey can someone help me, i only have 3.25 on my credit card and bank closed for today, i have a paypal account, can someone please email me send me $1.75 to my paypal, please reply i really want to do this with my ps vita.. please reply

  272. Apoo says:

    Still up in Poland

  273. Kefkiroth says:

    Probably a dumb question, but any reason why the files aren’t released immediately when the name of the game is announced?
    Because Sony would already know the game’s name regardless of when the files release.

    • n1nurt4 says:

      my best guess is that they could just download those same files and help themselves to patch it quicker.

    • Someone Else says:

      I was going to reply but then I put my foot in my mouth. This is actually a really good question.

      I thought it was to delay them making a patch, but if everyone already has it, we don’t need to update anyway.

      Good question.

  274. Rax says:

    Still in Spain too

  275. brando says:

    will the monster hunter freedom unite exploit work for this because psn wont accept my credit card right now so i cant download uno right now…..

  276. Superman SP says:

    Just for me, some people already have this but the rest of us ave to wait?

  277. mikie_the7 says:

    when i install the ecfw , i Wont be able to play online ?? and what if i buy a new game in 2-3 months time .. will i need to update my vita to be able to play it ??
    i know that il be able to play online and get to psn store until a new fw comes out ..

  278. goddamnit says:

    Sorry for this question but, you can put psx in this release right? how do i do that?

  279. Kenster240 says:

    On Christmas, I bought myself $30 worth of PSN cards. Now I have about $22 left (Yeah, it costs $8 in Australia) to spend on maybe Playstation Plus or something!
    Thanks Frostegater for porting the exploit and thanks to Wololo and TheZ for keeping us informed!

  280. PotatoChip says:

    Seems to be an active conversation going in here, so I guess I’ll ask a question. I just picked up a PsVita earlier, and I was wondering if there’s anything interesting to do with it before I update it to the latest software version and wait for the new exploit to be released.

  281. riyaz says:

    its still in the store 31-12-12 00:01

  282. junsinco says:

    Thanks for this. Almost didn’t get in on it. Still on US store 12/30/12 15:15.

  283. thetree says:

    sorry about the dumb question about2.02 just dont want to brick my vita any more then it already is like a brick

  284. brando says:

    phew my wife got Uno for me so i im good to go i can wait patiently for the files because i dont have to worry about sony deleting it

  285. Michael Palacios says:

    So I have a question. If I were to get the game on to my laptop from a site, install it onto my Vita an the exploit still work? Or would it have to be from the PlayStation Store?

  286. deejay says:

    let me just get this clear..

    I found a old 4gb memory card i was using for my main Vita. I downloaded UNO on the backup Vita I had on the 4gb memorycard.

    I backed it up to my Windows 8 vita OpenCMA (at least I believe it’s opencma, was able to transfer with wifi off on vita and internet disbaled on Windows…*confirmation 1, so this does mean i’m on opencma?)

    If I buy a 32gb memorycard later on, lets say after they patched it, removed it, new firmware and so on, assuming I didn’t update the Vita, can I still transfer the UNO I moved to the PC back to the VITA on the new memorycard I bought?

    sorry for not grammar checking

    • Blaze says:

      I think its possible via backing up your data with CMA.

    • deadlysync says:

      yes you can. i did it.
      Until yesterday my vita was on 1.67 and i did exactly what you described, but with other game, of course.
      as long as you do back-up the game and use OpenCMA you’re good to go! πŸ˜€

      • deejay says:


        thanks for the reply…also since OpenCMA and Content Manager Asssistence looks the same not sure if i am on OPENCMA.

        if I am able to transfer stuff to PC and VITA when Wifi is off on Vita and no internet is on PC, does this mean it is already OpenCMA?

        Does OpenCMA have an autoupdate feature for CMA that I need to disable?

        • deadlysync says:

          I think you have it already, since you managed to transfer things from your vita to your pc without internet connection on your pc.

          IIRC, CMA does have a auto-update feature and you can diable it while installing.

          But, just to make sure, reinstall CMA and apply the patch to OpenCMA again, you should be fine.

  287. RzmmDX says:

    I wonder if they actually patched the game without removing it from the store.

    • musashiro says:

      AFAIK, they never or it’s rare for them to do so. they don’t mess with published games without prior notice to developer. That means a lot of legal whatnot to take care of.

    • RafykX says:

      Sony won’t, they took back MAB after OFW update without patch it

    • deadlysync says:

      They can’t patch the game.
      You see, Sony does not own the game – Gameloft does – they own the hardware and Sony sells the right to sell a game on its hardware.
      When devs find a security hole, Sony must patch it on what they own – the hardware – since they don’t have the game source code to fix.

    • Ogami says:

      They dont really patch the games. They just patch the Firmware so the game exploit cant access the PSP Emulator anymore.
      Thats a lot easier then reprogramming a complete game.
      They would have to contact the game developer and so on.

  288. cleatus says:

    just snagged it from the US store 12/31 18:30

  289. Jigsaw1 says:

    Is it necessary to make a backup of the UNO game after its been downloaded or as long as I have purchased it Im set.

  290. exequiel says:

    im already set, waiting for the files

  291. jekphilippines says:

    yeah its still in the us pstore..

  292. exequiel says:

    UNO is still on US Store Just looked

  293. HELP says:

    I need a donation just to buy this game please give me some funds

  294. PotatoChip says:

    Seems there are still people in here, so could I get suggestions for a case for my Vita? Sony’s official case doesn’t look that bad, but the clip that’s supposed to keep the Vita secured to it looks flimsy. I think I’m going to grab one of those Hori Screen protectors as well, seeing as me and handheld gaming console screens don’t have a great history.

  295. ecchi255 says:

    the waiting between the first time I DL the game when I know from the ninja release to the release of the savedata is kikling me, even tough its only been 2 days

  296. traveller says:

    Bought a new vita and grabbed UNO off the US store around 5:00pm EST. Thanks for the exploit info.

    One odd thing is that this new PSV keeps the PS button lit blue all the time when in use. My other PSV@1.81 doesn’t do that. Is this a change in OFW 2.02?

    • Lolwut says:

      Mine is always blue and I’m on 2.02. But i was under the impression that no matter what firmware you are on, the light is always lit

  297. Attaboy says:

    It hasnt been removed from US store at 19:56pm

  298. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry about Sony removing it, they won’t remove it until tomorrow morning or Jan 1st.

  299. Insoft says:

    I have a PSV on 2.02 and the PS button is lit blue all the time, SONY will do all most anything they can to eat up battery.