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CEF on Vita 2.02: What to expect from Frostegater’s release


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342 Responses

  1. Shura says:

    Great news ^^

  2. Tzosin says:

    Any improvements on this over urbanix tn-C? Or is it the same just new game?


  3. Slaysme says:

    Haha. Very funny. Nice timing.

  4. idontknow says:

    thanks for the ninja :)

  5. roar says:

    Just release the damn thing already!!! I cant wait anymore ***..hahahaha

  6. jvhellraiser says:

    You might find a bit harsh,What u said wololo
    we already know,we don’t want the pics we want
    the release and i guess everyone is with me here
    i been patiently waiting trust me,but theres always
    a point where you just can’t wait patiently any longer
    or you either release it or Not but dont come to release
    pics we have already seen pics of tn-c ALREADY.

    In advance i will say Sorry but by the time i write
    this i found the release of the pics of TN-C insulting
    and gets more frustrated of what i am already am.

    • ikith says:

      ROFL, Dude quit being completely ungrateful, you want a release go and make it yourself instead of sitting here getting free stuff then complaining when you don’t have it NOW.

      You sound like a five year old.

      • Steph says:

        Do you only come to this site to post when there’s going to be a release?

        Do you make any effort at all to identify yourself on the forums as an actual real life person?

        I’ve been waiting for a ninja release for over 6 months, every time i’ve missed it due to time zone differences and Sony having pulled the game before i could even try….

        So… excuse me (and everyone else) for throwing tomatoes at you, telling you to shut up and welcome to the same boat that we’re on. :)

      • jvhellraiser says:

        Have anyone say to you example:

        tomorrow we are going to the beach
        then tomorrow that same person says
        we cant today we’ll leave it for tomorrow
        then tomorrow says we can today either and
        then again and again..thats me. XD

        • wololo says:

          Hey jvhellraiser, I understand your frustration, but if you look back you’ll see I personally never said there would be a release on Christmas. This was said by other people (including, I agree, bloggers on this blog) who did not completely know the schedule (which, in their defense, changed several times and I’ll explain why)

          • Hellgun says:

            Awesome, but, when u get to release the thing, warn people, like, i am going to reease the name in 4 hours… 5 hours… from now…. and say something like, “you will need at least 10 bucks on your PS accoutn for the said game” Just so ppl can get everything ready for the release.

    • rafael707 says:

      it does suck to wait, i agree with you, but like wololo says

      “Yes, you’ve been waiting a lot, and I know some of you won’t like to be teased again like this, but remember that one of the goals of the ninja release is to spread the word without telling too much”

      • jvhellraiser says:

        i don’t care about waiting what i do care
        it about saying things and then nothing
        happens it bothers me that’s all.

  7. Broose says:

    What was that with the MAC address ?

  8. Sneax673 says:

    I hope I don miss this one like I’ve missed all the others ;___;

  9. E says:

    Nice. I am completely mad with Sony over this whole you can no longer copy things straight to the device. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard and it just makes it LESS convenient for the consumer to control their content & subsequent data transfer. Plus it will not stop hackers, just make them smarter as we always find ways to get around such inhibitors but I digress. Great news Wololo, thank you for the update! Now I am going back to Skyrim.

  10. Jeremy says:

    Thank you!!

  11. dbz says:

    psn game name where?

  12. Spunky says:

    Sounds nice :-)cant wait^^


  13. TheZekku says:

    dammit this is such a tease >_< wololo you are a stripper you show us the goods but dont let us touch hahahahaha

  14. Diego says:

    It seems to be something difficult, but I’ll have to get accustomed to it, hopefully this will happen soon XD…

  15. IMPORTANT—If anyone send me a $10 psn code via psn Supervisionaryhd you get gta sa for vita see my youtube video Supervisionaryhd

  16. brando says:

    oh and awsome work To the hackers wish i knew how to do it so i could help

  17. Losiento says:

    Wololo you win in Burnout “first” ;D Gz

  18. alvin says:

    how about for free 4 free minis gift can you port one of those games?

  19. azh_97 (newbie) says:

    Hope the exploit game is the xmas present from sony!! :)

  20. Aneudi says:

    When ARK is released, can I install it with the Frostegater’s exploit?

  21. EddySakamura says:

    Thanks to the whole team and for your confidence wololo :-)

  22. brando says:

    man all i have is 10 bucks and its not on a card hope the exploit is free

  23. stardome says:

    Thanks for the name of the exploit already purchased and just waiting on the files

    • brando says:

      exploit name

      • synapze says:

        @brando He’s just pulling your leg. It hasn’t been released yet. I’m still waiting eagerly 😀 I got a white Vita recently and absolutely love it. I pay for my games but I would love to play around with the eCFW and see what features I can unlock. A “full” Vita hack right now would kill the system, but in the future it would be awesome. Making a custom theme for my Vita would be ultra seckzy…something to match the Megan Fox animated wallpaper that I made 😀

  24. Mark says:

    New to the eCEF world, but on ECEF, can you remap the controls like on the regular Vita PSP mode so the second analog stick can be used?

