PSVita OFW 2.02 Out

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  1. Stiffeno says:

    Ive been using the Urbanix exploit for a while now, it does suck not having access to the PSN :(, seems like I have been on 1.81 forever!

    I read that the new YouTube app is really good on 2.01, while it would be nice to have these new features on my Vita, its not worth me losing my Homebrew and ISO support…ill just use YouTube on my laptop lol!

    I actually have both the Urbanix AND the Mad Blocker exploitable games, I figured at the time I would get Mad Blocker even though I had Urbanix, just in case I corrupted or lost my Urbanix exploit!

    I better keep my eye’s peeled for the next exploitable game, would be nice to have PSN access again and OFW 2.02 too!

    Just a quick question, will those of us using older exploits (ie Urbanix or Mad Blocker) need to get the new exploited game to have eCFW on 2.02? or will our current exploits be updated to work with the newest OFW?

    • TheBudds says:

      The new web-browser is a huge step up, well the email app needs a upgrade. I use it as notifications of when I get a email just to check it online :P

      Youtube app is indeed much better and useful then before, still odd that there is no upload feature.

      As for your last question, yes… you will need a new game for this latest exploit to work.

  2. 53xy says:

    Come on “THE Z ” people here in forum are misguiding…pls tell the exploit game so we can go ahead!!

  3. HackThiefCoder93 says:

    Thanks guys great work!

  4. ano says:

    there wii be 2.03 by the time this guy release the exploits which means no psn n ps+..then this will become useless becoz of delayed n made people waitg for it…this was not happened ever when dark alex time..seems like its true that the hacking scene is dying coz more peope selling the thing rather than sharing…

    • TheBudds says:

      You know that old saying…”think before you type” is applicable here :P

      Selling what now exactly?

      • david says:

        he’s right many things people selling right especially in ps3 scene..well i dun need to tell u coz we all know it well b4 cfw or after cfw come…think man..

        • TheBudds says:

          Well they both start with a P, that doesn’t exactly equate to having proof of anything. The scenes are completely different.

          You tell me to think, but your the one who needs to also think about what you posted. Assumptions are one thing, facts are another.

      • altorn says:

        i dont agree with dying because of selling, but i think the reason why hacking with vita/ps3 is dying is because of the need for online. the software devs have been thinking and since the web age has grown a lot since last gen gaming (Web 2.0 in particular), they’re now able to track and push as many patches as they want to make hacks obsolete. yes another hack will come out and another patch, but when will this end? Personally i dont wanna keep updating and looking for exploitable minis just to be able to play psp games on my vita. until vita game backups are playable, i will stop with this TN-C eCFW stuff. But the scene is doing a great work trying to battle this.

  5. Leires says:

    To all the people who are ‘WTF WHERE’S THE EXPLOIT’ and the like, two things to think about..I don’t claim to know anything about this, so this one is just speculation..But more than likely, the release probably won’t be until January, if not a few days later. At least, i hope it is. That way people who got Vitas for Christmas are going to have time learning how they work and such before coming here.

    The second thing to think about..Why does everyone think vague threats and idiotic insults are going to make him release faster? Nobody caters to you. Not him, not wololo, not anyone. You can bitch and piss and moan all you’d like, but at the end of the damn day you’re still left waiting, so why put forth the effort to begin with? Just wait it out, sign up for the talk threads, do a bit of lurking and maybe a post or two and hope you get into the ninja release. It’s not hard to not be a jackass >_>

    • lol says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I hope they take their time to release the exploit.

      And it’s the same people posting with different names that are the ones threatening and calling names. ie. Dario.

  6. Leires says: the spam filter selected at random or was i pegged for something? I’ve noticed lately all of my posts have to wait for moderation..Is it cause i run around using a user agent switcher that makes me look like I’m a bot? I can post this post under the guise of a bot right now, if it shows up..*posts as Yahoo Slurp China*

    • wololo says:

      Nah, it’s mostly because the spam filter has a few hardcoded words such as “first”. The longer your post, the bigger the chance you’ll type one of the “moderated” words

  7. razor says:

    There are a million things to fix in the OS, tons of features to be added, and they are rolling out these minor updates that actually does nothing..WTF SONY?!

    • Inky says:

      Guess what? Wait, I’ll make a guess. If you were to stumble upon one of those “minor bugs” they fixed just now, you’d be the first to bitch about it. OH WAIT . . .

    • gunblade says:

      Well i think sony was in a bit of a rush to reales the vita i guess cuz there ps4 will come out after the new xbox720 but the vita was probly in a quick realse

  8. chazychaz says:

    waiting is worth the wait. i think ill just keep glued to the forums and hope it’ll be released soon. thanks wololo and to everyone behind this exciting release.

  9. Cabesa says:

    You guys see the release???? The game is socom

  10. ManUtd4Eva says:

    hey guys i am completely new to this, have had my vita since UK release date but never looked into hacks until now and i never did any hacks on my old PSP. I am on version 2.01 atm. Do i need to register or anything with your site to get the info on the latest hack for 2.01 when it is released??

  11. DarkAlex says:

    You guys really all suck

  12. ryu says:

    Ha! Beat you to it!

    I just bought all the games on PSN so i win anywayz.


  13. ViaLactea10 says:

    Hey guys, how do you post somehitng? I’ve already registered.

  14. francis says:

    yeah! cool up guys! patience padawanssss……wait for it and it will come… power up dudeS!
    amaybisaya – 2.01 vita

  15. Dark_Alex says:

    This should have been out a long time ago, stupid noobs.

