Coldbird comes back to clarify some details on ARK, the leak & Team PRO


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126 Responses

  1. Shura says:

    Thanks for the new info ^^

  2. Guru says:

    Uh-oh. TN is going to throw a hissy fit and “leave the scene” again.

    • Mr MaGoo says:

      as he has alreary left the scene, i really dont think that thiswill be the case. still thanks goesout to noob as he is the reason that we are all able to have something at the moment.

  3. Dorlash says:

    very exciting news 😀

  4. Stbboy says:

    Such a great news!!

  5. TheZekku says:

    the more types of ecfw the better

  6. #18 says:

    YAY! Coldbird is not dead! Welcome back buddy!

    Is Sam dead yet?

  7. carlos says:

    este cfw requerirá que compremos un juego en psn

  8. Albie85 says:

    Cool news! Correction coldbird it’s mayan not maya

    • Cloud says:

      No, he’s right. It’s like America and American.

      • killa says:

        the Mayans didn’t say the end of the world, they said new era, doomsday is a miss-interpretation. the north pole is moving towards Russia before Dec 21 and after Dec 21 and has caused GPS system that don’t auto-update on old planes to crash both in Russia and america. the only hint of something bad was the last page of the Dresden Codex showing a flood caused by the suns crossing of the milky may’s galactic equator on dec 21 (every 5000 years), which is a fir estimates since the smaller gravitation pulls earth gets on it’s oceans from our sun and moon creates tides.

  9. ColonelPanic says:

    So, uh, if this gets released, it will be compatible with the upcoming 2.01/2 ninja game, right? I shouldn’t hold off on grabbing it when it’s released in fear of missing the opportunity to get this allegedly better CFW?

    • hgoel0974 says:

      yes, if they release it then this could surely be ported to the upcoming release, but then you shouldn’t hold off no matter what, you never know when you will get the next kexploit 😉

      TN eCFW is better than no CFW at all!

  10. Gsh says:

    What happened to Frostgate???

  11. mecksg1 says:

    That was some great info. Thanks for coming back coldbird. I cant wait to try this out when you guys decide its ready for the public. Take your time and make it great.

  12. 200C under says:

    waiting for the release

  13. bopz says:

    i just hope i will be able to get the game on psn, and the name too lol

  14. tom says:

    Awesome, will this work with the latest firmware? ( Latest as in 2.02 incase this takes awhile )

    • makak1984 says:

      Probably yes, but also probably have their own exploit, but only thing I wanna know what does this mean from them? So what is it a full Vita hack or it is hack of PSP emulator that is now known as eCFW, even if they have Flame with TN and it is based on PSP emu, so it will have part of his old reverse engeering HEN. I do not know how it will be done, because I was out of PSP/PS3 scene for about almost year, and now back to Vita… But this situation was before on PSP – when they have little “fight” in matter of HEN and PSone support.

      • hgoel0974 says:

        Yes, they have an exploit of their own.
        This is just another alternative to TN eCFW so it too runs in the PSP emulator, and no, this is not based on TN at all because this existed before TN eCFW, the files that Jordam had leaked was a very early beta version of ARK

    • hgoel0974 says:

      This, just like TN, will work on every firmware as long as you have a working kxploit.

  15. PiccoloPatt says:

    Wow, thanks for the info, I AM excited for this new cfw. Hope they vote for release it :)

  16. fpstps says:

    what do you call the turkey a day after christmas ??


  17. fpstps says:

    just a little joke banter etc no flaming

  18. Jan says:

    COldbird’s revenge

  19. Burningflames says:

    finally good news. dont forget not all people can buy a game from differents stores. i can only buy things from the european store ^^ hope the exploit game is in the Eu store or better in all stores. Flamehaze in action xD

  20. NakedFaerie says:

    AND before you go off at me, I release things under a different name THATS why you wont see anything with this name getting released.
    I’m in the PS3 scene and I have released many things.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      I have seen a lot of your posts (on other sites too), you rally don’t seem like what you say you are, give me an example of something you have released. Not to say that your lying but I can’t really think of you as that kind of a person, you seem more like a normal person to me and not a developer.

    • wololo says:

      Dude, if you’re a real dev like you claim, and not a fraud, you’ve surely realized by now that project ARK is nothing more than a port of Pro CFW to the Vita’s existing exploits. I think everybody with a brain has figured that out by now. There’s nothing secret in it except what you want to believe is secret. The only thing you’ll find in project ARK is the sweat and tears of people like Coldbird who put the necessary time into it to make it work.

