Personal Computers vs Gaming Consoles, Who will rise?

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  1. Softtm17 says:

    Problem is another….
    I buy games to play and have fun or buy the game has the best graphics of all?
    I, at this moment still play final fantasy viii in psp/psvita/ps3/psx/ps2 and you know it … is not that good graphics but is an epic game…so it isn’t graphics that these days have to improve…
    however PCs are made MAINLY to create-work-schedule they are not been made ​​to play.

    • ryujinn says:

      Clearly you don’t have the slightest clue about PC’s. Do you know you can play your game in PC’s too. And with great graphics. “however PCs are made MAINLY to create-work-schedule they are not been made ​​to play” are you talking about PC’s 20 years ago?

      • gunblade says:

        think its like a buisness point of veiw idk i watch movies n play online games on my 15 year old computer…

    • O_0 says:

      Hello what year are you from? it’s already 2012 you know

      “however PCs are made MAINLY to create-work-schedule they are not been made ​​to play.”

      lol you don’t know what you’re talking about

    • Roland says:

      I’d like to take a moment to point out that FF 8 came out on PC too…

    • Guardian says:

      Have you ever heard of Alienware computers?

      • MrHankee666 says:

        Dell? umm no thanx. Rather build your own rig if you’re going for a tower. Plus the original foundators of AW founded Origin PC after their company got bought by Dell… there’s probably a reason behind this ;]

  2. EJ says:

    I do love PC graphics for sure, any game looks a little if not a lot better. But the thing with PC games now a days is they are all becoming digital, which sometime can mean you don’t actually own it. Why I prefer console gaming and hope for new consoles sooner then later.

  3. pokerbob05 says:

    At the moment i prefer console platforms.

    Yes, PC kicks azz visually…….however……

    I loaded Farcry3 on my dads gaming PC and it took nearly 2 hours before we even loaded the damn game to play it.

    On my RGH xbox, 1 minute and its ready.

    If PC’s could load data straight from disc (not including cloud gaming) this which be cool. Ps3 installs required files so PC could maybe do the same.

    • Kid Vhee says:

      Maybe the PC was a but slow.

    • O_0 says:

      Try checking the pc specs

      and then read the game’s minimum and recommended specs

      most probably your dad’s pc didn’t meet the required specs

      • gunblade says:

        yea probly jus coping the game to the pc wy was slow maybe upgrade ur hard drive n disk drive fo better data tranfer but if it lage on playing then yea ur cpu n ram could use upgrade rams cheap now day n a goood dual core or quad core dont cost that much since the new icore came out n the new amd chips…u should upgrade ur pc.

      • Acid_Snake says:

        that’s what I hate about PC gaming, very bad compatibility and specs. Every new game requires more minimum resources. Then some games are made to play better on a determined gpu because the company that made the game made a pact with the company that made the gpu. Then you have the issue with old games not working, I have literally bought about 10 games from the XP era and none work because whatever protection they have won’t work on win7 or because of some other win7 compatibility ***. This is why I prefer consoles, cause I know that whatever game I buy will work well, and games even going back to 2007 will still work

        • Roland says:

          The XP era equates to ps1.(around the same era)
          Ps1 games don’t work on most ps3s and you have to buy them digitally…
          Even if you extend XP into the ps2 era, even less ps2 games work on ps3 (most do not have a digital option)
          So it works out the same either way…

    • Dombre says:

      buy a solid state hard drive and you load games in 15 seconds.

  4. IgnusArmagadan says:

    Console gaming all the way!! The thing about consoles is that they get set bardware geared directly toward the idea of gaming, so every game (other than terrible ports from one system to another) works flawlessly, especially exclusives! PC games for the most part feel like they run together and seem pretty close together for the most part. Also, if you don’t have a good enough computer, you have to update everything starting with graphics all the way up to the CPU until it’s maxed out to it’s potential, then you need to go buy a brand new $1500 or more computer to catch back up for a few more years.

    • IgnusArmagadan says:


      • ALLEN2 says:

        If we were in the 90’s. I would totaly argee with that. But since we arent, The consoles made today are old *** hardware that keeps being used with a big price tag. Dont get me wrong, ALMOST EVERY SINGLE CONSOLE GAME IS ON PC.

