(Video) Virtuous Flame introduces Vita eCFW ARK


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171 Responses

  1. hgoel0974 says:

    Number 1! 😎

    Anyway, you beat me to the article! by the time I thought of writing an article you had it ready

  2. TheZekku says:

    this is very good news for the scene this should double the amount of vitas being hacked so if someone misses one exploit another one would probaly be just around the corner.

  3. hgoel0974 says:

    oh, and please no
    “hurry up with the release” posts
    you have no idea how annoying that is, just be patient and you will get your exploit!

    • >_> says:

      This coming from a guy who just made a “first” post……

      Hypocrite. >_>

    • >_> says:

      lol, and “Number 1” isn’t annoying?

      Hypocrite. >_>

      • NakedFaerie says:

        Exactly. All the “number 1” posts do is prove your a total idiot and have no real need to post except to prove your an idiot.

        ENOUGH of these stupid #1 posts. I’ve posted first many times and you never see me post *** like that as I’m not an idiot.

        How about you change your diper and think of something better to say except “First” or “Number 1” How about just post “thanks” then you will be first one to thank them and as its at the top everyone will see your post first that way you will look a lot better than the wanker you look like now.

      • hgoel0974 says:

        Trust me it isn’t as annoying as seeing people who you don’t even know beg or order you around.

        Plus, my post was not just ‘Number 1’, it also said other things.

        • Theredbaron says:

          It’s not the begging that annoy me, well not much, as I REALLY WANT IT too. What I get mad about is the people complaining. The people who think that they are entitled to it.

          There is always a reason for a hack like this not being released, be it not “ready” or whatever. Be patient, it’s not like these people are being paid. They are doing it in their free time.

    • xoombie503 says:

      hurry up and release this

      • Tonakai says:

        Why even bother posting this? Do you really think your “hurry up” post is going to make any significant change in the release of this? If so, you are incredibly wrong.

        There is a lot of effort that goes into finding and creating these exploits, and since these people do all this work and are actually kind enough to release it; the very least you can do is patiently wait for them to be happy to do so. In the long run, they gain nothing from releasing their exploits, and could just keep them to the elite few with the knowledge of how to do it.

        If you want an exploit so badly, go learn how to find them yourself. Maybe then you’d realise how much effort they put into releasing files for people who are clearly unappreciative of their time and effort.

    • Enough Already says:

      Does this guy come off a bit self righteous to anyone else?

      Who is he?

      Is he a bigshot mod and we don’t know it, or just some random blogger with a database/download app under his belt?

      • hgoel0974 says:

        If you really are so curious, please know that the above request wasn’t me trying to be a mod, it was what all of us bloggers and devs think and agree with, I was just voicing everyones concerns.

  4. firelinker says:

    The best news to me is that someone probably found another game exploit.
    I don’t have eCFW or knowledge about it, but i wonder what is the reason why this would have better game/homebrew compatiblity than TN-C? don’t they run in the same sandbox?

    • xoombie503 says:

      yes they do but coding is different and prob virtuos flame has taken the time to tweak his custom firmware to work better

  5. Great News to All of us! Can’t wait to have these exploits on my vita!

  6. NakedFaerie says:

    This is great but how many videos do we need of it? Isn’t this the 3rd video he’s released of it now?

    How about they release a POC video then release it. No need for multiple videos of the same exploit.

    • xoombie503 says:

      they dont owe you nothing..they can release a thousands videos if they want and you will hear news about it

      • NakedFaerie says:

        Its just stupid to release more than 1 video then people start to question the legibility of it.
        I for one if I see more than 1 video I start to think its fake. When I see 3 or more its a sign its fake and they just want the fame.
        Thats what I’m seeing here. I think this is the 3rd video and it looks the same as the last 2 so to me its fake.

        If its so good to keep releasing videos then whats the problem with releasing it to prove its real?

        • xoombie503 says:

          I understand if you are new to the scene but look at the work virtuos flame has done in the past and you will see its not fake…now virtous flame is or was teamed up with coldbird and they probably would never release this custom firmware because the first leak came from their testers and that made coldbird leave the scene.
          luckyly for us there was more than one exploit and total noob decided to release his work.
          so all in all be thankful there is 2 more known exploits in the wild,one about to be released by frostergate and its around the corner 😉

        • hgoel0974 says:

          You have 3 comments on this post, what makes you think that we believe you are real? 😉

          It isn’t really that easy on the developer to just go and release it especially when the dev has spent months working on it. He needs to consider everything and needs to convince himself to release, it isn’t just

          “This is going to make me famous, I should release it as fast as possible”, trust me, that never works out, I already have experience.