      But look around, gamesave exploits all over the place, TN’s CEF open source made the kernel exploits easy to reverse engineer, and pro CFW’s been open source for the past 2 years.

      You want to blame someone for this release not happening yet? Blame yourself for not figuring out that all the pieces of the puzzle have been lying around for ages, and you were too blind to see it, or too lazy to put them together. You’re a dev, my a$$…

      • hgoel0974 says:

        leave it, don’t waste your time on this guy my friend!
        He can barely run homebrew on a PS3, how do you expect him to make homebrew?

        (I know this because I saw some more of his posts on other sites)

      • nCadeRegal says:

        OOOOOHHHHHH Woho Smackdown!!!!!!!!

      • NakedFaerie says:

        You have to admit that the Vita scene is made up mostly of the PSP and PS3 devs and they are the worst in any scene. The only reason we have CFW on the PS3 is because someone leaked it. If it was up to those devs there would still be no CFW released to the public.

        I never said I was a dev, I said I released what I did. and you will never see it with this name as I release all my work with a diferent name thats why you think I’m fake.

        You can see people that dont know how to read as they flame me without reading my comments.

        If I could delete it I would. Too much drama here. But it goes with the scene doesn’t it. Someone has a thought thats different than everyone elses and they get flamed for it.

        I will say THANKS to Coldbird, Wololo, Virtuous Flame, Frostegater. Without you releasing and leaking software we would have nothing.

  21. Dutt says:

    Guys.. Don’t wait for this to be released.. Get what you can. (Get the Ninja Release when you can) or you might be waiting a lot longer..

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Not really necessary, if the PRO team decided to announce it now, that probably means that they are pretty much done with it and they have the final release ready product, we just might see a release for the upcoming exploit.

      • Someone Else says:

        Man that would be a wonderful surprise! I’m not holding my breath, but that would literally make me jump for joy. And I mean literally. Won’t get too excited unless it actually happens though. The “if” is so real. :(

        It would also spit in the face of any scumbag(s) that questioned ColdBird’s intentions for no reason but to troll and be malicious, while simultaneously rewarding the true fans of Team PRO and CB.

    • roger says:

      What ils thé game?

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Now I see that you are referring to the exploit itself 😳

  22. Sanoske says:

    When is the ninja release? I heard ninja claus last time but obviously christmas passed. Maybe new years gift? Ive missed all the exploit games last time so i really want to get this one

  23. super says:

    I’m not really excited over this…

  24. Scousetomo says:

    Legend ive got utter respect for this guy

  25. hgoel0974 says:

    they didn’t say they would never release it, they said that they might release it later when the scene really needs it, I have seen your posts on other sites, you really hate coldbird

  26. swordchi says:

    im excited for this!!! THANKS TO ALL THE GUYS WHO IS BEHIND THIS!!!

  27. mike says:

    well 1st if u guys dont plan to release this then dont inform us. What’s the point if only we heard but cannout use it like u did right now. U know what, some of us think that devs should stop all this annoying act of displaying their work if they dont decided to release it yet. frost has gain name because he gave us the ecw. we dont care if he leak it or not becoz sharing is caring in hack scene. so if other dev want to be name like him especially coldbird with said bla bla bla above then release ur work then we the user will see different view on you.

    • Viper7373 says:

      I feel like throwing a dictionary at your face, along with common sense and an education.

      Whoever else thinks they should just release can get lost and never use anything any developer has ever made, or ever will make.

      They don’t owe you, or anyone else anything, they’re working extremely hard, so show them a little respect and wait patiently.

      Coolbird wrote that response for people here at Wololo because they were asking questions which he answered, not to tease or to brag.

      Next time you bother to comment here, or anywhere else for that matter, make sure you READ and UNDERSTAND what is going on before having a winge.

    • Someone Else says:

      You sir, need to look up the word “grateful”, then put it into action. Especially on stuff you weren’t owed in the first place. These guys are working to do nothing but help you. Take the hatin’ down notch!!!!!!!

  28. neil says:

    great news. i hope it will be released soon. or maybe next year…i hope :)

  29. Kenster240 says:

    This is GREAT news! This way, if someone misses Frost’s exploit, there is still another one!

  30. Tonakai says:

    Thanks for the great article and clarification on the ARK Project.

