UVL’s current status and some speculation on the Vita by YifanLu.

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  1. Shura says:

    Simply amazing

  2. Sladey says:

    could have sworn I read this a few weeks ago on this site?

    what happened to the Christmas cfw release that was touted a few weeks back? its christmas day and still no cfw on my vita :(

    • wololo says:

      It’s possible you read about it either on my twitter account (I mentioned it there), or on our forum, or on another scene website. As the article says, we were a bit late on publishing the article since I wanted to get yifanlu’s authorization but I took too long to follow up with him because I was pretty busy IRL

      About the Christmas CFW release… well, I can’t say much, it wouldn’t be a ninja release otherwise

    • RagingCore says:

      I read that somewhere a few weeks back, I just can’t remember where.

  3. Gustbran says:


  4. Metalliphyll says:

    Very interesting read, thanks for posting

  5. Astien says:

    Very interesting indeed, makes you want to understand more about “how it works” !

  6. ricerrr says:

    Yes this was a good read

  7. T3CHW0LF says:

    Very interesting Article! This kind of stuff is why I enjoy mobile consoles.

  8. quetz says:

    you cleared all my thoughts about vita 😉 interesting article

  9. musashiro says:

    told ya wololo that people will find this stuff interesting.. haha. i didn’t stop reading until the last punctuation mark… 😀

    musashiro of /talk wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… :)

    (“we dropped the ball” kinda suggests something. hahaha… )

  10. mad8vad says:

    Does this loader loads from ps mobile application? If so it will require developer license for us to run :(

    • Quade321 says:

      Well, one might assume it could right now, however he mentions in the article it’s an exploit through a game. And of course there would never be a public release if you needed to be a licensed developer to run it. o.o
      Reminds me of the iPhone hackers. They’ll show a picture of a jailbroken iPhone or iPad or whatever the week it comes out, but they’ll mention it needs a developer license, and it can’t be released and what not. Plus they always keep extra low-level exploits up their sleeves to get dumps of new firmwares and release other exploits.
      Hope that answers your question even though I don’t know too much about all this. And hope I didn’t get off subject. :p

  11. notder says:

    Good article.
    hmmm I’m looking forward to it. 😀

  12. Raziel says:

    Doesn’t bother me I wouldn’t care if nothing came out for another year or two, these things are Rare and it shouldn’t just be thrown away.

  13. Jeremy Stiles says:

    That was very interesting, Shouldn’t a psp emulator hack be enough though? Full cfw would allow piracy and probably kill sales. At least through the psp emulation we are able to run homebrew and backups of our psp games.

  14. GcBatman says:

    Good stuff :)

  15. The real stupid Z says:

    Who fuc@king cares where is the mother fuc@ing game you as&holes

  16. j-sin21 says:

    I wish I was a reverse engineer :S

  17. Dario Rules says:

    I agree with everyone here why wont these fuc$k faces release the game already they are just fuc@jing around as$$holes

  18. Tonaki says:

    The game has been released its s@@@l c&,””;;

  19. musashiro says:

    by the way, i heard the word tonakai when i watching the past of Chopper in one piece… is it somewhat related to you mr. blog poster?? :)

    apparently, i am watching the series from the start… haha…

    • Tonakai says:

      Amazingly you’re the first person to pick up on that. Well, at least the first to say it to me. I coined the name prior to seeing that episode of One Piece, however I instantly fell in love with Choppa so I felt the name kind of fit so it stuck.

      Also, you heard the word because tonakai is the Japanese word for Reindeer which is why he’s named “Toni toni choppa”.

      • EvilGrin says:

        Chopper is awesome! I’m surprised I never noticed the correlation between your user name and him hahhaaha boy, good to know that One Piece fans are scattered everywhere. We’ll takeover the world!

        • musashiro says:

          yah… i know that tonakai is japanese for reindeer.. thats why he is also called tony.. 😀

          good to know that i am right on the money… 😀

          • musashiro says:

            sorry, though i am not really a fan since last week.. haha…

            i downloaded all the episodes and watch the series from the top…

            probably the reason is that they don’t air the series here continuosly, they stop and go…

            anyway, i am now a big fan… even bought an OP shirt this xmas… haha….

