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PSVita OFW 2.02 Out

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  1. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I would like to go on about getting the exploit ASAP, but this gen of gaming has gotten me used to waiting, mainly the Versus XIII deal, lol =p

  2. The Z says:

    It is true Frost and I have made thousands and even a free iPhone because you stupid morons believed we lost our vitas. Are you guys that stupid??? Plus there is no exploit it’s all fake for us to steal your money in the thousands.

  3. PsPsiR1 says:

    hey! Faker you know your one of those morons waiting for the exploit. shame on you!

  4. TheDarkKnight says:

    Wololo, My PS Vita is at 2.02, how will the Ninja Release work? will it be posted on the site? or will it be sent by email somehow??? Thanks in advance

  5. kenshiro421 says:

    Cool a real update ( not just for block the hack ) so plz mail me for ninja release . Europe player . Thx wololo

  6. The Z says:

    i will release the exploit tonight. stay tune & fill up your wallet..

  7. GlueGun says:

    ever since the 2.00 came, witch I say made us all wait even more to get PSN after the fw update
    And, Now… Two more updates are here, Ahhh i would say they even becomeing
    The developer “Zett”, Hmmmm interesting?, I will go to his PayPal account, and his
    Friends with, the “other” Zetts PayPal registry account like you said, and give him a
    BIG THANK YOU!!!! For Letting Me Play Final Fantacy Crisis Cafe.

  8. Khaled says:

    I can’t believe all this comments that I’m reading, you guys make it sound that they work for you and you pay for them to got the job done.
    If I was Z and i read all this comments I will go and work for Sony to make sure no body got any games.

  9. The Z says:

    I have changed my mind and will not release it now because all you people are stupid sheep!!!!

  10. andreea says:

    Guys , i just got 2 working psn codes from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-Y3xHDTTe8

  11. droids says:

    does the $20 is good enough?

  12. JoMAYkanstinkyAss says:

    Mon dare got 2 b a relese alredee wont 2 play a new hock.

  13. darkknight says:

    entonces que pasa con el desbloqueo de la ps vita??. va a sair o no??

  14. ongoingzero says:

    hey z thanks for all your hard work merry x mass

  15. Z says:

    quero o desbloqueio do ps vita de presentee ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Z says:

    You will never see it till I get more donations.

  17. Shura says:

    Hope it gets released tonight!!! Thanks for all Frostegater.

  18. Ivoyko says:

    i am interested in this but the exploited game is in some place (i mean if the excellent hacker z says the exploited game, no the download) for buy it before he release the hack

  19. Ivoyko says:

    was a question but i forget the ?

  20. Frostegater says:

    i will not released the exploit coz u guys keep talking bad about us..i want to leave the scene..bye & thanks for your cheap money..

    • FrostegaterIsStupid says:

      No one cares about you stupid, because we don’t need you!!!!! We already have the release so you can leave the scene now, hurry up and leave!!

  21. The Z says:

    Its fun how people are faking me in the comments…
    Just bad that they do not have the “avatar” that every of my comments has ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Gamer says:

    The Z and Frostegater are gone!

  23. Ivoyko says:

    i am in talk forum but i not see the exploited game?

    i have to do something? i am registed

  24. The Z says:

    I’m the Z I have an IBM keyboard.


  25. The Z says:

    No no Im the Z and if you put a million dollars into my account I can prove it.

  26. the z says:

    all the z’s must be silent! we must merge together to make the true z

  27. Z says:

    The game is now out it’s Fifa 12

  28. Frostegater says:

    The game is spyhunter and duck hunt

  29. Zet says:

    I will release the CFE soon. Remember all of you to call it CFE and not the other way as CFE is the right way to say it and I love that word CFE CFE.

  30. data079 says:

    Hey, I’ve been out of touch since the I had my hacked PSP 2000. Has anyone made an extremely dummed down guide to hacking the Vita? I’d love to get back into this stuff. Thanks!

    • hgoel0974 says:

      There isn’t exactly a Vita hack except for UVL, the eCFW is just like PSP exploits, you find them using a PSP on 6.60 CFW, then you make VHBL/eCFW launch from it, search on the blog, there are quite a few articles about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. data079 says:

    Nevermind if your charging for it… I thought the whole idea of making something for the community was the community part, but apparently y’all want customers rather than community…

  32. Frostegator says:

    The game is Angry Birds ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. American Horror Story says:

    Just found out that the new exploit will be released on Christmas as a suprised. ^_^

  34. kaiserlufet says:

    can these people be really rude to devs? I think wololo must delete these trolling fake z’s account to avoid confusion…

  35. adrianfirth says:

    I wish all these fakers would just stop! Appreciate the time these guys spend getting these exploits working.

  36. The Z says:

    Ok guys frostegater and i have decided 2014 we will release the exploit. We think it is good to wait and by this time the ps vita 3 will be out.

  37. The real stupid Z says:

    Hello all Im the real Z. Don’t listen to anyone. I will release the CFE will soon when someone donates a new iphone

  38. 300z says:

    I am the true z and have decided not to release the hack because the hack is fake

  39. Losiento says:

    Hello everybody,

    today is Christmas… Ninja Claus donยดt come today? I ask because i sit on the Pc and presh the f5 button all the time… is it bether for me to wait today or can i go to my Family?

  40. The real stupid Z says:

    Yeah the game is out hurry go get it

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