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Roundup of the most popular Vita homebrew and utilities

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  1. goku says:

    not so many homebrew … btw – KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAAAAA

    take that

  2. Vegeta says:

    I’m not short! I’m vertically challenged! Lol

  3. Fiozzo says:

    Hi guys, i’m following the blog since a lot, it’s great, but enough with the plesantries, i wanted to ask you.. Didn’t vita proxy no more work..?? ‘Cause I have a PS Vita 1.80, and I’m scared to upgrade, but I even cannot do anything with vhbl, that I actually would like to have, so.. I tried every possibility to use PSN with my actual version, without upgrade, but I’m thinking it’s impossible, with Vita Proxy I can’t do anything.. T.T
    I know that the comments are not to help people, but, if you want.. Thank you however..!! 🙂

  4. AhLaWOKbar says:

    In the name of Allah he would want you to upgrade for better never for worse.

  5. EuroFAGBAG says:

    Omg more silliness news

  6. GzuzCHRIST says:

    That link is *** my son and dont listen to that comic book profit to upgrade until a true mod comes in the next life.

  7. GAMERwiTaTummi says:

    Please delete this public thread what a waste.

  8. leires says:

    So many trolls :/

  9. N0TR0LL says:

    Is it possible to access PSN with Vita pr0xy ?

  10. NakedFaerie says:

    Yea, that FTP server deserves the top spot. When I had eCFW installed that was the most used homebrew.

    Cant wait for the next eCFW. Any word on it yet? I’ve been waiting and hearing nothing and cant find anything on it either.

  11. JMQM Officials says:

    YAY My application is in there 🙂 PS Vita VHBL Prepare ULTIMATE.

  12. wululu is muslim says:

    Rhe world will end today

  13. KawaiiDesu says:

    4Glory so I went to the page naturally removing the “?i=430033” at the end of the link so you don’t get anything and I think this is fraud.

    Thank you

  14. Minimur says:

    lol i got 10 and it sends you to a website called http://www.smileymedia.com/ with an extension that doesnt work

  15. Dax says:

    Where are the moderators??? Please delete the trolls their posts.

  16. CowgoMOOO says:


  17. Cojoo says:

    wow… i must say, this has been the most interesting page iv seen on wololo’s site yet… j/k

    lol at u guys =D

  18. gunblade says:

    the vita vhbl prepare was like the first homebrew i used fo the vita a nice homebrew i think…. what about the homebrew network thats a preety good one for the vita…

  19. ChineseWAckeeSAUCE says:

    Vhbl was ok i have a surprise for all soon!

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