        • wololo says:

          The other videos were leaks from beta testers, it is the first time something is officially and publicly said about this project.

        • Inky says:

          It is not stupid, it’s just you (and maybe a few others) who think it’s stupid (and/or fake) – and that alone does absolutely nothing. The devs have no need to release exploits just because you think it’s fake, heck, they could care less about crying people.

  7. Dario says:

    How many stupid videos do we need of stupid games???? Tell all these *** idiots to release the stupid exploit already.

  8. NakedFaerie says:

    I was hoping for an exploit before Christmas but as this video was released instead I doubt I’ll get one now. After Christmas is ok, just cant show it off over the next few days thats all.

  9. Jdubz says:

    Great news! I’ll keep checking in. Can’t wait to update my vita and get the new exploit! Thanks a bunch for the work being done on this. 8D

  10. Tonakai says:

    Pretty darn happy about this – most certainly made my evening.

    I’ll look forward to the release 😀

  11. fairy says:

    the is bit annoying so many videos but no release

  12. HIMFan says:

    He didn’t use paper to cover info, I think theres a way to unedit the video and expose what he was covering.

  13. Frostrogue117 says:

    Thank you for the hard work guys and or gals, can’t wait :’)

  14. HeroEduard0 says:

    :/ Waiting for the release… I surrender! :(

  15. Dario says:

    Hurry up and release the damn game you stupid mother fuc$ers and stupid as$ holes.

  16. mecksg1 says:

    They will realses it when they want to. Stop flaming

  17. kenny2858 says:

    people be patient, some of us know when its going to get released (or at least predict the release date.) so there you have it 😀 “hint” *Best present ever!”

  18. Frostegator says:

    The game is Angry Birds 😀

  19. francis says:

    Thank you for the hard work guys and or gals, can’t wait also :’)

  20. francis says:

    merry xmas!

  21. Trunk208 says:

    Sorry for being a noob here, Can anyone tell me whats the difference between this and Frostegaters’s exploits? o_O?

  22. SSJ-Vita says:

    Messed up what happened to Coldbird, I wouldn’t mind having a “lost cfw” as an option among the currently available ones. The one thing vitas are castrated in and in desperate need of, is a browser that can support audio and video via html5, flash, or something/anything. That’s going to be one of the major finish lines for whoever gets to it first I think. Thanx for everything you devs do it’s awesome stuff!

  23. quetz says:

    terrific 😀

  24. Massimo says:

    Nice work! :)

    There is one point that is bad: the storage of games is on the original Memory Card and a Memory card of PS Vita cost too much..I hope someone figures out how to use the micro sd with an adapter

  25. psvitaplzhackit says:

    PLEASE can you somehow make exploit as save data for any of 4 xmas free minis? Idon’t know how it actually works, but please if it’s possible, can you make it? Because it will mean everybody with EU PSN account will be able to get exploit…

    • stOneskull says:

      only some games are exploitable.. there isn’t a choice.. but i’m sure if one of those is exploitable we’ll know eventually

  26. Leires says:

    Oh boy for emulator compatibility with the words ‘if not extremely better’. If i had the means to convey mentally drooling, I’d do so.

  27. wartaf says:

    well, nice news! 😀

  28. Dutt says:

    Oh its good..:P

  29. Metarortiz says:

    Is the exploit any early to be released? I lost track

  30. DumBish says:

    It would make sense to release it on Christmas since the people that work at Sony won’t be in office/work!

  31. Kizu says:


  32. SMOKE says:

    Does anybody know if this will be ported to the Urbanix exploit?The reason I’m asking is cause, well, I got banned from PSN on my PS3 and my account was terminated :(

    Before you post “Why do you cheat online” questions, all I did was sync my Angry Birds Trilogy scores by mistake. :(

  33. The Z says:

    there still bugs found on the exploit which can brick the psvita. so we plan to released on new year. For those who’s wondering what the game is, it’s monopoly..So, go get it guys.

