Calling all PSP/ePSP developers: The community needs you!

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  1. Shura

    PSP scene forever!

  2. rafael707


  3. bullrog92

    cant wait to see whats gona become of new psp homebrew.

  4. jacobas92

    Sweet! Can’t wait to see what they do with it.

  5. regine03

    NIce, very informative

  6. regine03

    very informative

  7. Dj Android

    Finally, a call for us devs. Im IN!

  8. Gigidy!

    fantastic idea!

  9. yosh

    “Everyone who has some knowledge in programming for the PSP is requested to help out.”
    pretty arrogant and useless repetitive post to me .. devs do w/e they want, stop crying all the time

    • wololo

      I think he meant “requested” as in “please”, not as an order. I mean, even in English that word is fuzzy

      • yosh

        ok but I mean there have been quite several posts about that already, this time the situation is the same as before so I don’t see much point in ‘uniting’ people at this precise moment more than any other :p

        • hgoel0974

          It is just a coincidence that I came up with this at this time.

          I didn’t come up with this as a way to ‘unite’ people but as a way to make the PSPSDK easier for beginners.

      • yosh

        cry-calls make it worse imho

      • hgoel0974

        yes, I meant please, not as an order but a choice, if you can then please help, it still is your choice.

  10. Hotaru

    A cry for help..
    I bet some Devs will be joining the scene very soon.

    Developers, Unite!

  11. w00tguy123

    I wouldn’t mind the PSP scene starting back up. By the time I got a decent grip on programming everyone left.

  12. loverali

    that’s really good.I look forward to it.Vita really needs some more homebrews.

  13. scooter61686

    i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to learn how to start fiddling with this stuff! and will be reading with wide-eyes when and if this project comes to fruition!…just gotta get a psp again as i got rid of mine to get a vita…

  14. snailcomment

    “even at the lowest clock speed, the emulator is faster than the max 333 MHz of the PSP”

    Oh I didn’t know the Vita speeds up the clock of the PSP emulator. You sure about that?

    • hgoel0974

      It is known that it is such, TN said it himself, his TN-C upgrade said that he had found out that the PSP emulator was faster than the PSP and the above statement as well.

  15. o MELTDOWN o

    This would be vry nice. It would help the new generation of devs that are to come.

  16. diego

    i think you are just posting this to show your site.. the web is full of pspsdk tutorials and documentation, no need for another site. or you just want to be part of something?

    • hgoel0974

      I am not trying to advertise. All the information on the internet is not always easy to understand.
      Besides, what do you think I mean by

      “The wiki is aimed at providing documentation of things like what different functions do, how to call them, the exceptions that they can throw, in plain English so that everyone can understand them easily.”

      I myself am totally sick of having to spend hours searching on the internet just to figure out how to show the OSK or to connect to the internet in the SDK and I know many more who have the same problem, it is just too tedious, this would help users to sort out everything easily

  17. Darren

    give me a year! i will know C++ programming and some other stuff by then :D!

  18. jvhellraiser

    not sure what differences it got, but anyone trying to fix
    the snes emulator or rebuild it,make it good XD

  19. Acid_Snake

    you can copy-paste my python psp tutorials at /talk

  20. Name *

    I have tried developing homebrew for PSP before and i found that the biggest deterrent is that there is no complete reference which covers all the functions of the sdk, or maybe there is and i just couldn’t find it…. ?

  21. Tgtw

    I would have liked to create hombres but I got confused asked for help and got non so finally if its more clear I can do it xD

  22. wartaf

    that’s great! PSP dev will be a good practice before the Vita 😀

  23. Hellcat

    PSP HB <3

    While I still find exploiting the Vita's emulator overhyped (just get a cheap PSP for PSP HB for crying out loud) I'd love to see the PSP community pick up momentum again.

    This also brings up an older idea I had but never did:
    Video tutorials on PSP deving….

  24. MainCypher

    I am shure, in then years my PSP will work as well as she (? :P) now does (fat one). Im not shure if the vita and espacially the *** samsung smartphones will reach that…

  25. david

    nice, im in too xD.

  26. cx3

    Oh, please, not Wikia! Anything but that stupid wiki hosting site!

  27. JMQM Officials

    I would but it seems difficult xD

  28. EuropeanFAGBAGgaylordKING

    being a dev is soo easy its like posing nude for a photo shoot you gotta have style and taste.

  29. Deagle275

    To people that don’t know how to choose your image . Create an account with the e-mail you use here .

  30. juniorsinistro

    CPS3 FULL SPEED.plis

  31. RNB_PSP

    how about another big psp programming contest?

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