        The console ports are terrible watered down versions of the pc version.

  5. Tanvir175 says:

    PC gaming in my opinion is superior, but not by much. I console game because it’s hard for me to get used to PC gaming and the controls, etc. On a PS3, I’m indestructible because the controller is just so amazing and everything is right where it should be. I’m starting to get more into PC gaming but even though it’s superior, I’m more of a console gamer.

  6. Charls says:

    i prefer consoles, PC its nice visually but idk for example when i play with my friends local multiplayer its cool sit in my couch turn on the console and play, in the PC idk how do that ^^

  7. Aardy says:

    It depends on what you useing it for. But Im guessing everyone posting here is prolly soing it on a pc. Also a computer can do amazing things like play flash videos online. (no Im not *** at my crappy vita or anything)

    Also, there is no way a console will top a pc for FPS or RTS games.

    But for things like Mario or coutch co-op games, a console is better.

    • Aardy says:

      But I did forget that you can just get a controler for your PC. Or multiple controlers for those coutch co-op games.

      So yea, a PC is better in every way. It can do everything and console can, plus more.

    • gunblade says:

      yea shotter game on pc r good but i like the fell of the trigger in ur hand but the fact that u can have more input on the pc mean move moves n attacks on can do an u cn get pc game controlers.. well that in mind i think gamers that play on pc against people on console have a better advantage as to the hardware they r running n i think god mode n auto bots is easier to get on the pc then the console but i dont realy use them…pc have more emulation then console most of them r console …

  8. k3nn says:

    i usually buy for the game (when the game is good i.e., metal gear), i don’t care where it runs 🙂 both pc or console has both pro and cons 😛

    • Roland says:

      This is me all day!
      I bought a ps3 just so I could play MGS4 and AC4 (though I am HIGHLY disappointed in the direction armored core has gone…)

  9. Maxilus says:

    Im a console gamer. Why I choose console is because the first thing is that when you buy a console, firstly in mind is the game right? It mean to be gaming machine. You wanna play game. Most of the function is in gaming way like you got the controller, motion sensor controller, custom made graphics card and all sort. And commonly it always on the TV screen. Like wise PC.. For me, I used PC just for some internet surfing, maybe typing on MS word or listen some music on iTunes. But gaming on PC, you might know it need high-end hardware in order for you to play high end games like for example, Battlefield 3 or GTA4. And you are using keyboard and mouse as your controller. And also you need to install alot of things. So i can say, PC is kinda complicated and troublesome for some people. Console, you just slot in the disc and start load the game. Done. I know console can do lots of things nowadays. But it not mean to be like a PC. It just stay as Entertainment machine.

    • GreeNinja says:

      yeah! thumb up

    • Aardy says:

      Yea you just put in a disk and play right? When it was the original NES or ps1 maybe. But todays consoles are not just put in a disk and play. First you have to update, and then you have to create a profile, then you have to log on, then you have to update again, then you have to install the disk data, then you have to download all the dlc, then you have to update it again. And Im not exadurating, you have to do this for almost every game on the ps3 or 360.

    • DiGiTaL-CORE says:

      This is true. Consoles are both simple and meant to be entertainment systems.

      Everyone also makes the mistake of saying you need a high-end computer to play the latest PC games though… You DO NOT! My computer is maybe more then 5 years old and plays all the latest games just fine on damn near high graphics settings. Just like a console, you have to dedicate some $$$ to a computer that will last you a while like consoles tend too.

  10. xentar says:

    I grew up with PC and console so I like each but for different reasons. JRPG/SRPG on megadrive, snes, saturn and all PS consoles are great. Isometric rpgs and rts/ 4x are all pc for me. Also I played a whole lot of CS and bf1942 with my friends at lan parties so a mouse is always preferable for me with FPS games. Funky new games like FTL are great on pc too but it looks like going forward we will see more indy on all the consoles making that argument mute.