    • musashiro says:

      yes..since you are in a way inside the exploited psp game.. so holding the screen does the trick



  25. Czarcasm says:

    I know pirating is bad but I’ll make an exception with KH: birth by sleep final mix:p

  26. DS_Marine says:

    As someone said before, nice timing.
    Was the 1st picture taken at the leet time of day on purpose? 😀

  27. razor2012 says:

    Wololo do you know of any memory stick adaptor for the ps vita? On my psp I have 2 16 gig memory card using a memory stick adaptor I got from ebay. I was wondering if you know of anything like this on the vita.

    • mlc says:

      In regards to a memory stick adapter, I believe the cards are too small presently. I’m not even sure if a single MicroSD to Vita MC adapter could be made… I think the sizing is too close, and if it is even possible the cost of such a small design (without large problems with quality and durability) might be prohibitive.

  28. bazgee says:

    Guys you still need to realise that just because you are not logged into the /talk forums that the staff team cannot see who you are. I am positive all IP’s will be logged from whoever posts on this blog so please dont forget the rules. If you think about it keeping this quiet as long as possible is a good thing for everyone, it means more people will have this before sony pulls it down and more people will join the scene and create all the brilliant homebrew :)

    • n1nurt4 says:

      while I agree with your sentiments, I don’t think they would really log everyone’s IP address, or if they did, keep those logs for an extended period of time. To me that feels like surveillance, and I am completely against such a concept.

      back on topic, lets hope more people join the scene who actually care about creating hombrew!

  29. tracer22jhayahr says:

    Just want to say thank you Wololo, Frotegater and all devs that make this thing possible. Very much appriciated all your time and hard word and also for your trust.. Long live to you and your family.. :)

  30. Calvin says:

    Yay! Glad to see it’s fully featured like before! My one and only Christmas present was in anticipation of getting the new exploit. 😀 thanks everyone involved for all the hard work

  31. razor2012 says:

    Hey I’m not on the ninja release list..such racism….LOL

  32. ChrisTheSailor says:

    Hi, im pretty new to this stuff. I’ve hacked my psp success earlier in my days, but I’m completely lost with the Vita hacking. I’m considering buying Urbanix so I can run VHBL ot Total_Noob’s CEF. But does it run on 2.02 firmware? Can you also run PSX games?

    It would be very kind of you, and surely helpful if you respond ;D

    • zoraktorok says:

      Everything is patched for 2.02 currently until the new release comes out… You will see it on the front page or in the forums as a registered member when the game name is released. To answer your question throughly, urbanix will not work on 1.81 any more either unless you bought it prior to the patch.

      • ChrisTheSailor says:

        So if I buy Urbanix and run VHBL on 2.02 it will work? Or should i wait for this ninja release?

        • n1nurt4 says:

          dude, register on the forums, then participate in the forums. After some time you will see the signs. Just go to the forums and immerse yourself. Also, read the threads.

      • mlc says:

        Actually, you’re mistaken about Urbanix not working on 1.81. As long as you can download it and transfer it using a PS3, the Urbanix exploit will still work on 1.81 and below. The firmwares are patched to not accept exploited saves for the prior games like Urbanix, and the exploit game is removed until the new firmware is made mandatory. Once the game is added to the store again, though, it is still exactly the same as it was prior to the firmware upgrade. So if you have a method to connect to the store on 1.81 or lower, then there are many games that are currently available for exploits.

  33. zoraktorok says:

    As I have tried to get this post going for the last 10 minutes having to answer “the timer went off, why arn’t the fortune cookies ready to decorate?”, “can I have some candy now since they arn’t ready?”, “I want something to drink”… I cant help but see a mirror image going on around me to what I just read. my kids are 8 and 6… alot of you are acting the same way even though I think you may be a little older… This wasn’t what I was going to orginaly post because I’m tiring myself of saying the same thing every time these rants get going but the irony I’m seeing right now pushed me in this direction. I’m not behind the scenes and I don’t know why the delay some times… there are the factors of waiting for system updates that support new features or allow you to play highly anticipated games without having to choose which you want, testing to make sure that the devs are not slandered for some unforseen brick due to faulty coding or simple lock-ups that end up being a pain…. Mabey an official release is being held for a sony shut down period to delay the patch/removal of a game. I’m not sure… heck, at worst case scenario building anticipation and staying in the limelight with a sense of being superior than everyone else is the only payment these guys receive… I personally dont think the latter, but so what if it is?

  34. regine03 says:

    We appreciate all your hardwork

  35. razor says:

    I’m logged in. I when to Talk/Forum but I still don’t see the name of the game. what gives?

