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SKFU teases us with what could be a native Playstation Vita hack

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  1. firthaa01 says:

    Already stated to the zet on twitter that this is either an app renaming facility or fake……i hope im wrong and its the start of a native exploit……ill gladly perform a forfeit of your choice if im wrong lol

  2. Arash says:

    First !!!!!! and this is awesome news !!!!!

  3. RafykX says:

    Thanks for this really hot incredible news! Just hope not fake… Maybe a new chapter for the PS Vita scene!
    Hack-boarding is not a crime!

  4. malin says:

    This is SKFU so no chance of it being real, he is one of the biggest posers in the scene and always has been, woulnd’t be surprised if this was a traffic driving ploy

  5. Zyraf says:

    In this picture we can see a normal PS Vita, not a dev unit… So actually we can assume that transfering homebrews to out handheld is already possible

  6. NakedFaerie says:

    I can post my own exploit just like this if anyone wants it.

    • Mr. Magoo says:

      I would like to see one if u got one?? You have claimed the name to fame but have yet to provide any backing other than scrutiny. I would like to know how to fake it since that is all your post describe.

    • Jd8531 says:

      Hey feel free to, if you’d like to release your “exploit” just message me on the /talk forums 🙂

      • hgoel0974 says:

        Ignore him dude.

        This guy is one of those show offs who don’t know anything, he has already been banned from many other scene sites for faking and flaming

  7. malin says:

    NF – Seriously, go troll elsewhere. You aren’t needed or wanted here…

    (for anyone interested, just a quick google of NakedFaerie and Maxconsole will show how FoS NF really is)

    • Aces says:

      not sure they would still have it since the revamp.
      i’m trancehead on maxconsole, threedog and maxmousedll were my boys LOL.
      where NF was telling people hes *** was pure gold LMAO

  8. Tonakai says:

    I’m excited about this to say the very least. I’m highly looking forward to more information on this.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. fabio says:

    Hello, I can put files on firmware 2.00. Iso psp?

  10. laihaiming says:

    good job

  11. henriqueBRAZIL says:


  12. bustacap says:

    just saying that the vita on the picture is NOT a dev unit

  13. justsayain says:

    Well, he never said that the vita in the picture is a dev unit. He just said that SKFU HAS one.

  14. sinew says:

    you can see Metal gear solid icon.

  15. ASD says:

    So they are doing a sort of r4 ?
    P.s sorry for my English..

  16. Biohazard90 says:

    Thx for the news, good work Sfku =)

  17. wraddek says:

    Go SKFU!!!!!! Who knows, he might even give Yifanlu a run for his money 😀

  18. Itherian says:

    I am still a little annoyed that alot of us chipped in money for him to buy the dev unit and then it appears he tried to sell it instead of keeping it in the community. So I hope this is true.

  19. regine03 says:

    Video or it did not happen.hehehe

  20. wartaf says:

    this is greater news than ARC eCFW!! if it is really possible 😀

  21. xCLCx says:

    I’m new here but it simply seem like he is only using a back ground with a picture of a icon in the middle of it which is easy to fake. Unless I see a video of this with the lil icon jumping around I’m not buying it. Also when I say new here I meant first post IV always watched

  22. Someone Else says:

    Sounds too good. 4 month early April fools?

    It definitely looks like some huge progress, but it’s hard to hope at this point. If I’m wrong and this is a way to play full speed arcade emulation, I’ll jump for joy, but it sounds way too big to be true.

  23. geniushzw says:

    I hope it’s ture

  24. arch says:


    i just wannna know if when i mod my ps vita will i be able to use online capabilities?

  25. Manuelito says:

    28 december fools day,

  26. Manuelito says:

    28 of december is the fools day, maybe is a liar

    • Someone Else says:

      I KNEW it. I knew it seemed too good.

      I knew it felt like some kind of April Fools type shennanigans. Even though I didn’t know about this ridiculous holiday.

      F****** stupid trick-based holidays.

  27. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I have respect for SKFU and the work he’s done in the past, but this picture doesn’t really prove much of anything..

  28. thetree says:

    can u use a game you buy from the store like walmart to mod a vit?or does it have to come from psn

  29. American Horror Story says:

    Why do you idiots keep making articles after article with your so called exploit videos? Seriously what’s the REAL reason you keep delaying? This is becoming boring and annoying. It’s either you release it or you don’t. Don’t keep giving us *** and don’t even make any more excuses. For all you dumbasses who keep applauding for the Devs for making something that not here need to grow a brain too.

    • >_> says:

      Go cry in a corner, American Emo F***. >_>

      • mlc says:

        You needed to also explain in your comment that this is a different exploit, by a different person. It’s as if wololo posted someone else’s 3DS exploit and American Horror Story responded “Stop making exploit videos and release! You must have an ulterior motive!”

        I don’t personally think this pic is any proof of progress, and I certainly am not fond of exploit videos when the idea is “I’ll never release this but I want to show off,” but anyone (like AHS) who is pretending that these exploit videos are wololo’s & are serving to delay eCFW releases is mistaken.

    • synapze says:

      Would you like to eat your french cries while I call the waaaahmbulance?

    • Jd8531 says:

      I’m just giving out the information, go tell SKFU if you aren’t happy. I hope you do know that it is extremely hard work and takes time to develop something like this.

