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4 Minis for the Vita completely free!

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  1. chezney says:

    Had to reply to say that velocity is the best mini! awesome!

  2. rafael707 says:

    page requested not found…

  3. Someone Else says:

    Anyone else getting severely tired of EU-only freebies from Sony? Not a once has any of these multi-bundles of awesome freeness come stateside.

    This one thing alone, honestly, is starting to turn my love of playstation into the exact opposite.

    • Chasez671 says:

      Hmm.. I thought it would be something else among the millions of other things that Sony does to screw to customers over that would make you hate them. Eh, well we all have our different reasons.

      • Someone Else says:

        Honestly, I always just liked the style of games available for their machines, since PS1. I felt a certain common appeal to stuff like SH1, Crash Bandicoot and JRPG games stuffed with secrets. As long as they kept getting stuff like that, I felt pretty happy and unaware of any big Sony problems.

        But this, to me, is just utter BS. I definitely find it shady that they’ll gift 4 critical minigames to certain profitable first-world countries, but lock NA out. It’s stingy and uneven to get left out, or get a different deal. For some reason it just bugs the ever living *** out of me.

        • Noel Abercrombie says:

          Eh, this sc*** over goes both ways. You guys in the US get more games (We still don’t have Retro City Rampage 🙁 ) at a cheaper price (Usually between 50% and 70% our price), While we all we get in return is the occasional freebie.

          • Someone Else says:

            Info much appreciated. 🙂 That’s a side to it that I was unaware of, and it adds some perspective. In that case, this particular thing feels a lot more even.

            On a different related topic though, they still need to put all the ps1 games you guys have onto the NA store. I own a digital copy of SH1, my favorite PS1 game, that I can’t even get to my vita now. (Long story.)

  4. E says:

    Why are the codes not working???

  5. Andreino says:

    why it say me page not found. i’m in italy

  6. Multiboy2k says:

    Hey Wololo!
    Thanks for the heads up on these great minis but the game, Wizorb is not available on the US store.
    I just thought you should know.

  7. Jd8531 says:

    Canabalt! I love that game!

  8. brandonheat8 says:

    Heard wizorb was good, canabalt was sweet.

  9. Trunk208 says:

    Thanks wololo I am really appreciated from you sharing this, keep up to good work ^_^

  10. 324324 says:


  11. Mr. Shizzy says:

    *** – where’s the love for U.S. gamers?

  12. ryugi says:

    thnak you very much. canabalt are also in my possession, but i’m sure in the other tree are an exploit thank you very much, i went to controll, but i’m sure one of this is the next exploit of frostegater XD

  13. ryugi says:

    if there are all tree with exploit and you are in possession of the exploit, i care you to don’t release another exploit after a new firware update

  14. kirke says:

    vllt exploit dabei ? 😀

  15. Oblivion says:

    I hpe there will be an exploiiittt!

  16. Shuaiyetu says:

    Breakquest: This Prepaid Card has already been spent…

  17. quetz says:

    good 😀 let’s hope at least one of this minis got the exploit whithin 😛

  18. kenshiro421 says:

    Canabalt code don t work for me . Pfff

  19. RagingCore says:

    Got all 4. If it’s free, why not 😀 Thanks m.rr.

  20. TheOsmOne says:

    i saw this news elsewhere so i did everything not knowing that these codes didn’t work in the us
    here are my codes (unused)-

  21. natsu says:

    why you no give US something to be happy about???


  22. natsu says:


    velocity code… 😀

  23. nakano says:

    Thank you m.rr for the info! All should work also with PSP and PS3. And merry christmas holidays!

  24. Asamidare says:

    Well…a tip.
    Don’t you want to compulsory share on facebook or twitter after putting a like it for game #1? Just click on “share” and wait some seconds with the tab open. Do not continue. Codes for games #2 and #3 will unlock. Sadly this does not work for game #4 so you have to compile the module, send it and wait a fair amount of seconds before the last game unlocks.
    Fun fact: among the countries in the list (you must put a country in that module) there wasn’t Italy…I know that we will be the next country to go bankrupt, but…com’on…I put Swiss.

  25. GRID says:

    бля есть кто нить русский ?чё ещё эксплойты вышли или как ?

  26. Hamit says:

    Thank you m.rr. All the codes worked except Breakquest. Sent an e-mail to Sony about that hoping they would help.

  27. 1fff says:

    It works perfectly and you don´t need an Account on Twitter if you klick the Button it´s XD Mary X-Mas Wololo Team

  28. Elsisero87 says:

    Uhm! This seems like a ninja post… 😀

  29. HAIDER_KIARA says:

    Hi all
    I can download one game
    What is the reason
    I hope to exploit in running games PSP games

  30. Have try this out but Velocity and Breakquest could not be redeemed .

  31. 1stMaster says:

    weird i redeem them all but when i reddem canabalt it give me error

  32. noob says:

    If i want to regenrate the voucher code, there doesn’t happen anthing? plz help

  33. xyz says:

    >An error occurred
    >Application error

    • psvitahack says:

      Hey its also happening to me…first i could open app it was slow and buggy but i couldnt click to get codes(nothing happened) and now i even cant open app i get this same error…whatafuck???

  34. Albie85 says:

    Game 1 and game 2 downloaded fine 2 & 4 not valid. Anyone got that prob?

  35. noob says:

    i cant download any game of the 4 lol

  36. ryu says:

    Use internet explorer and delete cookies & cache after each voucher.

    I didnt tweet anything i just logged into twitter over FB and it unlocked the voucher.

  37. Alex says:

    in the uk and all 4 codes say already used

  38. Albie85 says:

    Do u mean cookies through ps3?

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