PSVita Wifi Tips

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  1. MGB

    AES is better ?!
    I didn’t know that . Thanks 🙂

  2. pSnDeaofly

    I will have to give this a try

  3. Dario

    stop thread stupid and release the *** exploit for 2.01

  4. arjunsm

    My router is secured with TKIP. And I have no problems, like disconnecting

  5. quetz

    i noticed problems after updating to 2.01. Like disconnecting and reconnecting, and having no internet or psn access. Solved enabling the option “auto close wi-fi connection”

  6. Aardy

    I dont quite understand how this works. The router takes my home internet connection, and turns the signal into a wireless 3g internet that the vita will use? Will this require a data plan for your vita? Wont it eat up your monthy allowed data plan?

    • hgoel0974

      The router take your 3g connection and converts it to wifi, it will require a data plan, you could probably get some kind of unlimited data plan

  7. stOneskull

    it’s interesting that both:
    a) if you already have a tehering/hotspot device that it means you don’t have to pay two monthly fees for the sims
    b) now with 4G becoming common.. it is actually much better to tether than to use a 3G Vita.. especially if you want to use remote play to your ps3

    a good android smartphone is the best as you always carry your phone with you anyway, and android makes it easy to tether.

    • SofaKing™

      my PSVITA only connects to my phone in an “open” state. my only annoyance was when i ran out of DATA and needed to buy more, my VITA would not connect to my 3G provider, i had to connect wifi ,through my phone, to buy more DATA. 3G does NOT allow me to “remote play” OR netflix,i wonder what people use 6 GIG on?

  8. asmith906

    If you have a ps3 it’s often faster for me to use that than bother with downloading it straight to my vita.

  9. Jennifer

    just get a infinite 4g sim card itll last a whole year sometimes longer and the best part itll cost you 40.00 us dollars so why pay that or more monthly when you can just pay that one time fee.

    • Seems-Legit

      Can you give an example of where to find such a miracle product? Googling “infinite 4g sim card” (with or without quotes) turns up no such thing. Sounds way too good to be real. I’m extremely skeptical.

  10. American Horror Story

    Just get a better Internet connection it’s not your VITA fault. I never had any wifi problems because my provider isn’t crappy. Lol

  11. Voltrom

    I have a Verizon 4G LTE Hotspot and it is amazing. Got my vita (assassins bundle) white for $200 and it was totally worth it. Sexy.

    Unfortunately i knew it wasn’t the best model. No 3G:( so i got something better. I have on regular 20mb per second on my vita, it is faster than most peoples wifi. Honestly, this is so smart. I have a better rate plan and much much faster speed than regular vita subscribers for 3g. Just got my Playstation Plus 30 day trial for free off sonys fb application. Gotta do something while im waiting for this ninja release..

  12. WolfRamiO

    “Most people who know anything about computers use WPA2 because it is the only one which at the moment cannot easily be hacked.” Really??? here in chile alot of isp are still using WEP on their modems, even they are WPA2 capable…

    • hgoel0974

      look it up on Wikipedia
      Wired Equivalent Privacy

      it says

      WEP has been demonstrated to have numerous flaws and has been deprecated in favor of newer standards such as WPA2. In 2003 the Wi-Fi Alliance announced that WEP had been superseded by Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). In 2004, with the ratification of the full 802.11i standard (i.e. WPA2), the IEEE declared that both WEP-40 and WEP-104 "have been deprecated as they fail to meet their security goals

    • svenn

      WEP can be broken in mather of minutes. Its the most known example of failed crytography.

  13. Navyboy2009(psn)

    my vita said i have to update the software to use my purchases so i formatted it and took my psn account off of it any way to tie my account to the memory card without having to update and wait for the new exploit need help

  14. Tonch

    I thought I was one of the only ones with the frequent disconnecting issue, because I hadn’t heard people complaining about it at all! My 3DS has absolutely no issue with staying connected at all, but my Vita barely functions online. It’s so irritating.

    • hgoel0974

      I had the same problem! But I knew there wasn’t anything wrong with my Vita because on other routers it worked perfectly, from a quick search I found out that the PSV doesn’t completely support TKIP so use AES instead (Plus, AES boosts your pc/laptop’s wireless connection too!)

  15. Leires

    I laugh cause I’m sitting less than a foot away from my router and the vita says it’s getting only two bars.

  16. hgoel0974

    How old are you? I am sure 5.
    How else could anyone be stupid enough to say that, if you were older you would understand how much work this is.

    You don’t really deserve the exploit.
    Your so stupid that you don’t realize that commenting hear wont get you the exploit 😈

  17. Insane Killer

    4 days ago I bought a new router Belkin n300 and is working Good for my Vita full signal maybe a new router will help you guys with poor signal

  18. tommy

    all resolved after updating to 2.01

  19. GlueGun

    it’s true! I heard of this on some special development on the Sony Handheld Psp,
    the guys at Sony was in a development on the firmware 2.00 way back when the psp
    Got its first working browser, the psp web browser, the Netfront or the intellectual part
    Of the psp, the softwares library was build using a not much support for the TKIP wireless
    Access Point, no one with the TKIP was wellingly to give a working TKIP Keys
    For support when the TKIP was added, they did not want to do it for free. So they had to add it by guessing how
    TKIP structure works, hence the errors of the TKIP connection errors when trying to connect
    Using that security ip.

  20. Stupid Dario

    Can someone tell that stupid Frostgear and the stupid Z to release the game as it’s stupid of those morons to not release it by now and keep posting videos that no one cares about. That is all. Long live pirates.

    • hgoel0974

      You don’t deserve to live, Go shoot yourself.
      If people like you keep saying all these things then they will never release the exploit!

    • pirate!

      Aye, matey! long live the pirate!
      but ye know, matey. they were the ones who find the gold(exploit),
      so it theirs to keep! so, what are ye goin’ to do about it? steal it like the good old days? beg like fool? or find yer own gold(exploit)?

    • Fail-Troll Detector


    • NNNRT

      Can you make like them? Show us what you’ve got! 👿
      They’re making exploits for a locked console, & if you think no one cares about their videos don’t subscribe to them nor watch their videos! No one is forcing you to do so! 🙄

  21. Pirate Man

    I think the pirates are the best for the vita scene. Once we find out how to steal vita games with a vita exploit then we are all golden. Gold like in pirate gold. We just need to do it asap so the vita can fail just like the psp and free games for all. Aye matey!!!!

    • pirate!

      Ye may have the name of a pirate and a parrot on yer shoulder, but ye no real pirate if ye can’t talk the talk, and ye know what? if the ps vita were to fall now, there be no games for us to steal nor will there be any good from killin’ the psp vita at where we are at, matey!
      we got to wait a little longer, let it live a little longer, or there might not be a other portable game console, ever again.

  22. Sonyadvocate

    Don’t worry guys. People who work for sony know about this site. You guys would be stupid and I mean pretty stupid to think we don’t look at the site. Once the game is released we will just release a new fw and so on and so on. Pirates never win.

  23. Voltrace

    Game is finally out it’s dj max, go download it.

  24. Dario

    Don’t download anything, it’s all a lie!!!!!!

  25. Dario

    Just kidding, download every game available

  26. mario mario

    ive been already using that method around 2 years (i also use that connecting my 3ds to the internet using a pocket wifi)

  27. Kurankiller

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  28. AhLaWOKbar

    Praise you for speaking the truth of these men of evil acting and pretending to be children these pedophiles will soon feel the power of gods will.

  29. thetree

    o yeah got uno !…!!!!!!!!

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