Frostegater joins PRO Team


I like beer.

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127 Responses

  1. letmedo this says:

    ur nonesense overflow

  2. BangNamStyle says:

    yeah talking nonsense overflow.zzz so many noobs here.

  3. This 2 people have no life here :( . . . sad, ,

  4. virtualtad says:

    is not the game, this is what Acid_Snake meant.

  5. virtualtad says:

    Just leave the fool with his stupidity!!!

  6. xploited says:

    Sorry for the spam on the first page, my meds ran out. D:

  7. Matthew says:

    Release exploit for 2.01 please!

  8. hgoel0974 says:

    please, stop misleading people!

    • Jesus says:

      misleading people? lol dont YOU mislead people i was told that was the game if that isnt it ill be mad lol i spent 5 bucks and waiting for that release lol

    • regine03 says:

      We observed that some people are misleading us, it is better on this blog to have a comment verification first for approval before it will show up.

      hope it helps

      • wololo says:

        This blog receives more than 200 comments a day, we don’t have the time to review all of these. And I also stated multiple times that I don’t want people to have to subscribe in order to post comments here.
        If people are not able to understand that *all* blog comments are to be taken with a grain of salt, well, that’s their problem. I’m not going to sacrifice the convenience of not having to be logged in to post in the comments, just because of a few trolls.

  9. Smity123 says:

    Well if its a privite so called CFW then why are they even bragging about it. Like I commented in the coldbird coming back to clairify blog entry. Keep it to yourselves until its released. All this youtube “we have a exploit” but were not sharing is turning into Bull$hit.

    Pretty soon you’ll have to pay to play basically there going to charge you for a premium CFW.

    • Someone Else says:

      Because… this site isn’t just about what you can get your greedy hands on?

      This site is partly about reading about the modding accomplishments of others, that they’re proud of. If you couldn’t care less about that on its own, then why exactly do you deserve free firmwares?

    • Acid_Snake says:

      PRO wasn’t exactly the ones who leaked this CFW, they kept it a secret for everyone but now it’s no use

  10. MarSprite says:

    I wondered what would happen, interesting. So this is pretty exciting.

  11. Losiento says:

    You guys looks like small kiddys sry because of the flammes… If the devs dont release ist that your fould and the normal people get a punisment to. Thx

    Sry for my english

  12. meler-andy says:

    sit tight and wait for pro 5 to realse if they ever will :(

  13. c-zero says:

    These fake claims are actually a good thing IMO. Misdirection is the best defense against those who will report the exploit once it comes out, or leak the info before the official release. Only those who are faithful to the ninja release will know the truth. And for those who actually fell for the fake claims, you should have known by now that the only time we would see any info on the exploit is only through the ninja release. I’m sorry you wasted your money, but you should have known better.

  14. mecksg1 says:

    So I think the guy that saying that is the game is a douce bag. He should just shut up and leave the thread and forum. And if that is the game well I bought that a long time ago.

  15. najmico says:

    i dont undestand all this they became friend or enemies or any thing what about the exploit are they giving it to us or what

  16. virtualtad says:

    If you cannot post a picture of the announcement, *** and stop misleading people!

  17. lim says:

    i dun think i want privacy becuz i want buy official game and i bought few official games lbp,u13,call of duty,dokuro,gundam

  18. lykill says:

    Wololo thanks for the heads-up. For the trolls posting stupid f#£ck things on other forums. This is not for piracy, this is for the freedom to use a device at its best abilities on open base software and you pay for the thing so why are you not allowed to to what you want with it. I work on cars and no car manufacturers can stop me from doing what n want to a clients cars, so the same will apply to my vita,ps3 and PSP.

  19. Bob smit says:

    So a cold bird, a frosty gator, and an acidic snake walk into a bar…

  20. DjEdih says:

    BTW, that’s for Ivo.

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