PSP exploits and the Vita: how hacking PSP Minis became relevant


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70 Responses

  1. n1nurt4

    very informative. thanks

  2. saeed

    ooooooooooo common …just tell uss…when ps vita is hacking..i want to play games :(

    • n1nurt4

      read the forums please. nobody is dangling a cookie over your head. Besides, patience is a virtue.

      • Leires

        Cookies, you say? With the exploit? IT’S GOTTA BE COOKIE MONSTER’S GREAT ADVENTURE. (goes and downloads)..unless maybe we get cookies for the exploit? Find an exploit, get a cookie? Or the game is cookie-cutter? Hmm, your cookie metaphor has me baffled, good sir. Thank god i don’t have diabeetus.

    • Mart

      Buy your games, or PSVita will get even less support than it already has.

      You already can run the homebrew, emulators etc.

    • CycloneFox

      It’d be great to have full use of the Vitas hardware (CPU, GPU, second analogstick, front/rear-touchscreen, cameras) for homebrews or emulators, but the aim of hacking the vita is NOT piratizing games! the vita needs enough game-buyers for its support.

      • ue

        It is just a shame that once again we are not getting the games that suit the vita the most because western society doesn’t like them apparently, I say apparently as the genres (like jrpg) that tend to get left out and excluded as they were on the psp are the ones that would have carried the first console through it’s dark ages once people got used to the idea.
        The issue isn’t that western people don’t like them, it is that there are too few out there for people to discover perchance and actually discover they like them.

        • wololo

          It’s more complex than that, I know for a fact that working with Japanese companies regarding translation matters, etc… is a gigantic Pain in the a##.
          Working with Japanese companies in general is very difficult. The few guys I know who have been involved in such translations stuff (although that was much more oriented towards manga and anime than videogames) got burnt. Very low pay, fans are never happy with the result, JP distribution companies will not work with you unless you’re a personal friend of the CEO’s… etc.

          It’s less about Western not liking the games, than Japan not even bothering about external markets. But to your credit, the few companies in Japan that have tried to go outside of the country have found that it was probably not worth the effort. THE Video Game market in Japan is huge, and people are ready to pay way much more for Video Games in Japan than in the US or in Europe.

          • Shapeshifter

            Actually a bigger shame is that in my country we get these consoles 6 months later and at 60% higher price than the rest of the world and then they still don’t offer us playstation plus,Xbox live etc and charge us much much more for physical copies..thankfully we recently got the iTunes store in our country!!

    • blackjesus

      go to the store, give money to the lady, pick a game, bring it back home, PLAY!

  3. Tonakai

    Very interesting and informative article that I’m sure will help others. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

  4. tracer22jhayahr

    thanks for this great info..

  5. Bosanova X

    Nice Information, Thank you :)

  6. gunblade

    hahah i rember i had two copyies of gta the first one and the patch one look allover gamestop for the gta was lucky to find it…

  7. gunblade

    ? i remeber there was a way to use a psp to find game for hombrewing n i think i found a game that might work but i just got a psp n was wandering on the the post on it. think it was like two months ago

  8. GcBatman

    some history :)

  9. stOneskull

    i remember prizing my umd copy of lumines when i saw people paying $50 for it.. i saw it in a shop the other day for $3, lol

  10. Matthew

    When can we expect exploit for ps vita 2.01?


  11. Gustbran

    arigatou gosaimasu Wololo san

  12. NegroAMERICAN

    Man i wont a new xployt so i kan pla sum free games huri up whit it!

  13. Kizu

    Only thing I saw was “This is Sparta”!

  14. Troll Mc Trollster

    The next exploit is Angry Birds!

    • jason

      WOW! i looked for angry birds because i was wondering if this wher true. ANGRY BIRDS IS GONE….SOMEONE FUKED UP! it HAD to have been angry birds because angry birds is GONE! NINJA RELESE IS MESSED UP. there wasnt even a public release. im in the /talk forums and i dont even know HOW to see a ninja relese do they email it? anyways this is fuked up ive been looking at this site 100x a day and someone leaked the game and gotit REMOVED FUUUUUUUH!

  15. Stranno

    I remember the Fanjita’s eLoader in my PSP1004 2.5, and i got the game (GTALCS) dirty cheap.

