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Sony opens PlayStation Webstore

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  1. Yifan Lu says:

    Sadly no support for US store yet.

  2. starr says:

    What are the thoughts on using this and opencma to be able to transfer unavailable psone classics to your vita. I need me stuff crash bandicoot on my us vita.

  3. Faltimar says:

    Nice article. I checked out the store the other day for a few minutes. Its defintely better than the store on the ps3.

  4. AlphaKiloCharlie says:

    No US as of now, looks pretty cool though. It could be very helpful since I’m always too lazy to get up and turn my PS3 on or charge my Vita, this could be very helpful to buy an exploited game or just a good game on sale.

  5. GcBatman says:

    Wow this is great news! But yeah just gotta wait for the US support then ill see how it really is, i dont want to pay in pounds :/

  6. Shinyoite says:

    Finally I can buy avatars for my account without PS3, which should be possible with PS Vita but isn’t.

  7. Turd Sandwich says:

    Who cares this ain’t nothin. I rather hear about a new game coming to the VITA. >_>

  8. Kid-Vhee says:

    The fact you can purchase on a computer now puts some thoughts – obviously purchases will be sent to your account and not downloaded onto computer (otherwise piracy will aiise even more_ so transferring unofficial versions via OpenCMA won’t be considered. Though honestly it will enable SEN users to access the wider store if limited to the PS3 store or the Vita store etc.

  9. PS3Y2kvirus says:

    Thanks Wololo and Jd8531! Thought it would be nice to look though the ps store without being on the latest fireware, Shinyoite made some use out of it. And if they did add pc download for vita it would be useful to the people how don’t own a router yet, the download would be signed with your id but I doubt they even add that.

  10. ChinaPurtoRicanJAP says:

    Well well look what we got here sony’s big interface change to be used with their products big wow.

  11. f says:

    it’s so funny it’s no support for us yet…..why sony?????

  12. E says:

    Well it is ABOUT TIME! i have wanting this 4 4ever! There was previously no way to check on prices of games online or download them so I did not have 2 have my device. I mean common, even Xbox live has a Website (which is Awesome might I add). Once again, Sony, a little behind the curve but better late than never I suppose.

  13. E says:

    Checking out the EU version since there is no US support yet. It is pretty clean.

  14. Minimur says:

    its cool shame you cant download the psV files onto your computer then transfer them over lol

  15. nero says:

    why is everyone com[laining that its not available in the US yet? theres a thing they call “BETA TESTING”!!!

  16. McLoven says:

    is there a way for me to purchase games from this new webstore and download it to my vita which is on FW 1.81, otherwise this this new store is pretty much useless to me, but I still like it though.

  17. Steph says:

    Store is ***. Still they wonder why people pirate, its far easier and user friendly than this store.

    i’ve been screaming at it to take my money as unlike the store on the PS3 THE SEARCH FUNCTION WORKS!!! and finding Tokyo Jungle was easy. However i clicked sign in and signed in multiple times, it seems to forget ive signed in, this is across 3 browsers too (IE, Firefox and Chrome)


    It’s ok Sony. I understand you do not want my money!

  18. JY says:

    The webstore is coded so sloppily. First I try to select US – English but I see it isn’t up yet, so I click an arbitrary point on the screen to close the scroll list and it locks me into Great Britan – English. Really? Okay, I try signing in with my US account and it obviously does not work, but there is absolutely no error message explaining why I am not being logged on. So okay, I want to check out some of the other stores. There is NO OPTION to change countries, I am LOCKED to great britan as far as I can tell, short of clearing my browsers cookies.

    Like I said, very sloppy job.

  19. Reshiram says:

    i just went there and all i see is the uk and no us language to select. why is that?

  20. sinew says:

    How about the payment system can we buy games through debit card or through net safe for eur

  21. CJW says:

    Paitence people. I am sure the USA store will be up soon. When people ask why US gets stuff last…..well several reasons, one is the geographical size of the US sometimes makes it harder to launch a new product or web service than say a small, tight country like JAP or UK. So it may take more servers/data centers and such to bring up a US product. Second the number of consumers will be multiples higher in the US so vendors want to make sure everything is working well before unleashing as if things go wrong it will effect many more people. Just be thankful that by the time we get things they are usually well cooked out and it costs us a heck of a lot less than people in other territories. I think this will be a nice addition but unless I can buy, download to pc, and transfer to Vita I don’t see it as much more usefull than shopping on my PS3.

  22. Steph says:

    Just another note guy’s.

    I ended up loading up the PS3 to use the PSN store to get Tokyo Jungle. It appears games on the website are more EXPENSIVE than the same game listed on the PS3 store.

    ie -Tokyo Jungle being $24.99 on the website and $19.99 on the PSN store.

    And USA never gets it last, Australia does, and we pay 50-100% more than you for it as well, CJW….

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