4 Minis for the Vita completely free!

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  1. chezney says:

    Had to reply to say that velocity is the best mini! awesome!

  2. rafael707 says:

    page requested not found…

  3. Someone Else says:

    Anyone else getting severely tired of EU-only freebies from Sony? Not a once has any of these multi-bundles of awesome freeness come stateside.

    This one thing alone, honestly, is starting to turn my love of playstation into the exact opposite.

    • Chasez671 says:

      Hmm.. I thought it would be something else among the millions of other things that Sony does to screw to customers over that would make you hate them. Eh, well we all have our different reasons.

      • Someone Else says:

        Honestly, I always just liked the style of games available for their machines, since PS1. I felt a certain common appeal to stuff like SH1, Crash Bandicoot and JRPG games stuffed with secrets. As long as they kept getting stuff like that, I felt pretty happy and unaware of any big Sony problems.

        But this, to me, is just utter BS. I definitely find it shady that they’ll gift 4 critical minigames to certain profitable first-world countries, but lock NA out. It’s stingy and uneven to get left out, or get a different deal. For some reason it just bugs the ever living *** out of me.

  4. E says:

    Why are the codes not working???

  5. Andreino says:

    why it say me page not found. i’m in italy

  6. Multiboy2k says:

    Hey Wololo!
    Thanks for the heads up on these great minis but the game, Wizorb is not available on the US store.
    I just thought you should know.

  7. Jd8531 says:

    Canabalt! I love that game!

  8. brandonheat8 says:

    Heard wizorb was good, canabalt was sweet.

  9. Trunk208 says:

    Thanks wololo I am really appreciated from you sharing this, keep up to good work ^_^

  10. 324324 says:


  11. Mr. Shizzy says:

    *** – where’s the love for U.S. gamers?

  12. ryugi says:

    thnak you very much. canabalt are also in my possession, but i’m sure in the other tree are an exploit thank you very much, i went to controll, but i’m sure one of this is the next exploit of frostegater XD

  13. ryugi says:

    if there are all tree with exploit and you are in possession of the exploit, i care you to don’t release another exploit after a new firware update

  14. kirke says:

    vllt exploit dabei ? 😀

  15. Oblivion says:

    I hpe there will be an exploiiittt!

  16. Shuaiyetu says:

    Breakquest: This Prepaid Card has already been spent…

  17. quetz says:

    good 😀 let’s hope at least one of this minis got the exploit whithin 😛

  18. kenshiro421 says:

    Canabalt code don t work for me . Pfff

  19. RagingCore says:

    Got all 4. If it’s free, why not 😀 Thanks m.rr.

  20. TheOsmOne says:

    i saw this news elsewhere so i did everything not knowing that these codes didn’t work in the us
    here are my codes (unused)-

  21. natsu says:

    why you no give US something to be happy about???


  22. natsu says:


    velocity code… 😀

  23. nakano says:

    Thank you m.rr for the info! All should work also with PSP and PS3. And merry christmas holidays!

  24. Asamidare says:

    Well…a tip.
    Don’t you want to compulsory share on facebook or twitter after putting a like it for game #1? Just click on “share” and wait some seconds with the tab open. Do not continue. Codes for games #2 and #3 will unlock. Sadly this does not work for game #4 so you have to compile the module, send it and wait a fair amount of seconds before the last game unlocks.
    Fun fact: among the countries in the list (you must put a country in that module) there wasn’t Italy…I know that we will be the next country to go bankrupt, but…com’on…I put Swiss.

  25. GRID says:

    бля есть кто нить русский ?чё ещё эксплойты вышли или как ?

  26. Hamit says:

    Thank you m.rr. All the codes worked except Breakquest. Sent an e-mail to Sony about that hoping they would help.

  27. 1fff says:

    It works perfectly and you don´t need an Account on Twitter if you klick the Button it´s XD Mary X-Mas Wololo Team

  28. Elsisero87 says:

    Uhm! This seems like a ninja post… 😀

  29. HAIDER_KIARA says:

    Hi all
    I can download one game
    What is the reason
    I hope to exploit in running games PSP games

  30. Have try this out but Velocity and Breakquest could not be redeemed .

  31. 1stMaster says:

    weird i redeem them all but when i reddem canabalt it give me error

  32. noob says:

    If i want to regenrate the voucher code, there doesn’t happen anthing? plz help

  33. xyz says:

    >An error occurred
    >Application error

    • psvitahack says:

      Hey its also happening to me…first i could open app it was slow and buggy but i couldnt click to get codes(nothing happened) and now i even cant open app i get this same error…whatafuck???

