PSV YouTube App receives huge update

Normally I wouldn’t care to write an article on an application update but this one is different. The Youtube application for the PSVita has been updated to Version 2.00 a few days ago. The update has improved the application a lot. Today, I will discuss the new features that the application now has and am going to answer some questions about the application.

The Youtube app for the PSV has been quite a fuss to use, the application made watching videos quite hard because multitasking was impossible with the app. With the latest update to the application, Sony has taken a step in the right direction. V 2.0 makes huge changes to the entire application.

The most noticeable change is that a ‘Subscriptions’ panel has been added and the favorites panel has been redesigned. Through subscriptions you can view updates from channels you have subscribed to, favorites now also adds the ‘Watch Later’ section.

The playback panel has been redesigned too. It now allows more control over the playback and adds support for captioning.

The settings panel has been updated with more options. You can now create playlists directly from your Vita.

The only thing that has not been fixed is that the video is still downloaded and not streamed which means that you still need to make sure you have some free space on your card.


One question that I have seen a lot about this app is if Sony plans to make it so that whenever you open youtube, you always go to the PSV application. This feature has actually already been implemented but not many people notice it, this works with the mobile version of youtube (which the browser automatically switches to) so, just click on the image of the video you want to see and the youtube app automatically opens.

Overall, the update to this VERY useful app is huge and it improves the experience of watching videos on such a beautiful OLED screen, hopefully we will see Sony take more steps towards the improvement of the overall user experience on the Vita.


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  1. sromer’s avatar

    Been using it for about a week. Love it so far.


  2. AsDraS’s avatar

    Will this app ever come out in Switzerland or is it already out? I’m on 1.81 at the moment but I would update for this app even if I loose eCFW


    1. BrianHD’s avatar

      Haha, I still use the urbanix exploit and I’m thinking of getting free PS + and this app.
      Seems great, the look of the app also got a big overhaul, which looks awesome IMO


    2. juan sanchez’s avatar

      damn its not out there yet? im surprised cause youyube is so famous. i just hope they eventually release hulu+ cause then i can watch alot of good shows cause netflix sometimes sucks:/


  3. hene193’s avatar

    And not in Finland… I hate Google.


    1. nero’s avatar

      google? google has nothing to do with this.


      1. What’s avatar

        Oh? It however if google that doesn’t have Finland in it’s official supported countries.


      2. Sneax673’s avatar

        You do know that google owns YouTube right?


      3. A BAD ONE’s avatar

        Ha ha he he what a noob.Why dont you Read the forum/rules what what Wololo is all about !

        We do not forGive. We do not forget. United as one. Divided by Zero. Expect Us!


  4. Deathstar’s avatar

    Youtube is great but a Flash Plugin into the webbrowser would be better ;-)


    1. vitralizer’s avatar

      Or, for that matter, HTML5 video support.


  5. Hamza Waleed’s avatar

    Is there any way to access youtube on my ps vita? Youtube is blocked in Pakistan. So I cant access youtube.


    1. jvhellraiser’s avatar

      how about downloading your youtube video
      just add in from of the main youube link this: <- just like that.



      1. Hamza Waleed’s avatar

        I know how to download but I want to watch online youtube videos on my vita.


        1. Hellgun’s avatar

          use a proxy… you can also use it on your PS Vita. Actually there’s no way your country can Block you from access something on internet


          1. blackhunt’s avatar

            Actually I beg to differ, lots of countires outside of America censor content especially by blocking whole web pages so they can regulate what the information ormedia its people recieve. Now in the case of Pakistan i believe youtube is blocked because of that very offensive video depicting their Last Messenger as a child molester.

  6. CowgoMOOO’s avatar

    @Deathstar they are probably, afraid that flash will be exploited somehow hence they are not adding it.


    1. Foxi4’s avatar

      They are not adding it because they cannot – nobody can. Adobe discontinued the product altogether, the last mobile system equipped with Mobile Flash that I can think of is Symbian, and Desktop Flash is only continued for legacy purposes until HTML5 is fully adopted by browser developers.


  7. PS3Y2kvirus’s avatar

    Thanks hgoel0974, Looks like I’m missing out on the subscription feature and all. I saw somewhere that the search feature was updated too is this true? And differently going to use when I update!


  8. Aypro’s avatar

    In the meantime, we still don’t have the Youtube App in Europe …


    1. sasuke1981’s avatar

      i have it…where do you live alaska lol?


      1. xSpectrum’s avatar

        …Seriously, dawg?


      2. carlitos’s avatar



      3. Wolfie’s avatar

        Laughed this so hard that i almost dropped my vita…


    2. Mart’s avatar

      We have the Youtube update in The Netherlands, which is Europe also, so…

      We don’t have PS Mobile in store yet though.


  9. Nintai’s avatar

    Still not available in Denmark. Bullshit.


  10. PS3Y2kvirus’s avatar

    Thanks hgoel0974 for the info on the youtube app, thought I left a post for you, Is the search updated so I can view by date?


  11. AyeGuy’s avatar

    This article is a little late but whatever.


  12. darksmile’s avatar

    Downloading in the memory card is not a bug or something like it. Most browsers do it too. It is not motion jpeg, it is h.264 so it need memory to be decoded as well as previous referenced frames (1-2 in youtube) to be stored in the RAM. So you can’t afford additonal RAM usage to store the stream too(512 is not enough since most long hd clips are over GB) and you need about 60-120MB RAM for decoding youtube HD…
    If you just download and then clear the video it would be fine, but since you can access every point in the video once it is downloaded it need to be stored in the memory card/hdd


  13. Brandon B.’s avatar

    You people always seem to forget why Adobe Flash Player is not built into the Vita.

    - Adobe has officially stopped making Flash Player for ALL mobile devices. It’s still available for Android 2.3 or 2.2, but ICS and JB need it sideloaded.

    - Flash is dying. It’s being replaced by HTML5.


  14. razor’s avatar

    I wish they made the NAX Music Player app available to everyone. Currently it’s only for PSN Japan. It looks really awesome.


    1. Reshiram’s avatar

      I got a jp account. PSN: Flying_Lugia


  15. Faltimar’s avatar

    Good read, like always. thanks


  16. Cloud’s avatar

    I didn’t know the videos were downloaded and not streamed. Does that mean I can access the videos I watched from my memory card?


    1. Cloud’s avatar

      Lame, it permanently wastes space from the memory card and you can’t delete or access the downloaded videos. I formatted by memory card and now I say: screw Youtube on the PS Vita.


  17. Chezni’s avatar

    Excuse my language but this application is REALLY goddamn impressive.

    It loads faster and runs better than the web browser on my laptop. Additionally, putting your vita into sleep mode and waking it works seamlessly.

    I recommend everyone to get this app immediately


  18. coog_cool’s avatar

    I not watch youtobe.But,I WANt PSV perfect


  19. Reshiram’s avatar

    Its missing “my videos” section so I can see the videos I uploaded. But its not there.


  20. The_paper’s avatar

    Whoa, what’s happening lately with Sony? Are they really starting to care about the Vita?


  21. A BAD ONE’s avatar

    Why is the youtube app not in the uk ? Or is it?


  22. Whadup mang’s avatar

    Finally. I thought Sony didn’t learn their lesson. Now people can watch youtube on the go.


  23. omrkcmn’s avatar

    This app is not Turkey psn.Why sony why???


  24. A BAD ONE’s avatar

    Youtube app never came to Denmark (EU)



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