    • XIII

      heck, I remember getting my origianl 1000 the week it released in Japan, and being so excited when 1.05FW came out so I could play more music formats, only for a bunch of homebrew games to come out a week later >_< I was always 1 FW ahead, until I got lucky and my friend was getting rid of his unpatched GTA(he had no idea :D)

  16. SofaKing™

    poor jason, i hope you have heart meds. weird because angrybirds was not available in canada for PSVITA. so i dont think it was ever there. i kinda miss the PSP days, i still have my GTA LCS umd.upgrade then downgrade then upgrade to 1.5, loved it!

  17. fpstps

    Still got my unpatched version of GTA lol umd lol

  18. RagingCore

    Wololo & Mods,

    I think the talk page should display “No new releases yet” to avoid trolls. It would be a quick and easy way to confirm if there has been a new release, or not.

    It’d also prevent/help the spread of leaks, as users that aren’t supposed to see the game’s name will see the “No new releases yet”.

    Anyways, it’s just a random idea that’s been cooking in the back of my head for a while.

  19. Rafael707

    Aww the libtiff sploit… Good memories.

  20. agent_skeeter

    I just want an exploit to play ONE (maybe 2) game(s) because Im tired of waiting for them to put it on PSN (Crisis Core being the MAIN one)

  21. mecksg1

    I thought crisis xore was on rhe psn store for the vita. I just want to put ff5 on my vita so I have series on there and sone nes

  22. Dario

    Ok the game is out, it’s angry birds go download it now hurry up!!!!

  23. American Horror Story

    Funny, since the exploit is all hot and ready i wonder why it isn’t released yet. There are a few people who have the exploit like Wololo, The Z, fate6 ect all enjoying it.

    Why is that? lol

    • wololo

      Simply because this is how ninja releases work. Trusted people get the info first.

      • American Horror Story

        I know that i am one of those *trusted* people who got the exploit (mad blocker). I’m talking about the so called new one that’s coming out. That I’m sure you have.

        • wololo

          The “trust” is spread on several levels. Think of it as a rock hitting the surface of the water, it creates circles that get larger and larger. What matters is how far you are from where the rock fell :) All trusted people do not get the information at the same time. Everyone gets the information eventually, what changes is when they get it.

      • w7y7a7t7t

        for some reason i believe i’m considered more “trusted” then quite a few other people (not sure why…) :p and i always feel bad during ninja releases, since I don’t even own a vite, and know the game. while people in the comments are begging for the exploit.

        just out of curiosity is the amount someone is “trusted” based on how long they’ve been a member?

        • wololo

          @w7y7a7t7t : yes, in particular people who joined way before the Vita even existed are more trusted, because we know they did not join “only” for the ninja releases. But that’s not the only information we take into account, we’ve been refining the process with time.

          • ps3y2kvirus

            @Wololo Took me awhile to join cause of the whole geohot’s case with sony. And sony getting ip’s and cross reference’s with psn/s.e.n. id’s. other than that I can recall seeing a video on the internet of you in Brazil giving a what is hacking seminar. Thank You for your teachings o’wise one!!!

  24. dm646

    still have my unpatched gta lcs UMD… got it used back in the day for 20$ from gamestop when i got my first psp haha..didnt know about the exploit until a week after and checked my UMD and bam was the unpatched one..back in those days cfw always gave me a heart pandora and mms back in those days 😛

  25. tracer22jhayahr

    Just wait for your turn dude..

  26. goddamnit

    nice info!thanks!

  27. xoombie503

    ah the old days..i remeber buying gta liberty city and lumines for about $20 each and taking my psp and asking to test the games before i bought them to see if they were not patched…employees were puzzled lol

  28. Sekim777

    I also got the unpatched GTA disc :-) I actually never knew about an exploitable Lumines UMD. But since it’s the first game I bought when the PSP was released, I’m sure it’s also an exploitable one B-)

  29. Davee

    Nice read, thanks!

  30. Zeuso

    use Bloon TD .. the cheapest game their is

  31. sam

    is there going to be a hbl for lbp psp

  32. I’m not positive where you’re getting your info,
    but great topic. I needs to spend a while studying more or understanding
    more. Thanks for excellent information I was on the lookout for this information for my mission.

  33. RagingCore

    Dude, I know this isn’t a English exam, but your comment made my brain ache.

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