Personal Computers vs Gaming Consoles, Who will rise?

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  1. xpl0s10n says:

    If you want to get the most out of your games you need to spend the money on a good PC. Examples,

    Battlefield 3, 2x the player cap online games. I only play 64 player servers on this game, try that on consoles.

    Skyrim, HD Texture pack not available on xbox or ps3, also have you ever compared loading times for this game on console vs pc? Literally 10x slower on consoles.(only tested on xbox..)

    RTS GAMES. #1 Right here. Try playing a good RTS on a console, I know there are a few that do okay, but its worlds better on pc. Company of heroes, Starcraft 2, Wargame EE, man could go on forever on this one.

    I’ve been building my pc for the past 2 years putting in new parts when I can, fx8350 gtx560 x2 SLI, 16gb ram, 256 SSD and 1TB HDD.. Maybe next gen consoles will push specs better than this but until then I’m good with my PC.

  2. spankymcspankerson says:

    Clearly, it is NOT a hard choice…you mean to say? Really hgoel? How is this even up for discussion. Some people really do not have a clear grasp of what they’re talking about sometimes before they commit to spewing nonsense. I can tell you right now, without a shadow of doubt, that my current rig can already outperform the next generation of consoles before they’re even released. This article is a bloated joke akin to reading some bullcrap fear mongering on Fox news. Really damn close.

    Such rubbish.

  3. levi_barrocas says:

    Srsly,intros are a demonstration of graphics a console can make? I am very impressed to see an article this dumb here.

  4. ALLEN2 says:

    With consoles i cant:
    Change my FOV
    Disable graphic settings i hate (depth of field)
    Use dedicated servers with my favorite map
    Steam advantages.

  5. Wyst says:

    PC is clearly the superior gaming platform just because it does everything that consoles can do, does it better, and then offers more. It’s a bit more expensive in the first place if you have to build one from scratch but games are so much cheaper that in the end I wonder if it’s not more expensive to play on consoles. (especially if you want to play online)

    Let’s list the pros :
    Better graphics
    Smoother games
    More game types
    More, and sometimes better controls (M+KB for FPS and pad for action games for exemple)
    Modding community
    Better and free multilayer (check BF3 map size on consoles and PC)
    More exclusive titles (indie games more often then not though)
    Great indie scene

  6. Wyst says:

    By the way, I hope all the people saying that consoles are dedicated to games, hence are better at it, have thrown away their smartphones to get a device dedicated to emit and receive phone calls.

  7. Voltrom says:

    What were are talking about is “which is the better gaming platform”. Technically speaking an i7 pc tower & your average Xbox are two different things. We are talking about TWO industries. One being gaming machines only used for that sole purpose. And the other for personal computing. It’s been many years and you can still go to Walmart and buy halo 4 and play it on your dusty Xbox 360 first gen from the closet. Why is this? Becuase this is how it’s designed. It’s remarkable efficient and low cost becuase this is the “video game” industry. It’s been happening for consoles. That’s their ONLY purpose, as a pc is a operating system used for whatever. Like someone said above me, it’s a tool. And does the PC have amazing graphics and mod capabilities? Yes,, even better than console. But it’s harder to code & costly to produce.

    Two different things guys,, obviously the console industry will be on top.

    •More Games
    •Less Cost
    •Faster Production

  8. NukemHard says:

    PC: Multiple Screen Support

  9. Aardy says:

    But I did forget that you can just get a controler for your PC. Or multiple controlers for those coutch co-op games.

    So yea, a PC is better in every way. It can do everything and console can, plus more.

  10. gunblade says:

    yea shotter game on pc r good but i like the fell of the trigger in ur hand but the fact that u can have more input on the pc mean move moves n attacks on can do an u cn get pc game controlers.. well that in mind i think gamers that play on pc against people on console have a better advantage as to the hardware they r running n i think god mode n auto bots is easier to get on the pc then the console but i dont realy use them…pc have more emulation then console most of them r console …

  11. xSpectrum says:

    You could always get the digital one on consoles… Almost every PS3 game that comes out is on PSN day 1. You usually can’t play a PC game with someone that has a different version number than you, so an update can keep you off.

    How is an update a problem? And emulators degrade games past SNES.

  12. gunblade says:

    wasent the xbox dev kit jus an intel motherboard with special bios ever thought of the asus saberthooth running an 360 bois preety mean i would have think

  13. gunblade says:

    all good.. yea pc games dont get as much atention i jus but now day every has atleeast an xbox or ps3 an a conmputer or laptop most of the time they jus use the comp for intenent in movies n music n the consle for gaming… certain game like for the pc i wish they made for the consle like conter stike n world of warcraft(did not play wow in year after my free trial was over the speacial server for wow was alright wish they could have been link to a network sumhow)but cpu i gpu wise they could acutly put out a good sythem as there not that expensive now day welll the mid range ones … i can see an xbox 720 with like atleast the first gen icore or sumthing they realy dont have to spend that much on them…wasent the ps3 saposed to have like 8 core weirest shity thing is that ram sheemd expensive at the time or sumthing cuz they realy didnt even put a full gig of ram in the 360 or the ps3 but a cheap computer five years old has more power then what the ps3 has so i would think it be prety easy for the next xbox n ps3 to have better hardware.. i thought i heard they going be pushing graphics like a 1000 k or sumthing saposed to be better hd wandering if they going have ports to hook up the new hologram projecters i seen around that be prety mean playing devil may cray on a hologram progecter since i heard the 1000 k tv was like 50000 dallers….

  14. gunblade says:

    the first gamers was nerd or sumone smart n most game tester r prety good on the pc as welll. most cheat codes is found out by neards sum r real good at video games as they r with programing

  15. gunblade says:

    haha thought that sounded weird fo a moment

  16. gunblade says:

    would u think if the xbox 720 came with a thouch screen remote like the wii u but it had like a windows like os for media n such so like a wii u tablet with like a windows 8 tablet type thing to it or an xbox that basicly has the feel n look like a pc that there wouldent be much difference to pc n concles

  17. gunblade says:

    shity part i would think that consoles cant really upgrade or mode

  18. TelcoLou says:

    It comes down to cost; not many can afford a high-end PC that’s capable of running games to the standard of a MUCH cheaper console.

  19. xSpectrum says:

    How in the heck is my comment up here?

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