    Either way I spend way more time playing games from my youth I really enjoyed and some that I missed than any new games. I also tend to actually play my console games after buying them. Steam has turned me into a list completitionist rather than game completionist. see: =(

    • gunblade says:

      yeah i no playing the old school games is realy fun i was stooked wen i seen the final fantasy tactic for plus download n its the psp one but i cant wait to unlock the speacial character cloud n the psp version lets u battlle with psp dont no if it works for the vita but i have a psp with it jus didnt try it yet..but good that the playstazion store has like psx n ps2 game now..nice that atleast most of them r under 10 dallers

  11. Zer01ne says:

    PC For Gaming = 800$+ Must installing much data and need no be compatible and configured
    Console = 200$+ Ready to play, insert Game Disc And Enjoy
    Thats the difference !

    • Maxilus says:

      I agree with you!

    • jd20dog says:

      you forget gaming now is pop in the game and wait for 100+mb update and install of base programes for the game

      and pc can easily remove having to insert a *** run a game
      were as a console update can block you from online services and multi-player for weeks or more

      emus work with full support on pc too

    • gunblade says:

      welll ps3 wise i guess blue ray hold more then dvd so u dont have to copy most of the game like on the pc so wy u dont realy have to install much with consloes but some pc game once u install u dont realy need the cd outher u need to lod like 2 to 4 to install the whole game i guess the time from buying the game to bringing it home n playing it is what a big facter but iam alright waiting fo the game to install on the pc dough i dont play much on pc it still has games that consoles dont have same as for console games pc dosent have…i play a lot of facebook games on my pc wise i could play them on my fon but i got an old android..

  12. leires says:

    Hoo, pc vs consoles..(incoming eyes glazing over, huuuge post, sorry wololo ._.)

    PCs are open (can install anything on them, can write programs for them for free, etc), easily fixed, expensive (for a good one), easy to break (viruses and such), can take a bit of understanding how to use properly, has potential infinitely beyond consoles (with a high price tag, of course), easily upgraded and offer a very large world for just an initial fee that you can explore. (from the internet, to programming, to music making, to whatever)

    Consoles are closed (you can install and play things ‘legally’ [*** the whole ‘LOL IT’S ILLEGAL TO CFW YOUR THINGS’ law, btw] that are made elsewhere.) it costs money to program legally for, they’re generally annoying to fix, cost money to have someone else fix, and, to the average joe, expensive to upgrade. (most people don’t even know that a 360’s ‘hard drive’ is nothing more than a regular 3.5 drive inside a case..let alone have the motivation to take it apart to swap it for another one)..Their controllers wear out muuuuuch faster than a keyboard or a mouse of the same cost (i have a logitech g500, paid 50$, this thing has lasted me forever, on the other hand, i know people who are rough with their controllers and go through a new one every 6 months or so..), they have a set amount of resources that can only be upgraded by buying the next iteration (as in you can’t buy more RAM for your console and have it work with it, at least legally) for full price. Granted, consoles tend to last 5+ years, but, then again, a good PC may last just as long if not longer. Because the resources are exclusive to the system (as in, like, no need for an OS and such like vista or something), they can make very lightweight interfaces and things that allow for more to get done with less (from a manufacturer’s standpoint, it means that sony/microsoft can spend less on parts and when coupled with business to business, the costs drop extensively)..they’re generally harder to pirate on (at least for a while. this can be a pro or a con depending on who you are, i won’t get into that, though)

    I don’t mind handhelds, i like that idea. A powerful handheld that can play tons of awesome games is a really awesome thing, even if the battery dies in five seconds. For consoles though..I understand why they make them, having a console under your name means you can make exclusive things for said console and people will have to pay quite an admission fee for it. This means more money in your pocket (especially because you get to charge for licenses) as well as adding another market for your venture. I can see why it’s good from a money standpoint..buuut..

    I wish something would come along that utilized everything very high-end computers were capable of. So you spent 3k on making an insane gaming rig..What now? We have such crazy technology for sale (and ~30 years worth not for sale) but nobody makes anything that needs it. We all settle for making things that run on 2GB of ram, require only an i5 and a 200$ GPU to run fine. I understand from a business standpoint, it’s stupid to make a crazy game that requires like a dual xeon with 24GB of ram and 4 600$ GPUs in quad-SLI..but can you imagine what that game would be like if they did? The reason why, to me, consoles are catching up to PCs is because people don’t bother pushing the limits of the PC anymore. They make a console game, make a port for the other console, and then make a lazy port to the PC. Like, come on. I hate that aspect of consoles. If a game is on all three systems, it’s almost always the PC that gets the shaft, and it’s not right. But then again, that’s how business works and I’ve rambled wayyyyyy too much. Jesus. Sorry, anyone who survived this post.

