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CEF on Vita 2.02: What to expect from Frostegater’s release


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  1. Jasper says:

    Anyone know the differences between Frostegater’s eCFW and the TN eCFW? I remember seeing something about not having to wait for the game to boot or something. Anyone know? Thanks.

    • Lolwut says:

      If i have my facts straight, i believe that what frostegator is doing here is porting Total Noobs CEF to his own exploit, but he is also working on a Pro eCFW with other key hackers on the scene which will have more features than total noobs existing CEF.

  2. Fredrick.Sylar says:

    OK, is posting my email here really gonna get me early access to the name of the game?
    I usually just browse this website for news but I just registered if that’s gonna help.
    I’d very much hope if the admin or coordinator of this website would put more meaning into using my VITA by sending me the name.

    BTW, I’ve registered with a username same as the one I’m posting with (I wrote it manually as if I’m not logged in {‘: s )


  3. CloudStrife1901 says:

    To the person above is that really the game? Or are you some troll just to make people buy that

  4. CuRsE says:

    Don´t know what i did wrong, i´ll never get it ^^ Looking after it the whole day, buy this buy that, who could i trust? 😀

  5. juanito21 says:

    Can you give me the page that i must see forma ninja release?

  6. faisalhaahha says:

    i got it d game right downloaded successfuly now backing up

  7. ben says:

    Don’t trust the comment post here. Just register at talk/forum & for your turn for ninja release.It will come & believe me at worst, u will get to see it a week before the save file is being released. Dont worry, u will get it just like everyone else.

  8. Mondocappe says:

    Now i’m registered in the forum, please send me Email with the name of game for 2.02 exploit, thanks a lot, my email is mondocappe@teletu.it

    • ben says:

      It will not sent to ur email dude. Just make sure u stayed login & wait for the green banner(ninja release info) to come out the the main page of the forum. Dont logout & keep refreshing every 2 hour.

  9. Just be patient guys remember your not supposed to ask for it its against the rules it’ll Come to you eventually thatz step 1 I’m waiting for step 2 🙂

  10. Zeuso says:

    please send to my email

  11. Thatguy says:

    Ok i have the game now

  12. anglimeng says:

    Now i’m registered in the forum, please send me Email with the name of game for 2.02 exploit, thanks a lot, my email is sjwgh2013g@126.com

  13. abuwaqas says:

    hey guys i was wondering if someone can email me the name of the game ?

    my email is waqas_siddiqui120@hotmail.com


  14. Adrian says:

    Now i’m registered in the forum, please send me Email with the name of game for 2.02 exploit mail adrian@alchimiaverde.it

  15. Gameusz says:

    You guys can’t wait can you? Just be patient holy ***. Haha. If you’re registered on the forums, just check back every hour or so until you see a green banner at the top of the forums.

  16. goddamnit says:

    for all the new guys: just sit your *** down and wait, after all its the best thing you can do rather than post your emailadds and follow people trolling you giving games that would only leave your account zero $. as what people here are always saying, register then play the waiting game.

  17. Buckets o' Nuggz says:

    This is wondrous news. anyone know how to change the timestamp on comments to match local time?

  18. Castiel says:

    Alright, I understand we are supposed to be patient and wait, but I have been logged in and checking the forums ALL DAY,with every hour, I can’t help but think that it is too late. As for keeping people quiet during a ninja release, turn the comments off. Would help a ton.

  19. Mika says:

    the suspense is killing me lol. Been up for 20 hrs waiting, lol.

  20. Corey96 says:

    Guys… Seriously, stop asking. If you’re registered on the forums you will get the ninja release… But registering now might not get it to you, you might be cutting it a bit too close. Anyway, it’s being release some time in December and there are two days left. Just be patient. Also, when the public release is out you’ll have to move quickly and not put off getting the game. Sony will be fast to remove the game from the store.

  21. Xtianlp says:

    Please give me a name of the explote game to my email!!
    Por favor me envian el nombre a mi correo:

  22. ushersnake says:

    May the force be with you!

  23. Salor says:

    Remember anything can be photoshopped.

  24. mike says:

    Hi guys, where do I register?

  25. goddamnit says:

    ive waited 2months for the release so for the guys who had just registered today or yesterday complaining and wining that they havent received anything yet, your turn will come so lets just wait.

  26. kingblack says:

    good……thank you

  27. woovsyou says:

    partay up in huuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr

  28. Castiel says:

    Funny how UNO was plastered all over the plus when I was searching around the internet for the exploit. I thought they were all trolls -.-

  29. CJ says:

    hey can i get the ninja release i been trying to get one for month

  30. Kyuremu says:

    I never expected Uno to be the one tbh xp
    Waiting to install the exploit now (also,brace yourselves,forced update incoming very soon).

  31. I will try to buy it ASAP for a tutorial check me out, don’t forget to download the free mini’s wololo talked about before, they also may be exploited like before

  32. Luke Thomas says:

    Can you send me exploit games on ps vita 2.02 to lukethomas192012@live.com.

  33. friv says:

    It is not my first time to visit this web page,
    i am browsing this sitee dailly and get nice facts from here daily.

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