  30. makak1984 says:

    The developer unit is great stuff, but black plastic triggers isn’t good idea – cosmetic thing sort of… But none of HDMI output on regular unit is shame for $ONY – the same thing we have on tablet like Nexus 7 – developer unit also have this “forbidden” for simple gamers and owners stuff. None of HDMI out in this times of console/tablet gameing is another stupid idea that some of companies do – for what? Only for money… Like Apple overpriced hardware that also is “old” on the begining of life of product. So now i think our beloved $ony will probably release refreshed unit with magic HDMI output for only 400$. Stupid but so what? This would be good if they include on board LTE modem – for real onlne games, not only share msgs and upload trophies or sth. But I am asking when they will drop the sick prices of games set on that level and also crazy prices for their magic flash cards… Good way for community is create alternative for this cards even by external sth like memory card reader constructed like old dual sim adapters for gsm phones has. I wish to all of you and community happy new year 🙂

  31. nCadeRegal says:

    hmmm? I have to wonder if this is “real” progress on the vita side, as i also have yet to see skfu contribute to the scene. Not to mention the selling or tried selling of that dev unit. Why wouldnt the pic be on that dev unit unless he sold it. I still say if he got what he wanted out of it he should have given the unit to wololo who then in turn could get it to the actual devs on the scene, like team pro. just my 2 cents.

    • razor says:

      Check his blog, He got 3 Vita Dev kits.

    • Thorwak says:

      If it was an icon on a dev unit it would prove even less. “Look, I have my own changed icon. On a dev unit!!1”

      Dev units are meant to, you know, develop stuff on 🙂

      Still, I see no reason not to show the whole thing in action (the CFW he claims to have working). It’s not like Sony can magically see what his exploit’s code does just be seeing it run on a video.

      My take on this is that there may be some (perceived) partial progress, but major pieces are still missing and he thinks he can solve them. As other have noted, this is NOT the same thing as that it will actually happen. He may or may not be in good faith, but if wanting to be believed proof is needed (and why make any statement at all if not wanting to be believed…)

      (As for the fs paths etc that was “revealed” back in november: Stuff like that is probably in the dev kit documentation. At the very least, VERY easily found out when you have access to debuggers etc. You don’t have to be a hacker to use a dev kit. That’s why they exist.)

      SKFU, prove me wrong and showcase your cfw boot from a clearly visible power cycle into whatever state it may be on a normal PSV unit, in a video. No weird “sorry for the bad quality, I don’t have a real camera” BS or weird excuses about having to move the unit off screen for “various reasons”.

      Then I’ll start listening to what you have to say 🙂 Until then, sorry, too many things that don’t make sense here.

      • rafael707 says:

        i agree, make a tease video

      • hgoel0974 says:

        you don’t have to be a hacker to use a devkit but you have to be a hacker to hack a devkit 😉

        • mlc says:

          Err, who hacked a devkit? As far as we’re aware SKFU has not.

          But I agree with everyone else, a still photo is essentially no proof at all. And honestly a text edit of a PSVita icon, while interesting, would be hardly a big accomplishment without some other progress to go along with it.

          I mean, sure, I’d like to change the text of an eCFW game to indicate that it is the exploit, but that would hardly be a big accomplishment. Surely Sony has less reason to put large security on Title Text, since there is no exploit available through changing such text to make that ability dangerous. It’s less interesting than most other possible LiveArea changes, unless there is actual proof of an exploit to go along with it.

  32. quetz says:

    let’s hope he develops something that could run out of a dev unit.. or better to fake sign apps would be amazing 😛

  33. etertay says:

    METAL GEAR!!….metal gear hd collection exploit?

  34. wartaf says:

    i was thinking, if it is “REAL”, why he didn’t change the icon? that’s the easiest part of editing it 😀

  35. c-zero says:

    Very interesting! I’m going to be keeping an eye on SKFU! I hope this leads to easier remote play functions!

  36. Roland says:

    Noone considered it could be a really good photoshop job?
    If what is said about SKFU is true it could easily be true.
    I’ve seen photoshop fails but I’ve also seen some damn impressive things done with it (an ex of mine was an art student)

    Just something to consider when it comes to pics without video…

    • Thorwak says:

      You don’t have to even photoshop the picture of the PSV.

      Make screendump of “XMB”, move to PC, make whatever changes you want, put picture back on PSV, open in photo viewer on PSV and show in full screen. Snap picture with camera and post on teh internets. 3 minutes tops.

      If you want to fake something there are a million ways to do it. It’s also fairly easy to show something in a way that removes any doubt. This static image doesn’t even try to remove any doubt.

      Fake or joke, you decide.

      • Roland says:

        Excellent point. I commonly forget about the screen shot feature (which is extremely extremely ironic considering how many hd collection screenshots I took when I first got it)

  37. razor says:

    I think SKFU really is making progress in the VITA scene.
    He got 3 Vita Dev kits, as u can see from his blog.


  38. SS says:

    just a param.sfo edit and transfer with open CMA, just tried it myself and now i have a “exploit”

    • solala says:

      wow does he actually want to add something to the scene…

      well there is always a first time

    • mlc says:

      So the rumors of him trying to sell a devkit were false? Because otherwise, unless it was sold – at a loss – to a fellow developer I see nothing honorable or even honest about that.

      Sounds like he’s making some excuses to cover his ***, but that won’t convince anyone that doesn’t either already have a bias towards believing him or an actual real world reason to believe him.

      If he tried to sell it, it means he received donations “for the scene” and then attempted to profit off those – since the money was earmarked initially and was technically for that one specific use. He seems less than 100% trustworthy to me, and while I don’t know about his other work, I don’t really believe that the SKFU proxy was too hard to make. You already have many other commercial proxies that do the same job, so it’s not as if it required complicated discoveries on his own.

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