    • gunblade says:

      wasent the xbox dev kit jus an intel motherboard with special bios ever thought of the asus saberthooth running an 360 bois preety mean i would have think

    • gunblade says:

      all good.. yea pc games dont get as much atention i jus but now day every has atleeast an xbox or ps3 an a conmputer or laptop most of the time they jus use the comp for intenent in movies n music n the consle for gaming… certain game like for the pc i wish they made for the consle like conter stike n world of warcraft(did not play wow in year after my free trial was over the speacial server for wow was alright wish they could have been link to a network sumhow)but cpu i gpu wise they could acutly put out a good sythem as there not that expensive now day welll the mid range ones … i can see an xbox 720 with like atleast the first gen icore or sumthing they realy dont have to spend that much on them…wasent the ps3 saposed to have like 8 core weirest shity thing is that ram sheemd expensive at the time or sumthing cuz they realy didnt even put a full gig of ram in the 360 or the ps3 but a cheap computer five years old has more power then what the ps3 has so i would think it be prety easy for the next xbox n ps3 to have better hardware.. i thought i heard they going be pushing graphics like a 1000 k or sumthing saposed to be better hd wandering if they going have ports to hook up the new hologram projecters i seen around that be prety mean playing devil may cray on a hologram progecter since i heard the 1000 k tv was like 50000 dallers….

  13. kenny2858 says:

    gaming console is better for the noobie type of people, you get less errors (not saying every console person is a noob but it kinda is because its very simple to play in. On pc its for more advanced people that know how gaming works on pc because sometimes you get errors and other things like that.

  14. jaredgradis says:

    Bueno bueno. los PC al Final son los mejores. pero ocupas una PC muy potente para jugar. ademas, los juegos se crean en Pc.
    Ejemplo. en GTA IV al jugarlo en XBOX 360 en HDTV… las sombras bajan increiblemente su calidad.. y en un PC puedes jugarlo en 1080p Nativo no fingido como en Xbox 360 sin cambio en las sombras… pero claro ocupas una PC con mucho poder..

  15. Mogki says:

    I *** love how on just about any gaming website this will always come up and it will always come down to this, Pc will always be the stronger option.

    Just go look at the immensely powerful cpus and gpus they can come loaded with, when you take the choice of a console you are locked to that hardware spec for a generation where as pc gamers can always hack out the *** and slam a GTX 690 in.

    But in the end you need to know what you are doing so consoles will always be there for the rest of the people who aren’t so techincial.

    • gunblade says:

      would u think if the xbox 720 came with a thouch screen remote like the wii u but it had like a windows like os for media n such so like a wii u tablet with like a windows 8 tablet type thing to it or an xbox that basicly has the feel n look like a pc that there wouldent be much difference to pc n concles

  16. Sorun says:

    Try playing Battlefield 3 on console then on PC maxed out. Yeah that 24 player restriction kills the fun, and you know why it’s limited? Because consoles are weak and can’t be customized. My pc that max’s everything (except AA) cost me only $900. Of course consoles will get upgraded, but by then my PC will be years ahead of it.

    • gunblade says:

      yeah i heard about those retriction wandererd on it even heard that they cant realy do masss mutiplaying an is limited to like 20 player team or sumthing one reason wy i like mmog on the pc more

    • ALLEN2 says:

      Consoles play BF3 ruffly at Low/Med. They should of just made it for PCs instead of a watered down console port for the noobs to like.

  17. Dario says:

    The idiot Z said soon on his twitter which means it’s coming out tomorrow. Rejoice all your pirates.

    • gunblade says:

      realy sweet got my psn card ready thought he was going to wait till after christmas but when z ready for realse. um ill be ready…

  18. k3nn says:

    but of course when the game is *cough* monster hunter *cough* the pc will be of no use 😛

    as i have always known…it’s the game not the hardware.