  34. Albie85 says:

    Game 1 and game 2 downloaded fine 2 & 4 not valid. Anyone got that prob?

  35. noob says:

    i cant download any game of the 4 lol

  36. ryu says:

    Use internet explorer and delete cookies & cache after each voucher.

    I didnt tweet anything i just logged into twitter over FB and it unlocked the voucher.

  37. Alex says:

    in the uk and all 4 codes say already used

  38. Albie85 says:

    Do u mean cookies through ps3?

  39. bob says:

    omfg the fb page take ages to respond and display xD It look buggy as well

  40. Yes says:

    Nice to have confirmation that one of these games are the ones used for the next hack 😉

  41. Alex says:

    refreshing page changed codes and entering straight away seems to work apart from breakquest wont change code

  42. bopz says:

    yeah all games work except Break Quest, damn i hope it’s not THE game

  43. Alex says:

    logged in via wife’s facebook got new code used straight away and worked :)

  44. noob says:

    it doesn’t work for me at all, can someone give me instructions plz

  45. Alex says:

    even if none of them are THE game hey its free games :)

  46. noob says:

    i have liked the page but the gifts are closed and the page is very slow :(

  47. Troll.Face says:

    I don’t know why but the code for Velocity doesn’t works. The others three minis still on the store and i have downloaded them…..

  48. RodPin says:

    Just to remember US PS+ members that Velocity and Canabalt were given as free games some time ago.

  49. kenshiro421 says:

    Canabalt code don’t work for me . Pfff

  50. ballsucker says:

    can someone please make an extra account and get the codes for me, it can’t get them myself. An send them to bibel-draken@hotmail.com. very thanks.

  51. NakedFaerie says:

    I got all 4 games and I can see why they were all free.
    They are already deleted from my Vita as they are all ***.

    Nice Sony, have your rubbish as free games just so someone would download them.

  52. TobeyDemon says:

    i hit like. every time i get ” an error occured
    application error” what thew heck.

  53. jvhellraiser says:

    Is not working on US or PR stores!! SUCKS!!! why does Sony always do this!!!

    • TheSpillmonkey says:

      Did you try the codes on the US store?

    • Yes says:

      The offer is only available in Europe as far as i know. Sony have different sections (SCEA for US and SCEE for Europe), that is why we sometimes see different offerings in US and in Europe.

      • Jose says:

        Sad thing is we never see offerings like this in America. It’s ridiculous. We get half console bundles too it sucks major.

        Still America gets treated better with game date releases and pricing, so I really shouldn’t complain.

  54. ShadowFuuk says:


  55. chingon says:

    dis is awsome…downloading’em now…

  56. Poopsicle says:

    So Sony is giving out games that allow cfw but not for the usa. What a rip.

  57. Blazzx says:

    It would be awsome if ecfw will reun on this games 😀

  58. Mk. says:

    Only two codes works for me: velocity and Canabalt, the others give me errors…

  59. xShadowsx says:

    It is available for every PSN Account. Just go in facebook and type sony playstation and click on the picture that look like a christmas theme and so on

  60. Viper05 says:

    Wondering if I should update to 2.02 to get these free games? Thoughts?

  61. anton85 says:

    It doesn’t work anymore

  62. Stormwolf says:

    Doesnt work with my us account

  63. xShadowsx says:

    i did i just now and it works

  64. Stormwolf says:

    yeah time to make EU account

  65. diwuhd says:

    Apparently Velocity code is out of date. I tried to redeem it, but it keeps saying that its already been used.

