4 Minis for the Vita completely free!

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  1. kenshiro421 says:

    Canabalt code don’t work for me . Pfff

  2. ballsucker says:

    can someone please make an extra account and get the codes for me, it can’t get them myself. An send them to bibel-draken@hotmail.com. very thanks.

  3. NakedFaerie says:

    I got all 4 games and I can see why they were all free.
    They are already deleted from my Vita as they are all ***.

    Nice Sony, have your rubbish as free games just so someone would download them.

  4. TobeyDemon says:

    i hit like. every time i get ” an error occured
    application error” what thew heck.

  5. jvhellraiser says:

    Is not working on US or PR stores!! SUCKS!!! why does Sony always do this!!!

    • TheSpillmonkey says:

      Did you try the codes on the US store?

    • Yes says:

      The offer is only available in Europe as far as i know. Sony have different sections (SCEA for US and SCEE for Europe), that is why we sometimes see different offerings in US and in Europe.

      • Jose says:

        Sad thing is we never see offerings like this in America. It’s ridiculous. We get half console bundles too it sucks major.

        Still America gets treated better with game date releases and pricing, so I really shouldn’t complain.

  6. ShadowFuuk says:


  7. chingon says:

    dis is awsome…downloading’em now…

  8. Poopsicle says:

    So Sony is giving out games that allow cfw but not for the usa. What a rip.

  9. Blazzx says:

    It would be awsome if ecfw will reun on this games :D

  10. Mk. says:

    Only two codes works for me: velocity and Canabalt, the others give me errors…

  11. xShadowsx says:

    It is available for every PSN Account. Just go in facebook and type sony playstation and click on the picture that look like a christmas theme and so on

  12. Viper05 says:

    Wondering if I should update to 2.02 to get these free games? Thoughts?

  13. anton85 says:

    It doesn’t work anymore

  14. Stormwolf says:

    Doesnt work with my us account

  15. xShadowsx says:

    i did i just now and it works

  16. Stormwolf says:

    yeah time to make EU account

  17. diwuhd says:

    Apparently Velocity code is out of date. I tried to redeem it, but it keeps saying that its already been used.

  18. Anonymous says:

    These games sucks. The games look like nes games…

  19. Minimur says:

    would laugh so much if all games are exploitable

  20. Justin says:

    The us page has the same give away FYI

  21. Asamidare says:

    For Wizorb, if your country is not in the droplist (who said Italy?) and you select another one to proceed with the module (Spain, Swiss…whatever) and then you try to redeem that code…you can’t. Duh :(

  22. cucu says:

    DARQ-K9NL-F3PH PFP5-9CNP-N3TE TDRM-F6N5-DMKE 59PL-NRNT-6MQR Enjoy with euro accounts

  23. cucu says:

    i want to kno if i should update a n lose my ecfw

  24. HIMFan says:

    I already have a European account,so I’ll sign in with with my ps3 and be able to play them on my US account after they’re downloaded onto the system :D

  25. k3nn says:

    yay! got 3 except canabalt, no code works for canabalt and then, when refreshing the page, the codes for the other 3 are always random, but canabalt’s (the third gift item) is always the same (mine is 2Q9K-PKN6-LQ9P) but that doesn’t seem to work. also, i couldn’t perform another tweet request because it’s already unlocked.

  26. KoJack Stewart says:

    I made a EU account but Wizorb code says it’s already been used. I’ve refreshed my browser dozens and dozens of times but the codes are always the same. :-(

  27. Ivoyko says:

    I love cannabal… its a poor game but its funny see how u die when u dnt wait die xD

  28. HIMFan says:

    Heres some codes. I use Opera browser and it was just straight showing me codes without me doing anything. So here’s 5. Some have to be the same game. I think 3 are Velocity. So just take ONE, otherwise, being greedy you’ll probably grab the same game as you already have and waste a code that someone else could’ve redeemed.


  29. wolframio says:

    anyone was able to redeem anyone on a us account?

  30. sean says:

    well they dont work for my canadian psn
    i do know that on monday that jetpack joyride will be free though

  31. k3nn says:

    see if anyone can get these: these were random codes except 3rd one (canabalt, it’s always the same code >.<)


    • KoJack Stewart says:

      Woot! Thank you! been refreshing my page for hours trying to get a code for Wizorbs that worked! A VERY Merry Christmas to you, friend!

  32. Trunk208 says:

    It only work on EU store not US, or any other region -.-

  33. k3nn says:

    no problem, kojack!
    anyone has extra codes for cabalt?

  34. thanks wololo I get 4 minis you have to redeem cobes vita Sony online store

  35. Zet says:

    These games are the exploit, better hurry and get them while you can.

  36. Cloud says:

    There’s the same thing for the US Playstation facebook page but even those codes didn’t work.

  37. Voltrom says:

    I liked this page awhile back so i could obtain my free month Playstation+ Subscription and it didn’t work.. The code is useless. Im pretty dissapointed.

  38. fck cant they ever give USA STUFF!!!!

  39. Aneudi says:

    I do not see this promotion on the US PS Page

  40. Clarkal says:

    Thanks got all 4 mini for my euro account, Sony needs to get they act together and start throwing something our way (US account) they treat us like *** and expect me sell their product.

  41. Drunk Anonymous says:

    I suppose I am not the only one who got these games hoping that they could be the ones to be exploited for eCFW.

  42. Internetakias says:

    Only the Cannabalt and Wizorb codes worked for me…

  43. Bewaffled1 says:

    I’d be happy to trade someone any code they need for a working Canabalt code. It’s always the same for me no matter how many proxies/accounts I use. I got all the other ones to work no problem.

  44. damnsony says:

    well… the damn code not work for me … here is the first game Velocity

  45. steve says:

    only game i cant get is breakquest.and i ‘ve tried a lot of codes

  46. Dario says:

    release the exploit !!!

  47. unity says:

    Everything works for me

  48. Zet says:

    Will release in 10 mins, oh too late you lose.

  49. GiovaDek says:

    I have taken all Thanks! Thanks so much wololo, you’re a genius

  50. vahab says:

    why dont work in US account
    why just give free mini game in Europe

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