  34. Losiento says:

    the people make Party and i hope for nothing with this Ninja Claus

  35. Senhor dos Anais. says:

    Eu realmente fico impressionado com a inteligencia desses caras para descobrirem essas coisa… realmente é muito trabalho envolvido… ^_^

  36. Losiento says:

    This is better to tell us that we must not wait on Christmas!!!! Ninja Claus lol???? Than we can go to us Family and lose not time for free…. With ninja Claus i thing to 100% that a release come today on Christmas!!! Because Ninja Claus!!!! This is to stupid. sry but its not cool!!!!

  37. Losiento says:

    i spend never again… because Ninja Claus dont come!

  38. Nolosiento says:

    Just shut up

  39. Dario Poo says:

    It’s finally out go go go hurry get it

  40. 300z says:

    I just downgraded to Sega game gear thanks

  41. Kim see says:

    does it required to buy a game or to have an exploit game? sorry. noob here. first time vita user. haha.

  42. firthaa01 says:

    Ninja Clause is coming to town!!!!!!!!!!! Much Love to the devs who have put time into making this a truly epic christmas.

  43. Z Zet Z says:

    Ok, the time has come go and get it. Merry Christmas!!! We worked on it. Or gift to you is not telling you which game it is but the gift is that its out there.

  44. Leon2342 says:

    Is the exploit out? im new so i dont get a ninja release notice

  45. Ninja Claus says:

    Ho ho ho the release will come out soon, the date will be 2016, get ready

  46. bopz says:

    i just open up my fresh new vita, i gotta say it’s been 5 mins i’m waiting for exploit and time is too long (LOL)

  47. xoombie503 says:

    omg a leak was bound to happen.
    scene is on chaos right now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-llZmPPNwU

  48. naki says:

    this is coldbird’s eCFW I think, because he mentions “project arc” in this article: http://www.coldbird.uk.to/?e=8

    • hgoel0974 says:

      There is quite a possibility about this, coldbird handed over command of the PRO team to Virtuous Flame (who was a good friend of his) so I really agree with you.

      The only thing that I am wondering now is, because Frosty is also part of the PRO team and I have heard that PRO and TN are enemies so I would assume that the kexploit is going to be released with ARK instead of TN and maybe that is why there is a delay, so that the kxploit could be ported to ARK and properly tested.

      But then most of this stuff is baseless

  49. chingon says:

    its always nice to have options…Patiently waiting for the ninja release…got myself another VITA for Christmas since my son craked my personal…come on NINJA CLAUS…

  50. dimy93 says:

    If is Coldbird’s work we’ll never see it i suppose
    Otherwise, however, I would be glad to see a release of ark on frostegater’s kernel exploit

  51. penis says:

    So what is the exploit game

  52. RandomFur says:

    You never know.

    Coldbird might be helping out behind the scenes, all secret like. I know if I had labored away on a piece of software like he did I wouldn’t want to see it go to waste.

    Also gotta give mad props to the developers for their awesome work so far, as well as to Wololo for keeping this great website going despite all the constant drama.

    Keep up the great work guys!!!

    • chingon says:

      i second that RandomFur, i hope Santa Clause has some great stuff for the Devs out there working on Homebrews and CFW that we all enjoy…keep it up guys, there are people out here who DO APPRECIATE ALL your hard work…Merry Christmas to all…

  53. kenny2858 says:

    its christmas eve.. its not christmas yet until tomorrow (usa 9:13 pm)

  54. maya says:

    yes, i have ecfw work on my 2.02 vita now. thanks the z & frost for finding an exploit in *on**ol* game..thnks again

  55. bass4040 says:

    Release the Kraken!

  56. RagingCore says:

    Morning earthlings. I wonder if anything is going happen today

  57. 1fff says:

    Marry X-Mas and i hope Nija Klaus has a great Gift for all Vita users on 2.02 XD

  58. noru says:

    a todo eso alguien sabe si ya se publico cual es es juego que hay qe descargar tenia entendido que en scene se iva publicar ????

  59. American Horror Story says:

    You idiots should already know by now that there is no new exploit. I’m glad I still got my mad blocker and haven’t. Yeah you guys updated for no reason. Lol

    • wololo says:

      Although it’s generally not a good idea to update unless you are sure you want to, can you remind me the last time we announced something here and didn’t deliver?

  60. GAYlordGamer says:

    Hi love the idea this is fabulous it makes being straight yesterday’s news omg!

  61. The Z says:

    No exploit will be released. So, those who wait please enjoy your xmas & forget all about this. Sorry guys for deceiving all of you.

