Video Games deal all day long on Amazon today, 45% discount on Assassin’s Creed III and more


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  1. nimbulan says:

    Cool Beans!!! 1st!!!

  2. PS3Y2kvirus says:

    Sweet Checking it out now, Nothing like a good deal!
    Thanks Wololo!

  3. Jd8531 says:

    Hopefully that deal at 12pst is Hitman Absolution

  4. Lance says:

    Thanks, just got one for PS3 and 360 both $25 with my codes from my Vita bundles.

  5. MarSprite says:

    T.T I would have bought TERA for 5 dollars… but I was asleep.
    Note to self:
    Never sleep again… ever.

  6. urbananonymous says:

    buy through the links!!!! support wololo!!!!

  7. urbananonymous says:

    just bought assasins creed 3 for someone as a Christmas present… great deal $33!!!

  8. Trunk208 says:

    Wow, felt like I was rip off by 30 bucks -.-

  9. MarSprite says:

    Heh, I bought my GF a ps3 for xmas, it’s bundled with AC3 but she already beat it on the xbox. Plus I got that same bundle for myself on preorder… More AC3 going on than I need or want. Its not even all that fun, I mean sure, the story is interesting, and the visuals gorgeous, but the gameplay is boring and easy. I only picked it up cause the new PS3 with the bigger default internal HD is bundled with it, and I wanted the new PS3 anyways.

  10. ^-^ says:

    [Scam link removed by mods, nothing personal.]

    check out this link wololo, is it true of these R4 chip?

  11. MUD says:

    UGH, Just bought 2 MK802 IIIs now im broke. :/
    Hay Wololo will the Android version of Wagic work on them?

    Thanks for the deal info!

  12. IRISHarabMiXyUCK says:

    There needs to be a update there aren’t any sales happening on games like that.

  1. December 17, 2012

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