  66. Anonymous says:

    These games sucks. The games look like nes games…

  67. Minimur says:

    would laugh so much if all games are exploitable

  68. Justin says:

    The us page has the same give away FYI

  69. Asamidare says:

    For Wizorb, if your country is not in the droplist (who said Italy?) and you select another one to proceed with the module (Spain, Swiss…whatever) and then you try to redeem that code…you can’t. Duh :(

  70. cucu says:

    DARQ-K9NL-F3PH PFP5-9CNP-N3TE TDRM-F6N5-DMKE 59PL-NRNT-6MQR Enjoy with euro accounts

  71. cucu says:

    i want to kno if i should update a n lose my ecfw

  72. HIMFan says:

    I already have a European account,so I’ll sign in with with my ps3 and be able to play them on my US account after they’re downloaded onto the system 😀

  73. k3nn says:

    yay! got 3 except canabalt, no code works for canabalt and then, when refreshing the page, the codes for the other 3 are always random, but canabalt’s (the third gift item) is always the same (mine is 2Q9K-PKN6-LQ9P) but that doesn’t seem to work. also, i couldn’t perform another tweet request because it’s already unlocked.

  74. KoJack Stewart says:

    I made a EU account but Wizorb code says it’s already been used. I’ve refreshed my browser dozens and dozens of times but the codes are always the same. :-(

  75. Ivoyko says:

    I love cannabal… its a poor game but its funny see how u die when u dnt wait die xD

  76. HIMFan says:

    Heres some codes. I use Opera browser and it was just straight showing me codes without me doing anything. So here’s 5. Some have to be the same game. I think 3 are Velocity. So just take ONE, otherwise, being greedy you’ll probably grab the same game as you already have and waste a code that someone else could’ve redeemed.


  77. wolframio says:

    anyone was able to redeem anyone on a us account?

  78. sean says:

    well they dont work for my canadian psn
    i do know that on monday that jetpack joyride will be free though

  79. k3nn says:

    see if anyone can get these: these were random codes except 3rd one (canabalt, it’s always the same code >.<)


    • KoJack Stewart says:

      Woot! Thank you! been refreshing my page for hours trying to get a code for Wizorbs that worked! A VERY Merry Christmas to you, friend!

  80. Trunk208 says:

    It only work on EU store not US, or any other region -.-

  81. k3nn says:

    no problem, kojack!
    anyone has extra codes for cabalt?

  82. thanks wololo I get 4 minis you have to redeem cobes vita Sony online store

  83. Zet says:

    These games are the exploit, better hurry and get them while you can.

  84. Cloud says:

    There’s the same thing for the US Playstation facebook page but even those codes didn’t work.

  85. Voltrom says:

    I liked this page awhile back so i could obtain my free month Playstation+ Subscription and it didn’t work.. The code is useless. Im pretty dissapointed.

  86. fck cant they ever give USA STUFF!!!!

  87. Aneudi says:

    I do not see this promotion on the US PS Page

  88. Clarkal says:

    Thanks got all 4 mini for my euro account, Sony needs to get they act together and start throwing something our way (US account) they treat us like *** and expect me sell their product.

  89. Drunk Anonymous says:

    I suppose I am not the only one who got these games hoping that they could be the ones to be exploited for eCFW.

  90. Internetakias says:

    Only the Cannabalt and Wizorb codes worked for me…

  91. Bewaffled1 says:

    I’d be happy to trade someone any code they need for a working Canabalt code. It’s always the same for me no matter how many proxies/accounts I use. I got all the other ones to work no problem.

  92. damnsony says:

    well… the damn code not work for me … here is the first game Velocity

  93. steve says:

    only game i cant get is breakquest.and i ‘ve tried a lot of codes

  94. Dario says:

    release the exploit !!!

  95. unity says:

    Everything works for me

  96. Zet says:

    Will release in 10 mins, oh too late you lose.

  97. GiovaDek says:

    I have taken all Thanks! Thanks so much wololo, you’re a genius

  98. vahab says:

    why dont work in US account
    why just give free mini game in Europe

  99. ShakaZuluMM says:

    The page doesn’t exist :\

  100. makak1984 says:

    Nice one, but games are simple and some kind of ugly 😉 but I have problem with Wizorb code – it is not working for me… MerryXmass for all 😉

  101. makak1984 says:

    some codes changes randomly when i’ve refreshed page… but last one Wizorb isn’t change but also is wrong or sth…

  102. Bewaffled1 says:

    Yea.. They change randomly. Here’s a few extras I have collected so far. Don’t be greedy.