  20. 200C under says:

    I suppose,if there’s any possibilities,we could hack CMA first and then build something like emulator on win or Mac to break the PSP sandbox on VITA maybe with the VITA connected,I just wish there’s some useful knowledge in my brain with ARM and win32 progamming,but unfortunately none……

  21. khairul says:

    love it…hoping he will fully hacked vita…great article Tonakai and wololo..and of course a great news..

  22. swordchi says:

    awesome, even though it isnt released as said, its still worht the wait.

  23. Axel says:

    Great post.
    I just hope the Vita will never be able to run pirated games.

    • nero says:

      but it does? its called EFCW.

    • Dario says:

      We want it to run pirated games because who wants to pay for games. This is the reason everyone bought a vita to be pirates as like you.

      • hgoel0974 says:

        not really, though free games are a luxury but the smart people understand that piracy can kill a console

      • n1nurt4 says:

        I bought a vita because I wanted to be able to play games on the street, in a market, or at a bus stop, etc. Never once did I think, “Oooh I’m going to pay $250 for the chance that MAYBE someone will hack it to where I can play pirated games.” Do you think piracy is cool or something? Either way, if you paid for a vita just for that, maybe you should rethink your motivations for everything you do in life?

  24. nanobot77 says:

    hi :) merry christmas

  25. CEF CEF says:

    Has the CEF been released yet???? I know the Z likes to call it CEF and we should all call it now from now on. Bring on the CEF!!!!

  26. Juan Sanchez says:

    The almighty vita just can’t simply DIE!

    • Tonakai says:

      Don’t worry, it won’t. People thought the PSP would die initially, and it took quite some time for the hacks to be released. We’re incredibly lucky with the Vita, because it has the PSP Emu and with the knowledge the devs have, we’ve been able to run VHBL and even CEF through this. Of course, it’ll take some time for a full Vita hack, but it’ll be worth the wait.

  27. fairy says:

    ia dont whant pirate games ia only need thes to run emulator as cps2 or neogeo ia buy my on games

  28. JeoWay is working on a project called “CFU, (Custom Firmulous)” which will be a loader for games and homebrew like MULTIMAN 😀

  29. vgee says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments, and i understand alot of the frustration that is going arround, im not here to say:
    RELEASE it or anything..

    Im just hoping some1 can post an article that explains the situation about when its gonna get released or if it isnt and why, cause alot of people donated and they’re frustrated.

    Hope some1 can also speak in normal plain english

    • Tonakai says:

      Hi there, vgee.

      There has been nothing to say otherwise, so I believe it’s safe to assume that it’s still being released (though having not had contact with Frost; I can’t say for sure right now). I can understand your frustration, but it’ll be released in due time.

      From what I can understand it’s going to be a ninja release, so your best bet is to check back every few days or so.

      • vgee says:

        Thank you for your fast answer, cause i read alot on internet and was very confused! You cleared it a bit ip! Thanks for the effort

  30. Frost says:

    We will not release now they we made millions on all your idiot donations, suckers

  31. Juan Sanchez says:

    Yes..that guy is evil

  32. The Z CEF says:

    The release has been leaked so now there will be no release fuc@k you leaker.

  33. solala says:

    please keep the nonsense of pirating games will kill the vita …
    the vita is killing itself right now, because sony thought that having a device that is “hacksafe” is more appealing than a device with fun games…

    also the whole point of hacking is more of an art to surpass oneself and less to enable free games (which is more like a nice side effect)

  34. dee says:

    The game is out it’s sonic the hedghog

  35. Czarcasm says:

    U best not be trollin

  36. sony says:

    The *** z said someone hacked into his twitter and messed everything up. Yeah right ***hole liar. Just like someone stole vita its all a lie

  37. chris says:

    but wherent the psvita signing keys in the ps3 firmware 4.xx+ ? whe have 4.20 and 4.30 cfws aren´t we able to get them from the ps3 ?