  36. k3nn says:

    hmm, not being a pessimist here, but…ok maybe a little apprehensive…wouldn’t $ony notice a trending on a psn game (psp/vita) and when they need to be careful, pull the plug on the game first before all the rest of subscribed ninja release users get informed? i mean come on, looking at the current user stats in the forum we’re like 25000+ of us waiting for the ninja release to trickle to the last one subscriber. i would think even around 5000 users buying an unknown game suddenly being bought by the troves, week per week would trigger at least a curiosity from $ony, right? i don’t think they are that dumb! but why do they let it slip? very curious!

    • wololo says:

      Yes, that’s one of the reasons the ninja releases work the way they do, and the reason they take time

    • rscottc says:

      I actually think there’s legitimacy to this concern. If Sony is truly worried/concerned with the happenings of these forums, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be paying attention to this very thing. And if they’re paying attention, I don’t see how they wouldn’t notice.

  37. synapze says:

    Good to see some updates. The name of the game hasn’t been released yet, but I’m eagerly waiting 😀 Thank you wololo, frostgater, coldbird, Z and the rest of the devs for your dedication and hard work. I’m new to the Vita (never owned a PSP) scene, and it seems a lot of people are very unappreciative of the time and effort you guys put into all this so that everyone benefits. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  38. #18 says:

    Just want to ask something, will the new exploit have a fast startup like Mad Blockers did?

    • walala says:

      no!! it opens at about 75 secs. (1mins. and 15 secs.)
      a lot of effort! lots of wait on the release and lots of time to start up.. ***!?

  39. centralmat says:

    hace 2 meses que sigo a wololo y aun no consegui la manera de comprar el ultimo xploit espero que el proximo pueda salir pronto por que me impaciento XD

  40. stardome says:

    cant wait till the files come I have the exploited game on my vita right now

  41. ben says:

    im new to this, i just hope i’ll have a chance to get it when it gets release:D

  42. fatman01923 says:

    Man these are exciting times indeed! Thanks wololo for the update, anticipation at an all time high, first thing is first is to play some Wagic! 😀

  43. runehasa says:

    So should we all be taking a hint from that picture? :)

  44. Zashule says:

    Looking good so far! I am definitely looking forward to this as I just got a Vita this month and the last time I had a PSP HBL was in its infancy with the Patapon Demo and I had a blast tinkering with that. Glad to see how far it has come!

    Thanks for the Update!

  45. Losiento says:

    we need the Name from exploid Game… a lot of now the Name i thing

  46. walala says:

    the release was canceled, due to alot of stupid
    person :(

  47. Michael says:

    I think old n new they will tell about name of game exploit. We need only name of the game

  48. Patrick81 says:

    Hey guys! I’m new here. Great website and awesome news!! :) I’m wondering… Before they release, will they tell us which day and time they will release? I’m sure we all want to be sure we have a chance to download before Sony pulls “this” game out. We all are in a different time zone.

  49. z_Insanekiller says:

    THANKS for everything :)

  50. O AmEr O says:

    How can i get the name of the exploit game ?
    No need to miss it .. please

  51. Leo says:

    i the same procedure with the files 1.81? or I wait new files

    • Mr. Magoo says:

      The positive thing with getting the new exploit is that you get to take advantages of the new updates that Sony did to the vita like the web browser update. If you are fine where u are then the exploit will be ported to exsisting exploits shortly if not imedeately

  52. iknowthegame says:


  53. mecksg1 says:

    its just around the corner. cant wait

  54. wizkhalifa says:

    Wololo please wait before releasing the game name to the public. A lot of people including myself are broke from the holidays and wont get payed until next week. Thank you for your hard work.

    • Someone Else says:

      I’m gonna go ahead and disagree. This has been known about for many weeks. Plenty of time to have added a psn card before the holidays. Even the most expensive psp games are, what, 30 bucks? Why should everyone be held back for those who waited til the last minute and spent all their cash?

      • Someone Else says:

        What the h… This comment disappeared for a while then came back?! (Hence the comment below.)

        What is going on here?

      • tom says:

        Yeah, I think New years or sooner would be perfect, everyone got a Vita for christmas and googled how to hack it by now, If they ever planned on hacking it

    • Someone Else says:

      I don’t agree with this at all. It’s one thing to wait for the dev’s timetable. It’s another to wait for slow end-users who had weeks to prepare, waited till the last minute and spent all their money.

      This has been known about for many weeks. Plenty of time to buy psn cards. We’ve gladly waited a very long time for the devs to take all the time they need. It would be really crappy to have it slowed even more by intentionally unprepared end-users.

      For some reason, this got deleted last time I posted it. That seems fishy to me. Do you get deleted for disagreeing with blue-named comments now?

