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4 Minis for the Vita completely free!

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  1. Synntech says:

    Any way to get these on 1.81? if not im happy 2 post my codes

  2. Azlan says:

    Hi, only managed to get 3 mini games out of 4.
    pls help me for download Canabalt.
    my email is xlanz79@gmail.com

  3. stOneskull says:

    i’m quite happy.. i was planning on checking out those games soon, especially velocity and canabalt.. it’s a great little xmas bonus. it all worked smoothly for me.

  4. Mart says:

    Got error on the codes I got on both PSVita as well as PS3. Strange. On PS3 it gave: no longer valid, while I earned these codes and screengrabbed them so know they are correct…

  5. Thommo says:

    Unused code for the first game, Velocity.


    Merry Xmas to the scene!

  6. sixthshadow says:

    Velocity: 6T2L-HFN4-4NE2
    Breakquest: M6EM-NKN7-M9JC
    Canabalt: J6NQ-K9N9-QA8Q

    Some extras i got… enjoy.

  7. Manning says:

    Ok, so I made a UK psn account online and was able to redeem all my online codes. How do I transfer these games to my vita now?? I download the games and they come up as xpd files so I don’t know what that means. I don’t have a ps3 so can’t transfer that way. Will open cma work to transfer to my vita??

  8. Pol says:

    Velocity: FjLg-D6nt-Lflp
    Breakquest: 8dt9-gknl-3n9a
    Canabalt: tbmr-Rnn4-2kbt

    Wizorb doen’t work 🙁

  9. Pol says:

    Velocity: 554R-lhna-39k6
    Breakquest: tjgr-n9n5-hn4r
    Canabalt: 82te-aan7-jlkn

  10. Pol says:

    Anyone a working wizorb code?

  11. jehu says:

    This codes dont work in Asia Version 🙁

  12. Psi says:

    Velocity : E6QN-ELNJ-REFB

  13. Poopsicle says:

    Why can’t you just transfer these games from your ps3 to your vita? Did Sony do something corrupt to not allow you to do that?

  14. 200C under says:

    HondKong player:I got them.

  15. vahab says:

    Canabalt and Breakquest doesnt work for me
    My Account UAE
    just Velocity and wizorb work for me
    pls help me

  16. Jeremy Stiles says:

    Awesome, better then nothing to get me started on my new vita. Thanks for this!

  17. xmas says:

    Canabalt doesn’t seem to work either…

    would be nice if you may help 😀

  18. Pol says:

    No one else a working wizorb code for the european store? Got 3 codes myself but none of them worked. All the wizorbs codes here didn’t work for me either.

  19. Mike says:

    Cant use these codes cause i’m in NA
    Merry Christmas to the Scene





  20. MIKAELO says:

    muchas gracias va del carajo

  21. jiko says:

    hey, its not working on my ps via ?????? , can any
    one tell me why?? plaese…thanx and merry christmas for all

  22. pessimist pete says:

    got mine from my australian account. too bad I can’t get these with my normal account to be able to transfer over to my vita. But ah well games being free has it’s limitations I suppose

  23. ivo says:


    if u wonder what games to buy …
    id say stay on latest firmwares
    and buy plus … the 4 or more games a month
    will be worth it …

    if ur looking for homebrew id say
    buy a second vita u just never update and
    one day itll be homebrew …

    the games worth it are for plus this month
    mortal kombat … stranger oddworld
    and so mutch more

    for homebrew pspdisp and others psplink etc
    but what are the real good homebrews ?


  24. Megaman says:

    for thoes who want my codes and you have a eu acc email me

  25. playstationnetwork = playstationnotwork says:

    too bad all the games suck why not just give us one new good one?

  26. VitaSoy says:

    Will codes expire?

  27. Lars Beduhn says:

    Could redeem the first 3 codes. Wizorb however is not working.
    If someone could give me one for that game I’d really be glad.

  28. Dylan says:

    Seriously?? EU NEVER EVER hath games for free
    Dont *** complain about those mini`s \
    We all know Sony only wants to *** whit us
    Why the heck wont they make a psn store for EVRY
    Country/State in the whole world
    1 PSN store ALL games
    Not diffrent store`s
    Diffrent Games …

  29. Tunga says:

    Anyone willing to give their Canabalt Code please send it to zetunga@hotmail.com.


  30. Pol says:

    Damn, still no wizorb working code for me. Verry strange they can’t seem to give me a working code.

  31. vahab says:

    if u want take every 4 game u must create 2 account in facebook
    i have two account in facebook and now i have every 4 games

  32. salvador edwards says:

    Is this only for ps3?

  33. gideon says:

    I tried but i didnt get a code… (Or something :P)

  34. gideon says:

    Now it worked it are nice games but not VERY nice games…

  35. gideon says:

    P.S. it is for vita to 😉

  36. kim see says:

    damn! all canabalt different unused canabalt codes are not working for me -_- waste of time.

  37. PSLover14 says:

    These expire on the 31st of December 2012

  38. PSLover14 says:

    All codes were working, I live in NZ so it worked for me.
    Downloading to My CFW PSP now through PSN Downloader for PC

  39. zeron824 says:

    Not available for US? 🙁

  40. klear says:

    Velocity —> 9QMB-A6NE-H464
    Breakquest —> K56E-A6ND-JFMG
    Canabalt —> A54J-Q8NP-JR7F
    Wizorb —> RRR8-NANF-P5HF

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