    I’m hoping for a speedy release.

  31. Someone Else says:

    Is this dbag the same dude as “american horror story” and “dario”? Seems like the same brainless trolling.

  32. Cloud says:

    How exactly is ARK a lot better than CEF? Anyone know?

  33. razor says:

    Great news! 😀

  34. xhack says:

    Coldbird is back thats are good news for the Scene respect to this man (after all what is happen too him).

    @ all haters He owes nothing to anyone!
    he can release or not release HIS Kernel exploit (His Work)
    thinks about what you are actually writes and says!!!

    You can be glad that there are so talented developers who share with the community and improve our game consoles.

    I am grateful to the developers for his work
    They deserve more recognition than that leecher who are always dissatisfied and even offend the devs.

    Dear, developers please ignore them

    There are enough people who appreciate your work, including me!!

  35. Multiboy2k says:

    I have tremendous respect and admiration for Coldbird.
    Been following his work since inception. And, it has been nothing but high quality.
    He is disciplined and takes genuine pride in everything he chooses to release.

    This is indeed fantastic news!

  36. nhamokid says:

    “As for Project Ark RELEASE DATES, no information available at the moment…”

    If I understand this right, they are planning to release it. Just no date as of now. From here on, I will quietly wait (and pray) we get a release date sooner than later. :-)

    Moving on, let’s just focus on Frostegater’s release for now. :-)


  37. Proto-Tyrant says:

    Hey nice news, he is back! Coldbird is a god! ^^

  38. EmoteNooBskills says:


  39. E says:

    So who else besides me knew he could not stay away from the scene for long? The pull is too strong to resist lol

  40. TriCorazonRockero says:

    I LOVE ALL YOU DO!!! Thanks Guys!

  41. Czarcasm says:

    There is a lot of arguin here but these debs are hard workers, no doubt about it but honestly we shouldn’t be notified that they are releasing something better if they won’t release it to us. It’s like microsoft announcing killer instinct but only for developers and people at Microsoft. Why announce it to other people and get them hyped for it? Killer instinct is a good game and I am saddened that it couldn’t be renewed.

  42. Czarcasm says:

    Sorry for the typos.

  43. Sined says:

    Wololo, if my Vita on 1.80 with installed TN-CEF (via Urbanix) will I be able to jump to this ARK without upgrading fw/buying another psn game etc?

  44. Cervantes says:


  45. machomuu says:

    Giving us something to look forward to is a bad thing? Well I’ll be.

  46. CrystalMusic says:

    F*ck!!! this is an absoooolutely great news 😀

  47. stOneskull says:

    cheers coldbird! have a great new year’s eve and a great 2013!

  48. stOneskull says:

    i like that those who needed punishing, were.. and those that needed forgiving, were.

    towards a united new year, with less bad vibes and more good will :)

  49. ils says:

    i wonder if this exploit will run on old FW (Urbanix, MAD)

  50. Laras says:

    I’m tired of developers stating “maybe we won’t release this ever”. Don’t talk about this then people. I’m over the last cef’s and got ready for the upcoming release so I’m not a cfw starving:P boy crying about non-releases. My 2 and a half (euro) cents.

  51. quetz says:

    what in terms of “better”? because to me, better, is the latest version i can get.. and here we are, same old story, if you really have this amazing project, ready to go, why is it stucked to your console only? ok they’re deciding yet on how to, on when release it, but.. keep your mouth shut! spread it only when it’s ready TO GO! and if you’re still evaluating if to release or not.. well then.. i do not respect your decisions. it’s ready? tested? no problems? WHAT THEN?! here we’re praying greek for having a exploit could run a eCFW that you might say worst than your ARK project, could be possibly patched in hours after the release, and then, still why you’re releasing it with a port for eCFW? skip to the next work and prepare to release ARK not this one :S i’m sorry if i might be not very clear and understandable, but i’m still improving my english..

  52. StarOne says:

    Early news is better then no news. That’s why this scene is tough for developers. Well for some. 90% of it is people with their hands out. Be greatful. It’s “stuck” to their counsels because it’s THEIR work. They don’t owe it to anyone, and do not have to give anything away. Folks talk like devs are getting paid hundreds an hour to do this.

    Bless the remaining % who respect.

  53. Fuc* A** O*U says:

    dont get ur hope up & expect anything guys. there will be no exploits release this month or next coz this dev only want to use it by themselves so that they can play pirate psp iso much longer..LOL..***..Bullshits to all of U devs..

