Video Games deal all day long on Amazon today, 45% discount on Assassin’s Creed III and more

Amazon is having one of their now regular “All Day long Video game deals” today, and it’s already started.

Assassin’s Creed III gets a 45% discount for the entire day on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

In addition to that, several videogames and gaming accessories will be discounted for a very limited time throughout the entire day (“lightning deals”). As I type this, the Game TERA is getting a 90% discount, and more are to come. Most of them are “undisclosed”, or introduced with riddle-like sentences, but it seems there will be a discount on GTA IV, followed up by a mix of video game deals and accessories discount (headsets, etc…).

You can see the deals on this page, or follow them in the widget below:



disclaimer: If you purchase through the links on this blog, I am getting a share of the sale, but you don’t pay anything more.

  1. nimbulan’s avatar

    Cool Beans!!! 1st!!!


    1. chuck norris’s avatar

      but last in life, and nobody say cool beans anymore you shitface


      1. Deagle275’s avatar

        Let him be.


  2. PS3Y2kvirus’s avatar

    Sweet Checking it out now, Nothing like a good deal!
    Thanks Wololo!


  3. Jd8531’s avatar

    Hopefully that deal at 12pst is Hitman Absolution


  4. Lance’s avatar

    Thanks, just got one for PS3 and 360 both $25 with my codes from my Vita bundles.


  5. MarSprite’s avatar

    T.T I would have bought TERA for 5 dollars… but I was asleep.
    Note to self:
    Never sleep again… ever.


  6. urbananonymous’s avatar

    buy through the links!!!! support wololo!!!!


  7. urbananonymous’s avatar

    just bought assasins creed 3 for someone as a Christmas present… great deal $33!!!


  8. Trunk208’s avatar

    Wow, felt like I was rip off by 30 bucks -.-


  9. MarSprite’s avatar

    Heh, I bought my GF a ps3 for xmas, it’s bundled with AC3 but she already beat it on the xbox. Plus I got that same bundle for myself on preorder… More AC3 going on than I need or want. Its not even all that fun, I mean sure, the story is interesting, and the visuals gorgeous, but the gameplay is boring and easy. I only picked it up cause the new PS3 with the bigger default internal HD is bundled with it, and I wanted the new PS3 anyways.


  10. ^-^’s avatar

    [Scam link removed by mods, nothing personal.]

    check out this link wololo, is it true of these R4 chip?


    1. Jd8531’s avatar

      That’s fake, most of those sites are.


      1. Turd Sandwich’s avatar

        I was getting ready to say but of course such thing is false.


  11. MUD’s avatar

    UGH, Just bought 2 MK802 IIIs now im broke. :/
    Hay Wololo will the Android version of Wagic work on them?

    Thanks for the deal info!


  12. HONGkingkongPUSSY’s avatar

    Theres no real deal on Amazon tekken tag for 20 is a deal or doa5 is a deal I don’t see that shit at all there kmarts better.


  13. IRISHarabMiXyUCK’s avatar

    There needs to be a update there aren’t any sales happening on games like that.



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