      • Someone Else says:

        I over-reacted a bit here, because it seemed like my post was deleted and I feel a bit foolish.

        Nonetheless I still believe what I said.

        Also, something odd is does seem to be going on with my replies here. I’m having to refresh for them to show up. (Making them appear falsely deleted)

        Again tho, sorry for the double-statement. The dev’s work, as always, is greatly appreciated.

      • jvhellraiser says:

        Agree!! i did not had any money at all
        to buy a PSN card and had to call a friend
        to help me buy the card,by the way thanks friend
        you know who you are,i move,i call and i did get it
        when you want something you ask someone you trust to
        help you,the excuse of not having money cause of the holiday is that and excuse.

  55. GENERALboonGAHH says:

    This is vewee seewi!

  56. raven says:

    Thanks for the info wololo.

  57. 200C under says:

    why you release the mac address of your machine?i think that was one stupid action,really.

  58. if u want gta sa for vita add Supervisionaryhd but have a $10 card ready I have a video on youtube Supervisionaryhd

  59. tattoohanz says:

    thx for the info:-)

  60. Gaialove38 says:

    thankyou. i have been waiting for the release.i believe wololo.

  61. Hanky says:

    Sou brasileiro e estou aguardando ancioso o nome do game para ser revelado, mas só espero que ele não seja 20$ e sim 10$ como os anteriores que vinheram.
    Vocês estão de parabêns pelas suas façanhas, espero que tenham um ótimo Ano Novo.

  62. cragyforyo says:


  63. salor says:

    what happens to those trollers that keep trolling the name of the games?

  64. regine03 says:

    pAtience is a virtue

  65. Losiento says:

    yes but iam fighting with my thired… i go not to sleep and wait 😀

  66. 0mu says:

    With the iso support, that lets you play psp games, right? Does it add them to the Live Area or do you have to run the cfw to play them?

  67. bob says:

    wololo can u please port this exploit to the 4 free minis given as a christmas present by Sony.

  68. brando says:

    dude i lost internet connection for like 6 hours….what did i miss.?..please tell me i didnt miss the release….i registered to the forum and everything i dont see any news

  69. carmelo says:

    raga volevo chiedervi come faccio a sapere il nome del gioco perche io sono registrato ma e tutto in inglese e non capisco una mazza grazie in anticipo

    • quetz says:

      ciao, devi avere pazienza ed il nome del gioco verrà reso pubblico a breve. per l’inglese, s’impara a scuola… altrimenti google translator 😉

  70. quetz says:

    aahah burnout umd in the background.. respect 😉

    • wololo says:

      Yeah… that’s one way to shut up the people who constantly say we do this only for piracy :) Not that it will work, but oh well…

  71. Matthew says:

    When can we expect exploit release this or next year?

  72. dockotis says:

    i despise those who ruin it for others, or are “stool pigeons” for “Large Companys” *wink, wink*…
    devs put work into these exploits for everyone, and some people screw it up horribly..
    (Sam Jordan)…
    Anyway, patience is key and be grateful!

    • dockotis says:

      Also, i dont want it for piracy, but im really wanting it for emulators… i have original megadrive games that i dumped and wish to play on this amazing system… Im on my Vita posting this btw…

  73. eki says:

    1st pic.

    Look at the time.

    No need stating the obvious Wololo…. 😉

  74. carmelo says:

    io o solo chiesto un informazione si come sono registrato sul sito giustamente la lingua italiana non ce o meglio non mela da e o fatto una semplice domanda e non mi sembra di aver offeso e cmq a scuola ci sono andato cmq grazie della risposta

    • quetz says:

      hey non ti offendere, guarda che google traduce bene, certo non al 100%, ma comunque è uno strumento utile in questo caso.. il sito è in inglese per raggiungere la maggior parte degli utenti, tradurlo in italiano e altre lingue sarebbe pressochè inutile 😉 comunque come ti ho detto devi avere pazienza qualche giorno ed il nome del gioco viene reso noto pubblicamente

  75. Ecchi255 says:

    I can’t DL the exploit game, I get error when I try to DL the game and the previous exploit (urbanix), but I can DL free demos, any idea why? error code 80029519

  76. NakedFaerie says:

    I suggest to release the exploit WITHOUT naming the game so the people who can see the ninja release game get it and others can also get it, give it a few days then name the game. Lets see how that goes. I’m betting there will be more people able to get it then if you release it WITHOUT naming the game.

  77. DamimavPL says:

    so… when this comes out?
    I want to continue work with traslations MHP3rd from PSP on my Vita 😉

  78. kash says:

    Sorry if im not allowed to say this mods.

    Hi guys, the Ninja release has been going out to people, i have recieved mine. So i suggest keep checking back every hour now people.

  79. seqsou says:

    thank you for your works!

