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SKFU teases us with what could be a native Playstation Vita hack

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  1. Voltrom says:

    It’s not hard at all to fake this, it would take me minute to render a wallpaper with the right deme sins and a fake icon with some text under it then upload it onto the vita and go to photos and display it. Then simply taking a photo. Yes a video of the icon in wiggle mode(move icons) would be nice and enough to verify. But this doesn’t raise my eyebrow even the slightest. And even still if he found the app paths and change the ico n the app name that still isn’t hard nor impressive, it’s one of the first things I would do if I had a dev console. Honestly. Nothing impressive has came out of this infant scene. Oh lawl lawl lawl we can run things in the psp emu big deal, that’s useless, at most we can run isos? Come on. I bought my vita hoping there was a native exploit by now. Honestly someone probably already got into the system. Someone we don’t know about and that has real skills. Other than writing an app that runs in an ancient environment we’ve mastered years ago (psp emu). Sigh..

  2. johnno says:

    I hope a proper Vita hack doesn’t come out for another year or 2. I think the Vita doesn’t have enough Vita games yet to have a hack for it and if one came out for it now it would probably kill the Vita completely given devs are already a little scared to make games for it now.

  3. Roland says:

    After some thought and mild analysis I think it just might be a hex edited param.sfo as mentioned by SS.
    Metal Gear Solid HD works out to 19 characters (spaces count as characters)
    His “title” is 17 characters. Add a space before or after, or add 2 spaces before (this one seems more likely as it looks like the first line is offset) and it works out to 19 characters.
    Just some more food for thought…

  4. roll nyang says:

    like this

  5. fpstps says:

    troll o lol o lol o lol lol lol

  6. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I would rather get updates on the progress of said exploits rather than ‘Look at what I can do that you can’t!’ updates. Not asking for devs to release their unfinished work or their finished work prematurally, but real information…

    • Jd8531 says:

      Well sadly this is all I have to report on. Sometimes secrecy is the only way to protect a developer and keep his work safe, but I agree that a little more information would be nice.

  7. Stiffeno says:

    Hmm not going to say that it IS fake, but it wouldnt be hard to fake it.

    I will wait till I see a video before I will believe its real progress, still images are WAY too simple to fake!

    • Stiffeno says:

      Oh and if you do make a video showcasing this progress, make sure we can see you turning the unit on and booting up, because it would be a simple matter of just faking something, and then playing the video file back on the system in full screen mode :).

      As I said, I will wait till I see some real proof of progress before I will start getting excited!

  8. UrbanAnonymous says:

    I like to take peoples word for it… and im def not going to bash someone who is trying to contribute to the scene, ive been observing the vita scene since i got my vita a few months ago, i dident really say muc as i was deep into the ps3 scene still and wasent very interested in the vita scene yet, but since then i see a whole lot of people hating and only a small amount of people supporting, this is why these developers come and go like buses! GOOD JOB SKFU, KEEP UP THE GOOD WOKR!!!

  9. thetree says:

    can u use a real game card for modding or do you have to download the game from psn?

  10. Pspmte says:

    Lol this the guy I had to help to take the ps3 drive mech apart, he was full of bs back then

  11. pjs312 says:

    Thats not a dev unit

  12. krisk says:

    SKFU has done Jack *** with regards to releases in the past. Nothing has every proved useful that he has apparently done.

  13. GENERALboonGAHH says:

    Happy new year booooogaaah!

  14. xhack says:

    don´t teases us please show 🙁


  15. xhack says:

    @wololo the mayan has ever said that the world would sink

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  16. xhack says:

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  17. xhack says:

    United Nations (UN),UNO for United Nations Organization,not the uno the game…

  18. spankymcspankerson says:

    ^ Do you smoke rocks dude?

  19. DarkZenLaughter says:

    jus sold my PoSV, hack that ***

  20. Sounds and looks similar to JeoWay ‘s project on CFU. He said he may just modify the PSP XMB to run Vita Content and through the Native stuff. I dont have any idea but it sounds really cool 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Michael Palacios says:

    Anything new on this?

  22. gunblade says:

    does 2.02 work on the older games mad bloacker….

  23. Psyos says:

    Any updates on this?

  24. TheTokBoks says:

    So Wololo, What happened to this glorious piece of… This.
    Really. I, and everyone else, would love to have an update

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