  16. Dazman says:

    End of the world, so what the hell is the point in “knowing”

  17. Anhnghia says:

    You know what would be weak? If the PSN store was closed on Christmas. Haha!!!

  18. Dark_Alex says:

    The exploit is hot shots golf

  19. alex dark says:

    It finally has come the new exploit game is altered beast.

  20. Dario says:

    Have those morons the Z and frost released the game yet??? You even got Dark Alex coming out of retirement telling those idiots they suck and to hurry up and release it already.

    • American Horror Story says:

      Sadly those morons haven’t released the exploit yet. What the fuck are they waiting for?

      And who dick are they sucking? lol

      • lol says:

        They should wait until next year to release it, just to piss stupid noobs like you off. Keep begging and crying for the release. You can keep posting with multiple names on this site.

        They will release it when they feel it is the right time. If you don’t understand, then you can go fuck off.


  21. Rog says:

    Yes dark alex was the best hacker, those other morons don’t know what the hell is going on.

  22. ilaghrein says:


  23. ICYHEART says:

    The Z when you are here Iam fine

  24. Matthew says:

    Exploit release please!!!!

  25. Berrrtie says:

    All of you crayon eating fuck-tards posting things like “these morons” haven’t released the game yet.
    I ask you, if you are less moronic than the people using their own time to benefit the greater need of others, why haven’t you reverse engineered Sony’s protection, discovered your own exploit and then been at the mercy of silly little children who have no concept of the term ‘Never look a gift horse in the mouth’
    I really do hope Wololo has a method of ensuring you idiots never get to hear what the next exploit is.

  26. razor says:

    Wololo can you please add me to the (TMNT)—> Ninja release. I don’t want to miss it. Yes I am a subscriber to your Talk forum.

  27. Kaiser maverick says:

    Wow… So many impatient people. It would be better to wait and have them fix any bugs that might still exist before releasing the name. I sure wouldn’t want a faulty eCFW. These guys are working hard on something you probably couldn’t even fathom on how to begin it. If you’re going to complain, try and contribute to the scene instead of being selfish.

  28. The Z says:

    hi guys..there will be no released for this exploit because i just dont want too..u just got cheated by i will sell this exploits for those who still interested..please bank in 50usd to my paypal account to get the exploit arrive to ur email..cheers.

  29. ZZ Pee says:

    Zwas zs zhe zdea, za zame zs zalled zot zhots zolf. zere zs z zotal zo zwenty zames zhat zill ze zot. Zhank Zou and Zuck Zou!!

  30. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I would like to go on about getting the exploit ASAP, but this gen of gaming has gotten me used to waiting, mainly the Versus XIII deal, lol =p

  31. The Z says:

    It is true Frost and I have made thousands and even a free iPhone because you stupid morons believed we lost our vitas. Are you guys that stupid??? Plus there is no exploit it’s all fake for us to steal your money in the thousands.

  32. PsPsiR1 says:

    hey! Faker you know your one of those morons waiting for the exploit. shame on you!

  33. TheDarkKnight says:

    Wololo, My PS Vita is at 2.02, how will the Ninja Release work? will it be posted on the site? or will it be sent by email somehow??? Thanks in advance

  34. kenshiro421 says:

    Cool a real update ( not just for block the hack ) so plz mail me for ninja release . Europe player . Thx wololo

  35. The Z says:

    i will release the exploit tonight. stay tune & fill up your wallet..

  36. GlueGun says:

    ever since the 2.00 came, witch I say made us all wait even more to get PSN after the fw update
    And, Now… Two more updates are here, Ahhh i would say they even becomeing
    The developer “Zett”, Hmmmm interesting?, I will go to his PayPal account, and his
    Friends with, the “other” Zetts PayPal registry account like you said, and give him a
    BIG THANK YOU!!!! For Letting Me Play Final Fantacy Crisis Cafe.

  37. Khaled says:

    I can’t believe all this comments that I’m reading, you guys make it sound that they work for you and you pay for them to got the job done.
    If I was Z and i read all this comments I will go and work for Sony to make sure no body got any games.

  38. The Z says:

    I have changed my mind and will not release it now because all you people are stupid sheep!!!!

  39. andreea says:

    Guys , i just got 2 working psn codes from here:

  40. droids says:

    does the $20 is good enough?

  41. JoMAYkanstinkyAss says:

    Mon dare got 2 b a relese alredee wont 2 play a new hock.

  42. darkknight says:

    entonces que pasa con el desbloqueo de la ps vita??. va a sair o no??

  43. ongoingzero says:

    hey z thanks for all your hard work merry x mass

  44. Z says:

    quero o desbloqueio do ps vita de presentee :D

  45. Z says:

    You will never see it till I get more donations.

  46. Shura says:

    Hope it gets released tonight!!! Thanks for all Frostegater.

  47. Ivoyko says:

    i am interested in this but the exploited game is in some place (i mean if the excellent hacker z says the exploited game, no the download) for buy it before he release the hack

  48. Ivoyko says:

    was a question but i forget the ?

  49. Frostegater says:

    i will not released the exploit coz u guys keep talking bad about us..i want to leave the scene..bye & thanks for your cheap money..

    • FrostegaterIsStupid says:

      No one cares about you stupid, because we don’t need you!!!!! We already have the release so you can leave the scene now, hurry up and leave!!

  50. The Z says:

    Its fun how people are faking me in the comments…
    Just bad that they do not have the “avatar” that every of my comments has ;)

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