4 Minis for the Vita completely free!

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  1. PSLover14 says:

    These expire on the 31st of December 2012

  2. PSLover14 says:

    All codes were working, I live in NZ so it worked for me.
    Downloading to My CFW PSP now through PSN Downloader for PC

  3. zeron824 says:

    Not available for US? :(

  4. klear says:

    Velocity —> 9QMB-A6NE-H464
    Breakquest —> K56E-A6ND-JFMG
    Canabalt —> A54J-Q8NP-JR7F
    Wizorb —> RRR8-NANF-P5HF


    Who wants code pls email me

    Offer available today and today only


  6. emmanuel says:

    how to download game for free on psvita

  7. Someone Else says:

    Info much appreciated. :) That’s a side to it that I was unaware of, and it adds some perspective. In that case, this particular thing feels a lot more even.

    On a different related topic though, they still need to put all the ps1 games you guys have onto the NA store. I own a digital copy of SH1, my favorite PS1 game, that I can’t even get to my vita now. (Long story.)

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