Release: Play PSX games on eCFW


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  1. GOD says:

    sony tattle tale snitch bitches are watching beware.

  2. ourengland says:

    i happened to miss all the exploits.. and cant buy any games.. will staying on 1.8 mean good until a real vita exploit comes out?

    • Theredbaron says:

      As far as I know, it doesn’t matter. Even if you do get a new exploit, it will need to be on the latest firmware, so as to DL the needed game.

      Though I am not sure, as I don’t have me a vita yet. Hopefully for Xmas :). So anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    • Sean says:

      Mad Blocker Alpha is 2 dollars. Just save up for it champ. You can still get it I think and it lets you run eCFW TN-C

  3. Hellinferno says:

    And why will we download it if there isnt sound on games?,at least its a start but i’ll wait.

    • Theredbaron says:

      Personally I almost never use audio on portables. Mainly because I can’t stand the music, but also because I normally listen to my music when out.

      • poop says:

        yeah same i never use audio on a portable device. most of the time im watching a movie or something on the tv so i dont wanna the clashing sounds haha

  4. patty says:

    Can Anyone tell me how and where to put the EBOOT ? on my root i already have a PSP folder with stuff inside ,so this doesnt work , thanks in advance

  5. HGM says:

    Does the MH exploit works on 2.01 too? Or do i have to get Motorstorm or super collapse 2?

  6. cucu says:

    simple as ftping the game folder in the games foler

  7. sasuke1981 says:

    very nice add thanks a lot :) i’m waiting to have sound soon

  8. TobeyDemon says:

    awesome. i love this site. no vita, but my 3001 is still going strong. lcfw & iso/homebrew/plugins. love this site indeed.

  9. DaveDaymc says:

    does anyone have TUT for this cuz this is my first time trying to hack my vita can anyone add me on my skype pls:jackeyda i really need help i have Resevil 3 and castle vania sotn. pls someone i am confuse

  10. ICYHEART says:

    Nothing work with me I do everything right
    I used NT-C
    give me BLACK SCREEN
    after license by sony
    the games are going to be
    start but it give me black screen
    I play alone in the dark
    peps man
    no one is work

  11. cucu says:

    crash 1 worked for me bust a groove didn’t

  12. Peleep says:

    I give up. can’t get beyond black screen even though all the ones i tried worked on ePSXe…

  13. olivier says:

    Just a idea; look at ‘fpse’ and/or ‘fpsece’, these are both really good working PSX emus, that (afaik) share the tricks of the trade (thats how the mobile version came to exist)

    Im sure they can tell you how the sound works, since both those apps got working sound in all games, often even working seperate volume for music & soundeffects.

  14. olivier says:

    Actually, if you dont mind me suggesting, why not look at doing a ‘fpsepsp’? im sure fpse or fpsece team will be willing to help out.

  15. MUD says:

    Motorstorm Arctic Edge works “with SOUND!!!”

    Sorry if this is old news. :/

  16. StanSmith says:

    I tried Thrill Kill and it got to the first movie but never played it.
    I can get to the “PRESS X + [] to continue” then it black screens.

  17. StanSmith says:

    And what format do they have to be in?
    I tried ISO and it never showed up, I tried EBOOT and get to that PRESS X+[] then locks up, and I tried BIN and didn’t show up.

    I tried the BIN and ISOs from the savegame/exploit dir and the ISO dir. I have PSP ISOs in them and they work but the PSX ISOs dont even show up in the TN-C menu.

  18. kenderson says:

    can someone please make a video on how to play psx games please THANKS

  19. Whackm says:

    I tried TEMPEST X, got the Sony Logo, but it seems to die after that…

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