  80. wijtek says:

    Did nobody notice the leet time? 13:37 @ first pic?

  81. brando says:

    is the ninja release coming to our emails or what?…

  82. Jenoside says:

    Woo, Can’t Wait :D!!!! But I will, lol

  83. ChrisWade says:

    For those who already know the game…I can’t find it in the Italian store! I’ve used the search function and all..is it possible that it is already been removed? Or is it hust the italian store? thanks..

  84. qubix says:

    Its not been taken down yet, for the Uk store anyway.

  85. tattoohanz says:

    Czech store is ok;)

  86. Jake says:

    Hey guys, don’t mean to be a noob or anything but how do you know if your going to get an email or not if in fact there are being sent. Thanks in advance :)

  87. musashiro says:

    US store is ok.. 😀

  88. ololo says:

    Game in GER Store down

  89. Mika says:

    Does anyone know if the game is in the usa?

  90. Matthew says:

    What is the game name?

  91. Danny_Howl says:

    So, you guys get the name of the game by e-mail? How can I get the name too? Coz, I’m worried about Sony delete it…

    • Kenster240 says:

      It should show up in the /talk forums page under the “random homebrew” section. Although it will only show up if you’re registered and don’t have any warnings.

  92. brando says:

    man i have to wait until tomorrow to download gotta buy a psn card….i hope sony dosent patch or take it down….

  93. brando says:

    Us store ok

  94. Danny_Howl says:

    How can you get the name? Or you’re trollings saying what do you like?

  95. please... says:

    Could someone please email me the name of the game… :c. bb10119@hotmail.com

  96. please... says:

    This is my first chance to get a right game

  97. Danny_Howl says:

    I only wish what the game is one of the 4 free minis…

  98. Doc.x says:

    Step one complete , just have to wait on those files now. Just want to thank everyone working on this project. Been on the psp/ps3 scenes for a while and just got myself a COD Bundle vita for christmas glad to know that just about right out the box ill be able to Play some psp
    Backups/Homebrew on it.

  99. ben says:

    for those who dont get the ninja release yet. please dont ask or discuss that here. Sony have many eyes, so they can take the game out anytime. When that happened u guys dont have chance to buy them anymore. If u have register here u will get ur turn for the ninja release. Im just registered a month ago & dont even post anythg special, still i get the ninja release. Dont worry this guys will not let u down, just wait patiently & your turn will come unless u have been warned for something that u done. Dont give up guys, u can trust this people.

  100. JoeBloggs says:

    “TN Menu insists that you copy all your stuff in the same savedata as the exploited game, which to me makes you run the risk of messing up with the exploit”

    Can I get any confirmation whether this really is a danger to the exploit or not?

  101. Zeuso says:

    port the exploit to Vice City stories or ratchet and clank size matters

    • Kenster240 says:

      I don’t think you can just “port” an exploit over to another game. From what I understand (I’m probably wrong), the exploits are the result of programming errors that the developers made. It is rare to find such errors. If you could port an exploit over, that’d be awesome!

  102. red says:

    I just hope i dont have to spend over 40 bucks again. i bought the monster hunter game only to find out that i had no way of putting in on my vita because my ps3 was on the latest firmware and the vita 1.80 wasn’t able to connect to it.

  103. Danny_Howl says:

    I think…put the e-mail just here it’s a wrong idea…you’re open the easy way to the trollings

  104. Danny_Howl says:

    Somebody can tell me if in the Spain Store is available the game?

  105. Steveo74 says:

    Please send me the Email of the game name please for 2.02 exploit

  106. panzer051 says:

    can anyone tell me about exploit game name?plz~

    my email address is panzer051@gmail.com ><

  107. Biohazard90 says:

    Thx a lot =)

  108. mikufans says:

    It seems a good start to re-engineering the console.

  109. xXZelda007Xx says:

    Please the name of this game , my e-mail : matthieu199800@live.fr , im seriously ! :)

  110. dhuchaaya says:

    Any wise man over there, please send the gamename to my address. It will remain top secret. chhaya_dhungana@yahoo.com

  111. ben says:

    wait for your turn goddamit. Revealing ur email will add risk for ur email acc to be hacked & so on.

  112. ramenking says:

    hey do you think ps1 will work better on the new CEF compared as before? would be wicked to play my old mvc game again 😀

    p.s thanks

  113. youguesswhoing says:

    How do you get it then? Just wait for it to be sent to your email?

  114. liggi26 says:

    please email me the name of the game ” liggi26@hotmail.com

  115. Will says:

    Been waiting on this for a while now, honestly put off buying a vita till the scene made more progress with the vita,great work!

  116. minibouba says:

    thanks for the work,waiting for the eCFW release.

