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4 Minis for the Vita completely free!

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  1. wolframio says:

    anyone was able to redeem anyone on a us account?

  2. Jxx says:

    these are european codes only, NA accounts get *** again

  3. sean says:

    well they dont work for my canadian psn
    i do know that on monday that jetpack joyride will be free though

  4. k3nn says:

    see if anyone can get these: these were random codes except 3rd one (canabalt, it’s always the same code >.<)


    • KoJack Stewart says:

      Woot! Thank you! been refreshing my page for hours trying to get a code for Wizorbs that worked! A VERY Merry Christmas to you, friend!

  5. Trunk208 says:

    It only work on EU store not US, or any other region -.-

  6. k3nn says:

    no problem, kojack!
    anyone has extra codes for cabalt?

  7. thanks wololo I get 4 minis you have to redeem cobes vita Sony online store

  8. Zet says:

    These games are the exploit, better hurry and get them while you can.

  9. Cloud says:

    There’s the same thing for the US Playstation facebook page but even those codes didn’t work.

  10. Voltrom says:

    I liked this page awhile back so i could obtain my free month Playstation+ Subscription and it didn’t work.. The code is useless. Im pretty dissapointed.

  11. fck cant they ever give USA STUFF!!!!

  12. Aneudi says:

    I do not see this promotion on the US PS Page

  13. Clarkal says:

    Thanks got all 4 mini for my euro account, Sony needs to get they act together and start throwing something our way (US account) they treat us like *** and expect me sell their product.

  14. Drunk Anonymous says:

    I suppose I am not the only one who got these games hoping that they could be the ones to be exploited for eCFW.

  15. Internetakias says:

    Only the Cannabalt and Wizorb codes worked for me…

  16. Bewaffled1 says:

    I’d be happy to trade someone any code they need for a working Canabalt code. It’s always the same for me no matter how many proxies/accounts I use. I got all the other ones to work no problem.

  17. damnsony says:

    well… the damn code not work for me … here is the first game Velocity

  18. steve says:

    only game i cant get is breakquest.and i ‘ve tried a lot of codes

  19. Dario says:

    release the exploit !!!

  20. unity says:

    Everything works for me

  21. Zet says:

    Will release in 10 mins, oh too late you lose.

  22. GiovaDek says:

    I have taken all Thanks! Thanks so much wololo, you’re a genius

  23. vahab says:

    why dont work in US account
    why just give free mini game in Europe

  24. ShakaZuluMM says:

    The page doesn’t exist :\

  25. poec says:

    *** PSN America, giving nothing!!!
    Yeah, codes are for PSN EU only, doesn’t work on PSN A.

  26. makak1984 says:

    Nice one, but games are simple and some kind of ugly 😉 but I have problem with Wizorb code – it is not working for me… MerryXmass for all 😉

  27. jamesssss says:

    Well that was fun! took several attempts to get working codes that hadn’t been used but got there in the end 🙂 don’t know what is going on with that page it is mad!! typical Sony nightmare, they can’t even give you a gift without sc*** it up!

  28. makak1984 says:

    some codes changes randomly when i’ve refreshed page… but last one Wizorb isn’t change but also is wrong or sth…

  29. Bewaffled1 says:

    Yea.. They change randomly. Here’s a few extras I have collected so far. Don’t be greedy.

    Velocity: CR6T-DTNK-9PRQ / 93KT-ALN9-6NKA / 7PK2-K7N2-53RG
    Break Quest: NJDB-B7NA-QRMA / CNGH-EKND-MQ44

  30. Bewaffled1 says:

    Wizorb: DA4B-MKNB-GTKM

    Sorry for double post.

  31. shadowfire90 says:

    pretty lame since you cant get these in the US. Why is the European market get all this free stuff and the US gets shafted every time?

  32. vahab says:

    My mini game just use Velocity Wizorb
    i cant use Breakquest Canabalt
    pls help me for download Breakquest Canabalt
    my email : vahab.kiani@yahoo.com

  33. Bewaffled1 says:

    I just posted 2 for Break Quest. I’ll grab a couple more, hold on. Also Velocity and Canabalt are the best two and VERY addicting.

  34. vahab says:

    Only the Velocity and Wizorb codes worked for me…

    I want Breakquest and Canabalt **** Code
    my email: vahab.kiani@yahoo.com

  35. Arcanjohack says:

    an exploit would be good for these minis;)

  36. Bewaffled1 says:

    Velocity: BGA6-C2N5-7LRM
    BreakQuest: 8GGC-HCNP-BP23
    Wizorb: 73TA-N2NP-454N
    Canabalt: JJ6D-QRN6-KEDA

    Velocity: HFK6-HHN2-K9HH
    BreakQuest: 47AF-Q3NC-8JEQ
    Wizord: C9P8-M3NB-7KF6

    Anyone can make these simply do this;

    1. Create random mailboxes (Aim is easiest to do)
    2. Create random facebooks (Duh)
    3. Click the link in the post
    4. Follow through the process
    A.)Allow the first app, first game appears
    B.)Share on your wall, easy
    C.)Click the twitter signup button (it appears)
    D.)Click AutoFill, Enter (it’ll appear).
    5. Rinse and repeat.


  37. dedede says:

    if I download these to my PSP, can I back them up to my PC and then transfer to my Vita ? Cant download via Vita as on 1.81 – just a thought – I am guessing no as the formats appear to be different, but is there a way to convert them??

  38. Bewaffled1 says:

    I would assume you only need to use OpenCMA to transfer it to your Vita.

    Velocity: BGA6-C2N5-7LRM
    BreakQuest: 8GGC-HCNP-BP23
    Wizorb: 73TA-N2NP-454N
    Canabalt: JJ6D-QRN6-KEDA

    Velocity: HFK6-HHN2-K9HH
    BreakQuest: 47AF-Q3NC-8JEQ
    Wizord: C9P8-M3NB-7KF6

    (Previous comment got moderated, I assume for the link)

  39. Internetakias says:

    Anyone got codes for Velocity and BreakQuest?

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