Coldbird comes back to clarify some details on ARK, the leak & Team PRO

After my article regarding the Vita’s eCFW ARK some details were missing but Coldbird has decided to step out and help us clarify some information including that ARK is indeed his work as well as some other big news.

To quote Coldbird directly (source) :

Some people over at Wololo’s place have been wondering whether the showcased VF Vita CFW Video was the CFW I’ve been working on. To put it short, yes it is. Project Ark (initially PRO-Vita) has been a joint collaboration of multiple big personalities of the scene. However, as I’ve not queried the other team members for permission to post their names just yet, I will only name those which are already obvious to the open eye, namely me (Coldbird) and Virtuous Flame. (Should any other people want to get mentioned, please contact me, you know how to find me.) I want to put big importance into the fact that this project is a collaboration and that everyone that took part in it deserves to label himself a valuable member to Team PRO.

Rolling up the events of the recent past, namely the leak of the Project Prototype which forced me to leave the scene, was caused by multiple people, some trustworthy – some not so trustworthy – some made of pure evil. One of those people involved in the leak, tricked through social engineering to leak the Prototype, was frostegater, a person initially part of the well known TN-Camp. While its impossible to make up for the part he played in the leaking events, I and the core members of Team PRO decided that it was best to work towards uniting the scene, rather than stirring flames of war, which lead to frostegater being accepted as one of our Core-Team members (with him, we are now 5). Even though he’s the newest member of the Core-Team I’m very positive his contributions in the future will be of big use to the team and, obviously, also to you, the Enduser.

As for Project Ark release dates, no information available at the moment…However the code is complete, fully functional and out beats that of TN-CEF by far (sadly, even the Prototypes beat TN-CEF by far). The reason this ain’t out yet is simple, this is a collaborative project and we are a democratic team where every core member gets a equal vote in what we are meant to do. The vote for when and how (and also – if) to release this project is still pending.

I wish all of you (even if a bit late for xmas) – a relaxing, calm and happy Christmas Holidays, as well as a good slide into the new year 2013. Maya my a** – we are still here.

Greetings, Coldbird.

So there you are, people. project ARK, an eCFW that (according to its authors) beats TN’s CEF in terms of performance and compatibility, might or might not be released soon, and this is still being debated among its creators. Are you as excited as we are?

  1. stOneskull’s avatar

    i like that those who needed punishing, were.. and those that needed forgiving, were.

    towards a united new year, with less bad vibes and more good will :)


  2. ils’s avatar

    i wonder if this exploit will run on old FW (Urbanix, MAD)


  3. Laras’s avatar

    I’m tired of developers stating “maybe we won’t release this ever”. Don’t talk about this then people. I’m over the last cef’s and got ready for the upcoming release so I’m not a cfw starving:P boy crying about non-releases. My 2 and a half (euro) cents.


  4. quetz’s avatar

    what in terms of “better”? because to me, better, is the latest version i can get.. and here we are, same old story, if you really have this amazing project, ready to go, why is it stucked to your console only? ok they’re deciding yet on how to, on when release it, but.. keep your mouth shut! spread it only when it’s ready TO GO! and if you’re still evaluating if to release or not.. well then.. i do not respect your decisions. it’s ready? tested? no problems? WHAT THEN?! here we’re praying greek for having a exploit could run a eCFW that you might say worst than your ARK project, could be possibly patched in hours after the release, and then, still why you’re releasing it with a port for eCFW? skip to the next work and prepare to release ARK not this one :S i’m sorry if i might be not very clear and understandable, but i’m still improving my english..


  5. StarOne’s avatar

    Early news is better then no news. That’s why this scene is tough for developers. Well for some. 90% of it is people with their hands out. Be greatful. It’s “stuck” to their counsels because it’s THEIR work. They don’t owe it to anyone, and do not have to give anything away. Folks talk like devs are getting paid hundreds an hour to do this.

    Bless the remaining % who respect.


    1. quetz’s avatar

      @starone this % you talk about is made by people like you who doesn’t see 360 degrees.
      devs are people like us, not gods not blesseds. and no, sure they got not payed for it, at least some generous user provides some donation often. but, point is, i made my opinion about, they do it mainly for 3 reason: the first and obvious they like what they do, second and not less important, they like their butt being licked by random users (great % of kids) who would just kill for a master hack of a console, and third most important thing THEY CARE about giving us the possibility to benefit their hard work and enjoy the possibilities we can afford with the hack of a device, gaming console, smartphone, even a dvb-t.. So, you ain’t right, you don’t have to be thankfull with a drop out your eye as they’re giving you a expansive present you could only dream. no way, you gotta ASK them to be polite and share, possibly quit stuff like “look what i have, cool eh? you like it? you want it? it’s great! and now, maybe i will release maybe i will not… who cares.. i made it, i got it..” this is childish to me


    2. Ahfsjsjs’s avatar

      Why don’t you just shut up, you pony scum


      1. quetz’s avatar

        and who’s you? some offended team supporter? go cry your mom for buying you a ps card son


  6. Fuc* A** O*U’s avatar

    dont get ur hope up & expect anything guys. there will be no exploits release this month or next coz this dev only want to use it by themselves so that they can play pirate psp iso much longer..LOL..WTF..Bullshits to all of U devs..


    1. hgoel0974’s avatar

      Why would a person who has access to more information than you want to pirate games?