    Velocity: CR6T-DTNK-9PRQ / 93KT-ALN9-6NKA / 7PK2-K7N2-53RG
    Break Quest: NJDB-B7NA-QRMA / CNGH-EKND-MQ44

  103. Bewaffled1 says:

    Wizorb: DA4B-MKNB-GTKM

    Sorry for double post.

  104. shadowfire90 says:

    pretty lame since you cant get these in the US. Why is the European market get all this free stuff and the US gets shafted every time?

  105. vahab says:

    My mini game just use Velocity Wizorb
    i cant use Breakquest Canabalt
    pls help me for download Breakquest Canabalt
    my email : vahab.kiani@yahoo.com

  106. Bewaffled1 says:

    I just posted 2 for Break Quest. I’ll grab a couple more, hold on. Also Velocity and Canabalt are the best two and VERY addicting.

  107. vahab says:

    Only the Velocity and Wizorb codes worked for me…

    I want Breakquest and Canabalt **** Code
    my email: vahab.kiani@yahoo.com

  108. Arcanjohack says:

    an exploit would be good for these minis;)

  109. Bewaffled1 says:

    Velocity: BGA6-C2N5-7LRM
    BreakQuest: 8GGC-HCNP-BP23
    Wizorb: 73TA-N2NP-454N
    Canabalt: JJ6D-QRN6-KEDA

    Velocity: HFK6-HHN2-K9HH
    BreakQuest: 47AF-Q3NC-8JEQ
    Wizord: C9P8-M3NB-7KF6

    Anyone can make these simply do this;

    1. Create random mailboxes (Aim is easiest to do)
    2. Create random facebooks (Duh)
    3. Click the link in the post
    4. Follow through the process
    A.)Allow the first app, first game appears
    B.)Share on your wall, easy
    C.)Click the twitter signup button (it appears)
    D.)Click AutoFill, Enter (it’ll appear).
    5. Rinse and repeat.


  110. dedede says:

    if I download these to my PSP, can I back them up to my PC and then transfer to my Vita ? Cant download via Vita as on 1.81 – just a thought – I am guessing no as the formats appear to be different, but is there a way to convert them??

  111. Bewaffled1 says:

    I would assume you only need to use OpenCMA to transfer it to your Vita.

    Velocity: BGA6-C2N5-7LRM
    BreakQuest: 8GGC-HCNP-BP23
    Wizorb: 73TA-N2NP-454N
    Canabalt: JJ6D-QRN6-KEDA

    Velocity: HFK6-HHN2-K9HH
    BreakQuest: 47AF-Q3NC-8JEQ
    Wizord: C9P8-M3NB-7KF6

    (Previous comment got moderated, I assume for the link)

  112. Internetakias says:

    Anyone got codes for Velocity and BreakQuest?

  113. Synntech says:

    Any way to get these on 1.81? if not im happy 2 post my codes

  114. Azlan says:

    Hi, only managed to get 3 mini games out of 4.
    pls help me for download Canabalt.
    my email is xlanz79@gmail.com

  115. stOneskull says:

    i’m quite happy.. i was planning on checking out those games soon, especially velocity and canabalt.. it’s a great little xmas bonus. it all worked smoothly for me.

  116. Mart says:

    Got error on the codes I got on both PSVita as well as PS3. Strange. On PS3 it gave: no longer valid, while I earned these codes and screengrabbed them so know they are correct…

  117. Thommo says:

    Unused code for the first game, Velocity.


    Merry Xmas to the scene!

  118. sixthshadow says:

    Velocity: 6T2L-HFN4-4NE2
    Breakquest: M6EM-NKN7-M9JC
    Canabalt: J6NQ-K9N9-QA8Q

    Some extras i got… enjoy.

  119. Manning says:

    Ok, so I made a UK psn account online and was able to redeem all my online codes. How do I transfer these games to my vita now?? I download the games and they come up as xpd files so I don’t know what that means. I don’t have a ps3 so can’t transfer that way. Will open cma work to transfer to my vita??

