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How to upgrade your PS Vita to a specific firmware (e.g. 1.81)


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  1. Keneth says:

    Sounds Great thank’s for posting this. 🙂

  2. chingon says:

    this is great will try once i fix my craked vita

  3. Trey says:

    The Z found this through JeoWay and TechnoDon from when the vita was released. I give credit to The Z for the Video, but the actual credit for the technique go to JeoWay and TechnoDon

    • The Z says:

      Ive never heard of these people but i dont want to say that it was MY IDEA that you can update your vita with this method.

      I just wrote the tutorial, made the video and found it by myself when i was experimenting with my Vita and the CMA.

  4. MaxiExtreme says:

    Nice Work!

  5. ashterra says:

    can we downgrade??

    • Khyle says:

      There is no way to downgrade the vita.

    • gunblade says:

      thought i heard sumthing idk dont think anything official right now.but right now the psp mainly sandboxed..

    • Minimur says:

      wololo said it in the post above, read lol

      ‘The Z made a tutorial on how to do this exactly. Keep in mind that this does not allow you to downgrade, only to upgrade to any version you want. ‘

    • Tez says:

      why would you want to downgrade at this stage of the vita’s life anyway? there is a new ecfw coming out on the latest ofw as well. only real reason for us to need downgrading would be when a native ps vita exploit comes, and we can downgrade to use install cfw

      • gunblade says:

        yea cant wait to get my vita back to 1.50 *** first thing i got my vita i had to upgrade not basing on the guy that made the homebrew video of the vita in the first week of realse thks u actuly i was thinking for hours that it would be like the psp when it first came out nj when i bought me vita on realse day i toook me like one hour to decide to upgrade the firmae cuz i was thiking to jus wait on the firmware i did have till a expoit was reasles or sumthing but then i was lucky to actuly like playing monter hunter on the psp so had that wen that came out so that was sweet then was lucky ton catch the next tree expoits think i only missed the two first one super colse n tennis one i think but so far iam on 1.81 with mad galaxy crush n urbanix heard the 2.01 firma saposed to block them so iam on 1.81 fo now no rush dough since i can still add games to the vita right now n i jus got uncharted wipeout n glaxy crush 3 vita game fo free..

  6. SSJ-Vita says:

    Sits alone in a dark leaky room banging a metal cup against metal bars thinking………… I just want my 2012 touchscreen to view weather in motion. IT REALLY ISN’T ASKING THAT MUCH!!!!!!!!

  7. asdf says:

    I used this guide, which uses charlesproxy to map the requests to your local firmware/xml files.

  8. Alpmaster says:

    What if i got assasins creed psvita with FW 1.69 without it activated . I want to upgrade to 1.80 FW with open Cma can i do that for monster hunter. with activating PSN?

  9. Duck says:

    good job I’m still waiting EXPLOIT 2.01 🙁

  10. albie85 says:

    ive bin usin this for ages and its not as hard as every1 is saying ive got a file for 1.80 or 1.81 here ready to go if any1 wants it i jus changed change this part http://djp01.psp2.update.playstation.net/update/ to this http://zload.net/PSVupdate/ but like i said got it ready if any1 wants it

  11. Ben says:

    Do I see a tip regarding to the next exploitable game in this post?

  12. jamesssss says:

    I had to do this a few months ago, I wanted to go to 1.69 so I fiddled around but found the easiest way was to get a game on the firmware I wanted (in this case it was Gravity Rush) which simply upgraded from the game cartridge and was sorted.

    Maybe it would be good to find out if there is a game with 1.81 firmware in it and then get people to get that, less chance of problems and it supports developers!!

  13. Zero says:

    hi all

    way to leave this information in case anyone is interested,
    seems a homebrew using native code PS Vita


    • gunblade says:

      yea yifan realse the uv thing a whiile agao think the pages is an update to it since it like dis month date… thks do talk more about the uv load …

  14. ChocolateFACEafroNiGgga says:

    Dis ideya iz offeichal im gon tri dis 2 c if it wurks.

  15. mangosteam says:

    can u also provide manual update on some applications like youtube? also sir do you know how to install some apks

  16. Mr MaGoo says:

    Hey wololo, a complet side note, what are the chances that coldbird will retuirn to the sene?

    • gunblade says:

      would be nice with coldbird again but heard he needed the break so its okay we still got guys like z n frotegator n a lot outhers… i was watching a documentry the outher day about phoenix n electron weird to think about the internet back in there days. i mean now day with the load or sum webpages u would think would take days on there modem jus to load the facboook home page .. but yea oof note subject prety goood movie dough learned of zoskro(think spelled differnt)

  17. sea says:

    Whit this method ( theoretical) can i flash a different zone firmware ( ie: HK firm) to me 3g locked vita.. and unlock it ?

    • gunblade says:

      thats actutly thinking idk if would work but thinking it should or can if tweeek with it cuz i dont think there is realy any regional diffenerce with the 3g units only that they had differnet coverge plans by different cell companies but think the firmware a bit different with the wifi n the 3g since the firm ware inn the 3g that i have has to have the atnt app on it so i would think that its not in the wifi units since no need fo atnt wen only get wifi but i would think the same diffenrece with one 3g vita from japan with i guesss tmoble coverage or sumthing then to the usa atnt coverage

  18. SmellsLikeCHINESE says:

    With this I will make a downgrade I promise!

    • Dario says:

      you stupid this doesn’t work we want to steal free games and you give us this ***

    • gunblade says:

      yea does thing dont realy work cuz the codes that the thing generating arent activated till there scaned by the registers so saying u can actuly get a real code to one of does card jus that they dont work till the paid for n sony gets the serial numer for the card u perchused to activae the number on the cards…

  19. fartDUST says:

    Tell us the downgrade Chinese make a tut.

  20. EuroFAGBAG says:

    Rubbish a Chinese with releasing a downgrade.

    • gunblade says:

      a challenge wandering if even the Australian want to give it a try n make a downgrader…or a linux booot or help to the sence a good thing …

  21. Arief says:

    Hi why can’t i use the opencma on fw 1.06? it keeps asking me to update. is there any way to update from 1.06 to 1.80 without opencma?


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