  38. icyheart says:

    I think it is a great thing behined this artical
    I realy respect what u are do

  39. Cojoo says:

    Also to the Z and Frost go fuc$k yourselves you ***holes

  40. GlueGun says:

    Do’s any ask why Sony go’s here?
    i mean psp’s “SIGNED”, “sony’s part”. “slow breaze”, music plays
    in the Backround. meditate, imagine your flying,
    create a memory, using your hardware and comet to
    your blissing’s by adding hardware, “still sony’s part”. OK. I made it,
    now right block’s using see plus plus, “RIGHT!”, now make a Lisnece,
    ok!. Lisnece made, publish it!. —–> now where here!. We Want TO

  41. ironysteeth says:

    lol ps vita native home brews. couldnt care less if its native. tired of frekin smudgin my screen cuzz the stupid thing is touch interface. just wanna be able to organize pics into folders and choose sequence so I can read my fave mangas. bookr would be sweet too.

  42. Mr. Magoo says:

    Reading half of these comments reminds me how much I hate people. Thank you to the res that continue their work unpaid :-)

  43. salor says:

    i work for just one hour and got $10. expect to get 100.
    this guys works all day didnt expect us to pay a single cent.
    eventhought ads and donation help them alive.
    we should respect them. and try not to be like those disrespectfully kids.

  44. Quade321 says:

    Love the anti-piracy mention. Seems official PSP development was really stifled by that, glad to see no one wants that again. And on another note I would hope a bootloader exploit doesn’t come out this early, or even in the next few years to come, because Sony can still patch newer consoles. This would be nice to see right after the 9th generation comes out. ;p

  45. ramenking says:

    whats wrong with you people, you all sounds like 12yr trolls. Thanks for the xmas present much apperciated 😀

  46. 1fff says:

    Ninja Claus was here and he brings me Hope for the new expilot XD

  47. oxygene11 says:

    Great respect to the people, who working on such complicated (for me, at least) things, only with their own enthusiasm!!! Thanks You ALL!

  48. Wizer says:

    So I called Sony I asked them why hasn’t the Z released the exploit and they said they don’t know but they will read this board and find out when he releases it.

  49. DumBish says:

    You guys took forever to release the expliot so i just decided to trade my vita and i got a Wii U

    • oxygene11 says:

      2 DumBish, wait for a little, maybe that unused port on yours Vital transformed PS3 into a better console, then Wii U.
      Or it will be used in a nextgen PS4 :-)

  50. oxygene11 says:

    2All, how could I edit my own post? Because of that dumb T9 on my phone I make mistakes, then I didn’t want it :-(

  51. qwerty26 says:


  52. qwerty26 says:


  53. qwerty26 says:


  54. qwerty26 says:


  55. Sony says:

    It’s not the right game

  56. firthaa01 says:

    lol what an idiot

  57. Fifa says:

    Maybe that guy is right the game is gone now.

  58. Yoko "Oh no!" says:

    Yes it was I

  59. maddin says:

    the game is still downloadable from the german (EU) store.

  60. PlayerGG says:

    The Game is To Be Patient,
    It will be release this year.
    (Today is already 26th… Just wait a bit more.)

  61. Oscar says:

    The Z said by 2014

  62. abc says:

    was it already 2 years after 6.20 TN-A was released?

  63. XxVITAHACKSxX says:

    Make it so we can hack games

  64. XxVITAHACKSxX says:

    I was in first and a sec it later I crashed into nothing *** I was a street lane to

  65. CIA says:

    Stop. Hacking CIA well shut you done

  66. CIA says:

    Jk I fuckng with u all

  67. tom says:

    Wait, why do we need another sdk? Anyone can get the vita sdk now?

  68. kingblack says:


  69. MovingxTarget says:

    Yifun thanks for all the hard-work you did on the vita. Just reading through this, shows the dedication you would need to even get UVL to run.

    Hopefully the vita gets hacked for the right reasons such as homebrew and CFW rather than piracy

    Alas wherever there is a hack, a game can be dumped and reconfigured for piracy :(

  70. TheZ says:

    Why do you call me a liar? It’s a link to download the CEF, yes? Are the links broken? Did you actually try to download the files?

  71. nero says:

    i bet hes just a whiny little kid that wasnt able to get the game because he didnt understand the ninja release.

  72. hgoel0974 says:

    Can you put the direct link instead of adfly? 😉

  73. ramenking says:

    you shouldn’t entertain these pathetic ungrateful a-holes

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