  117. Rekka says:

    I love this! I have used 2 of the released exploits before but still Im really exited every time a new exploit is released.. especially if it comes with difficulty’s like installing etc. The most fun is to get everything to work, when I have the homebrew’s and umd backups installed I don’t use my Vita so much. :)

    Thanks everyone for your work! Hope I can contribute with something one day!

  118. jesus says:

    i´ll waiting patiently

  119. Cojoo says:

    it seems like every time some one says, “be patient, dont put your email out like that” the more people post their email. Do you guys understand how many trolls your inviting to *** with you? just chill! plus, it kinda seems like the more we complain and ask for the kexploit the longer they make us wait. just say thanks and wait. dont forget, this is wololo’s site and reputation. do u really think some one like him who has been around so long and that has such a good reputation would allow devs to flat out lie and not release anything on his site?

  120. xXZelda007Xx says:

    Please the name of the game : matthieu199800@live.fr please

  121. michał says:

    Could anyone please send me the name of the game, because I’m from Poland and I don’t speak Englich well. I already registrate but still can’t find anything. my email address is adamsdg2831@gmail.com

  122. Denis says:

    Please the name of the game : denispeterson@gmx.de please

  123. azio says:

    i got it!thanx a lot frostegater and wololo! waiting for files!


    Please email me name of game philipjr603@aol.com


    please email me name of game philipjr603@aol.com

  126. Patrick81 says:

    I just registered… now what? can you be kind to email me at deafryansmith@gmail.com. I’m TOTALLY new to this. Please help me. Thanks :)

  127. zak says:

    please email me name of game zak59950@live.fr

  128. DD says:

    Let’s change it up… please DON’T email the name of the game, or even tell me if a game name has been released or not, I care not about the subject. Just want to know if it’s OK to update to 2.02 for right now, anyone?

  129. ben says:

    you guys are the best!!!!

  130. Crz says:

    Hm, i wonder how you all get the Info :/

  131. stardome says:

    DD update to the newest firmware

  132. godzilladude says:

    hopefully ninjas will come soon

  133. stardome says:

    The game name is ultimate board game collection

  134. PJ says:

    gotta look around for clues, last time i got wind from various sites that it might be mad blocker alpha, n i figured even if it wasn’t that game only 3 bucks down the drain. three days later the official post that the game will allow homebrew was live! can’t be cheap people ya never know which game is or isn’t the right one. if a news article on a game site says “X” game will allow homebrew and its super cheap, GET IT!

  135. Hardin says:

    Sony already knows about the “ninja” release, it just takes a while for it to react as any insitution with policies and regulations. There’s memos to be written, departments to cooperate, branches to be contacted and negotiations to be made. Nothing gets done without going through the proper channels and thats’s quite a process.

  136. razor says:

    To Frostegater,Wololo and all the other developers I want to thank you guys for all the hard work you do. You guys are awesome. I hope you all have a Happy New year.

  137. Matthew says:

    Please email me name of game: skrobarvita@gmail.com
    Many thanks!

  138. Denis says:

    please email me name of game denispeterson@gmx.de pls help

  139. alex says:

    please the name of the game 😀 wsa11@hotmail.it

  140. DD says:

    Thanks stardome, updated and waiting for save files now :)

  141. jvhellraiser says:

    i think is time to release the files,if the game
    has been remove of all stores already like some are
    posting here. If not them everyone must wait until
    the game gets remove before getting the files release.

  142. Mika says:

    I hope I get the game name from the forum b4 its taken down

  143. CJW says:

    You should as the last ninja relase GCP for 1.81 was up for better than a week in ninja release before the public announcement and $ony pulled the game. Even if you miss it if you have a CFW PS3 you can do the trick where you buy it on PS3 and then transfer it to Vita. This trick works as I have already purchased the current game and transfered even though my Vita is still on 1.81. I also purchased the Drake Uncharted card game and tranfered it to my 1.81 Vita and can play it. The best thing I can recommend is signing up for this forumn and doing a little posting now and then and you will move up in the release list.

  144. Denis says:

    Please send me the Email of the game name please for 2.02 exploit denispeterson@gmx.de

  145. jason says:

    can someone please tell me the name of the game too? jason153985@gmail.com

  146. Denni93 says:

    Just registered in the forum,hopefully it´s not to late for me to get the name…

    Can anyone confirm that the game is still online in german store?

  147. pedrogarrido1985 says:

    Please name game xploit

  148. pedrogarrido1985 says:

    Please name game xploit adress pedrogarrido1985@gmail.com

  149. tom says:

    Please email me too, I can’t find it on the forum tom1012@ymail.com, thanks in advance

  150. matthieu4009 says:

    name game exploit sorry my friends

  151. malcom976 says:

    can give me the name of the game plz


  152. Joe says:

    With Charles proxy, skfu or whatever on your PS3, you can transfer files from a normal firmware (ofw) PS3 to a PS Vita with older firmware. Than you can transfer the file(s) to your computer using openCma (or CMA with your custom xml, my only option as Mac user 😉 ). That way you can update later, with losing neither your current CEF nor the exploit.