  19. Rowan says:

    its a hard choice, and i cant decide

  20. gunblade says:

    ever thought combining the two like a pc with an sandbox xbox 360 n ps3 was like a dream mode of mines

  21. gunblade says:

    well pc good for online n gaimg wise there prety good i like the fact that on gaming system u can jus stight play the game but like how the pc u can be playing then can quick cheack ur facebook but i never play a pc game in years welll facebook games but not the whole online playing like wow or starwars online but graphics on the pc are usauly better but the ps3 is like 10 years old so can see were pc would be more better power wise. hopefuly the next generation xbox n ps3 would be pushing todays best cpu n graphic at like 8 gigs of ram…

  22. what? says:

    i dont give a *** …if u are gamer , you just dont care which platform are those … only 1 thing in gamer mind , PLAYIT ! dont have platform for it , then buy it ! this console war is just for *** kid who claimed that they are gamers but they are not , more nerd head

    • gunblade says:

      the first gamers was nerd or sumone smart n most game tester r prety good on the pc as welll. most cheat codes is found out by neards sum r real good at video games as they r with programing

  23. AyeGuy says:

    I love gaming consoles, but the pc is clearly better

    • gunblade says:

      would u complain if u had like a ps3 dev kit think they mainly computer well i no i wouldent but cant afford a dev kit so sticking to my consoles n pc for now…but a pc n console system would be nice. but yeah pc have better hardware n more use then a ps3

  24. Slimjim3k says:

    Didn’t read the post so going off the title but… Personal Computers will rise, not because of the video games on them, but because they literally cannot die due to necessity. When was the last time someone used a 360 to present a project? When was the last time someone used a PS3 for book keeping? When was the last time someone used a Wii for running a car through a diagnostic? Even if anyone has done either of these with either of the mentioned systems. Why not just load up a net book or other capable machine with these things? Even then, I have yet to see a netbook that CAN’T emulate SNES Genesis and older. It’s a mater of necessity and the perks that come with the open hardware and software.

    • gunblade says:

      pc things was possible with earlier ps3 with the outher os was the main reason i wanted a ps3 even the ps2 have athe final fantasy bundle that came with a hard drive keyboard n mose i think concles can be jus as good as pc for doing those thing jus that the manufators made them mostly for gaming but there is hombrew that can let u do that i seen a hombrew for the psp that lets u do car dionostice but think it be easier on a small laptop since the psp dont reaaly have that much power hardware wise..

  25. Ronald says:

    who ever wrote this article is an idiot a good PC versus a console in graphics quality is massive if you look a pc version of a game then look at console its a massive difference developers have to struggle to get the games they make to run decent on consoles with draw backs on graphics and drawbacks on amount players that can be on servers for multiplayer.

    • gunblade says:

      not to mention the rams like only 512 for xbox 360 n ps3 but if the main thing is graphics i was think about having a hd input on a computer an have the ps3 hd video out runing into the pc n having it push the graphics of the ps3 by having it go through the pc dont no if it would be realy a diffence but sound cool u could probly even hoook up the ps3 hard drive to a raid card

      • gunblade says:

        well that my dream mode but was thinkg about having to fit a pc a xbox an a ps3 into a pc case would be hard on a midsize tower case but think u would need a ps3 n xbox that can play homebrew to make better use of the hard drive..

  26. razor says:

    Long live the PC!!

  27. xentar says:

    I’m pretty sure the ps3 ios only 256mb of ram -_-. Seriously lets pair some 8 core cell proccessor with so little ram it can’t even play the skyrim dlc. Also someone mentioned that bd have a much larger capacity then dvds so you don’t need to do much installing but the problem is bd disks have a much lower read speed so loading times hurt.

    I think it comes down ot ease of use. Consoles are for the most part plug and play. Many people new to PCs have a lot of trouble grasping how to use most of the features so a console is a better option regardless of cost (I have a friend who’s mum thinks steam infects computers with viruses -_- so he get banned from the pc whenever I send him steam gifts.

    What interests me the most is the effect steam box type systems will have on consumers. By grossly simplyfying the computer and locking specs it will be truer to a console experience then any pc we have today. It should be very interesting to watch how that unfolds.

