Release: Play PSX games on eCFW


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103 Responses

  1. Andalia says:

    Great work as usuall, thanks.

  2. Mikebeav3r says:

    Excellent news, thanks very much :)

  3. MUD says:

    Happy days are here again!
    Thanks for the news wololo

  4. Chezni says:

    Thanks for the awesome news! I can’t wait to play megaman X 4 5 and 6 again. But it’ll be sad without the music :(

    • Hellinferno says:

      Megaman? nah i prefer Rockman,japanese voices and music,compare the rockman x4 to megaman x4 intro song and english music sucks compare oto the other one.I will wait for the sound but with this,we have to pay for another ugly game to make this run?,i mean,its a shame we have to pay for minis that are horrible games to play this ones.

  5. Dazman says:

    wow, it just keeps coming. many thanks

  6. patty says:

    Can anyone tell me how to prepare the game and where to put it , Thanks in advance!

  7. Duck says:

    Release exploit 2.01 pls Release, and Nice Work :)

  8. Bizzyb says:

    This is like the early days of the psp scene, makes me feel all warm inside lol!

  9. Yes says:

    Cool thx a lot guys keep up the hard work!

  10. Whereisit says:

    Ok, well stop releasing all these other stupid things and hurry up and tell use what the game is, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. Ventirius says:

    Can we get please another DL link?
    Zload is not for mobile internet connection.
    What is so hard that no one load this on a normal hoster up?

  12. Dario says:

    stop releasing all these other stupid things and hurry up and tell use what the game is???????????

  13. Dario says:

    This is great news that means we can steal and download all the old psx games on the internet. The vita is looking better and better. They need to come out with a hack next for the system itself so we don’t have to pay for games.

    • Mr. MaGoo says:

      Lol, this mentality is why we are listed with only what we have. We should all feel fortunate for what we have considering not to may of the comments and viewers are a major contibuter to the scene.

    • Shrek is Dreck says:

      Just because you’re a kid who can’t afford games doesn’t mean the Vita deserves to be cracked open for legitimate Vita piracy. It’s struggling enough as it is. Get a job.

    • poop says:

      yeah!! let the rich unknowing ppl pay!

  14. Smithson says:

    Ok, looks like it’s finally out, go go go

  15. HaHussle says:

    thank you

  16. k3nn says:

    castlevania symphony of the night FTW!
    but without the music…hmmm >.<

    • Chezni says:

      You can play symphony of the night on the psp castlevania game >.<. It's a bonus after you beat the main game.

      • starfall05 says:

        i think you don’t need to beat the main game. :) you just need to find an easter egg in the game to access the full symphony of night game, which btw is a hybrid of the saturn and ps1 release, meaning you get to play as maria as well! and more familiarS!

  17. diablo050189 says:

    cool, good to know once yall release exploit for 2.01 then i can put my old psx games back 2 use

  18. Rafael707 says:

    To bad its buggy with games…

  19. falsehero says:

    i think those who post comments here encouraging piracy are sony’s minions. trolling so that wololo, total noob, frostegater, etc will be discouraged to continue there work. hahahaha just a thought. anyway, thank you guys for your hard work. may God always bless you all. 😀

  20. kazuya101 says:

    This is freaking amazing. I personally think that everytime that a device can start emulating PS1, the scene starts to move towards the right direction. Because of all thats been going on in the PSV arena, i finally feel like the first days when i first got my psp. So props to all the developers, and a “BIG UP” to wololo.
    Now for a noobish question. This emulator is obviously running off the psp emulator embedded inside the vita. The official emulator by SONY, does it run off the vita or the psp shell?? just wondering……

    • Kefkiroth says:

      The official PS1 emulator runs on the PSP emulator… they didn’t even try to hide it, with the same PSP warning screen upon booting the game.

      Pretty inefficient for battery life, but I guess they couldn’t waste time having to make one for Vita.

      • lagunareturns says:

        It may seem dumb to do a emulator within an emulator but it makes sense if you got tons of content on psp like psp, ps1 and psp mini games.

        So instead making yet another emulator, it makes sense in time effort sense to emulate just PSP with the existing features…

        Still if they did different emulators for the different features then they could have better implementation to prevent psp exploits.

        So be glad they emulated ps1 through psp emulator since that means the exisiting psp exloits can be emulated… Hence how we got ecfw

  21. bewrong says:

    thanks for the news :) now will just wait for the new exploit :)

  22. SonyWorkerPresident says:

    I encourage all you to pirate games!!

  23. gunblade says:

    nice now i can play my ps.x games as soon as i done uncharted or got room on the vita. thks….

  24. Stupid Dario says:

    @Dario – You are damn f*cking studpid monkey! go to heck instead…!!!

  25. jazneo says:

    so does the Pop verson eboot work on this?

  26. Dario Stupid says:

    @ Stupid Dario – You are a monkey stupid f*cking heck to go!!! instead

  27. Eddie Vedder says:

    So is the exploit a mini or regular vita game??? This will be so awesome when it comes out, say good bye to buying games and hello to downloading free games forever.

  28. Giant Douche says:

    Sweet now to download some piracy. lol

  29. Pirate Downloader says:

    Ok, so does this mean we don’t have to pay for any of the psx games?? They are all free to download and no one cares??? This is so freaking great!111

  30. Atlas IV says:

    Coldbird should come back just to take a massive dump on the guy who tried to destroy the scene in the first place.

  31. SECRETSHOP says:

    great work thanks! however, i want to play bust a groove but no sounds! just stick with ff8 and ff9 😀

  32. Apple says:

    Google maps is out now you stupid motherfuc*ers

  33. Jackson says:

    Omg, niceeee workkk :))))

  34. jrazorman says:

    YAY Thaks it sounds like its going to be a blast!