  120. Pol says:

    Velocity: FjLg-D6nt-Lflp
    Breakquest: 8dt9-gknl-3n9a
    Canabalt: tbmr-Rnn4-2kbt

    Wizorb doen’t work :(

  121. Pol says:

    Velocity: 554R-lhna-39k6
    Breakquest: tjgr-n9n5-hn4r
    Canabalt: 82te-aan7-jlkn

  122. Pol says:

    Anyone a working wizorb code?

  123. jehu says:

    This codes dont work in Asia Version :(

  124. Psi says:

    Velocity : E6QN-ELNJ-REFB

  125. Poopsicle says:

    Why can’t you just transfer these games from your ps3 to your vita? Did Sony do something corrupt to not allow you to do that?

  126. 200C under says:

    HondKong player:I got them.

  127. vahab says:

    Canabalt and Breakquest doesnt work for me
    My Account UAE
    just Velocity and wizorb work for me
    pls help me

  128. Jeremy Stiles says:

    Awesome, better then nothing to get me started on my new vita. Thanks for this!

  129. xmas says:

    Canabalt doesn’t seem to work either…

    would be nice if you may help 😀

  130. Pol says:

    No one else a working wizorb code for the european store? Got 3 codes myself but none of them worked. All the wizorbs codes here didn’t work for me either.

  131. Mike says:

    Cant use these codes cause i’m in NA
    Merry Christmas to the Scene





  132. MIKAELO says:

    muchas gracias va del carajo

  133. jiko says:

    hey, its not working on my ps via ?????? , can any
    one tell me why?? plaese…thanx and merry christmas for all

  134. pessimist pete says:

    got mine from my australian account. too bad I can’t get these with my normal account to be able to transfer over to my vita. But ah well games being free has it’s limitations I suppose

  135. ivo says:


    if u wonder what games to buy …
    id say stay on latest firmwares
    and buy plus … the 4 or more games a month
    will be worth it …

    if ur looking for homebrew id say
    buy a second vita u just never update and
    one day itll be homebrew …

    the games worth it are for plus this month
    mortal kombat … stranger oddworld
    and so mutch more

    for homebrew pspdisp and others psplink etc
    but what are the real good homebrews ?


  136. Megaman says:

    for thoes who want my codes and you have a eu acc email me

  137. playstationnetwork = playstationnotwork says:

    too bad all the games suck why not just give us one new good one?

  138. VitaSoy says:

    Will codes expire?

  139. Lars Beduhn says:

    Could redeem the first 3 codes. Wizorb however is not working.
    If someone could give me one for that game I’d really be glad.

  140. Tunga says:

    Anyone willing to give their Canabalt Code please send it to zetunga@hotmail.com.


  141. Pol says:

    Damn, still no wizorb working code for me. Verry strange they can’t seem to give me a working code.

  142. vahab says:

    if u want take every 4 game u must create 2 account in facebook
    i have two account in facebook and now i have every 4 games

  143. salvador edwards says:

    Is this only for ps3?

  144. gideon says:

    I tried but i didnt get a code… (Or something :P)

  145. gideon says:

    Now it worked it are nice games but not VERY nice games…

  146. gideon says:

    P.S. it is for vita to 😉

  147. kim see says:

    damn! all canabalt different unused canabalt codes are not working for me -_- waste of time.

  148. PSLover14 says:

    These expire on the 31st of December 2012

  149. PSLover14 says:

    All codes were working, I live in NZ so it worked for me.
    Downloading to My CFW PSP now through PSN Downloader for PC

  150. zeron824 says:

    Not available for US? :(

  151. klear says:

    Velocity —> 9QMB-A6NE-H464
    Breakquest —> K56E-A6ND-JFMG
    Canabalt —> A54J-Q8NP-JR7F
    Wizorb —> RRR8-NANF-P5HF


    Who wants code pls email me

    Offer available today and today only


  153. emmanuel says:

    how to download game for free on psvita

  154. Someone Else says:

    Info much appreciated. :) That’s a side to it that I was unaware of, and it adds some perspective. In that case, this particular thing feels a lot more even.

    On a different related topic though, they still need to put all the ps1 games you guys have onto the NA store. I own a digital copy of SH1, my favorite PS1 game, that I can’t even get to my vita now. (Long story.)

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