  28. gunblade says:

    yea olmost forgot about the load diffence was jus think that most of the game was on disk n dident need to load to much to the consles n yeah the ram of the ps3 was like 512 but halfed for like os n hardware or sunthing like that i heard. man i neva have steam for awhile dident sony have sunthing to do with steam…

  29. ue says:

    Poorly written article

    • xSpectrum says:

      I have a gaming PC, an Xbox 360, and a PS3.
      I hate the community of Steam and its wannabe elitists. I hate XBL and its children and immature whiners. I hate PSN and its lack of headsets. So no, I don’t know how horrible they are, but I don’t have to hear them.

      They are all bad, but stuck-up *** are the worst.

  30. Hewell says:

    I play my games at pc computer, enjoy these for free but i want to expand to ps vita games use psn plus to get games cheaper

  31. kaiserlufet says:

    All I can say is I vote for console especially the portable ones, because I like to play games going to work, on lunch, in the bathroom, on the couch, on the bed, yeah, the best position for me while laying on the bed and all kinds of different positions as long as I can my vita…
    as if I can do that playing on a PC..
    just sharing… LOL

  32. pspnp says:

    PC with an XBOX360 controller and 3 monitors!!!!!! (not cheap)

  33. CyberMarco says:

    “As Gaming consoles get closer and closer to PCs in terms of power”

    Nope! Not being an ***, have both consoles and gaming PC, even next gen consoles will not beat hardware found in 2010’s high end PCs.

  34. svenn says:

    The vengeance between PC and consoles is only based on company’s making them. There is little difference between a ps3 and a computer, proven by the ports we see from pcps3xbox.

    Tablets, PC, consoles … consoles get better at what PC does, PC gets better at what consoles does better.

    A standard platform –> apple
    Targeted at gaming so you get to play good quality games on any console –> good quality is not a defintion, no argument.
    Portability –> tablets (+8h, portability), laptops
    Cost –> only cause part is gain from locked systems.

    Power –> Why would 1 person need allot of CPU ? PC != Servers
    Multitasking –> not limited to pc.
    More value for money –> in what way ? consoles are cheaper.
    A useful tool –> fair enuf.

  35. suicidal_banana says:

    Dont get me wrong, but what the heck…?!

    “In such a short timespan we have been able to make games look almost real, this has made the argument worsen. Today’s consoles can do amazing things”

    “Both consoles and PCs are getting better everyday, it is almost impossible to find any difference between games on a good pc and on a gaming console. ”

    Consoles didnt get better in the past years, simply because they didnt update. difference between games on pc and console are mostly gone because all developers just focus on consoles now, and pc gets console ports.

    Meanwhile, half the pc gamers are on DX11, while consoles are still on some shady dx9.9, if anything, consoles succesfully ruined pc gaming in the past ~3 years (yup, im a pc gamer)

    If it wasnt for steam, nobody would release for pc anymore, simply because devs are lazy and dumb, they rather develop for a closed platform with dusty hardware then a fractured platform with 10 times more powerfull hardware.

    To round it up, Crisis2, is all i need to say really, Crysis2.

  36. suicidal_banana says:

    ugh, fractured -> splintered*

  37. codeine says:

    “As Gaming consoles get closer and closer to PCs in terms of power”

    Stopped reading there.

    The main reason i perfer pc is because the community is huge, more then both consoles combined.

    I do love my ps3 and vita though for platformers, racers and fighting games.

    • Sanoske says:

      I know right.. Consoles will never get too close to pc, even ps4 and xbox720 might get close but pc will always be lightyears away

  38. Owl says:

    I have a PS3 only for EXCLUSIVE games if not for those i would never have bought one, i mainly play on my PC, and if games like Dragon’s Dogma were released on PC i wouldn’t think twice about getting it.
    It gets fairly obvious that i prefer PC gaming when i don’t turn my ps3 for over 2 weeks, i do however have a weakness for portable gaming i play my ps/p/vita all the time.

  39. pspnp says:

    The problem being that Video games have been tailored to consoles. That being said games are being “ported” to the PC it’s like running ethanol in a race car… (*** backwards)

  40. w00tguy123 says:

    For me, it’s either power or portability. If I’m going to be in one place playing a game, then a PC is cheaper and more versatile than any gaming console IMO. Grab an HDMI cord and a wireless gamepad and you can play it just like a console.

    If I want to take gaming away from home, then it’s gonna be something like a Gameboy/PSP. No cables/setup required, just play more games that are focused more on gameplay instead of graphics.