      Also, if you really hate devs, why are you wasting your time reading and commenting on a site which is a hub for devs?

      I don’t see any sense in that.


  7. TelgarDrakore’s avatar

    All of you complaining about Coldbird and others mentioning the status of this project when it has no clear date of release, you all really need to remove the stick from your asses. WHEN or IF they choose to release it is very much their choice and not yours, and they mention the progress or their capabilities for the sole reason of the fame or pride behind the accomplishment, not to service you ungrateful people. If you don’t like hearing about what they can do, then stop following these websites.

    Have some damned respect and be patient, that’s the only chance you have of this coming out because complaining and acting entitled will only delay longer if not forever its release. I for one am glad to hear anything about work on the Vita, release or not. This system is capable of so much, and its still quite limited in its capabilities.


    1. Someone Else’s avatar

      Well said!

      I’d like to see it come out too, but I’m not holding my breath with all these complainers.

      I can only helplessly watch while they flush all our chances down the drain. But, since I have no control over that, we may as well resign to no release.

      Thanks for nothing, complainers. Seriously.


  8. Fantasy Tennis’s avatar

    LOL Nice one, Mayans my as$ we are still here. That made laugh. I mean first time I seen a pro hacker curse.


    1. razor2012’s avatar

      The mayans meant it was the end of the weekend not the end of the world. Lol


  9. idontknow’s avatar

    i hope they port it to current kernel exploit


  10. n1nurt4’s avatar

    someone correct me if I’m wrong, but ColdBird isn’t back in the scene… the title can be misread, which explains some of the comments.


  11. o MELTDOWN o’s avatar

    Ahhhhh 2013. A year of redemption and great success. I’m liking it already.


  12. xploited’s avatar



  13. xploited’s avatar



    1. hgoel0974’s avatar

      Please stop misguiding people, we have had enough of your annoying spam, first as qwerty26 and now as xploited, so just shut up Sam!


  14. gtfoo’s avatar

    someone please enlighten us….

    how is ark superior to tn’s ecfw ?

    they sure love sayin it, but in what terms is it better ?

    also would like to mention if it were up to these guys we wouldn’t have NO ecfw right now.

    god bless total noob for atually giving the end user a cfw instead of just shamelessly teasing one like these guys.


    1. hgoel0974’s avatar

      ARK is superior in terms of homebrew and game compatibility, this means that it can also play some games and homebrew that TN’s eCFW could not.

      Total Noob just acted fast and wrote a minimal eCFW so that the urbanix exploit would not be wasted, Team PRO wasn’t teasing the scene, they were working on a better eCFW and their work was leaked, otherwise we might already have had ARK.


  15. dr3amcast3r’s avatar

    First of all, Thanks Devs for this (most excellent) news.

    I’ve been following the scene since it’s early days in psp (back in 2005). Every single game I do like I DO BUY. The fact we can use backup games (or pirated games) has to major benefits (a part from all the evil)
    1st: Game houses make a supreme effort to make good games because they know that the only reason people will spend money in games is if they like the game.
    2nd: allows users to spend their money with the knowledge that the game is really good and/or they like it (for instance I really like Lord of the Rings Tactics but most reviews of that game say it’s very bad)

    As for a release date for the exploit/CFW. It’s their work, so only THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE when to release it.


  16. Leonardo’s avatar

    What people that are defending the devs, have no intelligence at all. NO ONE is screwing with their things or DEMANDING that they release. I think that bottom line is that NO ONE IN ANY BUSINNES shows something telling that they might not release. Imagine if cientists say that they have the solution for clean energy but they wont say because of nothing. The problem is if you DONT want to release NOW or EVER don´t say you have it, that just make unecessary expectations, thats the point of the complains. I don´t want to have the exploit nor the eCFW but is I´m sicking tired of having news that doesn´t get anywhere.


  17. xhack’s avatar

    F**K I thought Coldbird is back :(


  18. Smity123’s avatar

    I for one am sick of these guys saying they are done with the scene then coming back to bitch… They sound like little girls.

    And I have been following the PSP since the early days but for the past 3-4 years we had this issue with crying about who did what and what leaked and we will never release this and so on…

    It needs to end basically keep it to yourselves until its released and keep the drama behind the scenes.



  19. bliz’s avatar

    I am the only one sick of ECFW??? Wololo didnt you said this Coldbird had a real CFW for Vita and not the same PSP emulated crap??


    1. hgoel0974’s avatar

      no sir, we never said that, we said that coldbird had a better eCFW than TN’s.
      If you are so sick of piracy on the PSP and want piracy on the PSVita then please do it yourself.


  20. Skars’s avatar

    First I thank you all for developing this and for sharing with us these information.

    I don’t complain about being informed, even if release dates is unknown or not mentioned. Its your work and you better than anyone to decide when to talk, release or do anything with it, and there’s nothing more I can do, other than thanking you all for sharing every piece of information atm.

    Nevermind these impatient kids.

    Just a question, if the work does not belong only to frotegater, for who, is more fare to donate if I wish to?

    Thanks again.


    1. Jd8531’s avatar

      Thanks for your kind words ^_^
      Well if you’re donating for the upcoming exploit release donate to frostegater. Otherwise you could split what you want up between everyone or donate to the PRO team here:


  21. ryan7646’s avatar

    You really can’t please everyone. Thank you for enlightening us with what is happening with the PS Vita scene.


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