  35. c-zero says:

    Just as a heads up: you can create custom eboots from PS1 discs by using a ISO ripper/burner and Popstation GUI to take the ISO/CSO file and create patched eboots, even with your own custom boot animations and icons.

    I’ve been doing that with all of my old PS1 discs; still converting some for PSP.

  36. keyz16b says:

    awesome and thank you!

  37. Ecristobal10 says:

    woo! cant wait to play thrill kill!

  38. darkcrows says:


  39. MGB says:

    I just need to wait for 2.01 exploit :)

  40. HaYNigloo says:

    Resident Evil II(SLUS-00748) hangs after dislaimer, “This game contains explicit scenes of gore and violence.” using 1.81 MBA TN-C exploit… was looking forward to playing this game… will have to wait.

  41. Maxilus says:

    I wonder if one day there a hack PS Vita using it own R4 flashcard. Just like NDS. Hmm~

  42. Peleep says:

    Thanks for this release!

    I get a C1-2858-3 Error. Any ideas why? Tried with Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Crash Team Racing. Same error on both occasions.

  43. fresno says:

    Thank you for these release.

  44. quetz says:


  45. bosanovaX says:

    This is fantastic news but i’m going to wait till the sound is sorted, BGM is important to my playing experience.

    Awesome work though :)

  46. DiGiTaL-CORE says:

    Great show guys. Progress is looking amaizing.

  47. D33@tH-Knig+ says:

    Where exactly do i put the two files of the extracted folder? (exact directory) please help

  48. Deathscreton says:

    I knew Cold online. Was a mod for his prometheus board awhile back. haven’t talked to the chap in awhile. Shame things took a turn for the worst. I wonder how he’s doing…

  49. anton85 says:

    Where exactly do i put the two files of the extracted folder? (exact directory) please help

  50. ourengland says:

    i happened to miss all the exploits.. and cant buy any games.. will staying on 1.8 mean good until a real vita exploit comes out?

    • Theredbaron says:

      As far as I know, it doesn’t matter. Even if you do get a new exploit, it will need to be on the latest firmware, so as to DL the needed game.

      Though I am not sure, as I don’t have me a vita yet. Hopefully for Xmas :). So anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    • Sean says:

      Mad Blocker Alpha is 2 dollars. Just save up for it champ. You can still get it I think and it lets you run eCFW TN-C

  51. Hellinferno says:

    And why will we download it if there isnt sound on games?,at least its a start but i’ll wait.

    • Theredbaron says:

      Personally I almost never use audio on portables. Mainly because I can’t stand the music, but also because I normally listen to my music when out.

      • poop says:

        yeah same i never use audio on a portable device. most of the time im watching a movie or something on the tv so i dont wanna the clashing sounds haha

  52. patty says:

    Can Anyone tell me how and where to put the EBOOT ? on my root i already have a PSP folder with stuff inside ,so this doesnt work , thanks in advance

  53. HGM says:

    Does the MH exploit works on 2.01 too? Or do i have to get Motorstorm or super collapse 2?

  54. cucu says:

    simple as ftping the game folder in the games foler

  55. sasuke1981 says:

    very nice add thanks a lot :) i’m waiting to have sound soon

  56. TobeyDemon says:

    awesome. i love this site. no vita, but my 3001 is still going strong. lcfw & iso/homebrew/plugins. love this site indeed.

  57. DaveDaymc says:

    does anyone have TUT for this cuz this is my first time trying to hack my vita can anyone add me on my skype pls:jackeyda i really need help i have Resevil 3 and castle vania sotn. pls someone i am confuse

  58. ICYHEART says:

    Nothing work with me I do everything right
    I used NT-C
    give me BLACK SCREEN
    after license by sony
    the games are going to be
    start but it give me black screen
    I play alone in the dark
    peps man
    no one is work

  59. cucu says:

    crash 1 worked for me bust a groove didn’t

  60. Peleep says:

    I give up. can’t get beyond black screen even though all the ones i tried worked on ePSXe…

  61. olivier says:

    Just a idea; look at ‘fpse’ and/or ‘fpsece’, these are both really good working PSX emus, that (afaik) share the tricks of the trade (thats how the mobile version came to exist)

    Im sure they can tell you how the sound works, since both those apps got working sound in all games, often even working seperate volume for music & soundeffects.

  62. olivier says:

    Actually, if you dont mind me suggesting, why not look at doing a ‘fpsepsp’? im sure fpse or fpsece team will be willing to help out.

  63. MUD says:

    Motorstorm Arctic Edge works “with SOUND!!!”

    Sorry if this is old news. :/

  64. StanSmith says:

    I tried Thrill Kill and it got to the first movie but never played it.
    I can get to the “PRESS X + [] to continue” then it black screens.

  65. StanSmith says:

    And what format do they have to be in?
    I tried ISO and it never showed up, I tried EBOOT and get to that PRESS X+[] then locks up, and I tried BIN and didn’t show up.

    I tried the BIN and ISOs from the savegame/exploit dir and the ISO dir. I have PSP ISOs in them and they work but the PSX ISOs dont even show up in the TN-C menu.

  66. kenderson says:

    can someone please make a video on how to play psx games please THANKS

  67. Whackm says:

    I tried TEMPEST X, got the Sony Logo, but it seems to die after that…

  68. Turd Goblin says:

    And the exploit is completed. I’m sure some people who are close to the DEVS already have it.

  69. Diceaurora says:

    We should just be greatful that they are willing to release it to the public and not charge for it.

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