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Why would a person who has access to more information than you want to pirate games?

      Also, if you really hate devs, why are you wasting your time reading and commenting on a site which is a hub for devs?

      I don’t see any sense in that.

  54. LOL Nice one, Mayans my as$ we are still here. That made laugh. I mean first time I seen a pro hacker curse.

  55. idontknow says:

    i hope they port it to current kernel exploit

  56. n1nurt4 says:

    someone correct me if I’m wrong, but ColdBird isn’t back in the scene… the title can be misread, which explains some of the comments.

  57. o MELTDOWN o says:

    Ahhhhh 2013. A year of redemption and great success. I’m liking it already.

  58. xploited says:


  59. xploited says:


    • hgoel0974 says:

      Please stop misguiding people, we have had enough of your annoying spam, first as qwerty26 and now as xploited, so just shut up Sam!

  60. gtfoo says:

    someone please enlighten us….

    how is ark superior to tn’s ecfw ?

    they sure love sayin it, but in what terms is it better ?

    also would like to mention if it were up to these guys we wouldn’t have NO ecfw right now.

    god bless total noob for atually giving the end user a cfw instead of just shamelessly teasing one like these guys.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      ARK is superior in terms of homebrew and game compatibility, this means that it can also play some games and homebrew that TN’s eCFW could not.

      Total Noob just acted fast and wrote a minimal eCFW so that the urbanix exploit would not be wasted, Team PRO wasn’t teasing the scene, they were working on a better eCFW and their work was leaked, otherwise we might already have had ARK.

  61. dr3amcast3r says:

    First of all, Thanks Devs for this (most excellent) news.

    I’ve been following the scene since it’s early days in psp (back in 2005). Every single game I do like I DO BUY. The fact we can use backup games (or pirated games) has to major benefits (a part from all the evil)
    1st: Game houses make a supreme effort to make good games because they know that the only reason people will spend money in games is if they like the game.
    2nd: allows users to spend their money with the knowledge that the game is really good and/or they like it (for instance I really like Lord of the Rings Tactics but most reviews of that game say it’s very bad)

    As for a release date for the exploit/CFW. It’s their work, so only THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE when to release it.

  62. xhack says:

    F**K I thought Coldbird is back :(

  63. bliz says:

    I am the only one sick of ECFW??? Wololo didnt you said this Coldbird had a real CFW for Vita and not the same PSP emulated ***??

    • hgoel0974 says:

      no sir, we never said that, we said that coldbird had a better eCFW than TN’s.
      If you are so sick of piracy on the PSP and want piracy on the PSVita then please do it yourself.

  64. Skars says:

    First I thank you all for developing this and for sharing with us these information.

    I don’t complain about being informed, even if release dates is unknown or not mentioned. Its your work and you better than anyone to decide when to talk, release or do anything with it, and there’s nothing more I can do, other than thanking you all for sharing every piece of information atm.

    Nevermind these impatient kids.

    Just a question, if the work does not belong only to frotegater, for who, is more fare to donate if I wish to?

    Thanks again.

  65. ryan7646 says:

    You really can’t please everyone. Thank you for enlightening us with what is happening with the PS Vita scene.

  66. hgoel0974 says:

    why? because they are planning ahead, because they realize that we won’t always have kexploits, because they spent about 6 months working for your benefit?

  67. hgoel0974 says:

    totally agreed, this guy really reminds me of Shame JorDamned 😉

  68. Someone Else says:


    Team PRO are being purely kind and helpful.

    Even if this doesn’t come out, it is so they can benefit everyone in the long run!

  69. Someone Else says:

    Agreed. Good to see he was the bigger man, but that’s not surprising.

    Something like this did not defeat him, and we are thankful!


  70. Jd8531 says:

    Not once in the article does it blatantly state this wont get released. These devs do this so that you guys know what’s being worked on. There are technical reasons they don’t release it and other reasons. There’s an upcoming expoit release already and a ton has been released this year. It’s not teasing, if you don’t like it feel free to make your own exploit and give it out. If you don’t want this free hard work then please just stay quite.

  71. Someone Else says:

    Well said!

    I’d like to see it come out too, but I’m not holding my breath with all these complainers.

    I can only helplessly watch while they flush all our chances down the drain. But, since I have no control over that, we may as well resign to no release.

    Thanks for nothing, complainers. Seriously.

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