SKFU teases us with what could be a native Playstation Vita hack

Just recently developer SKFU has made progress on what could be a native hack of the Vita, giving us our first visual glimpse!

It seems hacking progress is regularly attempted outside of the PSPemu (which is the typical eCFW and VHBL) by SKFU. Awhile back you may remember our reporting on news that the developer SKFU was able to get a developer PsVita and had slowly started to peal back the veil of his own Vita exploit by releasing common app paths in the Vitas filesystem.

Now, SKFU has revealed a picture of what could be a native Vita exploit, confirming that he has made progress with that Dev unit. SKFU posted the picture below and playfully teasing us by saying “VHBL is not the only thing working on 2.02 :-P”

It seems that if this photo is correct, SKFU has been able to do a very in depth analysis (something we saw with his reveal of the Vitas common app eboot paths) of the Vita and has made some progress in his investigations. What’s shown in the picture is a custom icon and naming of said application.

But don’t get too excited yet. Showing icons of homebrews in the XMB has always been possible on the PSP, it didn’t mean the PSP would accept to run them if they weren’t signed. The PS Vita however is known to prevent you from even copying homebrews to the memory stick, so SKFU has at least figured out how to do that… or is this just a feature of the dev units?

This could be a false lead, but as of now this is the only known one outside the pspemu, besides Yifanlu’s UVL. This is likely to be a huge and developing story so stay tuned for more information, we’ll try to reach out to SKFU for more details on this.

  1. Pspmte’s avatar

    Lol this the guy I had to help to take the ps3 drive mech apart, he was full of bs back then


  2. pjs312’s avatar

    Thats not a dev unit


    1. Ruggy’s avatar

      how can you be sure?


  3. krisk’s avatar

    SKFU has done Jack shit with regards to releases in the past. Nothing has every proved useful that he has apparently done.


  4. GENERALboonGAHH’s avatar

    Happy new year booooogaaah!


    1. Jd8531’s avatar

      Happy New Year!


  5. xhack’s avatar

    don´t teases us please show :(



  6. xhack’s avatar

    @wololo the mayan has ever said that the world would sink

    They have only said that is facing a new age ++ 66 years – 66 years = 1946 the end of wwII+66=2012+66=2068 …..


    1. Dickstick’s avatar

      12 + 66 ≠ 68.


  7. xhack’s avatar

    yes I now 1945 is the end of WW2 but the new age is facing 1946 with a new world order the UNO believe it or not……


  8. xhack’s avatar

    United Nations (UN),UNO for United Nations Organization,not the uno the game…


  9. spankymcspankerson’s avatar

    ^ Do you smoke rocks dude?


  10. DarkZenLaughter’s avatar

    jus sold my PoSV, hack that shit


  11. Reece Dematteo’s avatar

    Sounds and looks similar to JeoWay ‘s project on CFU. He said he may just modify the PSP XMB to run Vita Content and through the Native stuff. I dont have any idea but it sounds really cool :) :) :)


  12. Michael Palacios’s avatar

    Anything new on this?


  13. gunblade’s avatar

    does 2.02 work on the older games mad bloacker….


    1. wololo’s avatar

      No. The mad blocker exploit was patched, it cannot be used beyond 1.81


  14. Psyos’s avatar

    Any updates on this?


  15. TheTokBoks’s avatar

    So Wololo, What happened to this glorious piece of… This.
    Really. I, and everyone else, would love to have an update


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