  62. bopz says:

    just release when it’s ready and dont listen thoz kidz. personally i just want to run my old psp emulators on vita.

  63. The Z says:

    Ha3..i got your money but u guys got nothing. lol..here a hint: the psp game is *on*p*l*..good luck guys.

  64. Frost says:

    Haha we got your money

  65. Mrgeezy3 says:

    If yah believe that is the z and frost you guys are idiots LOL have fun and enjoy ur hollisdays…lol

  66. Frost says:

    I am the frost and z and i will retire now from the hundreds you morons donated

  67. Frostrogue117 says:

    ^^ dumb dumb

  68. Jd8531 says:

    Yea, no one should take any of these comments as fact until an official blog post is made by us or we comment (See profile pic for legitimacy).

  69. frostisstupid says:

    is already x’mas night..still no exploit i seen release..is this a scam or what. *** am I doing then..

  70. Czarcasm says:

    $&@$&@g troll.

  71. The Z says:

    i accidentally deleted the exploit..noo!!! what im going to do..OMG..***..LOL

  72. Frostrogue117 says:

    I really hope you guys deliver toniggt :] Ive been checking the site literally every 1/2 hr today hoping, patiently waiting.. until then RED DEAD NIGHT

  73. The Z says:

    sory guys, i really accidentally deleted the exploit. well i guess bad things really happen when u want to release something..im really really sory guys, i really want to release it, i want too, but now i cant.

  74. Frostrogue117 says:

    well… I think morale has gone down a bit :/

  75. TelgarDrakore says:

    You all do realize anyone can use any name they want at any time in the comments. To believe anything that any of the fakes here are saying is hilarious.

  76. Kenster240 says:

    I’d like to say “thank you!” to all of the people involved in any cfw over the years. By looking at these comments, I can’t see too many people that are grateful. So I’m gonna just say it! THANKS!

  77. DEZAN says:

    i see no one get to see the exploits yet..well x’mas almost over & devs, dont use ninja claus term anymore if u dont want to release it on x’mas..so us will not waste our time to wait for it on x’mas. Dont gove any false hope like saying ninja claus if u dont plan to release it coz it’s very annoying to us..

  78. Dean says:

    guys the z said the exploit will be released 5 to 6 days from now..so dont waste ur time waiting anymore. It’s not ninja claus anymore so in summary it is at the end of this month, maybe the last day in December which is really stupid & annoying.

  79. Banksy says:

    The Z is a piece of sh@it liar

  80. The z says:

    hi people calm down

  81. Frostrogue117 says:

    Well if it is released 5-6 days from now, im sc*** cuz i dont think ill be in a place with internet………damn -_-

  82. Frostrogue117 says:

    Oh! One of the devs should post a thread/article explaining this xmas event to ppl…maybe that will calm some down. :/

  83. page101 says:

    I hope the rude people posting comments on this site don’t ruin my chances of getting this exploit considering that i actually donated money in support.

    You can either be patient and wait or try to find your own exploit and learn patience that way because im sure its not a quick process.

  84. rafael707 says:

    coldbird is back, check out his blog xD

  85. crypto says:

    cant wait :)

  86. Tonakai says:

    For anyone wondering, this guy is a fake. Ignore him.

  87. Acid_Snake says:

    yes, he a fake, plus VF would never say “f*ck frostegater”

  88. MrNano says:

    Plus wasn’t VF chinese? I don’t think he would know such language unless he got a street thug for an English teacher.

  89. Mart says:

    The internetz learn you all the bad language one needs yo!

  90. stOneskull says:

    it’s sol trigger, as in the sun

  91. Dario says:

    Don’t listen to this ***. No one in their right mind would have android to begin with, people should have iPhone. Hurry up as2holes and release it.

  92. synapze says:

    You sir are worthless.

  93. n1nurt4 says:

    douchy mondays! someone doesn’t have much else to look forward to, cheesus

  94. Boghole says:

    You are a ***. Please F off and die.

  95. RandomFur says:


  96. wololo says:

    2 things:
    – first if you were not replying to yourself you would have a bit of credibility
    – second, if you can’t be patient, find your own exploits and feel free to distribute them or not. It’s not rocket science, and this is largely documented.

  97. james says:

    *** walolo..u r scams..lol

  98. ken says:

    I hate this site.. the dev too..*** them all..ha3

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