  153. MrKenyan says:

    Oh wow can’t wait! Hopefully i get in on the ninja release or at least i buy the game in time.

  154. testandpass says:

    Finally, I got it after 10 hours of refreshing the browser.

  155. matthieu4009 says:

    does anyone found it?

  156. Senhor dos Anais. says:

    Please, the name of the game: danilo-chan@hotmail.com please

  157. carmelo says:

    rag io non ci intendo una ceppa volevo sapere i file sono sta publicati o no perche io o gia tutto pero non so muovermi nel sito non so linglese se quacono puo aiutarmi grazie in anticipo

  158. CJW says:

    We can’t/won’t/shouldn’t email you the name of the game in case you are a wreched $ony spy….lol. It does happen and the idea behind the ninja release is that you signup for the forum and then you get the release based on your length of membership and amount of interaction in the community. This way the most trusted people get it first and the least trusted get it last. This is a good method and even when I was knew several months ago I still got the game name before it went public and had time to purchase it on PSN. Now I have been on for 6 months or so and imagine I am in the middle of the list somewhere. Just play by the rules as this is the safest way to make sure the largest amount of people get access to the game before $ony gets wise and pulls it.

  159. theone# says:

    my email is gackt400@hotmail.com or is it just easyer to make another post about it?

  160. Faisal says:

    Could someone email me the game and name on the uk since i live in scotland faisaldante@hotmail.co.uk

  161. KawaiiDesu says:

    I hope peoples here are sending false ninja release 30$ psp games to the ones begging with e-mail address.

  162. Doc.x says:


  163. carmelo says:

    io son registrato ma non so dove prendere i fail nel sito

  164. Patrick81 says:

    Is the game still up there? we are still waiting :(

  165. Mondocappe says:

    Please send me Email with the name of game for 2.02 exploit, thanks a lot, my email is mondocappe@teletu.it

  166. abooy21 says:

    please email the release to me, too!!

  167. carmelo says:

    ragazzi non continuate a chiedere il nome del gioco seno non vengono riaschiati i file per exploit lo invieranno a tutti gli utenti registrati

  168. StJimmy80 says:

    SAME HERE: wilee1928@gmail.com

    I REALLY want to download it before its to late, since I already purchased a PSN card and updated my Vita to 2.02 losing my eCFW.

    • Kenster240 says:

      Just regularly check the homepage for the blog post. When the Gravity Crash exploit was released, there was still about 2 days until it was pulled down.

  169. Poland TEAM says:

    Register now online, you will find
    ktoś dał informacje o tej grze na forum playstation, pierdolić jego

  170. hokogo says:

    Please email me , I can’t find it on the forum 522470126@qq.com, thanks in advance

  171. Mika says:

    10hrs so far nd still nothing, gotta keep going…

  172. t-marius says:

    may I know the name of the game,send it to hoola-hop70@virgilio.it

  173. anhtuanle84 says:

    Can’t believe people are throwing out their emails to get trolled. Hahaha. Just wait patiently for it guys.

  174. Poland TEAM says:

    do not understand that you need to register on the forum to obtain such information, unless you are ***.
    I did not know that on the Internet there are so many morons

  175. Rocco33 says:

    cool …Thanks from Germany

  176. jb says:

    Quick question due to being confused. Will I have to transfer everything (psp games, emulators, etc.) all over again for the new exploit, or can I leave everything on my memory stick?

    • mlc says:

      TNMenu might require some stuff to be moved around, apparently? But the other menus should still recognize your files from a prior exploit. The only stuff that you might want to delete would be old exploit files(ex. just the exploit save and none of the homebrew) that no longer work on the new FW revision.

      Personally, as long as you’re *certain* that you have gotten the game onto your Vita and it can run prior to updating from your current exploit FW, I think you should just leave everything where it is and move stuff with a file manager later if required.

  177. jrj9629 says:

    Could someone email me the name of the game??? Jrj9629@gmail.
    Com thanks

  178. Patrick81 says:

    Poland Team… I registered and it’s not showing anything there. I guess not all get the info at the same time. :S

  179. Fingloi_x3 says:

    where can i get the f.ing files?

  180. Patrick81 says:

    I have a feeling it’s going to be removed soon. I’m still waiting. sigh

  181. Cloudstrife1901 says:

    iv registered on the site and i see nothing…. ahh well it’l be removed once everybody knows

  182. tomo says:

    join the forum even if you just join now you may still see it before public release just check daily its a great vita place anyway

  183. Beemo says:

    The most desperate thing to happen for the public would be that the game gets removed before the public announcement.

    But that probably wouldn’t happen.

  184. Anderson says:

    To everyone asking for the name… Just register and wait like everyone else.

  185. Jasper says:

    Anyone know the differences between Frostegater’s eCFW and the TN eCFW? I remember seeing something about not having to wait for the game to boot or something. Anyone know? Thanks.

    • Lolwut says:

      If i have my facts straight, i believe that what frostegator is doing here is porting Total Noobs CEF to his own exploit, but he is also working on a Pro eCFW with other key hackers on the scene which will have more features than total noobs existing CEF.

  186. Fredrick.Sylar says:

    OK, is posting my email here really gonna get me early access to the name of the game?
    I usually just browse this website for news but I just registered if that’s gonna help.
    I’d very much hope if the admin or coordinator of this website would put more meaning into using my VITA by sending me the name.

    BTW, I’ve registered with a username same as the one I’m posting with (I wrote it manually as if I’m not logged in {‘: s )


  187. CloudStrife1901 says:

    To the person above is that really the game? Or are you some troll just to make people buy that

  188. CuRsE says:

    Don´t know what i did wrong, i´ll never get it ^^ Looking after it the whole day, buy this buy that, who could i trust? 😀

  189. juanito21 says:

    Can you give me the page that i must see forma ninja release?

  190. faisalhaahha says:

    i got it d game right downloaded successfuly now backing up

  191. ben says:

    Don’t trust the comment post here. Just register at talk/forum & for your turn for ninja release.It will come & believe me at worst, u will get to see it a week before the save file is being released. Dont worry, u will get it just like everyone else.

  192. Mondocappe says:

    Now i’m registered in the forum, please send me Email with the name of game for 2.02 exploit, thanks a lot, my email is mondocappe@teletu.it

    • ben says:

      It will not sent to ur email dude. Just make sure u stayed login & wait for the green banner(ninja release info) to come out the the main page of the forum. Dont logout & keep refreshing every 2 hour.

  193. Just be patient guys remember your not supposed to ask for it its against the rules it’ll Come to you eventually thatz step 1 I’m waiting for step 2 :-)

  194. Zeuso says:

    please send to my email

  195. Thatguy says:

    Ok i have the game now

  196. anglimeng says:

    Now i’m registered in the forum, please send me Email with the name of game for 2.02 exploit, thanks a lot, my email is sjwgh2013g@126.com

  197. abuwaqas says:

    hey guys i was wondering if someone can email me the name of the game ?

    my email is waqas_siddiqui120@hotmail.com


  198. Adrian says:

    Now i’m registered in the forum, please send me Email with the name of game for 2.02 exploit mail adrian@alchimiaverde.it

  199. Gameusz says:

    You guys can’t wait can you? Just be patient holy ***. Haha. If you’re registered on the forums, just check back every hour or so until you see a green banner at the top of the forums.

  200. Buckets o' Nuggz says:

    This is wondrous news. anyone know how to change the timestamp on comments to match local time?

  201. Castiel says:

    Alright, I understand we are supposed to be patient and wait, but I have been logged in and checking the forums ALL DAY,with every hour, I can’t help but think that it is too late. As for keeping people quiet during a ninja release, turn the comments off. Would help a ton.

  202. Mika says:

    the suspense is killing me lol. Been up for 20 hrs waiting, lol.

  203. Corey96 says:

    Guys… Seriously, stop asking. If you’re registered on the forums you will get the ninja release… But registering now might not get it to you, you might be cutting it a bit too close. Anyway, it’s being release some time in December and there are two days left. Just be patient. Also, when the public release is out you’ll have to move quickly and not put off getting the game. Sony will be fast to remove the game from the store.

  204. Xtianlp says:

    Please give me a name of the explote game to my email!!
    Por favor me envian el nombre a mi correo:

  205. ushersnake says:

    May the force be with you!

  206. Salor says:

    Remember anything can be photoshopped.

  207. mike says:

    Hi guys, where do I register?

  208. goddamnit says:

    ive waited 2months for the release so for the guys who had just registered today or yesterday complaining and wining that they havent received anything yet, your turn will come so lets just wait.

  209. kingblack says:

    good……thank you

  210. woovsyou says:

    partay up in huuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr

  211. Castiel says:

    Funny how UNO was plastered all over the plus when I was searching around the internet for the exploit. I thought they were all trolls -.-

  212. CJ says:

    hey can i get the ninja release i been trying to get one for month

  213. Kyuremu says:

    I never expected Uno to be the one tbh xp
    Waiting to install the exploit now (also,brace yourselves,forced update incoming very soon).

  214. I will try to buy it ASAP for a tutorial check me out, don’t forget to download the free mini’s wololo talked about before, they also may be exploited like before

  215. Luke Thomas says:

    Can you send me exploit games on ps vita 2.02 to lukethomas192012@live.com.

  216. c-zero says:

    No worries man. Now you know lol.

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